Point Elasticity – How Does It Affect Your Sleep?

In order for the mattress to feel comfortable and for you to achieve optimal relief for your back, it must adapt to your body. If you put pressure on the surface, the material should give way to take the strain off the spine. This will keep you in a healthy sleeping position and avoid back pain.

But what does point elasticity mean in this context and why is it so important for the behavior of the mattress?

A mattress can respond to pressure in a number of ways. This depends on what material it is made of and how the core is constructed.

With foam mattresses , such as a cold foam mattress or a memory foam mattress , the foam absorbs the load. If you exert pressure on the mattress, it only gives in at the point where the load takes place. The movement of the surface is not passed on to the surrounding area , but only concentrated on the point.

Adaptability of the mattress

A high point elasticity means that the mattress adapts better to your back. It grants greater relief and is useful for back pain.

In this case, we speak of a high point elasticity . The mattress is only elastic at this point and gives way. As a result, the orthopedic positioning is better and the back is protected .

If you use a spring mattress , the properties can be different. A barrel pocket spring core mattress also has a high point elasticity . The springs give in individually and respond to the pressure that is placed on them. This also results in a precise adaptation to your body.

It looks different, however, with a Bonell spring core mattress . In this variant, the springs are connected with a wire. Overall, fewer springs are used and the load is transferred through the connection. So if you apply pressure specifically only to one spring, the surrounding springs will also give in a little. This creates a softer sleep feeling. With Bonell spring core mattresses there is a surface elasticity [1] in front. The entire mattress reacts to the pressure and deforms.

Point elasticity describes a behavior of the mattress where deformation only takes place at the points that are loaded. If you lie down on them, they literally nestle against your body and will feel like a custom-made product.

The elasticity of the surface , on the other hand, creates a completely different feeling of sleep. The mattress moves over its entire surface under the load. In some cases, this effect can be so strong that mild symptoms of seasickness appear.

So you should try both variants beforehand and test which feeling is subjectively more pleasant for you.


You have to decide for yourself whether you find point elasticity or area elasticity to be more comfortable. Most people consciously choose mattresses with a high point elasticity because they provide better comfort. Apart from this feeling, point elasticity has other advantages.

A large proportion of the population suffers from back pain or headaches. This is mostly due to a lack of exercise in everyday life or to improper stress. Both at work and in leisure time, sedentary activities could be in the foreground. This lack of stress creates tension, which leads to the pain. With regard to headaches , neck tension is a common trigger that is not considered.

Health of your back

For back problems or headaches, a mattress with high point elasticity is recommended. This adapts better to your body and provides ideal support.

With a point-elastic mattress, you create a better foundation for your back. Since the mat adapts perfectly to the spine, incorrect posture is avoided [2]. The pressure is absorbed evenly and the material reacts optimally to your sleeping position.

However, you should make sure in advance that you choose the right mattress for you. This depends mainly on your weight and your sleeping position .

If you sleep on your side , a harder mattress, which is point-elastic, is advantageous. In this case, the pelvis and shoulder sink only so deep that the spine remains straight and does not bend. Special mattresses for side sleepers meet these requirements with flying colors.

If you already have back problems , an orthopedic mattress is useful. This is not only point-elastic, but divided into several zones, so that it reacts even better to your needs.

For older people , on the other hand, there are senior mattresses . In addition to the perfect lying properties, these offer a comfortable height. This makes it easier to get started and getting up in the morning is less painful. The height is easy on the joints , so that a more pleasant start to the day [3] is guaranteed.

Point elastic mattresses are particularly beneficial from a health point of view. They offer better relief and reduce back pain.


It is not only advantageous for the mattress if it is designed to be point-elastic. With the pillow , too, it is important that it yields selectively.

If you have been using an ordinary down pillow up to now, it is more likely to give way in the area . As a result, your head is not optimally supported and tension in the neck [4] can occur.

Neck support pillow

Cushions made from a memory foam yield point-elastic and relieve your cervical spine. Tension and pain in the shoulder and head area are reduced.

Neck support pillows and memory foam pillows , however, behave differently . These consist of the special memory foam. This deforms under the influence of body heat and pressure. Because of these properties, your head lies more securely and there are less unfavorable sleeping positions in the cervical area.

It is important that the pillow has a height suitable for your sleeping position. If you mostly sleep on your side, a higher pillow is necessary.


There are various factors to describe the properties of a mattress and its quality The elasticity is one of them.

Mattresses with a high point elasticity are described as more health- promoting and optimally adapt to your body shape. They react precisely to the applied pressure and give way.

The opposite of this behavior is described as area elasticity. This is particularly the case with Bonell spring core mattresses. The pressure is distributed over the surface and the mattress gives way to the load . This creates a softer feeling to lie on, but it is not very beneficial for the back.

If you suffer from back pain or tension , make sure that the mattress has a high point elasticity. Then it is ensured that this gives way precisely and offers a high level of comfort.

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