Night light for children – the best models in comparison in 2021

Night lights for kids take away the fear of the dark . Some children fear it if the child’s room is completely darkened during the night. It can quickly happen that closeness to the parents is sought and the children’s room is perceived as frightening.

In order to offer children a little more security and to take away the fear of sleeping in their own bed, night lights for children are well suited to donate some light. These models are designed to be appealing to children .

In this guide you will find out how, thanks to the night lights, children can gently fall asleep and no longer wake up frightened.

Babies usually spend the first time in their parents’ bedroom, provided there is enough space. There the youngsters receive the necessary attention and if the thirst leads to loud screaming again, help can be found quickly.

However, over time, children should get used to sleeping in their own bed. At first it can be difficult and small children can perceive the darkness as a threat. Shadows are misinterpreted or sounds are classified as frightening.

The night light for children can be used to counteract this anxious phase. This is either attached to the socket or cuddled very close to the body in the form of a toy or cuddly toy. The light provides a sense of security and the surroundings can be better assessed.

In this way, the night light for children not only promotes the sleep of the offspring, but also of the parents. After all, it is also a great advantage for them if their own child sleeps through the night and no longer wakes up at night.

Another advantage is its practical nature. If the child has to go to the toilet at night, it will be difficult to orientate themselves in the dark room. Maybe there are still toys on the floor and they can quickly become a trip hazard.

In order to facilitate orientation , the night light serves as an aid. This makes movement in the children’s room easier and the light switch for the bedside lamp is guaranteed to be found.

In both cases , the focus is on the children to be calmed down and not to feel completely disoriented. Because it is much easier for adults to orientate themselves in dark rooms.

Children, on the other hand, still have difficulties and the world can still be a challenge for them, even in the best light conditions.

Therefore, attaching a night light is a suitable solution to relieve anxiety and promote sleep behavior.


There are now a multitude of different ways in which you can light up the children’s room a little during the night. Depending on the age of the child, different variants can be beneficial.

You can see an overview of the options here.


You will probably know the night light for the socket yourself from your childhood in a very classic way . This is a very cheap and simple way to provide some light.

The light is simply plugged into the socket and starts to shine. Some models still allow the light intensity to be regulated.

The small lights are handy and also very suitable for traveling. This allows you to create a constant color mood in the holiday apartment or in the hotel.


If your child likes cuddly toys around them and these help them fall asleep, you can directly access models that have an integrated night light. The battery-operated night lights can also be taken with you on trips and used, for example, on the train or on the plane.

When buying, you should make sure that batteries or accumulators are rechargeable. For the sake of the environment alone, but also for reasons of cost, it is advantageous if you do not promote disposable products. It is therefore advisable to order rechargeable batteries at the same time.

So you can fulfill two functions with these night lights. Your child feels safe through the light and at the same time they get a new cuddle partner.


If your child is no longer afraid of the dark , permanent light is no longer necessary. Sometimes this is perceived as annoying and is therefore no longer desired.

Nevertheless, it can of course happen that people go to the toilet or have a drink at night. To make it easier to find your way around the room, there are night lights with motion sensors.

When the youngsters get out of bed, the light comes on and offers better orientation. In this way, you don’t have to look for the light switch first.

This variant offers an intelligent option for children who would find the permanent light disturbing.


Buying a night light for children is not always easy. In addition to its own requirements, the light must of course also be tailored to the needs of the child .

To make the selection a little easier, here are 5 products that are characterized by a particularly high customer rating.


Eggs are great fun for the kids, especially at Easter. These are hung up in bright colors and hidden everywhere. With the night light you combine the playful design of the dinosaur with useful functions.

The dinosaur impresses with its very good feel . If your child is still particularly curious and likes to put things in their mouth, this is not a problem with this product. The dinosaur is made of food and toy-safe material so that there are no harmful substances. In addition, the dinosaur is very robust and playing is quite possible.

The controls are kept simple. The lamp is switched on or dimmed via a touch control . So you can use the dinosaur egg either as a regular lamp or in dimmed form as a night light.

In addition to the standard white, there are 6 colors available. These are also changed via touch controls. Depending on your mood and preference, you can create a completely different atmosphere in the children’s room.

The battery lasts between 6 and 140 hours, depending on the selected light level. There are three light intensities available so that you can also use the night light for breastfeeding.

This children’s night light is especially popular with buyers. Whether at home or when traveling, the dinosaur egg is robustly manufactured, the colors can be changed and the battery lasts a long time. This shining egg thus fulfills every requirement for a calming light for the night.


In addition to the already presented dinosaur egg, there is a simpler variation. This is a simple bedside lamp , which is slightly larger and can also change colors.

The material is also suitable for children. It is a BPA-free silicone. However, the lamp is a bit more sensitive. Therefore it is less suitable for small children. Dropping the lamp could damage the bottom and prevent charging. The handling, however, is simple. If you trust your child when handling, this lamp is also in good hands for younger children.

The characteristics of the light are particularly pleasant. The LED is easy on the eyes and has no flickering. Your children like to read under the covers, this light is guaranteed not to damage their eyes. The color of the light can be adjusted according to your own preference. This ranges from a simple warm light to a colorful blue or red.

Control is also carried out using the familiar touch control. The color can be determined with the touch and the light can be dimmed.

The battery lasts up to 110 hours and can therefore be used for reading for a long time. Charging is convenient thanks to the included charging station . During the day you place the night lamp on the charging station and it is ready for use.

If you want to give your children a simple reading lamp or set up a night lamp , this night lamp will impress you above all thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio and easy charging.


Most children will likely have grown up with a night light plugged directly into the socket. This has the advantage that the light is always available and no battery has to be charged. In addition, the light is generated at a distance from the child, so that it rather passively illuminates the room.

This method uses the night light from Emotionlite. It is attached to the socket and generates the warm light there. Thanks to its intelligent functions, it is a real help and can be used in a variety of ways.

The twilight sensor is the most important . This recognizes how strong the ambient lighting is and only switches the night light on when the environment is too dark. So you don’t always have to switch the light on and off yourself, you can leave it in the socket all the time.

Thanks to this function, the night light is not only suitable for the children’s room. You can use the light practically anywhere in the house. You can provide lighting in the hallway, kitchen or basement so that the light switch does not have to be found first. If your child gets up at night and goes to the toilet, the bright light in the hallway does not have to be switched on first. With this practical light, orientation can be carried out safely so that other light sources are not required . Sleep is less disturbed and can be continued without any problems.

The brightness can be adjusted as required. This ranges from 1 lumen to 15 lumen. Depending on the application, you can determine which brightness level is necessary.

The design of the lamp is very simple. Since it is very flat, it is not perceived as annoying in the hallway or children’s room . In addition, a second socket is not blocked.

The lamp is designed for a service life of around 50,000 hours . Thanks to the automatic sensor, the lamp is only in use when the surroundings are actually too dark. This increases the service life.

If you are looking for a very simple model that also delivers a good performance, there is hardly a better night light for children than this variant.


Falling asleep under a starry sky is certainly not just a nice feeling for adults. Even children love the sight of the stars , and often the children with fairy lights or other installations will be upgraded to simulate a night sky.

This effect can be created with significantly less effort thanks to the starry sky projector. This projects the starry sky, starting from his lamp, onto the ceiling.

The starry sky is designed for children and appears more colorful than realistic. Well-known elements such as the moon can be seen on the ceiling. The lamp rotates so that the night sky is also in constant motion. This way, restless babies and toddlers in particular can be distracted and find a relaxed sleep. If turning is perceived as annoying, a static light can simply be used.

The starry sky projection can be removed and the ordinary white light comes out underneath. This means that this projector can also be used as a normal bedside lamp .

The power is ensured either by 4 AAA batteries or a USB cable . The USB cable can be connected to a socket using an adapter. This means that some charging options are available.

If your child falls asleep particularly well under a starry sky, this projector is a very good choice and ensures pleasant nights.


Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. If your child is of the same opinion and is fond of animals, this design of the night light can be particularly fun. Because the night light from Puretime is a plastic dog that can lie in bed and donate the light there.

Since the dog is in close physical contact with your child, the quality of the material is of great importance. The night light is made from BPA-free silicone . As a result, it is not only particularly soft and invites you to play, but is also completely safe to use.

Two different light colors can be set to illuminate the children’s room . A rather cold white is particularly useful in the evening when something is read aloud or the room should appear bright. The slightly darker warm white is intended for the night when sleeping.

30 or 60 minute sleep timer can be used as a night light . Since the battery only lasts up to 5 hours at maximum brightness, the dog is intended as a toy for cuddling and falling asleep, especially in the evening.

With this night light for children, your offspring can express their love for animals very closely and the dog ensures a relaxed sleep. This variant is therefore not only useful as a light, but also for cuddling and as a playmate. The design is cute and appealing for children.


If your child suffers from sleeping problems or is afraid of the dark, the night light offers an excellent solution to have pleasant nights again. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the following criteria in order to really improve your sleep.


The night light should not be disturbing, but promote sleep. It is therefore important what brightness and color tone the night light for children has.

If it is brilliant white and also very bright, it can hardly be used for the night. It will be harder to fall asleep and the lights will likely be turned off.

It is therefore important that a warm light color is presented. Unlike white or blue light, this does not stimulate hormones that tend to promote wakefulness. The warm light is ideal for falling asleep.

In addition, the brightness should also be adjustable . Depending on your own preference, but also the size of the room, a different brightness is desirable.

With the models presented here, you can be sure that the color scheme is specially tailored to your sleep. So nothing stands in the way of uninterrupted sleep.


Children can act a little impetuously at times. The lamp may be handled a little harder and no matter how your child handles the light, it should not pose any danger.

One of the main factors is the heat generated by the lamp. Children can quickly be tempted to touch the light. Incandescent lamps develop a great deal of heat and can quickly lead to burns. The modern LED lamps, on the other hand, are much more energy-efficient and convert the electrical energy into significantly less heat.

Therefore, it is not a problem if your offspring touches the lamp briefly. Sometimes this is perceived as warm, but burns are impossible.

The LED technology is particularly important if the lamp is placed in bed. Thanks to modern technology, there is no risk of cuddly toys or bed linen being burned.

In jedem Fall ist es zu vermeiden, gewöhnliche Lampen ins Bett zu nehmen, die nicht als Nachtlicht ausgewiesen sind.

Neben der Wärmeentwicklung sind auch die verarbeiteten Materialien von Bedeutung. Diese sollten schadstofffrei sein. Kinder sind neugierig und Babys erkunden ihre Umwelt, indem sie alles in den Mund nehmen.

Die hier präsentierten Nachtlichter sind vollkommen unbedenklich. Sie entsprechen den EU-Normen und es besteht keinerlei Risiko.


Je nach Funktionsumfang sollte ein hoher Wert auf die Bedienbarkeit gelegt werden. Allgemein gilt, je simpler die Lampe gehalten, desto einfacher ist sie zu bedienen.

Simple models can be switched on and off and the brightness can be influenced. This is also not a challenge for small children, so that they can adjust the light for themselves.

If the range of functions increases, it should still be ensured that the lamp works with only a few buttons . After all, this is operated in the dark and therefore it should be intuitive to use.

touch control , as is the case with the egg-models, proven to be particularly simple and is also child’s play to learn from the children.


The energy supply is also important. How long does the battery last or does a power connection need to be established?

When traveling, it is useful if the night light is powered by batteries. This also allows greater freedom of movement and the light can be set up anywhere. Above all, rechargeable batteries should be used These are cheaper in the long term and protect the environment.

If a power connection is required, you should make sure that the cable is long enough. Ideally, this can be laid on the wall. If this is quite short, there are restrictions on the choice of a suitable place. In addition, the cable can represent a trip hazard.


If your child has trouble falling asleep, a night light is certainly beneficial. But you should make sure that it is explicitly a lamp that is suitable for sleep.

Usually the body is aligned to react to light. If he sees bright light, the production of the sleep hormone melatonin is prevented. As a result, the children do not get tired.

This is especially the case with light in the white & blue color range. Televisions and smartphones can be mentioned as examples. These often find their way into small children and can disrupt sleep.

The night light does not inhibit natural sleep . It has a color spectrum that is perceived as pleasant. The production of melatonin is not inhibited by the high proportion of red light.

It is equally important that the lamp does not flicker. This is the case with old screens, for example. Even if the flicker is not consciously perceived, it still affects sleep.

With modern LED technology, the light no longer flickers. If you buy a designated night light, you don’t have to worry about it having a negative impact on sleep. On the contrary, it helps calm down and promotes well-being.

Further measures to promote sleep behavior are:

A good indoor climate
Fixed rituals before going to bed
No white light in the evening
Reduce noise

To encourage falling asleep, reading a book with a night light or playing radio plays is suitable Due to the fixed rituals, the child feels a certain security and can prepare for sleep.

If you follow these instructions and use an inconspicuous night light, you have created the optimal conditions for a good night’s sleep.


You should now recognize that the night light is an important measure to promote the sleep of the offspring.

Very few children feel comfortable in the dark and therefore it is advisable to face the darkness with an inconspicuous light. The lamp is set up in such a way that the room is passively illuminated and does not fall directly into the child’s face.

With different colors or decorations, the night can be made even more interesting. A starry sky or a light in the shape of a dog provide distraction and a restful night.

The night light for children is therefore an ideal way to create optimal sleeping conditions.

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