How can you prevent snoring?

Every night it sounds like you or your partner are active in the sawmill. The Snoring not only disrupts sleep , but could one be evidence that breathing is difficult. There are a few factors that affect snoring.

Be it the sleeping position , the sleeping behavior or the diet . How can snoring really be effectively prevented and what causes lead to the nocturnal noise development?

Why snoring occurs varies from person to person. This is mainly due to the anatomical conditions. In general, it can be said that snoring occurs when the draft of air causes the soft palate or other areas of the throat to vibrate.

A distinction must be made here between snoring, which occurs due to the anatomy, and sleep apnea. Nevertheless, in both cases it is clear that snoring disturbs sleep. Often the body does not receive enough oxygen , so that regeneration does not run optimally during the night.

Those affected do not notice the snoring themselves. The next morning, however, the consequences can be clearly felt. The night was not very relaxing and there is a desire to sleep longer. But even a pleasant sleep in on the weekend does not bring the hoped-for improvement. Because the quality of sleep suffers so much from snoring that even longer sleep does not bring any relief.

If you suffer from snoring yourself, you shouldn’t just take it lightly. The morning coffee may hide the tiredness a little at first. But in the long term, you should work on healthy sleeping habits. Otherwise the typical symptoms of lack of sleep threaten and you are subject to a higher risk of a heart attack and will have to fight more often with headaches .

Try the following strategies to prevent snoring. It will certainly take a few attempts and success will be a long time coming. But it is worth trying the following tips to prevent snoring from occurring.


In the next few sections you will receive some tips that can help against snoring . If there is no long-term improvement, don’t be afraid to visit a sleep laboratory . Particularly with sleep apnea, caution is required and you should work on a healthy sleep.


Do you drink a glass or two of beer or wine before going to bed or throughout the day? For some connoisseurs, alcohol is part of the successful end of the day . Only with the beer does the relaxation from the hard everyday work seem to set in and it is part of the evening ritual .

The alcohol may also feel conducive to falling asleep. You lose stress and fall asleep faster. But the truth is that alcohol has no positive effects on you or your body .

The alcohol causes greater relaxation , but this also continues in the muscles. The respiratory muscles are less tensioned and weakened. The same applies to the structures of the airways. The muscles are vibrated faster by breathing, so that snoring occurs. In particular, the soft palate becomes downright slack and leads to the loud snoring noises when consuming alcohol.


You should be aware that smoking is generally harmful to your health . The blood vessels constrict under the influence of smoking. Not only does this increase your risk of a heart attack, but it also makes you more prone to snoring.

The cause is that the blood circulation in the entire body is disturbed . In order to ensure a sufficient supply of oxygen, more oxygen has to be supplied. This results in more intense breathing and snoring occurs.

In addition, smoking leads to swelling of the nasal mucous membranes , which makes breathing difficult. Snoring and a little restful sleep are other reasons to quit smoking.


With the alcohol a factor has already been described, showing how your eating habits affect sleep and snoring . In general, it is advisable to avoid fatty and heavy meals before going to bed. These are heavy in the stomach and can lead to heartburn .

A healthier diet is also important in terms of body weight . Because increased fat pads, especially in the area of ​​the lower jaw, lead to higher pressure on the airways. If the airways are narrowed due to being overweight, the snoring becomes all the more evident.

It is better if you only eat light meals before going to bed, avoid alcohol and pay attention to your overall body weight. A healthier diet also increases the quality of sleep and you will feel much more relaxed.


Do you prefer to sleep on your back or on your side? Most people spend the night in the side position. This proves to be unstable and can lead to tension and circulatory disorders. A side sleeper pillow remedies this and offers greater support.

However, back sleep is worse for snoring. This is actually the healthiest for the spine. The weight is distributed better on the mattress and relieves the intervertebral discs.

But in the back position there is a risk that the tongue and the soft palate will fold backwards. This occurs especially if you are not using a suitable pillow and your head is overstretched. Use a pillow that ensures that the head is level with the body so that there is no hyperextension.


Also anatomical reasons can lead to snoring. One possibility is to be found in a misalignment of the jaw . If the lower jaw is pushed back, this affects breathing. As a rule, this should be determined in early childhood.

If you are unsure whether such a medical misalignment is present, then inquire about your medical history again. See an orthodontist for an exam or check-up.


So far, most of the causes of snoring have been linked to the mouth and throat . The cause can also be found in the nose .

Normally, breathing should be through the nose. With this type of breathing, there is hardly any danger of snoring. Only when breathing is through the mouth does the loud noise occur.

It can therefore be useful to find out why nasal breathing is not chosen and why people prefer to breathe through the mouth. Often this is due to difficulty breathing through the nose . Reasons for this can be:

Curvature of the nasal septum
Polyps that are too large
Enlarged turbinates

The ENT doctor can determine whether and why breathing is difficult. Sometimes there is no way around an operation . If it is easier to breathe through the nose , this can prevent snoring .


With regard to nasal breathing, the problem could also be that you suffer from an allergy. More than 10 million people in Germany are now affected by a house dust allergy The symptoms are similar to a cold and make it difficult to breathe through the nose. In addition to the nose, the airways are also attacked. In the long run, even asthma can occur.

Try to reduce the symptoms of house dust allergy as much as possible. A desensitization will only bring an improvement after a significant period of time. As an immediate measure , the use of encasings and cleaning the mattress with the help of a mite vacuum are suitable .

The respiratory tract is also burdened with other allergies. Take suitable medication temporarily and use special protective grids to keep pollen out of the bedroom, for example.


The posture of the head has a significant influence on snoring. If the head is unstable and hardly supported, it can happen that the airways are downright kinked . It is not possible to breathe undisturbed and the body reacts by drawing deeper breaths.

When sleeping, be sure to use a pillow that is optimally high and supports your head. A neck pillow , for example, is ideal for this. This consists of a memory foam that adapts flexibly to your cervical spine. This relieves the muscles and your head is stable in a suitable posture.


For sleep, it is important that you are in a comfortable environment . The bedroom should neither be too warm nor too cold. However, the air humidity is more important for the respiratory tract . If you use more heating in winter, this results in significantly drier room air. This irritates the airways and weakens the immune system. This can lead to more frequent infections and swelling of the mucous membranes. Use humidifiers in winter and ensure an optimal sleeping climate.

In terms of the sleeping environment, even pets can cause you to snore more heavily. The hair can cause irritation to the respiratory tract . This affects not only allergy sufferers, but potentially everyone.


Stress has an important function for the body and mind He is responsible for ensuring that a higher performance can be called up immediately. A certain level of stress over a short period of time is quite useful in demanding situations.

The situation is different, however, if the stress persists and no recovery begins. If you are constantly stressed from work or family, this has a significant impact on your sleep. It is difficult for you to find the necessary rest and your thoughts circle around wildly in the evening.

The stress leads to tension and an unhealthy diet . Both factors that promote snoring. Do relaxation exercises before going to sleep and generally make sure to take a break from time to time. Then you will be able to prevent snoring more clearly.


You have now learned some methods and strategies that you can try out yourself to prevent snoring. If the cause of snoring lies in your sleep behavior, a change will bring significant relief in the long term . However, it will take some time to develop healthier sleeping habits.

Despite intensive preoccupation with snoring, the measures are not always successful. If the cause is anatomical, only a visit to the doctor and a check-up in a sleep laboratory will help. A splint or an operation can follow as further approaches .

To avoid these interventions, it is advisable to follow the tips presented here. Hopefully, these will reduce snoring to a tolerable level. Without snoring, you can sleep more healthily and breathing is no longer impaired.

This not only pleases your health, but also your sleeping partner!

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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