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Sleep is even more important for children and adolescents than for adults. Children have a higher need for sleep and will therefore spend more time in bed and on the mattress. If sleep is disturbed, not only do tensions arise, school performance can also decline. It is therefore important that children and young people have a high-quality mattress so that they can go to school well rested.

The Ravensberger soft wave is one of the highest quality mattresses that are specially offered for children and young people. It is precisely tailored to the needs of the growing body and is intended to increase sleeping comfort.

In this check you will find out whether this difference is actually noticeable and how this mattress is designed.

Ravensberger is an experienced manufacturer with a wide range of mattresses. Experience was incorporated into the Softwelle model so that children and young people can also enjoy a restful sleep.

Various sizes are available for this, ranging from 80x190cm to 140x200cm. This makes the mattress suitable for most children’s beds. The mattress can also be used for a loft bed with 140x200cm . So your child can use the large room and spend the night comfortably.

Mattresses for children are exposed to particularly high loads. Mishaps can occur during the night or leftover food ends up on the cover. It is therefore advantageous that the cover is washable at 60 ° C. The Ravensberger soft wave is also well suited for allergy sufferers.In order to better meet the needs of the young body, the mattress consists of 7 zones . These individual zones differ slightly in hardness. As a result, the head area is stabilized differently than the pelvis, for example. This is important for spine health and prevents tension or pain from occurring. Since children spend a lot of time at school or at a desk in general, it is important that the cot mattress provides relief.


It should be clear that the mattress for children is an important part of increasing the quality of life and promoting performance in school. To achieve this, mattresses usually consist of two parts – the mattress core and the cover.

Depending on how the core is designed, the properties change and how high the sleeping comfort is. The following shows in detail how the Ravensberger soft wave is designed and what comfort your child can expect.


Sleeping comfort essentially depends on the core material used. This should feel comfortable and at the same time adapt to the spine. A common mistake is that the mattress is too soft or too hard and the load is spread over the entire surface. As a result, not only the area of ​​the body that rests on the mattress sinks, but also the surrounding part.

The Ravensberger Softwelle offers a high level of support with a special hybrid cold comfort foam . This is a foam that was patented by Ravensberger.

It turns out to be very elastic and hugs the child’s body contour well. In addition, it is designed to be very soft and the hardness H1 / H2 is suitable for children. This gives your child optimal stability and reduces the strain on the spine.

With a density of 30 , it is perceived as very soft. This is beneficial for children as the body weight is even less. A much harder variant is, for example, the Struktura Med 60 from Ravensberger. However, this is more suitable for adults.

The mattress is made from one piece and therefore a high quality of workmanship can be expected. The material is free from harmful substances and well suited for babies and children.


The cover is certainly of particular importance in a mattress for children. Because the cover is exposed to higher loads and has to meet special requirements.

The Ravensberger Softwelle does justice to this by using a PES mattress cover . This is characterized by optimal temperature regulation . Therefore, your child will not sweat excessively and the moisture will not remain in the mattress. Rather, the cover already provides protection and releases the moisture into the room air.

The cover can be washed at 60 ° C and care is very easy thanks to the zipper. The cover consists of a resistant 180 g / m² polyester in the outer fabric and a quilted 300 g / m² fleece.Another advantage is the high level of breathability. More and more children are suffering from a house dust allergy and therefore special caution is required here. In combination with the good temperature regulation, mites are not offered a good breeding ground. Therefore the soft wave is well suited for allergy sufferers.

Ravensberger gives a 5-year guarantee on the cover. This should show that a lot of value is placed on high quality and that you can use the mattress and cover for some time.


After the general representation of the mattress, there is now a more precise description of how the quality of sleep changes due to the Ravensberger soft wave. So you can find out how sleep benefits compared to the current mattress.


For the degrees of hardness, the manufacturer only offers the option of choosing a model in H 1/2. This is a very soft degree of hardness, which is especially suitable for children.

When buying a children’s mattress, it is important that there are no “hard” limits when it comes to hardness. Whether the degree of hardness H 1/2 is suitable for your child depends on their weight and height.

You can find out whether the mattress is suitable for your child with the practical hardness calculator from Ravensberger. There you enter the relevant data and find out whether the mattress guarantees stable support.

For example, the mattress is suitable for children with a weight of 65 kilograms and a height of 160 cm. If, on the other hand, the child weighs 65 kilograms but is only 130 cm tall, the mattress is not suitable. So it depends on the area over which the weight is distributed.


For a good night’s sleep, comfort is of course crucial. Your child should feel comfortable on the mattress and not get up in the morning with tension or pain.

A restful and comfortable sleep is made possible thanks to the special cold foam . This adapts perfectly to the body contour and offers ideal support. This mattress is a good choice, especially if your child likes to sleep on their side. Due to the high flexibility, the shoulder sinks well into the mattress while the head is adequately supported.


In order for you to sleep well, the mattress should have optimal climate properties. This means that the moisture is not absorbed like a sponge , but is given back directly to the environment.

It is also positive that, due to these properties, mites will not feel comfortable in this mattress. House dust allergies are very serious in children and can affect sleep. By choosing this mattress, you will reduce allergens and your child will be less affected by the allergy. Therefore this model is very suitable for allergy sufferers.Here the Ravensberger Softwell impresses with its excellent properties. The breathable cover in particular ensures that your child won’t sweat in the first place. This also reduces the humidity in the bed.


You certainly want to prevent your child from coming into contact with harmful substances. The consequences are not yet foreseeable and you want to prevent any health problems for your child.

With the Ravensburger Softwelle you can rest assured. It has been awarded the Öko Tex Seal Class 1 and is therefore wonderfully suitable for babies and children. No harmful substances are introduced during production and there are no health concerns.


Upon delivery, a chemical odor may emerge from the packaging. There are different testimonials from buyers and while some people clearly noticed this smell, it was practically nonexistent with other mattresses.

If you notice the smell, you should ventilate the mattress in the air for a few days. But don’t expose them to direct sunlight.

Otherwise, the delivery is easy and you will be able to use the mattress within a few days. Make sure that the slats are only a maximum of 4cm apart on the grate and you will not run any risk that the mattress will push through the slatted frame.


If you want to offer your child a comfortable sleep, the Ravensberger Softwella is an ideal investment at a low price. The price-performance ratio is convincing and the mattress can be used for a few years.

Above all, children or lighter adolescents are named as the target group. Depending on their height and weight, teenagers can also benefit from the high level of sleeping comfort.

The flexible foam and the breathable cover ensure a unique lying feeling and offer your child the perfect basis so that the spine can develop optimally. With this special mattress for children and adolescents, ensure that they feel comfortable in bed and get a restful sleep.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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