Optimal mattress – how do you find the perfect design?

The mattress is the basis of a restful sleep . You spend around a third of your life on it and therefore it is important to find the right mattress .

If you use a model that does not suit you, you will clearly feel this. You are less rested , you may suffer from back pain and the quality of life decreases.

But what do you have to pay attention to with the new mattress and which properties have to be taken into account?

Find out how to find the best mattress for you.

Not all mattresses are created equal. In the last decade in particular, developments have progressed rapidly. A wide variety of designs and materials are available to promise you a restful night. But how do the individual mattress types differ?


Cold foam mattresses are among the most popular designs . These consist of a breathable foam that appeals to the broadest possible target group.

The cold foam is perceived as a bit harder . You only sink a little on these mattresses, so that you experience greater stability. This is useful for people who suffer from back pain or who weigh heavier. This mattress from bett1 , for example, combines two hardnesses so that you can flexibly decide which side is more comfortable for you.

Even for people with allergies this type of mattress is suitable since breathability is found to be effective against mites. The animals feel less comfortable in this material, so the stress is reduced.


Visco foam is already widely used in pillows. The visco foam mattress is made of a particularly adaptable material. If you lie down on these mattresses, they give way to your body shape. This makes them feel as if they were made to measure, perfect for your back.

It is often used for back pain or other ailments. Pain is reduced and the sleeping position is ideal.

Due to the high degree of suppleness, however, it is perceived as warmer in summer and can therefore disrupt sleep if you prefer to be cooler in bed.


The “classic” among the mattress types relies on a spring core. Instead of a foam, the load is absorbed by a large number of springs . In the case of innerspring mattresses , this can be up to 1,000 springs , which guarantee a high level of stability.

These types of mattresses are considered inexpensive but are recommended for some people. These include above all allergy sufferers , as the spring core proves to be breathable . This is especially true for pocket spring core mattresses .

This type is not recommended for people with back problems. The springs do not adapt as flexibly as the foam , so an uneven load could occur.


As soft and latex mattresses are perceived. They are considered sturdy and are a good choice for side sleepers. Thanks to the high adaptability and the convincing service life, you should take a closer look at these variants.

If you are looking for a right mattress that is particularly natural, you could try a natural mattress . These often consist of a natural latex , which forms the basis for these designs.


Do you appreciate the comfort of visco foam mattresses , but can’t get used to the warmth?

Then gel mattresses could be a good choice for you. These versions combine good temperature regulation with a more flexible foam. This will give you a secure feeling of lying down and will find your optimal sleeping temperature in bed.


When choosing the right mattress, your sleeping position plays an important role. Do you prefer to lie on your back, side or stomach when you sleep? Then this is an important selection criterion in order to find the right mattress.


If you prefer to sleep on your back, make sure that the shape of the spine corresponds to the natural course. The spine is not dead straight, but takes on a double S shape. As a back sleeper, there is a particular risk of a hollow back in the lower lumbar spine area.

No particular type of mattress is particularly recommended for those who sleep on their backs You can opt for each version and only have to pay attention to the appropriate degree of hardness .


Most people prefer to sleep on their side. This means greater stress on the spine There is a risk that the spine will bend to the side and not be on the same level.

Depending on their body weight, side sleepers can opt for a cold foam mattress or a visco foam mattress . Here, too, it is important that the hardness corresponds to the physique and that the spine is relieved.

mattress with a spring core is less recommended as it does not give in precisely enough.


Sleeping on your stomach is not good for your health. If you still spend the night on your stomach and you can’t get used to your sleeping position , harder mattresses are better for you. These prevent you from sinking in too deep and, above all, your head from lying too high.

For those who sleep on their stomach, the recommendation is therefore not to use soft mattresses and to opt for harder options. Cold foam or gel are recommended as material.


The firmness of the mattress was often mentioned above. The hardness of a mattress is one of the main criteria for protecting your back and spending the night relaxed. But what degrees of hardness are there and how soft should you sleep?


The degrees of hardness are offered by the manufacturers in a total of 5 levels . These range from H1 (very soft) to H5 (very hard). Whereby variants in H1 or H5 are rarely used. The hardness level H1 is only used for baby mattresses because the body weight is still correspondingly low.

The degree of firmness your new mattress should have depends on your body weight and size . The more you weigh, the harder the mattress should be so that it can cope better with the strain. Strictly speaking, the load per cm² must be considered here. If you weigh a little more, but are taller at the same time, the weight is distributed over a larger area. You have to take this into account when buying a new mattress.

In general, the degrees of hardness are classified as follows:

H1 – up to 60 kg
H2 – up to 80 kg
H3 – up to 100 kg
H4 – from 100 kg
H5 – from 120 kg


The classification presented here is only a rough guideline . The problem here is that there is no uniform standardization for the individual manufacturers. This can mean that a mattress in H2 feels harder or softer than that of the other manufacturer. Thus, the hardness level H2 is not the same everywhere.

In addition, body size and shape also play an important role. If you are small but heavy, a harder mattress is a better choice for you. For tall people, a medium-firm variant may be right, even though you exceed the limit of 100 kg.

You have to find out for yourself which of the different degrees of hardness suits you. You can only do this by trying the mattress and checking your body shape.


The myth persists that a hard mattress takes the strain off the back better and in this way alleviates discomfort. Therefore , pain sufferers instinctively choose a harder mattress.

However, the truth is that people with back problems should choose the model that suits them best. The hardness must be tailored to the body. This means that both soft and hard mattresses can be shortlisted. Buying a harder mattress blindly can quickly take revenge and intensify the symptoms in the long term.


The degree of firmness is just one property that you have to consider when buying a new mattress. Which factors also play an important role?


If you choose a foam mattress, the density is an important characteristic of quality. During foaming, air is added to the starting material. The higher the proportion of air, the lower the volume weight.

high volume weight suggests that the manufacturer does not save on material. This makes the mattress more robust and takes the load better. The design has a long service life and pits will form less often .

When buying a mattress, the density should be between 30 and 40 .


How flexible is the mattress and can it withstand the stress?

The compressive strength describes how great the force must be to compress the foam. The higher the compressive strength, the more robust the material , but the mattress is also perceived as harder.

If you have a higher body weight , then pay attention to a sufficient volume weight and a corresponding compressive strength. Thus, the mattress can cope with the load without any problems.


uniform firmness of the mattress over the entire surface is hardly up-to-date anymore. After all, the shoulder area is heavier than the head, for example.

Therefore, manufacturers go about equipping the mattress with different degrees of firmness. Often there are subdivisions into 7 lying areas. These orthopedic mattresses offer real relief for pain and tension .


There are also differences in the height of the mattress . The higher the mattress, the more comfortable it is usually described. But the height has another decisive advantage for people with knee problems.

Getting up from a higher mattress is much easier for you. The knees are less bent so the stress is not distributed across the joints. High mattresses are considered necessary for seniors so that they can still get out of bed independently at an advanced age.


More than 10 million people in Germany now suffer from a house dust allergy . In order to choose the right mattress, allergy properties also play an important role. After all, allergy sufferers don’t want to wake up with a runny nose or red eyes.

It is important for you that the mattress is as breathable as possible . This applies, for example, to innerspring mattresses or foam mattresses. With the latter variants, specially integrated ventilation channels can increase the breathability so that mites feel less comfortable in the mattress.

The cover should also be removable and washable at high temperatures. It must be at least 60 ° C for the mites to be effectively removed from the cover. Only then can it be ensured that allergy sufferers spend the night largely without symptoms.


In Germany, beds with a slatted frame are predominantly widespread. These are simple in construction and have sufficient comfort when lying down.

Box spring beds prove that there is another way . In recent years these designs, which are particularly popular in the USA, have increasingly been found in Germany. But how good are the box spring beds and how do their mattresses differ?

The box spring bed has a completely different structure . It consists of a total of three parts , which together ensure optimal coordination.

The base is the box. These are mattresses with a spring core, which absorb the total weight. The actual mattress, which usually also has a spring core, lies on the box. The topper is the end. This can consist of a soft viscose foam or latex. The topper is relatively thin and is responsible for fine tuning. It hugs your body perfectly, creating a unique feeling of lying down .

Pocket spring core mattresses are used in high-quality box spring beds. These are characterized by a high degree of adaptability with simultaneous stability. However, they are relatively expensive to buy , so that these box spring beds cost far more than 1,000 euros.

If cheaper mattresses, such as those with Bonell springs, are used, they will take some getting used to. They only have a low point elasticity and hardly adapt to your body.

Therefore, with a box spring bed, you urgently need to pay attention to the individual components . For high quality finishes, it can be said that these are superior to a single mattress for most people. A slatted frame is by no means a must for mattresses to lie optimally.


You have now learned which mattresses are available and what to look out for when buying. Finding the right mattress may seem like a lot of work at first glance. After all, there are different types, price ranges and degrees of hardness. All factors that influence the purchase decision.

The most important thing , however, is how you feel when you are lying down. The best way to find out whether the desired version suits you is by taking a test bed. This does not have to happen in the store, but can also happen when buying online. Because most retailers offer a certain test period in which you can use the mattresses. If you don’t like the model, it will usually be picked up free of charge, so that you do not suffer any disadvantage.

In this way, find the optimal mattress for you and enjoy a whole new feeling of sleep. The mattress will last about a decade, so the choice shouldn’t be made lightly.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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