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You want to give your child the best possible start in life. For this, sleep is of great importance. Because children have a higher need for sleep and this is essential for their development. If your child is sleep deprived, their development may be delayed and unbalanced.

The Ravensberger cot mattress is ideal for the first few years of life. It can be used by babies as well as toddlers. If you don’t want to use a spring cradle , but rather a small cot, this mattress offers a high level of sleeping comfort .

In this detailed test, you will find out how the Ravensberger cot mattress supports your child’s sleep .

Mattresses for babies and children have to meet very special requirements. After all, the bodies are still fragile and the spine has yet to develop. Unsuitable sleeping places could lead to permanent impairment. A misalignment in the spine and back pain could result. It is therefore advisable to choose a mattress that is specially tailored to the sensitive body.

Ravensberger has two sizes in its range , which are more suitable depending on the age.

For the first year of life there is the variant in 60x120cm. This is a little softer and suitable for the baby bed. This gives your baby a place to sleep that offers a high level of comfort. This is much safer than letting the baby sleep in their own bed.

The slightly larger version in 70x140cm is ideal for the first three years of life . This will equip the first cot and your child will sleep comfortably there. Depending on the growth, this size can still be used up to an age of 6 years . If you want to choose a cot mattress that can be used for a few years, you are in good hands.

Ravensberger also attaches great importance to the fact that not only the comfort meets the children’s needs, but also that the workmanship and the sleeping environment are pleasant . In this way, no harmful substances are used and any moisture is ideally transported away. This creates optimal sleeping conditions for your child, in which they feel comfortable and enjoy spending the night in their own bed.


So that your child can spend a relaxed night and sleep in peace, the mattress must be specially tailored to the young body. You can find out how the Ravensberger cot mattress achieves this in the following sections.


A mattress should always provide good support for the spine. The spine is not completely straight, but in several curves. It is therefore important that the material adapts flexibly to this course and at the same time provides a stable hold.

Premium cold foam is used for this in the Ravensberger cot mattress . This fulfills the aforementioned conditions and offers good support in addition to the high level of comfort.

With a density of RG 40 , the mattress is designed to be significantly softer than is the case with the adult versions. The body weight is recorded precisely thanks to the foam. This means that the entire mattress does not give way under the load. As a result, for example, the head is better supported while the pelvis sinks a little deeper. This ensures that the spine is not restricted and maintains its natural course.

The core is only around 9cm high , which contributes to the soft overall feeling. In order to improve the sleeping climate, a high level of breathability is guaranteed. This is ensured by the ventilation holes, which prevent the child from overheating.


The cover of a children’s bed is exposed to particular stress. Mishaps can happen during sleep and leftover food can contaminate the cover . Therefore it has to be robust and easy to clean.

The cover of the Ravensberger cot mattress consists of a high-quality double cotton sheet. This is machine washable at 60 ° C and can be removed with a zipper. In order to increase the safety of your child, there is no pull tab on the zipper.

The high-quality cover protects the surface of the mattress and improves your child’s sleep. The cover is air-permeable and supports the excellent climatic properties of the mattress.


In addition to the general properties of the Ravensberger cot mattress, the main thing is that your child feels comfortable there. Here you can find out what sleep feels like and whether the mattress suits your child.


Usually mattresses are described as having different degrees of firmness. However, these are more tailored to adults and can only be used to a limited extent by children. There are no uniform standards there.

Therefore, the hardness is best described by the core thickness, the volume weight and the design. With RG 40, the volume weight is in the softer range. There are models with an even lower density, but they do not offer the necessary stability.

The core thickness of 9cm is also an indication that the mattress is designed to be rather soft . The cold foam used adapts ideally to any position of your child and is therefore not perceived as either too soft or too hard.


The sleep of children is often restless. You change your position, sometimes sleep on your stomach, then again on your back and like to kick your legs around from time to time. The mattress should adapt to these different requirements.

The cold foam used in the Ravensberger cot mattress corresponds to an orthopedic standard. It is also used to make sleep easier for people with back problems.

It is characterized by its high elasticity and literally hugs the body. The pressure is optimally relieved of the spine and sleep is promoted. The high flexibility prevents circulatory disorders and promotes your child’s development.

The surface consists of fine knobs so that the mattress adapts to the contour but is not perceived as too tight These promote soft sleep and improve air permeability.


Children are at a high risk of overheating. The regulation of body temperature is not yet working so well and toddlers cannot express themselves as well when it gets too warm. It is therefore important that the mattress is breathable in order to wick away excess body heat.

With the Ravensberger cot mattress, this is achieved through ventilation holes in the sleeping area. With a density of RG 40, the cold foam has a rather open-pore design and is already breathable. The additional holes promote air circulation so that overheating is prevented.

The cold foam is also able to dissipate heat and moisture. This means that your child will always find optimal climatic conditions in bed.


You want to keep harmful substances away from your child and not expose them to a higher risk of cancer. Even the smallest amounts can have a major impact on the sensitive organism and damage health.

The basic requirement is given with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 of class 1. The cot mattress from Ravensberger does not use any harmful substances and is suitable for babies.

In addition, no silver and antimony are used in the mattress. The last substance hit the headlines in recent years because it was suspected of being carcinogenic. The danger has been refuted in studies and according to the Oeko-Tex standard, up to 30mg / kg of the semi-metal antimony may be present in the mattress. However, Ravensberger has decided to be on the safe side and completely dispenses with antimony.

The production takes place entirely in Germany and is therefore exposed to high controls. This ensures that the mattress meets the high environmental requirements and offers a natural sleep without health risks.


If you have decided to buy the Ravensberger cot mattress, it will be delivered in a large cardboard box . There it is wrapped in foil and waiting to be unpacked.

At the beginning it can happen that the mattress still smells a bit. This is completely normal and has nothing to do with poor quality. It is sufficient to ventilate the mattress in a well-ventilated room for a short time. Then the smell is gone and the mattress is ready for use.

If you are unsure which mattress is best for your child, customer service is also available to offer advice. Due to the large range from Ravensberger, a better alternative may be found. For small children or teenagers, for example, the Ravensberger Softwelle or the Struktura Med 60 could be ideal mattresses.


If you want to give your child a perfect start in life, sleep is an important component. Children sleep most of the day and it is therefore important to have an optimal mattress.

The Ravensberger cot mattress is convincing in all respects. It is comfortable, easy to care for, free of harmful substances and offers a good sleeping environment.

Invest in this mattress and you will offer your child the best possible sleep for a few years.

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