Orthopedic seat cushions – the 3 best models in comparison

Do you sit in the office for some time and notice tension in your back or neck? Then this is likely due to an unhealthy sitting posture. While office work may seem easy for the body to cope with, maintaining the same posture is harder than it seems.

During work, the head is often pushed forward and the lower back slightly rounded. This creates a higher load on individual areas of the spine , which in the long term manifests itself in pain.

The orthopedic seat cushion helps you to relieve your lower back. You will adopt a healthier posture on your own and you will not be plagued by the pain even after long days at work.

You can find out which models are available and how they can help you in the following overview.

For a healthy sitting posture, it is important that the spine is not bent or bent contrary to its natural shape. The spine has a double S shape and is therefore not completely straight. Due to this shape, it is flexible and can better distribute the load over the entire length.

Most office chairs, however, pose a greater challenge to the back. The backrests are not ergonomically designed and literally force the body to adopt an unnatural position. The problem can be solved with a lumbar pillow . You place the pillow on your lower back so that this area is no longer rounded.

The orthopedic seat cushion is not placed on the lower back. It serves as an ergonomic seat pad and is simply placed on the office chair. In order to relieve the back, it has a special shape . It is a little higher at the back and runs flatter downwards. It essentially corresponds to a wedge pillow, although the expression is of course not that extreme, but the difference in height is only a few centimeters.

The unique shape ensures that the spine is supported in its posture . As a result, pain and tension decrease. With orthopedic seat cushions, this mainly affects the tailbone.

If the seat of the office chair is very thin and hardly absorbs the load on the body, you will notice this on the tailbone as well as in other areas of the body.

The early use of an orthopedic seat cushion is recommended If the symptoms are already clearly evident, it will be very difficult to alleviate them again. It is therefore better to use the pillow as a preventive measure . These target groups in particular benefit from this pillow:

Office worker
Truck drivers
Pregnant women

In the case of children, the focus is on avoiding consequential damage by sitting for a long time . The demands in school are increasing, so that a lot of time is spent at the desk. The seat cushion protects the still sensitive body and ensures that no postural damage occurs.


The orthopedic seat cushion is primarily characterized by its unique shape. In contrast to most seats, it is not completely flat, but is constructed at a slight angle . The slope ensures that the pelvis tilts forward minimally. This causes a healthier posture to be adopted. The back does not round off and the lumbar spine in particular benefits from it.

At the beginning it may feel strange to sit in this slight incline. After a few days, however, this feeling has evaporated and the advantages are clearly evident.

In most cases, the inside is made of memory foam to ensure relief for the body . You might be familiar with this from the memory pillows and neck support pillows of the same name .

The foam is relatively stable in its original form. If the body heat acts on it, it becomes softer and deforms more easily. As a result, it adapts exactly to the body shape without losing its stability. It literally hugs your spine and looks like a custom-made product.


In which areas will you experience the most improvements thanks to the orthopedic seat cushion and how does it help your body?


Thanks to the special foam and the shape , the pillow takes the pressure off the spine. The load is again evenly distributed over the entire body and is not concentrated in certain areas. This also minimizes the risk of a herniated disc.


healthy posture is particularly important when working in the office If you sit a little more tense in the chair for a few hours, you will not notice this immediately, but over the years an unhealthy posture has a negative effect on your health. With the orthopedic seat cushion, you sit more upright overall and do not have to be bent over. This is not only healthy for your body, but also improves your work performance. You are more concentrated, do your work more reliably and are less stressed.


Although the orthopedic seat cushion is touted primarily for the office, it is also very applicable in some other areas. Its compact size means it can be placed on some chairs and used there.

You can do it as a lighter version of a car seat cushion use or while traveling in train or plane lay on the seat. Your child could also take it to school or use it at home.

If you read a lot , such a seat cushion could be a practical addition to a reading cushion . In general, the pillow is always suitable if you spend more time sitting down.


Which models are best tailored to your needs? Below you will find a selection of three high-quality designs that are a real relief for your spine .


The model from the manufacturer Feela is considered to be one of the most comfortable seat cushions. It is designed so that both the spine and the coccyx a maximum relief feel.

The U-shape ensures that the tailbone is no longer exposed to the permanent strain of body weight . In the middle there is a recess which gives the tailbone more space.

This variant is also kept flat and does not have the slightly beveled wedge shape. This way you get used to the pillow quickly and the height of approx. 8cm offers a slightly better sitting position.

In order to ensure optimal adaptation to the body, it consists of a memory foam inside This reacts to your body heat and adapts optimally. If you get up from the chair, the pillow reliably returns to its original shape.

Depending on your body weight, the manufacturer provides 3 degrees of hardness . These are structured as follows:

Soft: 50-80kg
Medium: 60-100kg
Heart: 80-130kg

This makes the pillow also suitable for children and heavy people. The material can withstand the strain and will represent a noticeable improvement for a broad target group.

Use this pillow in the office , while driving or traveling to relieve your spine. The upholstery reacts to your warmth and adapts optimally. As a result, you are protected in every posture and you can even cope with long periods of sitting without any problems.


The comparison table could not be output.The Preup model also adapts flexibly to your body shape and needs. The structure of the pillow is similar to the Feela version , but it functions in a fundamentally different way.

First of all, the opening for the tailbone is also noticeable in the Preup variant . If you experience pain there, this execution is advantageous and provides first-class relief .

Designed as a wedge cushion, it has the characteristic slight slope . This pushes your pelvis slightly forward, which is beneficial for your lower back.

The flexible memory foam is also used in this variant . This adapts ideally to your body shape so that relief occurs.

The pillow is available in two sizes 40x40cm & 45x40cm . It is practical here that a slight adjustment is offered in the rear area of ​​the cushion. The elevation can be adjusted narrower or wider using the push buttons , so that the pillow is well suited for a wide variety of people.

To ensure a secure hold, the underside is designed to be non-slip . The cover is removable and machine washable. This way you maintain high hygienic standards and can use the pillow for a long time.

This model focuses on relieving pain. If you suffer from sciatica pain or if your lower back is exposed to higher stress, then use this flexible pillow. It is ergonomically shaped and definitely improves your sitting posture.


The shape of the previous seat cushions was relatively unusual. As a result, they are aimed primarily at people who already suffer from pain in the tailbone or lower back.

The ergonomic seat cushion from Bonmedico is a somewhat “simpler” version . It has a rectangular shape with a small elevation that improves the sitting posture. With a height of 5cm , the pillow is not too expansive and is kept relatively compact.

The well-known memory foam is also used for this seat cushion . This is primarily intended to make harder seats more comfortable. It deforms under the strain on your body and then returns to its original shape.

The cover of the pillow consists of a polyester and is removable. At 60 ° C in the machine, it can be reliably cleaned and is suitable for many years of use.

If you don’t want to use the pillow only in the same place, but also use it mobile, the integrated carrying handles are an advantage. With these, the cushion can be transported comfortably so that you can use it on different chairs without any problems.

If you are looking for a simple seat cover that is gentle on your back and feels soft, then the ergonomic seat cushion from Bonmedico is a good choice. It is kept compact and, thanks to its simple shape, can be used by most people. The memory foam adapts to your spine and offers the desired relief.


Every body is different and the requirements for the pillow are also individual. Therefore, there are minor differences with regard to the detailed elaboration that are more suitable for the respective areas of application.

The actual shape is similar for most models. They have a rectangular structure and some have a recess for the tailbone.

Rather, there are differences in the covers used and the care. If you use the pillow every day, a model that has a removable cover is an advantage . You simply wash it in the machine and can then use the pillow for a long time. As the pillows are usually made of foam, we strongly advise against washing the entire pillow. The foam loses its flexibility and the pillow becomes unusable.

Another difference is the presence of a height difference . Some orthopedic seat cushions are flat, which has the advantage that you can quickly get used to them. Sitting feels absolutely the same, only with the advantage that the high-quality foam takes the strain off your spine. A slight incline is usually healthier for the lower back and requires better posture. But it takes a little getting used to.


Based on the slight differences, there are different properties that play a role in the purchase decision. Consider the following factors in order to be happy with your pillow.


Similar to the orthopedic mattress, it is also important for the seat cushion that the degree of firmness is adapted to your body weight. If the pillow is too soft or too hard, it will not provide optimal support.

When buying, therefore, pay attention to the body weight for which the pillow is designed. It is especially important for your child that the pillow is not too hard.


Do you prefer a compact size of the cushion or should it generously cover the entire seat area? Smaller models have the advantage that you can use them more flexibly. You can easily take them with you and use them in the office, in the car or on the plane.

Larger versions are advisable for maximum comfort on the office chair. These feel more comfortable, but are less manageable.

When it comes to the seat, too, the choice is whether there should be a slight incline or a flat version is sufficient for you. For long periods of work at the desk, the versions with a slight difference in height are recommended.


Since you spend a long time on the seat cushion, the cover should be easy to clean and removable. In summer it is advantageous if the cover is breathable. Otherwise, sitting for long periods of time could become uncomfortable. Since the memory foam is closer to the body than the seat of a normal office chair, you tend to sweat more there. To counteract this, a particularly breathable cover is an advantage in summer.


Modern working life requires many workers to spend most of their time at their desks . A lack of exercise occurs and the physical strain should not be underestimated.

In order to protect the spine and adopt a healthier sitting posture, the use of an orthopedic seat cushion is recommended. These offer optimal support and relieve the intervertebral discs.

If you already suffer from back problems and tension , such a seat cushion is definitely recommended. But the pillow is also helpful as a preventive measure , so that you won’t be plagued by the same postural problems in a few years .

Protect your health and experience greater comfort at work thanks to these seat cushions. Not only in the office, but also in the car or when traveling, they are practical to cope with long periods of sitting.

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