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A night light is a useful aid when you have to find your way in the dark. The Osram Spylux model is specially designed for staircases, corridors or outside areas , for example in the garage.

The model recognizes via a motion detector when you approach and switches itself on automatically. This means that you do not have to switch the lamp on manually and it is easier to use.

In this detailed check you will find out how well the Osram Spylux performs in practice and where you can best use it .

First of all, you should get a general overview of the Osram Spylux in order to get a first impression and to see whether this type of night light is even suitable for your application.

It is an LED lamp , which is equipped with a motion and twilight sensor. In combination, the sensors recognize that you are nearby and the light switches on automatically. This saves energy and you will still be shown the way reliably.

There are 2 modes of operation available, depending on requirements . In automatic mode, the sensors ensure that the lamp lights up briefly. If you are in the vicinity and this is noticed by the Osram Spylux, the light switches on. After 12 seconds it switches itself off again. As an alternative, manual operation is also possible. For example, the lamp can be switched on or off permanently.

The practical thing about this model is that the head can be swiveled up to 140 ° . Unlike the Nightlux model from Osram, it is not a passive light that only shines downwards. You can move it flexibly and therefore it is ideally suited to illuminate the garage entrance from above or to illuminate the stairs to the basement.

Another advantage is that you can simply take the lamp out of the holder. So the model can also be used as a torch .

The light color is a bright warm white with 3000 Kelvin . This exudes a high level of comfort and is perceived as pleasant in the apartment. The 17 lumens are able to illuminate a wide area and therefore the application is not limited to a narrow corridor. The performance is also sufficient in the garden, the basement or the carport.


After the general introduction, I would now like to present you in detail how the Osram Spylux works and how you can best use it.


The built-in sensors primarily ensure that everything runs smoothly . After all, with this night light with motion detector you want to save yourself the work of having to turn on the light yourself every evening.

To show you the way in the dark, two sensors are installed. The motion detector registers your movement within 4 meters. If you come near the lamp, the sensor detects this and can switch on the light accordingly.

twilight sensor is integrated so that the night light only comes on in the dark and not during the day . This recognizes when the environment is dark and the light therefore only switches on when it is actually necessary. This saves energy and extends the service life.


With an output of 17 lumens, the LED is bright enough to be used in many areas. For a longer staircase, however, it is advantageous to combine several lights. Since the Spylux is available very inexpensively, the full illumination of the stairs will not involve higher investments.

It should be noted that the LED cannot be dimmed . So you will always get the same light output. It is only possible to use the lamp as passive light, for example, by swiveling it.

The 3000 Kelvin appear a little warmer than most night lights. It is on the border of warm white and leaves a cozy impression. This makes it ideal for the hallway and does not create a sterile atmosphere in a warehouse.

With a nominal output of only 0.23 watts, you will be able to use this battery-operated lamp for some time. Osram specifies a duration of 6 months for normal use A continuous operation of 80 hours is possible.


There are several options for attaching the lamp. A magnet or adhesive pad is included in the scope of delivery These enable mobile attachment. For a better fixation you can use the supplied mounting bracket . However, screws are not included and must be purchased separately.

Otherwise, handling is child’s play. There is a slider on the side of the lamp, which you can use to switch the lamp on, off or in automatic mode.

It is also practical that the lamp can be removed from the holder. So you can also use the Spylux as a mobile flashlight. Replacing the batteries is also made easier and there is no need to remove the entire bracket.


As expected, the processing quality at the manufacturer Osram is high. The lamp is protected according to IP43, which means that the lamp is protected against spray water and the housing is protected against larger dust particles. This makes it possible to attach the lamp to an outside wall if it is protected from a rain shower there.

high-quality plastic is used as the material . This is light and is additionally vaporized with aluminum to increase the resistance.


The night light is a useful companion during the dark hours in some situations. Does your child have to go to the toilet for a moment or do you want to get to your car safely? Here you can find out where you can use the Spylux everywhere.


The Osram Spylux has proven to be ideal as a guide to the toilet or kitchen. It is impractical to turn on the regular lighting during the night. This would be too bright and would make it difficult to fall asleep again.

By using the night light in the hallway, the light comes on automatically for a short time and the risk of accidents is reduced. Most accidents happen in your own home and darkness is an often underestimated risk factor.


The same applies to the staircase. Either on the way to the basement or on the normal stairs in the house, the light is an important guide. So you can see on any stage and will not at night in danger advised to stumble.

In order to illuminate the stairs evenly , it is advisable to use several lights at the same time. It is especially important for your child that the stairs are clearly visible.


Thanks to the robust housing and the pivotability of the lamp, it is ideal for outdoor use. You can illuminate the garden or donate some light at the house entrance.

Just make sure that the lamp is a little protected from rainwater and then using it will no longer be a problem.


With the Osram Spylux you get a handy night light , which is a useful helper for the evening in several situations. The motion detector works reliably and shows you the way.

The light is pleasant and thanks to the swivel head you can determine exactly which area is illuminated. Whether in the corridor, the basement or outside, the Osram Spylux impresses with a first-class price-performance ratio and will make your house safer.

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