Turtle night light – 3 models presented

turtle as a night light?

Not only does this sound extraordinary, it can also significantly improve your child’s sleep . Does your child not feel quite as comfortable in their own room yet? If the environment is new and a little scary, a night light can provide reassurance.

A little light during the night ensures that the ugly shadows disappear and are no longer perceived as ghosts or monsters.

But why exactly should it be a night light turtle?

In this guide you will learn the advantages of this night light and why it is so suitable for children.

What are the benefits of the turtle and how does it improve your child’s sleep? Here you can see all the advantages at a glance.


The darkness can be a threat to children . You will surely be able to remember for yourself what it was like to sleep in the dark nursery. Especially if it was a new environment that was not very familiar, such as with the grandparents or on vacation.

The closet casts shadows and every sound is perceived as eerie. Children have vivid imaginations and think that they could be monsters or ghosts.

Such ghostly thoughts are driven away with the night light. The light shows what it is really about and nothing remains hidden.

The turtle as a night light ensures safety and beautiful dreams. Instead of dreaming of scary stories, positive moments are processed. Your child sleeps better through the night and gets up much calmer in the morning.

The stress during the night is over when your child would rather sleep in the parents’ room again.


The advantage of the turtle is that it is very resilient. She has a large tank that protects her from danger.

As a night light, this has the advantage that the area of ​​the tank is relatively large. In connection with a body made of a soft fabric material, the turtle can also be used as a cuddly toy .

If your child does not yet feel completely comfortable in the cot, it can hold the turtle very close to the body and in this way a feeling of security is conveyed.

In contrast to alternative night lights with motion detectors , the turtle is not only useful, but also a pleasant companion during the night.


There are various night lights with a starry sky on the market. However, these must be placed on a firm surface and do not serve as cuddly toys.

The shell of the turtle offers enough space to integrate a small projector , which throws a starry sky onto the ceiling through the holes. Before going to bed, the vivid sky offers an interesting change and it is easier for children to calm down.

Similar to a mobile phone that hangs from the ceiling, the children distract themselves a little with the starry sky and can fall asleep much more gently.


In order to give you a better overview of the available turtle night lights, you will now receive three suggestions that are ideally suited for the children’s room.


The first variant is also the cheapest . For less than 20 euros you get a night light that has some useful functions and thus lights up the night.

The night light is equipped with a star projector and optionally with music. The projector is switched on with a simple touch control and the patterns are thrown onto the ceiling.

It is nice that different colors can be used. The stars can appear on the ceiling in either yellow, blue or green. If you can’t decide, a permanent color change can also be set.

The control is intuitive even for children and they can operate the night light independently. The armor is gently pushed down and the light is switched on or off. To prevent the light from shining all night, it switches itself off after 45 minutes.

Mignon AA batteries , which are included in the scope of delivery, are required for the power supply . Thanks to the modern LED technology and the automatic switch-off, a long running time is guaranteed.

If you want a particularly simple turtle night light, you will certainly be satisfied with this product. Ü over 400 top ratings prove that the expectations of the buyers were met. The turtle is not suitable for cuddling, but as a night light it is easy to use and lets a beautiful starry sky appear on the ceiling.


Cloud B’s turtle night lights are even more popular . These are made of a higher quality and the body is not made of plastic, but a cozy fabric. This turtle serves as a night light as well as a cuddly toy.

As usual, in this version the tank is equipped with a projector . The stars are projected onto the ceiling through the openings . Real constellations that can be found on the ceiling are even traced. With it, children can still learn something about the real night sky.

It’s also great that the turtle comes with a small booklet . The constellations are described on this and the children can look for them themselves on the ceiling.

There are three colors available for the projection of the night sky, which can be changed fluently. Due to the different colors, the children’s room lights up in different brightness levels, so that you can indirectly set how bright the turtle should make the room shine.

It is operated using the buttons with which the turtle is switched on and off. After about 45 minutes, the model switches itself off and prevents excessive energy consumption.

More than 1,000 customers certify that this night light is a beautiful solution for the children’s room. It has a calming effect and, in addition to the light function, can also be used to cuddle .


There is a slightly alternative version of Cloud B with the calming turtle . Children not only respond positively to lights, but also to sounds. During the night, unknown noises can startle the children and wake them up.

To prevent this and to make it easier to fall asleep, it makes sense to create a safe environment with gentle noises . The soothing turtle from Cloud B uses the constant sound of the sea to do this . Optionally, a calming melody can also be set.

This time no starry sky is drawn as a light projection. Instead, underwater light effects are projected onto the ceiling . In connection with the sound of the sea, your child feels like being at the sea and will be able to sleep peacefully thanks to this gentle environment.

After around 25 minutes the turtle switches itself off. 3 AA batteries are required for operation .

If you want to create a particularly calm environment and make it easier for your child to fall asleep , this night light in the shape of a turtle is ideally suited for this. The body invites you to cuddle and the lights and sound environment create a secure environment.


Can the turtle be washed?

Cuddly toys should be washed from time to time to ensure hygienic conditions. Intensive use can result in contamination.

With the turtles, however, washing is not easily possible. The body is firmly attached to the shell and cannot be separated. The products primarily serve as a night light and not as a cuddly toy. In most cases, the children will only try the turtle for a short while to cuddle and then resort to other cuddly toys.

Doesn’t the turtle get too warm to cuddle with?

If technology is used in the nursery, it should always be done with care. Failure to do so could either damage the products or cause personal injury.

However, there is no risk of burns with the turtles. Firstly, there are energy-saving LED lights that hardly heat up and secondly, the projectors are built into the interior of the tank. So your child does not come into contact with the lights. The turtle is suitable for use in bed and does not necessarily have to be placed on a bedside table.

As a further safety measure, the turtles switch themselves off. This ensures the child’s safety and saves energy.

Can a color be permanently set?

Operating the turtle is not a big challenge, even for small children. Depending on your preference, a color can either be set permanently or in a color change. The colors then remain over the entire duration or merge into one another.

The turtles do not have a motor, so the projection does not move, but is fixed.


You can make the night more pleasant with a night light. Instead of a boring light for the socket or the bedside table, you can use a product that is also suitable for cuddling .

The Cloud B turtle night lights are extremely popular , available in different versions and ideally suited to calm your child during the night.

Even small babies from a few months of age perceive the turtles as a calming measure and fall asleep better. Adults can also benefit from the sounds of the sea.

To get the child to sleep, the turtle night lights are an excellent idea and can be used in the nursery for a long time.

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