Pillow roll – guide & comparison

When people talk about pillows, there is often the idea that they have to be angular. In this form they are placed under the head and offer a high level of comfort. Although these pillows prove to be comfortable, they are not very flexible to use.

On the other hand, pillow rolls can be used in a much more varied way These have a round, elongated shape and can be placed perfectly under the neck in this way. They adapt to your body shape more flexibly and are therefore known for their high level of comfort.

Find out why you should use a pillow roll to sleep too. You will also receive a selection of three high-quality pillow rolls that will convince you.

The pillow roll is nothing more than an elongated pillow. It consists of a soft filling and can be used in many ways. It is practical that it is available in a wide variety of variants. There are smaller versions that are ideal for children, while larger models for adults offer a high level of comfort.

The size and filling are primarily important for comfort comfort foam is usually used for the filling , which adapts ideally to the shape of the body. If you lie down on the pillow roll or if it is exposed to stress, it gives in flexibly. As a result, it offers a high level of support , but at the same time is not perceived as annoying.

As an alternative, other materials such as memory foam or latex can also be used. The memory foam is especially useful if you want to relieve your neck. If you spend a lot of time in the office and look at a monitor most of the day, the neck muscles will suffer from this strain. In this case, the memory foam provides an optimal combination of support and comfort.


The advantage of the pillow roll is that it can be used more flexibly. The elongated shape is compact, but also practical.


The neck is exposed to high levels of stress during the day You constantly look at the smartphone or the screen and push your head forward. This leads to a one-sided strain on the muscles and imbalances arise. The muscles tighten and painful lumps appear.

In order to provide relief at least during the night, the pillow should adapt to the shape of the cervical spine. This is hardly possible with ordinary pillows because they are not deformable enough. Only the memory foam pillow offers the necessary support. But if this pillow doesn’t feel comfortable enough for you, you can use the pillow roll.

You can put this under your neck. There the pillow roll takes up exactly the free space under the cervical spine and ensures a high level of stability. When buying, you have to make sure that the roll is not too high or too long. If you want to put it under your neck, smaller versions are better for you.


If you like to sleep on your side , you will complain about the lack of support. This position feels a bit unstable without a pillow and is not always the most comfortable. In order to achieve a higher level of comfort, the partner often has to serve and ensure a comfortable sleep with the close physical contact.

However, if no partner sleeps by your side, you don’t have to feel lonely. The pillow roll is perfect for side sleep. You clamp it between your legs and put it under your own body.

Thanks to this application, you will be held in a stable position as a side sleeper. In addition, the pillow allows a cozy experience, as if you were holding a partner in your arms. This pillow is a good remedy for lonely nights. If you miss your partner and spend the night alone, then use the pillow roll to get a little closer to the feeling of togetherness.

Use a longer and larger pillow for this application This makes it perceived as cuddly .


The pregnancy is a huge burden on the body is. No matter what is taken sleeping position, it appears to be unpleasant and not for the recovery much needed. In the last trimester it is hardly possible to sleep on your back , as the stomach literally constricts the airways and makes breathing difficult. Lying on the side can also be perceived as stressful if the stomach does not receive any support.

In this case, the pillow roll is an ideal aid. When lying on the side, it is simply pushed under the stomach and provides the necessary support. It adapts flexibly to the shape of the body and can be used in many ways. Regardless of whether you prefer on the legs or on the upper body, the pillow roll can be placed exactly where the support is needed.


The following three pillow rolls convince with their high quality and will ensure a corresponding level of comfort during the night. Use this special shape to avoid neck pain and to feel a certain comfort.


The first model presented by Sleepling is ideal for you if you want to offer your neck more support while you sleep. Hence this model is called the neck roll . With over 5,000 positive reviews, it is one of the most popular models and thanks to the large selection it will also meet your sleep needs.

The slightly shorter length is characteristic of a neck roll It is used across the bed and must therefore not be too long so as not to disturb your partner. Therefore, the Sleepling neck roll has a length of 40 cm . This means that the length corresponds to an ordinary rectangular pillow. So you don’t have to get used to it and you get a neck roll that is immediately perceived as comfortable. The diameter is 15 cm. This gives you a good height to put the pillow under your neck and relax the muscles.

In addition to the shape, the material is also a feature that speaks for this model. The filling consists of a large number of fiber balls. These are made of polyester and correspond to the Oeko-Tex standard. Each pillow has a filling material of 210 grams.

The cover is also made from 100% microfiber. This is perceived as ultra soft and gives a cozy feeling. It is an allergy-friendly material. The roller may be washed at 60 ° C in the machine are. House dust allergy sufferers can wash the pillow at sufficiently high temperatures so that the allergy burden is reduced.

Use this cheap but high quality variant if you want to support your neck . The material turns out to be pleasantly soft and the size is ideal to be used as a replacement for the usual pillow.


Sleepling also offers a side sleeper pillow . This is much longer and not suitable for use under the neck. It is available in lengths of 145cm or 200cm. Depending on your height and your own needs, you can decide for yourself how long the pillow roll should be. In addition, this variant is much thicker. With a diameter of 40cm, it lies comfortably in the hand. If you miss your partner or if you want to sleep stable in the side position, this variant is ideal for you.

When it comes to the material , the quality of the microfiber is also used. A special climate fiber is used as a filling . This creates a better temperature balance and you won’t sweat if you use this pillow close to your body. The design of the climate fiber ensures a better sleeping climate and reduces perspiration.

The Sleepling side sleeper pillow is machine washable at a temperature of 60 ° C. In addition, the pillow is suitable for tumble drying and is easy to use.

If the filling of 2,000 grams turns out to be too much and you would rather use a thinner pillow in bed, you can simply remove the filling material. You can reach the filling via the sewn-in zipper and adjust it according to your own needs.

The surface of the pillow is also pleasant . The quilting in wave optics allows excellent temperature compensation and is breathable . Thanks to the supple shape, this variant is also well suited as a side sleeper pillow for babies .

This larger pillow roll from Sleepling gives you a particularly cozy feeling . It has a length of either 145 or 200 cm and serves as a side sleeper pillow, nursing pillow or storage pillow. The filling can be changed variably and thanks to the easy-care material it is also suitable for allergy sufferers.


A pillow roll not only offers you a comfortable sleep and enhances the bed. Your baby can also benefit from this design.

The nest snake from Julius Zöllner is ideally tailored to the needs of your baby. It is mainly used to make a cot safer. For this purpose, the pillow is placed on the side walls so that your offspring does not always hit the bars with their heads or arms.

The pillow has a length of 180cm and is long enough to safely cover half of the cot. In this way, your baby’s upper body is protected and there is no risk of the head hitting the bars during nighttime movements.

The diameter is practical 14 cm. This allows the snake to be bent flexibly and adapted to the shape of the cot. You can also use this version as a nursing pillow and offer your baby a soft pad.

The cover is made of durable cotton. The nesting snake can be machine washed at 40 ° C. However, the gentle cycle should be used for this. Then the surface remains undamaged and the pillow can be used for a long period of time.

The filling consists of beads, which are made of polyester. They ensure high breathability and prevent your baby from getting too warm in their own small bed. Of course, all materials are manufactured according to the Oeko-Tex standard , so that there is no health risk for your baby.

The nest snake is not only practical, it also looks good. There are a total of 8 colors to choose from. From blue to green or pink you will find the right color for the cot.

The nest snake by Julius Zöllner is handcrafted in Bavaria and is not only of high quality, but is also practical to use. The soft roll is great for the first cradle to make the boundaries more secure and prevent the baby from bumping into the bars. At the same time, the role is so soft that it cannot be used as an aid to getting out of the car. Make sure you have a comfortable cot with this snake nest from Julius Zöllner.


The pillow roll is primarily used as a support for the neck or side sleep. However, it is so flexible that it can also be used in other ways.

It is often used as an aid for a yoga session . There it is used in a variety of ways and provides ideal relaxation. During the session, it is placed under the back or neck to hold the pose for longer periods of time. This enables a much more intense exercise and you will make progress faster.

The design gives you a lot of freedom. Thanks to the different covers, the appearance adapts flexibly to your interior and blends in seamlessly. The cushion roll can be placed on the sofa , for example, to create a cozy atmosphere as a visual highlight.

You can also place a short, soft pillow roll on your lap and use it as a pad. For example, when you have to do some work on the laptop in the evening or your newborn baby falls asleep on your arm .


Buying the pillow roll shouldn’t be a big challenge. Most of the models turn out to be quite similar. There is only a larger selection in terms of size. Therefore, you should pay attention to which size is ideal for your needs before buying .

A pillow roll with a length of 40 to 60 cm is ideal to replace the pillow . You can place these variants across your head and support your neck. In this way you counteract neck tension and will wake up painlessly in the morning.

If you want to use the pillow as a support for the side sleeper position , it should be significantly longer. For children there is a minimum length of approx. 70cm. This is sufficient to stabilize the body. Adults should choose a length of at least 90cm . You get comfortable support with pillow rolls that are at least 140cm long. You can clamp this between your knees and still nestle against your upper body. Variants with 200cm allow an even more cuddly feeling, but are less flexible and take up more space.


A pillow does not always have to have the typical angular shape. The round pillow roll proves that other designs are also ideal to enable a comfortable sleep . The pillow roll also offers some advantages that promote your sleep.

It adapts optimally to the shape of the cervical spine and in this way prevents tension from occurring. The neck muscles are supported and a greater relaxation effect occurs.

The pillow roll is also ideal as a side sleeper pillow. You can put them close to your body and make them feel like a partner is spending the night next to you. This will help you survive one or the other lonely night and get up in the morning in a better mood.

Use the pillow roll as a practical pillow and convince yourself of this sleeping experience.

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