Orthopedic mattress – 5 models for back pain in comparison

Unfortunately, back pain is part of everyday life for a large part of the population. The morning already begins painfully with getting up and the pain continues throughout the day. Both the back and neck are often affected by the pain.

An orthopedic mattress provides support for the spine and provides relief during the night. But which models are best for you?

Find out in this comparison which orthopedic mattress is most effective in relieving your symptoms.

Actually, every mattress should ensure that you can sleep peacefully at night and wake up in the morning without pain. But if you already suffer from back pain, you could benefit from a special orthopedic mattress. This goes one step further and adapts ideally to the shape of the body. This provides precise relief for the spine and muscles. It is also able to take the pain out of a herniated disc .

In order to provide this relief, orthopedic mattresses have a high point elasticity . This means that they react more flexibly to your body weight. That is why most orthopedic mattresses are made of foam . This deforms under the influence of body weight and if different foams are combined, the mattress is both stable and flexible at the same time.

In addition, orthopedic mattresses have several zones . A different degree of hardness is required depending on the area of ​​the body. The shoulder zone needs to be supported more strongly than the head area or the feet. The contact surfaces, which are exposed to greater loads, are reinforced in orthopedic mattresses and offer greater stability.

As a result, an orthopedic mattress is more adaptable to your body and will ensure that the spine runs in a more natural shape. Kinking is prevented and the muscles can relax. Over time, the tension will decrease and you will start the day with a completely new feeling.


An orthopedic mattress can be used against various health problems . The long sitting and too little exercise cause the muscles are not strengthened and imbalances arising in the spine.

The following symptoms can be alleviated with an orthopedic mattress.


At the top of the list for buying an orthopedic mattress is probably back pain. These are usually found in the lumbar spine or shoulder area. They arise when the previous mattress is too soft and not precisely adapted to the load. Then the shoulder and pelvis sink in too deep. This results in an unnatural curvature of the spine , which leads to long-term pain.

By using a healthier mattress, each area of ​​the body is supported individually . The back is no longer crooked, but retains its natural shape. For long periods of sitting, a lumbar pillow can also be an ideal companion to relieve pain.


The second major problem area can be identified in the cervical spine . An unfavorable mattress or a pillow that is too high ensures that the head is raised. The cervical spine experiences a real kink and the muscles are under constant tension.

An orthopedic mattress is a little softer in this area. The head sinks so deep, including the pillow, that it is at the optimal height. The cervical spine is relieved and pain and tension are reduced.


The cause of headaches is often found in the neck. A tense muscles lead to a poorer blood flow and constant pressure. This can take the form of a headache.

The wrong mattress can be largely responsible for this pain. However, by choosing a variant that is particularly back and neck-friendly, you will hopefully reduce your headache as well. In combination with a memory foam pillow, you create the best basis for resting your head and avoiding pain.


With the right mattress you will experience a much better attitude towards life . Not only will your back problems recede, but you will get up with a more positive feeling and enjoy life again.

Take a look at these 5 high-quality models and decide which one best suits your needs. Then you will soon be able to do without going to the doctor and doing physiotherapy.


The first mattress presented is also a special feature, because it is the only variant that is equipped with a spring core . The basis of this model are the numerous springs that take up the body weight with pinpoint accuracy.

The advantage of this construction is that it is more breathable than a foam mattress, for example. This is a good property for allergy sufferers, as the exposure to the allergens is reduced. You will sweat less on this mattress and mites will not find a habitat.

All common sizes from 80x200cm to 180x200cm are available. It is therefore recommended for children in a single bed as well as for a double bed. The total height is around 23cm and offers a comfortable height.

The choice of hardness levels consists of a softer H2 and a somewhat harder H3 . For people up to a weight of 80 kilograms, the hardness level H2 is recommended and from 80 kilograms H3.

The excellent orthopedic properties are based on the design of the springs. These offer individual pressure relief and in this way enable the mattress to be precisely adjusted.

Since the mattress has been awarded the Oeko-Tex Standard 1 , it is also suitable for babies. So you can sleep on this mattress with your offspring without any problems.

Use the advantages of a spring mattress to protect your back and relieve the spine. The Ravensberger Ergospring has a high level of breathability and the springs are extremely high quality. The 10 year guarantee and the possibility to try it out should have a positive influence on your purchase decision.


The 7-zone cold foam mattress from Ravensberger takes a different approach . This does not consist of a spring core, but of a hybrid cold foam. This foam adapts ideally to the body contour and provides a high level of support for the entire spine.

To improve sleeping comfort, the foam is divided into 7 zones . This ensures that the lumbar spine is better stabilized and the shoulders are lowered more ergonomically. These are important properties, especially for people who sleep on their side , as there is a higher point load.

When it comes to size selection, nothing to be desired is left unfulfilled. From a small mattress for the child in 80x190cm to oversized in 180x220cm , everything is available. This means that even taller people can sleep comfortably on this mattress without having to draw in their legs.

This model is available in 3 degrees of hardness from H2 to H4. We recommend choosing H2 up to a body weight of 80 kilograms. Slightly heavier people should prefer to use H3 or from a weight of 120 kilograms to H4. This ensures that the load is optimally absorbed.

The processing of this mattress is done in Germany. Therefore, high quality standards are guaranteed, which the TÜV certification and the Oeko-Tex seal class 1 impressively prove. This makes the mattress very suitable for allergy sufferers and babies.

Optionally, a mattress cover can be ordered , which is washable at 60 ° C and useful for allergy sufferers. The 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee also shows how high the manufacturer’s trust is for this mattress.

If you want an orthopedic mattress made of cold foam, this model from Ravensberger is an excellent choice. The large selection allows you to find exactly the right size and firmness. The cold foam is durable and adapts ideally to your back. This literally takes the burden off your shoulders.


A more favorable variant you get with orthopedic foam mattress from Dream night. This is available in the largest version at a price of less than 200 euros and much cheaper than comparable mattresses, which often cost more than 500 euros. Nevertheless, quality is also very important here and you do not have to worry that the lying comfort will be impaired.

The basis of this mattress is the cold foam . With a density of 30kg / m³, it is designed a little more open than most other mattresses. The lying properties still prove to be good and the foam adapts optimally to the body contour.

With a height of either 16cm or 13cm , this model is a little flatter. You should take this into account when aligning your bed and the slatted frame. A slightly higher bed could be an advantage if you suffer from knee problems.

All conventional standards are covered in terms of sizes. Starting at 80x200cm, the mattress is offered up to 180x200cm. Also longer lengths up to 220cm are available in some sizes.

For better climate regulation, the cover consists of a high-quality double cloth. A climate fiber is quilted in this, which improves the moisture transport. This results in much better properties for allergy sufferers. The cover is also machine washable at 60 ° C.

Similar to the Ravensberger model, the Dream Night variant is also divided into 7 zones . This guarantees optimal weight absorption for every part of the body.

You get a cheaper but high-quality orthopedic mattress with this model from Dream Night. The density and the height are a bit lower, but the sleeping comfort still proves to be first class. Due to the low price, this mattress is also very suitable as a guest mattress .


The previous mattresses were only available up to a maximum size of 180x220cm. If you have a bed measuring 200x200cm, Emma offers a high-quality orthopedic mattress for you.

Inside, the Emma One mattress consists of several layers of viscoelastic foam. This is rather thin and soft on the surface, while the base is a little more stable. This allows you to sink into the mattress as deep as it is healthy for your spine.

Divided into 7 zones , each type of sleep is offered optimal relief. Regardless of whether you sleep on your side or on your back, thanks to the combination of the different zones and foam layers, you will sleep comfortably and healthily in every position.

The foam is also designed with open pores in the base . This improves the climate properties and breathability benefits from it. The moisture does not collect in the foam, but is reliably released into the room air.

The Emma One mattress is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 200x200cm. This means that both a cot and a large double bed can be equipped with this model. You can choose between “Medium” and “Hard” as degrees of hardness .

The 100 rehearsal nights that the provider allows you are also practical . During this period you can test whether this orthopedic mattress alleviates your symptoms and improves the quality of life. If you don’t like it, the mattress will be picked up by the provider free of charge.

You get an orthopedic mattress for all sleeping positions with the Emma One. This convinces with a multi-layer structure and adapts to every type of sleep. Use the 100 rehearsal nights to experience the high quality yourself.


In order to enable your child or you a restful sleep, the Brandenburgische Matratzenmanufaktur offers a particularly comfortable mattress. This consists of a cold foam and is equipped with a special shoulder zone.

Diese Zone sorgt dafür, dass die Schulter für Seitenschläfer entlastet wird. Ein Tropfenschnitt sorgt dafür, dass die Schulter besser einsinkt und die Wirbelsäule keine unnatürliche Krümmung aufweist.

Weiterhin ist die Matratze in insgesamt 7 Zonen unterteilt. Nicht nur die Schulter, sondern der gesamte Körper profitiert von dieser Unterteilung und erfährt eine Entlastung.

Die Auswahlmöglichkeiten sind jedoch stark beschränkt. Bei den Größen stehen lediglich Modelle in 80x190cm und 90x200cm zur Auswahl. Für ein Doppelbett würde es sich anbieten zwei Matratzen zu verwenden und diese mit einem größeren Topper zu verbinden. Der Vorteil dieses Aufbaus besteht darin, dass sich die Belastung des Partners nicht auf die eigene Matratze überträgt.

Bei den Härten besteht die Wahl aus einem weichen H2 oder einem extra festen H4. Für etwas schwerere Personen ist die Matratze in H4 die richtige Wahl.

Umschlossen wird diese orthopädische Matratze von einem klimafreundlichen Bezug. Dieser ist bei 60°C in der Maschine waschbar und mit dem Öko-Tex Standard 1 ausgezeichnet.

Schläfst Du vorzugsweise auf der Seite, wird diese Matratze mit seinem speziellen Tropfenschnitt für eine erstklassige Entlastung sorgen. Der Hersteller bietet an, dass Du die Matratze für 30 Nächte testen kannst, um zu erfahren, wie positiv sich dieser Komfort auf Deine Beschwerden auswirkt. Die höhere Ausführung mit einer Gesamthöhe von 23cm erleichtert zudem das Ein- und Aussteigen, wenn die Kniegelenke am Morgen schmerzen.


As with every purchase of a mattress, there are also some criteria for the orthopedic mattress that you have to consider when buying . Find out what to look out for in order to find the best model for you.


First of all, it must be said that the definition of an orthopedic mattress is very vague . The term is not protected and theoretically every provider can advertise his mattress as “orthopedically valuable”.

In the comparison presented here, only mattresses that are of high quality and offer particularly good selective relief were taken into account . For this, at least the mattress should be divided into 7 zones . It is even better if several layers of foam are used to provide better relief.


So that you don’t experience any nasty surprises after the purchase, the mattress must of course be compatible with your slatted frame . Pay attention not only to the size, but also to the height of the mattress.

If you find it difficult to get up in the morning and the pain is already there, a higher variant is advantageous. Especially with inflammatory diseases of the knee joints, a higher mattress will ensure more mobility in the morning.


More than 10 million people in Germany suffer from a house dust allergy. Maybe you belong to this large group and don’t know it yet?

In order not to take any risks, the mattress should be suitable for allergy sufferers . This means that it is highly breathable and the cover can be washed at at least 60 ° C. Then the mattress proves to be easier to care for and soiling is better removed from the cover.


In order to relieve your body, it is imperative to choose the appropriate firmness of the mattress . If the mattress is too soft, the shoulder and pelvis would sink too deep. Tension and pain in the upper back and lumbar spine would be the result.

However, the degrees of hardness are not standardized. Therefore, these can feel a little different depending on the manufacturer. Depending on your body weight and size, you can choose a hardness, but you will only find out whether this is optimal for you in the practical test . The manufacturers should therefore allow a certain number of rehearsal nights in which you can extensively test the orthopedic mattress.


Finally, you should find out why back pain and similar complaints arise in the first place. With the ideal mattress you will provide relief, but you should also work on the causes so that no pain occurs in the first place.


One of the main causes of back pain is the wrong sitting posture. Whether you work in the office or sit reading books all day as a student , the sitting posture is one of the main causes of back pain.

The reason for this is the crooked posture that is assumed while sitting. The shoulders fall forward, the head is closer to the screen, and the back is bent. If you spend several hours in this posture, the typical tension and pain occur.

Therefore, make sure that you are sitting as straight as possible Changing the sitting position can also provide variety and an improvement. In any case, avoid sitting bent over in front of the computer.


Based on the long working hours at your desk, you will not move enough during the day. The muscles are hardly or incorrectly used and imbalances occur.

To counteract this, resolve to make everyday life more active. You don’t have to jog 10km every evening to get enough exercise. It is enough to walk shorter distances or use the bike instead of sitting in the comfortable car.


An unfavorable mattress can also be a source of back pain. After all, you spend a long time on the mattress and if it is more of a nuisance , this will be clearly visible on your back.

If the mattress is worn out, you should urgently buy a new model. The orthopedic mattresses presented here are represented in all price categories, so that you will also find an inexpensive variant to quickly part with your old mattress.


So don’t hesitate and invest in a high-quality orthopedic mattress. This will be your companion for a good 10 years and relieve your symptoms. Regardless of whether you are young or old, it should be worth your health that you choose a mattress that fits your body exactly.

The mattresses presented here are flexible but at the same time stable and will ensure that your spine is optimally relieved . Then you will finally experience pain-free mornings again and enjoy a fresh start to the day.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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