Real wood beds – 3 stylish variants presented

In many bedrooms, wood dominates as one of the preferred materials. The wood brings nature into your own home and leaves a high-quality impression. Regardless of whether it is more rustic or modern, wood is rightly popular in beds.

What are the properties of the real wood bed and what should you pay attention to when buying.

Find out why the real wood bed is a good choice for your bedroom.

Wood has a certain charm as a material. No two beds look identical and the real wood bed has an individual character thanks to its own grain. This makes it look much more personal than pieces of furniture made from any other material. A metal bed, for example, looks like it was mass-produced and one piece is the same as the other.

There are a number of different woods to choose from. Depending on your own taste and the previous furnishings, the real wood bed adapts precisely to the style. It doesn’t look out of place, but can either look luxurious, rustic or cozy.

Beds made from natural materials are first and foremost beautiful to look at. They look much more natural and thus create a cozy feeling in the apartment even in the big city. Bringing nature back into your home is the basic instinct. Your own mood can be cheered up and the room immediately looks more pleasant.

Many real wood beds can also be adjusted relatively easily. But the selection is already so large that you are sure to find something that suits you. Because it is not for nothing that the wooden beds are among the most popular variants.

To get a small impression of which real wood beds are available and how they are integrated into the bedroom, you will find a selection of three models below These are among the most popular designs and buyers are extremely satisfied with their selection.

If you want to buy a solid model and not take any risks, you will definitely be on the safe side with these real wood beds.


Below you will find a small selection of real wood beds that are convincing in terms of price and will also fulfill your dream of a natural bed.


The structure of the solid wood bed Selina is characterized above all by its simple, but very high-quality design . The frame is limited by the wooden beams and assembly is also child’s play. The bars are connected to one another in a kind of plug-in system and the bed can be used with the appropriate mattress. There is no backrest at the head end, so there is more creative freedom.

The frame height is 42cm higher. This is especially beneficial for people who usually struggle with knee joint pain in the morning. Thanks to the elevated position, the load is reduced and the start of the day is easier. With a higher mattress, however, an entry height of more than 55cm can be achieved. So if you have the option to use a higher mattress, this bed is also recommended for people with back or knee problems.

The bed is made of solid beech heartwood. The wood remains in its natural color and is only oiled in the manufacturing process. This preserves the natural look , but at the same time the real wood bed is very resistant.

The bed is available in three sizes from – 140x200cm to 200x200cm . Since it is a solid wood, the weight can easily be more than 65 kilograms .

When using it, make sure that there are no large temperature differences and that the humidity remains relatively stable. Since it is a natural product, it could change under this influence.

Bring nature into your own bedroom with this beautiful real wood bed made of beech heartwood. The construction is easy and the design will be seamlessly integrated into the previous style of the bedroom.


The “Nano” version has a similar design to the previous bed. This real wood bed is also made of beech heartwood and is simply built up. Compared to the “Luna” model, the design looks a bit simpler. Overall, less wood is used and the total weight is around 65 kilograms. Nevertheless, this bed is also very stable. The main advantage is that it is much cheaper and therefore the price-performance ratio is even better.

Due to the rather simple design, the bed can find its way into many bedrooms without it appearing like a foreign body. The beech heartwood is designed a bit lighter and the wood has been oiled for greater robustness Otherwise the wood is natural and the grain is easy to see.

There is greater freedom in the size selection with this bed. Overall, there are three versions that go from 140×200 to 200×200 cm. This means that the bed can also be ideally used as a single bed or a larger youth bed .

With the right mattress, an entry height of 55cm is achieved. Thanks to the subtle design, it also leaves a good impression in the guest room.

If you are looking for a real wood bed at an affordable price that can be easily integrated into the bedroom, the Nano model is just right for you. You get a solid wood bed in a discreet design, at a fair price and you can adapt it with the right mattress according to your ideas.


One of the most popular real wood beds is the solid wood bed Julia by Krok Wood. More than 250 top reviews testify to the high quality and ensure that this model became a bestseller.

The design is similar to the previously presented “Nano” model. Made of beech , the wood is a little darker, but still suitable for modern and rustic styles. The beams are robust and provide a high level of stability. The headrest is divided into one larger and two smaller beams. This makes the bed appear more open, but at the same time offers a high level of comfort.

It is also practical that a large number of sizes are available. A total of 11 different sizes, starting with 100x200cm to 200x220cm , are available. All widths are also sold in excess lengths of 220cm . Thus, the bed is particularly suitable for taller people and there is no need to worry about your feet sticking out of the bed.

During production, care is taken to ensure that only wood is obtained from FSC-certified sources . This certifies a high level of environmental compatibility and the wood is grown sustainably.

In terms of price, the offer from the manufacturer Krok Wood cannot be beat. Although this bed is the cheapest in comparison , it is still of high quality and stability. This is confirmed by the numerous positive opinions from the buyers.

If you are a bit taller and want to finally have a wooden bed that can cope with your body length, this bed is recommended. With a length of 220cm you are guaranteed to find enough space and finally be able to sleep relaxed.


When choosing a real wood bed, the wood has a great influence. Domestic woods made of oak, beech or pine are used in most of the beds .

The beds presented here are all made of beech heartwood . This is the best in terms of price-performance ratio and offers high stability at a low price. The grain of the core beech comes out nicely and gives each bed its own character.

In comparison, pine beds are a little cheaper. The wood is described as less robust and not quite as elegant. The oak, on the other hand, is even more massive and a little darker.

Core beech is therefore the best choice for modern bedrooms and price-conscious buyers. It is relatively inexpensive and guarantees a good night’s sleep. If sustainability is important to you, you should make sure that the manufacturer obtains the wood from FSC-certified sources . These guarantee that the forests are carefully cut down and reforested. So you don’t have to worry that buying the bed will shrink the forest.

The surface of most beds is oiled. This makes it much more resistant and protected from dirt. But there are also variants that are completely natural and do without the oil. The treatment is usually carried out with paints or oils that have been tested for harmful substances. This will ensure that the bed is also suitable for children .


One advantage of real wood beds is their high level of stability. The wood will probably make a very massive impression on you. The weight of the bed, which can be between 60 and 90 kilograms , also reinforces the impression that the bed is robust.

When using solid wood, you can be sure that the bed will withstand the stresses and strains for a few years. The wood is not only stable, it also looks good and feels good. You can stroke the wood and feel the surface.

This is a distinct advantage over beds made from composite wood or made of metal. With these materials there is no sense of its own character and the beds are not as robust as you would like them to be. This makes it necessary that the screws have to be retightened at regular intervals and the bed could start to creak. The real wood beds can, however, be used for a few years without any problems after they have been set up.


The beds are available in different sizes. If you are still undecided, you will get the most selection at Krok Wood. But which lying surface is best suited for your needs?

If the bed is to be shared with a partner , the minimum size should be 140x200cm . However, this is only suitable for couples who sleep close together and require little space. In most cases, a bed with the minimum dimensions of 160x200cm is much more comfortable and gives both partners enough space. If you move around a lot and prefer a larger bed, you can also choose models up to a size of 200x200cm. If the bedroom is large enough, such a bed offers a high level of comfort and both partners have plenty of space.

Single beds are usually offered in the sizes 90x200cm to 140x200cm . These are good for both teenagers and adults. In terms of price, these are significantly cheaper than the larger double beds.

If you are taller than 1.90 m you will know the feeling with most beds that your feet are sticking out of the end and it is hardly possible to stretch out completely on the bed. Because even if the bed is 200cm long, you still have to include the headboard. In this case, it is more comfortable if you choose a bed that is 220cm long. This is only possible with the manufacturer Krok Wood and the Julia model. With this bed you could enjoy the feeling of lounging completely in bed for the first time and not sticking out halfway.


If you are looking for a new bed, the choice can seem overwhelming. There are a number of designs and materials. Nowadays, an American box spring bed is often recommended when it comes to the highest level of comfort. But if you already have a mattress or are you satisfied with the usual designs of slatted frame and bed frame, a real wood bed is a first-class choice.

The beds made of solid wood are robust and have their own character. They can look more elegant or rustic and in this way adapt completely to your bedroom.

It takes about an hour to set up and you can use the natural bed. If you want to plan for the long term and sleep stable, the real wood bed meets your requirements at a first-class price-performance ratio.

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