Neck pillow for travel – guide & comparison

The neck pillow for the trip offers you relaxation when you spend a lot of time in the car or train . You put it around your neck, you can fall asleep or comfortably read a book. Traveling is already a great burden anyway. Therefore, you should at least take on the stresses of travel as comfortably as possible.

In this guide you will find out how the neck pillow for travel can help you and which models are best. Then you will be able to survive longer distances without any problems and enjoy distant vacation spots.

The question is, of course, whether you even need the neck pillow for the trip or whether you can’t fall asleep as easily.

But if you ‘ve been on a plane or train for a long time , you’ve probably already made the acquaintance of unpleasant people sitting next to you. They fall asleep, snore and you can already see the saliva escaping from your mouth. With a lot of luck, your head won’t fall on your side, but this encounter is still not exactly pleasant.

The neck pillow for the trip is recommended in several ways.

The main reason, of course, is that it improves your sleep. Especially on long trips, you want to appear rested at your holiday destination and not spend the first day catching up on sleep. If you are on the road for a long time, this already represents a stress that you would like to avoid.

The neck pillow is a helpful companion with which you can really sleep anywhere. There will be no natural storage space on the train or plane. Sleeping while sitting is a big challenge in itself and then there is also the fact that the head bends to one side. With the neck pillow you increase your comfort and you will be able to sleep more comfortably. This enables you to use the first day at the place of arrival and explore the new surroundings.

Another advantage is that your muscles are supported. Do you already work in an office and spend a lot of time in front of the computer?

Then you will probably already suffer from neck pain or at least feel tension. The tension can develop into persistent pain over time. It is therefore beneficial to protect the neck.

When sleeping on the trip, the neck pillow is important as a support. Your head does not drop to one side and bend, but is held on the pillow as best it can. Depending on your sleeping habits, you can find the right neck pillow for the trip.

In addition to the neck pillow , which mainly supports your neck on the side, there are also enclosing models. So those that you close at the front with a Velcro fastener. This will protect your head from all sides.

With this comfortable aid, you save yourself the embarrassment of your head landing on the shoulder of the person sitting next to you. Therefore, on long journeys, the recommendation is always to take a small neck pillow with you.


Every trip is different and in order to meet these different requirements, there are a few variants that you can use.

One of the simplest and most popular options is to use a firm pillow. This is made of a soft material and you can stow it in your hand luggage. It offers a good grip and allows a comfortable journey.

Of course, fixed neck pillows come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. Neck pillows for children are designed to be a little more playful. The pillow could also be used as a cuddly toy and therefore still offers a certain security that could be important for your child. After all, the trip should be made as pleasant as possible for children.

Then there are the different shapes. The most neck pillows are open at the front and mainly provide lateral protection. This offers the advantage that these designs are more compact and therefore also fit better in hand luggage. But if you want to protect your head from all sides, this is also possible with a slightly larger model, which offers all-round protection.

As an alternative to the fixed neck pillows, there are inflatable travel neck pillows. These are more reminiscent of small bags or a swimming utensil. They only take up a minimal amount of space and with them you won’t have a problem with space. The inflatable neck pillow also offers the advantage that you achieve precisely the right hardness by inflating the pillow more or less. Most people find the material less cozy than the stable neck pillow.

You should therefore weigh up what seems more important to you before buying.

Should the pillow be as comfortable as possible or is a small pack size more important?

How high can the weight be and how is the processing?

The processing and the price of course also play a role if you are looking for the right model for you. Below are three recommendations that will be ideal for your trip.


You now know the different types of neck pillows and are unsure which models perform best and are suitable for you?

No problem – here are three suggestions that will definitely make your trip less stressful. They are characterized by a very good price-performance ratio and are described by users as the best models. So benefit from these neck pillows for the trip and reach your holiday destination completely relaxed.


The first model in this overview already impresses with its high quality. With this model, the manufacturer Sandini paid special attention to the wishes of travelers and manufactured a pillow that offers the highest possible comfort.

In terms of shape, it is a neck pillow . This is open at the front and offers good support, especially when sleeping on the side. There is also a simple lock on the front , with which the pillow can be closed wonderfully. So you are well protected from all sides.

The size of this model is very generous. It therefore offers comprehensive support for your neck and prevents the head from bending to one side. The pillow is also available in different sizes, so that you can determine how high the support force should be. There is also a version for children that adapts perfectly to the smaller neck circumference.

microfiber is used as the material . This feels gentle on the skin and is washable at 30 ° C. The temperature regulating effect of the pillow is also an advantage . Do you yourself know the feeling when the pillow is close to your neck and you start to sweat there? Thanks to the Outlast material, this does not occur with this model.

The pillow can also be turned very practically and is easy to use from all sides. So if you prefer to sleep and your head is on the front during this time, you can turn the pillow a little so that there is enough support.

This pillow does not receive top marks from users for nothing and is recommended. The material is firm, but at the same time comfortable and ensures a healthy sleep during the trip. The material has a temperature-regulating effect, so that you don’t start sweating and have to reckon with a cold. There is no more comfortable alternative when it comes to solid neck pillows for travel. You should just have enough space ready, because this pillow is not inflatable.


Would you like to feel a particularly gentle and soft feeling while sleeping? Do you appreciate this form of cosiness and do you sleep best with it?

Then the Cozy Bee offers a neck pillow for the trip, which will support your sleep with a soft plush. It is a stable neck pillow , which is designed to be open at the front. Thanks to the practical closure, the pillow can also be closed completely, so that comprehensive protection is offered.

memory foam is used as the material . This offers an excellent ergonomic shape. You can literally let your head sink into the pillow and the memory foam will always offer a perfect hold.

The sides are designed a little higher. There is no risk of the head buckling to one side and the neck muscles being overstretched. The back, on the other hand, is a little flatter. This has the advantage that you can use the pillow better when driving in the car or on the plane. Then the backrest of the seat will no longer be a hindrance.

The plush cover can be machine washed at 40 ° C. The integrated zipper ensures very easy handling and the cover can be removed in a few simple steps. In this way, you can quickly ensure hygienic conditions during the trip.

If a plush cover and a cozy feeling while sleeping are important to you, this neck pillow offers the highest level of comfort for the journey. The material adapts wonderfully to your neck and always ensures a safe sleep. Safely stowed in the compact bag , which is integrated directly into the pillow, you can easily stow it in your hand luggage.


Are you looking for the most space-saving way to transport the neck pillow ? Then this inflatable pillow is a good choice.

It can be inflated and used as a pillow within three seconds . So you don’t have to worry that you will be out of breath after inflating. Because the intelligent design ensures that only little air is needed to fully unfold this pillow.

In order to offer a high level of comfort, the pillow is equipped with a cover. The cover is comfortable on the skin and ensures that you can sleep relaxed. The cover can be removed and washed with a zip.

Depending on the air pressure, you also influence the strength of the pillow. A higher air pressure ensures that the neck is supported a little better.

If you have little space in your luggage and you want the neck pillow to be as compact as possible, there is hardly a better choice than an inflatable neck pillow. This can be stowed as small as possible and inflated quickly if necessary. So you are well prepared for every trip and can also stow the pillow in hand luggage.


You have now received three suggestions to find a suitable neck pillow for the trip. If you are still unsure what to look for when buying and which criteria are important, you should consider the following important properties of the pillow. Then you will be able to make the right choice with a high degree of certainty and be able to sleep relaxed on the trip.


The neck pillow will never feel as comfortable as your own bed. But this does not mean that you have to lose a lot of comfort. Depending on the material, there are variants that are perceived as particularly pleasant for the skin.

It is important to distinguish between the inner and outer material. A cover is usually used on the outside, which is soft and looks cozy. At the same time, it should be breathable and ensure that you do not start to sweat even after long periods of use. Since the cover comes into direct contact with your skin, it should be machine washable . A zipper makes it easy to use.

In order to support the head well, the material inside is also crucial. After all, you will rest your head on the pillow for a few hours and do not want to wake up with tension.

Most users describe a memory foam as pleasant . This is also known as visco foam. It is a material that expands with use and thus offers a high level of support.

On the other hand, microbeads inside are also popular . These are also very flexible, but do not offer the same support force and are mainly used in inexpensive models.

High-quality neck pillows for travel should therefore be made of memory foam.


Do you only travel with hand luggage and is every gram important to you? Then you should consider this when buying the pillow. Because even if the differences between the individual pillows are only minor, you can still save a little weight and make your luggage lighter.

Inflatable neck pillows do a little better here. These can be folded up and really stowed in every piece of luggage.

Stable pillows, on the other hand, are considered more comfortable. Often small bags or pockets are also supplied in which the pillow can be transported. These are so tiny that you can easily attach them to hand luggage on an airplane, for example .

These are the most important criteria by which you should evaluate the quality of the neck pillow. If comfort is more important to you than compactness, a stable model made from memory foam is better for you.


Traveling is a wonderful way to explore distant places or meet business partners. But traveling is often experienced as very stressful. You spend the time in the car, train or plane far away from your own bed. So how can you find sleep in this situation and not arrive at your destination completely exhausted?

The neck pillow is an excellent way for travelers to sleep and enjoy greater comfort while on the move . With the models presented here, you will be able to sleep relaxed on the go. This allows you to use the time at the holiday destination much more effectively and you do not have to catch up on the sleep that has been stolen.

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