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Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning and would you prefer to use the snooze button for a few hours? If you have the impression that you are grumpy about the morning, the problem may be related to your alarm clock. If this sounds in the morning, you are probably still in deep sleep. This represents a high level of stress and your body is not yet prepared to wake up.

Getting up is better if you orientate yourself towards nature. The sun is a natural clock generator and has a significant influence on your daily and sleep rhythm. With the first rays of sun your body slowly wakes up and prepares for the day. But what should you do if the sun doesn’t get into your bedroom or you have to get up before sunrise?

Then a daylight alarm clock like the Philips HF3531 / 01 is the solution. These simulate sunlight and have a similar influence. With the help of the light you will be gently woken up in the morning and you can do without a loud alarm tone.

In this detailed check you will find out how this wake-up light improves your morning and what it feels like to get up with it.

A daylight alarm clock like the Philips HF3531 / 01 cannot only be used in the morning. It has a wide range of applications and improves your quality of life in a variety of ways.


The main area of ​​application is still waking up. The morning is a burden for most people and very few would say that they like to get up early. The body only really gets going after the first coffee and the day can begin.

But this does not have to be the case. You can also do without coffee by giving your body a natural daily routine . To do this, you need to understand how the sleep hormone melatonin works.

When it gets dark outside and the sun goes down, the body automatically releases the sleep hormone. You feel more tired and prepare for sleep. Ideally, you go to sleep a short time after sunset and get up again after sunrise.

Because if the first rays of sun penetrate your room , the sleep hormone is no longer produced. This initiates the waking up phase and over time you will get up completely relaxed on your own.

»Check on AmazonIn many cases, however, the modern way of life is incompatible with this natural rhythm. You have to get up earlier and you may want to use the evening hours longer. The Philips HF3531 / 01 is a good aid to get up in the morning with the sunlight.

This simulates the sunrise some time before the desired wake-up time. Since the light from the lamp has similar properties to sunlight , the sleep hormone melatonin is no longer produced and you wake up in peace. This means you no longer need a loud alarm clock that literally wakes you up .


Not only getting up, but also falling asleep is a problem for some people. Here you can also rarely orientate yourself to the sun. You want to use your free time after work or spend the time differently and only go to sleep later.

The problem here is that in the evening the artificial light can mess up your rhythm. The smartphone and a computer screen in particular are common sources of sleep disorders. These emit a bluish light that inhibits the production of the sleep hormone. This will prevent you from feeling tired and making it harder to fall asleep. A recommendation is therefore to completely avoid using the smartphone or PC around 2 hours before bedtime.

To give your body a better orientation, the Philips HF3531 / 01 also offers a sunset function . The lamp goes through a similar color scheme as when the sun actually sets. This will give you the signal that it is now time to fall asleep and you can alleviate the sleep problems a little.


Winter is also a real challenge for some people. Do you feel listless yourself, can hardly motivate yourself to do anything and just wish that spring is just around the corner ?

Then the lack of vitamin D could be responsible. This vitamin needs the influence of the sun to form. If there is no sunlight, the vitamin D is not produced in sufficient quantities and the usual symptoms of winter depression occur.

Since the hours of sunshine are very limited in winter , this low cannot be remedied with a simple walk. To promote the production of vitamin D, light therapy is necessary.

You can also use the Philips HF3531 / 01 for this. The lamp has the same characteristics of sunlight and will therefore have a positive influence on your body. Get more energy and also learn to appreciate winter by using this alarm clock.


What features does the Philips HF3531 / 01 have and how do they help you? Here you get an overview of the most important features of this daylight alarm clock .


So that you can get going better in the morning and get up with full energy, you should use the sunlight simulation . This begins before the actual wake-up time and initially the light begins to glow weakly. Over time, the intensity increases so that it is reminiscent of a real sunrise.

You can set when the simulation should start. A period of 20 to 40 minutes before the set wake-up time is possible. If you react very sensitively to the light, a duration of 20 minutes is sufficient. If you need a little more time, you can set a course of 40 minutes.

The lamp changes its color characteristics in 20 brightness levels from dark red to light white. This simulates the sunrise very precisely, which makes it easier for you to start the day.

In the evening you can simulate the sunset . For this, the light starts out very bright and then gets darker and darker. So you can use the simulations in the morning and evening to improve your day-night rhythm.


The light source used is decisive for the simulation. This is an energy-saving LED . This prevents the display from heating up and ensures a high light intensity.

The lamp shines with up to 300 lux and you can use it in the evening to read or to work at your desk. The light is much more pleasant than conventional lamps and will not affect your sleep.

In 20 brightness levels you can determine how strongly the lamp should shine and adjust it exactly according to your needs. This can also be used as a night light . If you have to go out briefly at night and don’t have a night light with a motion detector , you can briefly touch the alarm clock twice on the top. Then the night light function is activated and the lamp shines in a weak reddish light . This gives you enough orientation that you can briefly go to the toilet.


Do you sleep particularly deeply and are you afraid that the light might not be enough to wake you up? Then you will still have alarm tones available that will sound at the specified alarm time.

Instead of a high-pitched beep, the Philips HF3531 / 01 has 7 natural alarm tones . These begin about 1 1/2 minutes before the alarm time, initially quietly and then increase in volume. With this you will certainly not miss an important appointment and will be reliably woken up if the light alone is not enough.

As an alternative, you can also tune in to your favorite radio station and use it in the morning. So you can start the day individually.


The large display is characteristic of the Philips HF 3531/01 So that the light comes into its own, the entire front consists almost entirely of the screen. This means that the light is not impaired and can shine in its full power.

It is practical that the brightness of the display adapts to the environment. If it is darker in the room, the display also darkens. This is an advantage if you want to sleep at night. So the lighting will not affect your sleep.


power connection is required so that the alarm clock can be used Therefore, there should be a power outlet nearby. If there is a power failure, the alarm clock will no longer sound. It does not have a battery compartment.

If you want to charge your smartphone during the night, a USB port is integrated in the housing You can use it to conveniently supply your mobile phone with energy so that it is fully charged in the morning.


The operation of this daylight alarm clock is intuitive. The buttons to select the basic function are located on the side of the housing Then use the display and the + & – symbols to change, for example, the alarm time or the frequency of the radio.

The symbols on the display are operated via a touch control . This works fluently and does not present you with any obstacles. A detailed operating manual in German will also help you if you are faced with problems.

You can also let the night light shine throughout the night . This could help your child calm down earlier during the night.


The Philips HF3531 / 01 is a rock-solid daylight alarm clock that fulfills all important functions and makes the morning more pleasant. The lamp enables a realistic simulation of the sunlight and supports your day and night rhythm.

The influence of sunlight will wake you up relaxed in the morning and start the day in a better mood. As a result, you are less stressed and you will generally experience an improvement in your quality of life .

If you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning or if you suffer from deprivation of the sun, then use this realistic simulation to bring sunlight into your bedroom. From the very first night you will feel a significant improvement in sleep behavior.

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