Storage pillows for your baby – optimal protection with these models

You certainly want to offer your baby the best possible sheep. After all, sleep is important for the development of the newborn and you want to make life as easy as possible.

However, the long bedtime is also associated with a risk. The body is still sensitive and sleeping in the same position for a long time can deform the back of the head .

The positioning pillow for babies is a possible solution to promote the sleep of your newborn. In this guide you will find out exactly what the benefits are and why this pillow makes sense.

Babies need loads of sleep. Your body is growing and therefore the baby spends most of the day sleeping. Sleep is actually only interrupted by the meal your baby asks for.

Doctors recommend that the newborn sleep on their back. Back sleep is considered to be the healthiest and in this way reduces the risk of sudden infant death . Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is still a big question mark for science and it is not fully understood what causes lead to this tragic event. However, it has been shown that sleeping on the back minimizes the risk and it is therefore recommended that newborns sleep on their backs.

However, there is a different risk associated with this recommendation. You already know that the newborn’s body is still very delicate. The head in particular is noticeably soft and poorly developed. Lying on your back for a long time puts a lot of strain on the back of the head.

The pressure can cause the skull to become visibly deformed. Around 70,000 babies in Germany are affected by this deformation every year.

The high sensitivity of the back of the head also offers the chance that the deformation will recede. As the baby sleeps in a different position, the load is removed from the back of the head and the deformation can recede. In this case, a side sleeper pillow for babies favors the sleeping position.

To avoid the deformation right from the start , you can use a baby positioning pillow. This takes the pressure off the back of the head and ensures that plagiocephaly does not even occur.

It is a very flat pillow that can be used from birth . With the help of the pillow, the newborn can develop naturally. In addition, the slight stabilization of the head offers the advantage that the pelvis, neck and back muscles are strengthened. Because in the optimal lying position, your baby moves flawlessly and grows up.

If you want to prevent skull deformation from occurring right from the start, the positioning pillow is a good recommendation for babies.


Almost 70,000 newborns are affected by skull deformations every year. This occurs primarily because babies spend a lot of time on their backs and so the stress on the back of the head is relatively high.

The deformation of the skull is not only a visual impairment. As in a chain reaction, the entire body is affected by this deformation.

The deformation of the head causes the organs of equilibrium to shift. Babies find it difficult to move anyway. If the organ of equilibrium is disturbed, the development can be delayed . Crawling becomes more of a challenge and walking may not be learned until later.

The deformation can also affect the jaw. As a result, misaligned teeth can represent a lifelong impairment. The misaligned teeth are not only a visual problem. They can also lead to headaches or other pains.

If the head is deformed, it also affects the spine . Initially, the cervical spine is displaced. The body compensates for this by forcing opposite courses of the spine in the upper and lower back. So there is a bad posture in the entire upper body Bad posture can delay motor development and later lead to postural damage.

The deformation of the skull has consequences for life as a whole. Therefore, you should do everything you can to ensure that the deformation regresses by the end of the 1st year of life.

The positioning pillow for babies is a good helper here. However, you should always discuss with a doctor how exactly the deformation is treated.


If you don’t want to take the risk of deforming the skull and encourage different sleeping positions , the positioning pillow offers the necessary support. There are different versions and designs to give your baby an optimal start in life.

Therefore, I would like to introduce you to 5 positioning cushions for your baby that minimize the risk of skull deformation and offer a high level of comfort.


A simple pillow is sufficient against the deformation of the head. Koala offers a popular and high-quality model for this. The pillow receives consistently top ratings on Amazon and is very popular with buyers. But why is this pillow so popular?

The first-class price-performance ratio is certainly responsible for the top ratings. The pillow is relatively cheap, easy to use and still offers first-class protection against deformation of the head.

The pillow consists of a stable but soft memory foam. This adapts to the shape of the baby’s body so that it can easily lie down in the pillow. There is a small recess in the middle of the pillow. The head is placed in this. Instead of placing the entire weight on the back of the head, it is distributed over the entire head and neck. The memory foam ensures that this is completely comfortable.

The material is perforated for better air circulation . So it has holes through which the air movement is not restricted. This reduces the risk of sudden infant death and protects against overheating.

Included are two covers made of 100% cotton. These can be machine washed. If one cover is currently in the laundry, you can open the other and your child will definitely sleep on this comfortable pillow.

Koala – orthopedic baby pillow

If you want to improve the sleeping comfort of your baby and reduce the dangers of flat head, this pillow is an excellent solution. It is available in three colors and two sizes , so you are sure to find the right model.

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A similar solution is also supplied by the manufacturer Soverde. You will receive a storage pillow, which also has a slight recess on the head. This spreads the stress over a larger area when sleeping and does not only affect the back of the head.

You can either use the pillow to prevent the deformation or if it has already occurred. If your newborn suffers from a slight flat head, you can use this pillow to ensure that this deformation disappears.

The proven memory foam is again used as the material for this model . This adapts to the contour of the head and offers optimal support. The material is both breathable and antibacterial. Allergens, such as mites, cannot even nestle in the pillow. This ensures a high level of hygiene.

The cover is made of 100% organic cotton . This proves to be temperature regulating. Even in the warm summer, your baby will not sweat, but will lie in a comfortable environment. The opposite effect occurs in winter. The heat stays closer to the body, so that cooling down is prevented. This means that the material offers perfect conditions in every season.

The entire pillow can be gently machine washed at 30 ° C. It is not only used for sleeping, but also provides greater stability in the cradle or swing.

N/C – Babykissen

The high quality is also guaranteed by the manufacturer. If you are dissatisfied with this pillow, you will get your money back. Therefore, you should definitely test this flexible solution if you want to offer your baby support.

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Träumeland offers a rather simple variant . This is also a baby pillow, which can be used preventively as well as for treating flat head .

The basic shape is reminiscent of an ordinary pillow. In this there is a small recess on the lower side, which offers your baby’s head a larger space. The head is placed in this opening and the baby’s sleep is optimally supported. As you sleep on your back, the positioning pillow ensures that the back of your head is not exposed to any great stress.

The pillow is suitable for babies in the first year of life. It is a somewhat more compact version. This variant is no longer suitable for small children.

A polyester filling is used for this pillow. Depending on your needs, you can remove the filling to better adapt the pillow to your baby. The filling is resistant to bacteria and the cover is breathable. The surface is also described as particularly soft. This should make your child feel even more comfortable in bed. The cover can for washed up to 60 ° C in the machine are. However, only a cover is included in the scope of delivery .

Träumeland – Carefor development pillow

Thus, the pillow from Träumeland is a simple but effective variant for babies in the first year of life to prevent flat head. Permanent use will not always be possible due to the individual reference. If you use the pillow to prevent flat head and let your baby sleep without a pillow, this variant is a simple solution for you.

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The positioning cushions from the manufacturer Babymoov offer a slightly different approach . As you can see in the picture, this is not a simple pillow. Rather, the entire body is offered a storage area. There is a small recess at the head end, which is why the pressure is distributed over the entire head. As a result, this model is also suitable for preventing deformation.

The positioning pillow is mainly used for your baby to encourage back sleep . This position is recommended by the World Health Organization because the risk of sudden infant death is lowest. Without a pillow, however, your baby could turn to one side on its own.

Another advantage is that the legs are raised slightly . The legs lie softly on the shelf at the lower end. This position reminds your baby of the sleeping posture in the womb. If your newborn is very restless and cries a lot, this positioning pillow can provide security . In addition, digestion is promoted.

The lower roll is attached with Velcro fasteners. Since your newborn is growing quickly, you can constantly adjust the positioning pillow to its size. This pillow is recommended for newborns up to 6 months of age.

Babymoov – Cosydream Smokey

The material is described as soft and breathable. The positioning pillow is also available in three colors and two designs . If you want to offer your baby a high level of stability and a simple pillow is not enough for your requirements, this positioning pillow is ideally suited to support the entire body. This not only prevents the flat head, but also has a positive effect on the spine and promotes digestion.


If the positioning pillow is not only to be used in bed, but also in a cradle , the Cosymorpho model is better suited for this. The advantage of this version is that it is compatible with different belt systems . Regardless of whether it is a 2, 3 or 5 point system. The corresponding openings allow you to use this positioning pillow with a belt.

This means that this cushion can be used in a spring cradle or an electric baby bouncer , for example . In this way, your newborn baby will be able to lie comfortably there for a longer period of time without the head being subjected to excessive stress.

The memory foam ensures a high level of comfort . This ensures optimal stabilization and even compensates for the movements of the cradle or rocker. Your baby will have great fun in these sleeping places.

The edges are made of bamboo viscose. This padding is particularly soft and regulates temperature. The heat is transported away in the summer and does not accumulate in this pillow.

This model is suitable for babies up to about 9 months of age. Whereby this is strongly dependent on the development. It is important that the newborn still fits well into the pillow and is secured by the straps.

Babymoov – Cosymorpho

If you are looking for a comfortable solution for the baby bouncer , the stroller or a cradle , this positioning pillow for babies is ideal. Thanks to the openings for a belt, your baby is secured in every position . In this way, it can lie on its back for a long time without the head being subjected to any greater stress. Use this comfortable solution for your newborn and convey a safe and secure feeling due to the upholstery.

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What criteria do you have to pay attention to when choosing a suitable pillow for your baby? After all, it should meet your needs exactly and offer a high level of sleeping comfort. So take a closer look at the following properties and you will most likely find the right model.


An important criterion is the size of the pillow. The shape should conform to the head and body to provide good protection. The positioning cushions are especially suitable for newborns. If you are looking for a model that is also suitable for toddlers, you will find this in the maxi version of the Koala pillow. This is suitable up to an age of 36 months. The ages of the other models vary in a range from 6 to 12 months.

When using it, however, you should make sure that the size of the pillow is suitable for your child. You should therefore not rely solely on the age recommendation, but assess for yourself whether the pillow is suitable for your child.

The Cosydream model from Babymoov also offers the advantage that the padding is attached using a Velcro fastener. This means that the limitation can always be adapted to the size of the child.


It is also important whether a head deformation has already occurred or whether you want to use the positioning pillow for your baby as a preventative measure.

If there is already a deformation, you should urgently discuss with the doctor how this condition can be improved. Only the doctor can make an assessment of whether a positioning pillow is the right treatment. In most cases, age-appropriate storage is recommended and the pillow can serve as a support. However, you should definitely clarify this with a doctor.

It looks different if you want to prevent deformation . Here you are much more free in your decision. You don’t have to use the pillow around the clock either. You can also use it as a little change to relieve the back of the head in places.


Does your baby react allergic or sensitive to certain substances?

Then this should also play a role when choosing the pillow. Since your baby spends a lot of time with the storage pillow, it should be of high quality.

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 proves that it is free from harmful substances. This ensures that the pillow does not pose any health risks.

In addition, the pillow should be breathable . This prevents overheating and provides fresh air to breathe.


As a new parent, you want to give your baby the best possible start in life. It shouldn’t have to struggle with problems at this young age, but should concentrate fully on development.

A risk that is often underestimated is the deformation of the back of the head in babies. The risk is not taken seriously enough and it is assumed that this deformation will recede anyway.

But this optimism does not always correspond to reality. Long-term damage to the spine or jaw can result.

In order to prevent these malformations, it is advisable to use a positioning pillow for your baby at an early stage. This distributes the pressure from the back of the head and ensures a more stable sleeping position.

This not only promotes health, but also sleep comfort. So benefit from such a simple pillow and give your offspring the best possible start in life.


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