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Do you find it difficult to get up in the morning and would you prefer to use the snooze function to the limit? This doesn’t have to mean that you are grumpy about the morning. Maybe you just haven’t found the optimal wake-up method for you yet.

An ordinary alarm clock wakes you up with its shrill sound . This puts a lot of stress on the body and is not exactly pleasant.

The Philips HF3520 / 01, on the other hand, looks much more natural . This is a daylight lamp ,  similar to the Philips HF3531 / 01 , which realistically simulates sunlight . This will bring your body out of sleep more gently and the morning will start much more relaxed.

In this detailed check you can find out exactly how the Philips HF3520 / 01 works and what this model promises.

A daylight lamp has a wide range of applications. Below you will find an overview of the most popular uses.


For many people, the morning does not start out happily. The alarm goes off at the early hour and most would prefer to sleep a little longer. But work or other commitments force you to get up so early.

If you need a good portion of coffee in the morning to start the day, this can put a lot of strain on your body . You may feel more alert, but your body is not really rested.

This is because when you woke up, your body was still in deep sleep . The sleep hormone melatonin is responsible for regulating the day-night rhythm This is poured out when the sun goes down and the surroundings are dark. If you have to get up early while the sun has not yet penetrated your bedroom, your body will continue to produce the sleep hormone. Your alarm clock forces you to get up even though you are not ready to do so.

The morning is different when there is sunlight . This ensures that the sleep hormone is no longer produced and the body is gently woken from sleep. This works wonderfully if your bedroom is on the sunny side and the sun comes up early enough.

If this is not the case, a daylight alarm clock like the Philips HF3520 / 01 is the solution. The lamp simulates the sunlight and thus the sleep hormone is no longer released. In addition, the sunrise simulation starts a while before the actual wake-up time.

Your body has the opportunity to prepare better for waking up and the morning is much more pleasant. You have more energy and will work much more focused .


On the other hand, your problem could also be that you have difficulty falling asleep in the evening. If you like to spend the evening hours in front of your PC or smartphone , the displays could mean that the sleep hormone is not produced. The bluish light affects the hormone and messes up your day-night rhythm.

You can keep things tidy by using the light in the evening too. The twilight function simulates a sunset and with it you send your body the signal that it is now the right time to fall asleep.

Instead of lying awake for hours in bed, you come to rest and relax better. So use the Philips HF3520 / 01 to relieve sleep disorders and fall asleep better.


Sunlight has far-reaching effects on our body. It is necessary for vitamin D to be formed. If there is a lack of sunlight, this vitamin is not released in sufficient quantities. You will feel listless and have less energy.

Especially in winter there is a great risk that you will not get enough sunlight. The hours of sunshine are significantly reduced and you spend the few moments in which the sun can be seen in the office or you don’t have the time for a walk.

The HF3520 / 01 can therefore also be used as a daylight lamp Since the light is largely modeled on the sun, it causes vitamin D to be formed. So you can use it to alleviate the winter depression and generally feel better.


You can find out exactly how the Philips HF3520 / 01 daylight alarm clock works in the following overview. Here you will find all the important properties that make waking up easier.


The focus of a daylight alarm clock is of course the sunrise simulation . To do this, set the wake-up time as usual. Unlike a normal alarm clock, the daylight alarm clock starts working well before the actual alarm time.

You can variably define when the sunrise should begin within a period of 20 to 40 minutes before the wake-up time. If you sleep deeply and need some time in the morning, it is better to start the simulation 40 minutes before the actual wake-up time. This gives yourself enough time to wake up relaxed. If you are very sensitive to the light, 20 minutes is probably sufficient.

In order to simulate the sunrise, the lamp begins to glow only weakly. Over time, the light intensity increases , so ideally you wake up at the end of the simulation. In addition, the lamp runs through 5 colors. From a deep red orange to a bright white. This realistically simulates the sunrise.


The built-in lamp is essential for simulating sunlight. This achieves a maximum light intensity of 300 lux and is therefore an optimal method to wake up in the morning. If you are very sensitive to the light, the intensity can be reduced and thus precisely adapted to your needs.

It is also pleasant that you can also use the lamp in the evening. With the 20 brightness levels you can set exactly the right light intensity so that the lamp creates a nice atmosphere in the evening and does not disturb your sleep. This makes the lamp much more pleasant than other light sources.


If you are unsure whether the sunlight is enough to wake you up in the morning, an alarm tone can be used at the same time. This sounds at the alarm time and supports the alarm function.

What is pleasant here is that there is a choice of 5 natural alarm tones . You can use the following tones for this:

Forest tones
Piano music
The sound of the sea

These noises help you wake up gently and create a relaxed atmosphere. Unlike the shrill sound of a normal alarm clock, the alarm tone starts softly and gets louder within 1 1/2 minutes. This ensures that you wake up at the specified time and that you don’t ignore the alarm clock.

If you prefer to wake up to your favorite radio station , the integrated FM radio offers you this option. You can see the station frequency on the display and can wake up to this program.


The appearance of the Philips HF3520 / 01 is mainly characterized by the large lamp. On the lower side is the display, on which you can see which alarm time and alarm tones are switched on. Of course, the time can also be seen.

The nice thing about the display is that the brightness adapts to the light environment. If it is particularly bright in the room, the display is also stronger so that it is easier to read. In the evening and during the night it darkens automatically. So it is not a nuisance and ensures a good night’s sleep.


connection to the power grid is required to operate the lamp Unfortunately, the model does not offer the option of using a battery for safety. You are not protected against a power failure and in this case the daylight alarm clock would not work. For important appointments, it would therefore be advisable to use a smartphone or another alarm clock as a backup.


The functions are set using the buttons on the side of the housing and the display. The buttons with which you first select the function are discreetly integrated into the housing. For example, you can select the alarm clock, the alarm tones or the radio station. After the selection, the display will show the respective time and you can set the alarm time using the + and – symbols. This is done on the front of the display using an intuitive touch control. Overall, it is easy to operate and is also suitable for children.

If you still need some time in the morning despite the light alarm clock, a snooze function is also integrated in the alarm clock . This can be activated by gently pressing the wake-up light . Then the alarm tone goes out and it will only sound again after 9 minutes.


If you need support in the morning to get up at the desired time, the HF3520 / 01 is an ideal way to do this. The sunlight simulation works reliably and the duration of the sunrise can be set according to your needs.

In the morning the sunlight causes that the sleep hormone is no longer released and that you wake up gently over this period. You will feel more rested and start the day in a better mood.

Use this modern alarm clock to increase your quality of life. Maybe it is just because of the wrong wake-up call that you feel like you are grumpy about the morning.

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Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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