Waterproof outdoor cushions – the most beautiful models in comparison

Enjoying a cozy summer evening on the terrace or in the garden is part of a successful day. You can have a barbecue and chat with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. At least that is the ideal.

In reality, however, it can quickly happen that the weather doesn’t play along and it suddenly starts to rain. Then it is helpful if waterproof outdoor cushions are used. These survive the rain and can be used again when the weather is better.

If you would like to leave the cushions outside overnight and not be afraid that the rain will cause damage, this variant is best suited for your seating furniture. You can see in this comparison which waterproof outdoor cushions are particularly convincing.

If you like to be out in nature and still want to sit comfortably, the waterproof outdoor cushion offers a high level of comfort and can still be used in a variety of ways . It consists of a material that is particularly resistant. For this purpose, waterproof covers are used, through which the water cannot penetrate the pillow.

While using an ordinary pillow outdoors can be comfortable, you will quickly see the effects. The pillow will fall off and the grass will stain it. Humidity is also a problem for simple pillows. Normal cushions are therefore unsuitable for use outdoors and may have been so badly damaged after just one use that they can no longer be used.

Therefore, you should use outdoor pillows to be on the safe side. You can easily use these on chairs, a hammock or on a bench. They are much more resistant and can withstand even if they fall on the lawn. Also, moisture is not a problem for these pillows and stay this time outside overnight, this is not too bad. Polyester or polyethylene are often used as materials . These are robust and easy to care for.

Due to this very robust workmanship, you can use the outdoor cushions all year round . Not only are they waterproof, but they can also cope with sub-zero temperatures. If you like to camp in colder areas and it can get frosty at night, an outdoor pillow is still a good companion.

Rain and cold cannot harm the outdoor pillow. Rather, it must be ensured that the pillows are not exposed to solar radiation all the time in summer. The UV rays can fade the colors . In addition, the pillow can become very warm and uncomfortable when sitting. Therefore, the pillows should be kept in a chest or in a shady place in summer.


The waterproof outdoor cushion proves to be a robust, yet comfortable seat . The following examples show how versatile it can be.


Obviously, sturdy pillows are needed in the garden. The conditions here are rougher than in the home and it is important that the pillow can withstand the weather. A waterproof outdoor cushion is particularly useful if you want to make it easy for yourself and don’t want to take the seat pads out of the shed or garage every time. It can also be left outside for long periods of time without being damaged.

So this variant is practical and does a lot of work for you. If the pillow falls down or if children play in the garden, this is not a problem. You don’t have to worry that stains of grass will remain permanent and can no longer be washed out. The outdoor cushion can cope with such handling.


Do you like to travel, want to explore new places and don’t always sleep in a 5-star hotel? Do you like to spend the night in a tent or mobile home and would you like to have a pillow by your side that can withstand this stress?

Then a waterproof outdoor pillow is made for these cases. Since the material is robust , it can cope better with external influences. The pillow also looks good in luggage and you don’t have to handle it with kid gloves.

With ordinary pillows, on the other hand, there is a risk that the cover will tear or stains can no longer be washed out. The outdoor cushion is better suited for harsher weather conditions and rough handling. So you can make yourself comfortable after a hard hike and put the pillow on the floor and sit on it. You don’t have to worry about damaging the pillow just by actually using it outdoors.


Which is the most comfortable outdoor pillow and does it actually keep what it promises? Here you can see three models that do great with buyers and are a real help.


The first pillow presented here can convince with some design variants . Do you like a very simple design and the pillow is only kept in one color or should it enhance the surroundings with a pattern? With this pillow from Habeig you have the choice and can choose from 8 designs.

In terms of comfort, this pillow is described as very soft . The filling made of natural hollow fiber is responsible for this . The cover, on the other hand, is made of a polyester mixture and is water-repellent. This makes the pillow suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The cover is water-repellent and this ensures that you do not get wet. Even if it should rain one night, the pillows dry quickly and can be used in the evening. Small impurities are removed with a wash in the machine.

If you are looking for a soft pillow that is easy to use both inside and outside due to its design, this model is a real recommendation for you.


If you would like to buy a whole set to equip your garden furniture with cushions, you have the opportunity to purchase several value packages here. This gives you a very good price-performance ratio with the cushions from Brandsseller and can ensure a high level of comfort in the garden at low cost.

The pillows are 45x45cm and there are 2 colors to choose from . This waterproof outdoor pillow is ideal for the garden or camping. Polyester is used as the material for both the cover and the filling . This material is water and dirt repellent . This means that smaller stains appear less often.

Can it nevertheless times happen that the pad is dirty, you can do it at Wash 30 ° C in the machine . Weighing 400gr. The cushion gives a robust impression and offers a nice sitting feeling.

With the outdoor seat cushion from Brandsseller you get a high-quality and practical cushion that meets all requirements for practical use outdoors.


If the garden is to be a little more colorful , these outdoor lounge cushions by Coen are a good choice. In this set you get a total of 4 pillows with 2 different color variants . So you can provide a little variety in the garden or in the lounge. In addition, you can be sure that the colors are coordinated and leave a good impression. So instead of buying several pillows with different colors, for which you are not sure whether the colors match, you get the perfect combination from Coen .

The cushions are very suitable for outdoor use. The cover is made of polyester and is not only water-repellent, but also stain-proof. If the party gets a little wilder and drinks or snacks are poured onto the pillows, you can quickly remove these stains with a cloth.

The fabric is also very comfortable on the skin . If you use a pool in the garden and are rather scantily clothed, you can still sit on the cushions and enjoy a high level of comfort.

If necessary, the covers can be put in the washing machine. The stains are washed out at 30 ° C. The built-in zip makes it easy to use . This is concealed and integrated into the cushions so that they do not impair seating comfort.

If you want to use high-quality pillows at the next party and add some color, these combinations are first-class. The sitting is even pleasant in bikini and stains can be easily removed.


Do you have a beautiful garden, do you often invite friends over or do you often go hiking or camping? Then you don’t have to do without a high level of seating comfort. There are now enough pillows that are also suitable for these applications. They usually consist of a polyester , which is water-repellent and small impurities can be quickly wiped off with a cloth.

This enables you to leave the pillows outside for longer periods of time without having to take them out of the garden shed each time. This saves you a lot of work and lets you enjoy the great time outdoors in a much more relaxed manner.



With a little skill you can sew a waterproof outdoor cushion yourself. You can find the appropriate instructions on YouTube, for example.


The cover can be removed from most models and is suitable for the washing machine. So you can clean the pillows and counteract the soiling.


The outdoor cushions prove to be very robust. If they are permanently exposed to solar radiation, it can hardly be avoided that they lose some of their color. However, this is only noticeable after a few summers outdoors. If you keep the pillows in a dry and dark place out of season, they will keep their radiance.

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