Playmat – 5 practical versions in comparison

Your baby should develop splendidly in the first few months and learn to explore the environment independently. As curious as it is, it is still difficult to grasp with your own hands and gain experience.

The play mat is a useful and practical play area. The mat is comfortable and encourages development. How exactly this happens and which versions are best suited for your baby, you can find out in this comparison.

The most of the day spend babies sleeping. You can rest for up to 20 hours and actually only wake up to be fed. If the hunger has been satisfied, one rested again and slept through the day.

However, over the course of the first few months, your baby will become much more active. Soon it perceives its surroundings and wants to discover the world. Everything feels new and is curiously examined.

Babies begin to actively use their hands from the age of 3 months. They reach for everything. Feel what it feels like on your fingers and perceive everything very consciously. The objects are also gladly put into the mouth in order to really examine the objects with all of the senses.

The play mat creates the ideal conditions for this curiosity. It is a soft and cuddly pad that you put on the floor. Your baby can lie down on this and carry out the first movements in a relaxed manner.

You can hand over the toy and support your child’s play instinct. Above all, the playmat is practical because it supports your child’s motor skills.

From the 6th month onwards, babies slowly begin to make their first attempts to crawl. They use arms and feet specifically to move around.

The conditions for this in the cradle or on the floor are not ideal. There is not enough space in the cradle and the floor may be too slippery. Therefore, a new venue has to be created.

The playmat is ideal for this. It is soft, non-slip and offers a good grip. Your baby will progress faster on this blanket and will turn on his back and stomach excitedly. This play instinct can be fueled even further with suitable toys.

If your baby has let off steam on the blanket and a long day comes to an end, it can be washed without any problems. The blanket is usually made of a resistant material so that you can machine wash it at 30 ° C. In this way you ensure a hygienic environment for your child and you can deal better with allergies.


There are blankets in different designs. This allows you to respond individually to the needs of your baby and buy the products that are still missing to be completely happy.


Simple versions have no special features or special functions. It is primarily a thick and comfortable blanket that you put on the floor and thus create a play area for your child. So that it feels comfortable there, there are various motifs to choose from, so that the design can be wonderfully integrated into the room.

It is important with these models that the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ensures that no harmful substances are present. After all, your baby spends a lot of time on the blanket and could put it in his mouth. It is therefore advisable to use natural designs .

Apart from that, you are relatively free in the choice of the playmat. You can decide for yourself how thick and big the blanket should be. Then you will find exactly the right model for your baby.


A simple blanket is likely to be boring for your baby . You have to make sure that it is entertained and use toys for it. This assumes that you play with your child non-stop, because they are not yet able to grasp the objects themselves.

If you want your baby to work alone on the play mat , you can use a variant with a play arch. These have several arches that run across the ceiling and to which toys and cuddly toys are attached . These will be so interesting for your baby that it will reach for them and examine them with excitement.

This gives you the freedom to run the household on the side, look after your siblings or do other tasks. You don’t have to lie on the blanket with your baby all the time, but you should still keep an eye on them.

Crawling blankets with play arches are ideal for your baby to occupy themselves and improve their motor skills in a playful way. Then it will celebrate success stories independently and enjoy the time on the blanket.


Which crawling blankets are suitable for your baby and make everyday life easier? In the following, you will receive 5 versions that are both convincing in terms of quality and offer great benefits.


The crawling mats from the Queta brand appear in a particularly cute design . They are available in different animal designs and beautify the children’s room. You can choose a bear, an elephant or a fox, for example. Even a koala breathes an exotic flair into the environment and is well received.

With a diameter of 95cm , this blanket is well suited for the first months of life. Your baby can lie down wonderfully on the soft surface and you can read from a book there or put the toy down.

The blanket is a comfortable 2cm thick. This is enough to create a soft surface. Weighing only 400gr. the blanket can be easily transported and used flexibly in the bedroom or children’s room.

After playing, the blankets can be machine washed at 30 ° C. They are then air-dried and are ready for use again the next day.

The light padding increases the feel-good factor and in winter the cotton is thick enough so that your baby does not get cold there. At 95cm, this version is not particularly large, but thanks to the pretty design, the blanket looks wonderful as a decorative object and can be used practically.


Amilian’s version, on the other hand, is somewhat larger . This is more aimed at supporting your baby’s first attempts at crawling. The blanket can be purchased in sizes from 105x105cm to 145x145cm . So you can decide for yourself how much space your baby needs and adapt the blanket to the space of the room.

In terms of design , this variant is much simpler . It mainly has gray tones, which are broken up by the patterns on the individual tiles. Stars, lines and dots provide variety on the blanket, so that it is sure to be an eye-catcher for your baby.

The blanket is upholstered for a high level of comfort . This means that it can be placed on a harder floor even in winter and it will still be thick enough for your baby to move on without any problems. The feeling of warmth also benefits from the thick padding, so that the cold from the floor is kept away.

You can use the blanket in a variety of ways and either place it on a cot mattress or directly on the floor. This means that a playpen can also be comfortably equipped with this blanket.

The surface consists of a soft cotton. Inside, however, polyester is used, which has better climatic properties. It repels moisture better, so the blanket is more resistant. The blanket can be machine washed at 30 ° C , but is not suitable for the dryer.

Use this practical blanket to provide your baby with a high level of comfort . This version is recommended up to 6 months of age , but even older children can still use it wonderfully. This provides good support during the important development phases.


The Ullenboom variant goes in a similar direction to Amilian’s playmat. This blanket is available in sizes from 100x100cm to 140x140cm and has a simple, rectangular design. It is used as a comfortable mat to create a suitable place to play in the room.

The design is a bit more playful , but still kept simple. The squares on the ceiling are covered by stars of different sizes and the color results in a fairly uniform picture. Above all, the gray tone stands out, although it is interrupted by the pink.

The blanket is kept relatively thick and has comfortable padding. This creates a comfortable surface, even on a hard and cold floor, where you can put your baby down without any problems. It will feel comfortable on the ceiling and learn to crawl with the help of the surface.

The Ullenboom company not only pays attention to high-quality materials in the production of the blanket, but also to fair production conditions. Production takes place within Europe and is strictly monitored by the family company. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 also signals that no harmful substances are introduced.

The blanket is machine washable at up to 30 ° C. The front is made of a soft cotton and the back is made of polyester. This ensures an excellent combination of comfort and durability.

Decide on this play mat from Ullenboom and you will be able to combine it wonderfully with other products. Thus, there are pillows, bed linens or nest in similar design that can be used in the sleeping place of your offspring.


There is a lot more to discover on this Fisher-Price blanket. Therefore, this is not simply referred to as a play mat, but an adventure blanket .

Thematically, the ceiling is very much based on the rainforest . The ceiling itself is shaped by a river and held in a beautiful landscape. A play arch crosses the entire ceiling and the toucan is enthroned on the top.

The toucan is also something special. It not only looks good, it can also play music and shine in colored lights. It reacts to touch, which encourages your baby to reach for this bird himself.

The blanket has a size of approx. 70x60cm . This means that it is significantly smaller than comparable models without a play arch. Since your baby is happy about all the toys, he will also like to spend his time on this blanket.

The play arch is covered with several toys and activities. Thanks to the hooks, these can be freely arranged on the ceiling, creating a varied experience.

The blanket is made from polyester wadding . This is pleasantly soft and reflects the motif in a very colorful way. It can be machine washed and can be used on the move . The play arch can be easily removed if necessary.

Offer an extensive gaming experience with this play mat from Fisher-Price. Your baby will have a lot to discover and will be guided by the music and the lights. Then he will surely have the motivation to crawl and move his hands.


If you want to do without plastic in the children’s room as much as possible , you can use the high-quality crawling blanket from Fehn. Although this also has a play arch, the plush toys are not made of plastic, but a very soft velor fabric. This feels particularly pleasant and will offer a unique experience.

The large selection of designs is impressive. If your baby’s preferences are already emerging or if you want to make sure that the design fits the room, you can choose your favorites from various subject areas . There is a blanket with a bear design or a variant with cute dragons.

The crawling blankets are relatively large despite the play arch. In the “Little Castle” variant, the ceiling has dimensions of approx. 85x110cm . This allows your child to develop freely and you can use the blanket for a longer period of time.

The plush toys made of soft velor hang over the entire arch . These can, like the ceiling, at a washed at 30 ° C in the machine are. There are also other toys to discover, such as a small mirror and rustling paper.

With this exciting blanket, offer your baby extensive opportunities to train their sense of touch and hearing. Your child will enjoy this high-quality adventure blanket for a long time and the quality is confirmed by independent test institutes. The company has stood for family-friendly toys since 1949 , which are fun for children and a real help to parents.


The playmat should be as clean as possible so that your baby has the perfect environment to play. Therefore, most models can be machine washed at 30 ° C. This is sufficient to wash minor impurities from the surface.

However, the blankets are rarely suitable for the dryer. A little more patience is required here and they have to be air-dried. Hang the blankets in a convenient place on the patio or garden so they’re quickly ready for use again.

You should also avoid using bleach when washing These can damage the material and be harmful to your child. Therefore, it is important to wash the clothes as naturally as possible.


With the play mat, offer your baby a soft and comfortable surface on which it feels comfortable. The designs presented here are of high quality and will definitely be received positively by your offspring.

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