Red light lamps – 5 models in comparison

Red light lamps have a variety of functions and can support your health in several ways . The red light stimulates the blood circulation and thereby joint pain and tension can be relieved.

If you sit a lot in the office or at your desk to study for the next exam, neck pain will quickly become noticeable. The muscles are stressed on one side and this creates the tension that can quickly lead to permanent pain.

Going to the doctor is then often indicated. This will explain to you that your posture is not optimal and that you need more exercise. Perhaps he will also prescribe a few massages for you and hope that this will relieve the tension.

Often there is an early success, which, however, quickly fades and the symptoms reappear. You can permanently treat the tension with a red light lamp. The heat works deep in the muscles and is supposed to help with pain.

In this guide I will explain how the red light lamp works and where you can use it.

The red light lamp is basically very easy to explain. It is a lamp that emits infrared light . This is used to warm the temperature of the skin. This stimulates the blood circulation and relieves tension.

Specifically, it is infrared rays . These are located in a wavelength of 780 to 1400 nanometers . The infrared light is part of the natural sunlight. It is divided into different categories there. Infrared A is used in medical applications. This penetrates up to 6 millimeters deep into the human tissue. This is where the heat works and the blood circulation increases.

The blood circulation is promoted because the body tries to cool this area by increasing the temperature. So it transports a lot of blood in order to transport the heat away.

Through these increased metabolic processes, some positive effects should be achieved . The blood circulation indirectly causes more oxygen to be transported. In addition, other metabolic products are also removed.

This will reduce inflammation in the area and reduce pain. The muscles relax and there is significant relief.


The red light lamp is not only found in medical practices. Also for home use can these be used and they are freely available commercially. The application is relatively uncomplicated and hardly poses a risk if you stick to the guidelines. They have high security standards and can therefore also be used by laypeople.

For the application, you set up the red light lamp about 30 to 50 centimeters away from the affected body region . Don’t get too close to the skin or you could get burned. Red light lamps are very effective and the warming effect should not be underestimated.

Irradiate the corresponding part of the body for about 15 minutes . You can do the application daily to promote blood circulation.

However, caution should be exercised if the light gets into the eyes. It is not recommended to look directly into the light source. The infrared light can damage the eye. A quick look is certainly not dangerous, but you should avoid constantly looking into the red light lamp during use.

If you notice that pain occurs during the treatment , you should stop the radiation. Then red light therapy is not suitable for your purposes and you should consult your doctor about which other therapy options can be used.


For domestic use, a distinction is made between two types that are most commonly used. The round emitter appears in the typical lamp shape and directs the red light very selectively. The surface emitter , on the other hand, is able to irradiate a larger area and supply it with the red light.


The omnidirectional radiator is the most commonly used red light lamp for home use. It is small, compact and easy to use . You place the lamp on a small table and align it so that the affected area is illuminated. Often this is the back or the neck.

The light is very strongly bundled. This means that a high level of heat can be felt. The blood circulation is promoted and a relief of the symptoms should be noticeable.

Therefore, this type is particularly useful when there is tension in the neck, shoulders or upper back.


If the tension occurs over a large area and affects the back or legs, for example, a small point radiator is not very effective. This can only illuminate a small area and heat it with the red light.

The surface heater is much more suitable for this. This is elongated and can therefore heat a larger area. These are either larger floor-standing devices that you place on the floor or smaller versions that are on the table.

This variant is therefore more suitable for large-scale complaints and the heat supplies a larger area. Surface emitters, however, turn out to be a bit more expensive. They are considered more professional and involve higher investments.


You have already gained some insights into the areas of application of red light therapy. But for which ailments is this lamp suitable as a remedy?


Tension occurs in the neck muscles or shoulders when you have to maintain an unnatural posture for a long period of time. This is especially the case in the office or when working at a desk in general . However, through red light therapy, it is possible to relax the muscles and loosen the muscle fibers. In conjunction with a Shiatsu massage device , a deep effect can be achieved that can replace a professional massage.


In rheumatic diseases , a high muscle tone is also noted. As a result of this permanent tension, not only the muscles suffer, but also the tendons. The result is irritation and tension.

Medication can alleviate the symptoms, but they should not be a permanent solution. The red light lamp is much gentler and naturally helps to relieve tension. This may enable you to reduce the dose of the medication and feel the side effects less.


The red light is also considered a secret weapon against annoying colds . With the help of the heat, the cold viruses are to be fought and the inflammation to subside.

However, an effect has not been scientifically confirmed. While there is a possibility that a positive effect may occur, it has not been proven. If you notice that the red light lamp will help you with a cold, there is nothing to prevent you from continuing to use it.


If you have used expensive ointments for blemished skin and hope to get rid of the pimples, you can discover the red light as an alternative for you. This is due to the better blood circulation in the skin, which accelerates the metabolic processes.

If you notice that your skin is improving and looking cleaner in warm places while on vacation, you can use the red light lamp to achieve a similar effect at home. The application is significantly cheaper than applying ointments.


As positive as the effect of the red light lamp is, it is not a universal miracle tool. There are some complaints and clinical pictures where use is not advisable.

As a general rule, you should refrain from using the red light if the symptoms worsen . So you perceive stronger pain or the tension increases.
The red light is not suitable for acute inflammation . The affected areas are already warmed up and the exposure to light does not have a positive effect.
Do not use it if you have a fever . Here, too, the entire body is warmed up and you do not have to additionally burden the body with the red light.
Headaches should not be treated with the red light. The symptoms could worsen here, although this also depends heavily on the cause of the headache.


Which red light lamp is best suited for your complaints? In the following, you will be introduced to 5 reliable variants that can cope with any type of tension or pain.

In addition to the very price-performance-focused Beurer lamps , high-performance models from Philips will also be presented. These have a range of services that allows professional use .


The Beurer IL 50 marks the beginning of this list of the best red light lamps. This is a lamp in the middle price segment and therefore the best recommendation if you are looking for a first-class price-performance ratio . This model receives over 800 top ratings on Amazon, making it one of the most popular variants.

Equipped with 300 watts , you can promote deep blood circulation. All tension is released and pain in the muscles is relieved.

maximum of 15 minutes is recommended for the duration of the application . You can set a timer on the Beurer IL-50 so that this is not exceeded . This is freely configurable from 1 to 15 minutes. This prevents possible damage to the skin.

The adjustable umbrella allows a more precise setting. This can be adjusted at an angle of up to 50 ° , for example to better reach the neck. So you can sit comfortably on the chair, put the lamp on a table and heat the desired region.

The ceramic glass also ensures safe use . This offers 100% UV protection and is ideal for the skin. So you don’t have to worry about sunburn or other skin damage. A fan also ensures that the lamp does not overheat. In this way you will enjoy this red light lamp for a long time and be able to use it for your complaints.

If you are looking for a model that offers an excellent price-performance ratio , then you are in the right place. The 300 watts are powerful enough to relax the muscles in depth and handling is very easy. The umbrella can be continuously adjusted and, as with all products, you can expect high quality from the manufacturer Beurer.


If your symptoms are not so pronounced and would like to use the red light primarily as a preventive measure , the Beurer IL 35 is an inexpensive choice for you.

The 150 watts are quite capable of increasing your well-being and loosening the muscles a little. You will not relieve deep-seated tension with it, but you can allow your muscles a better recovery after the hard everyday office life.

timer is integrated with which you can limit the duration of use to 15 minutes. This is divided into three levels, whereby you can set an irradiation time of 5, 10 or 15 minutes. To be absolutely sure and to avoid damage, there is an automatic switch-off function .

The lamp can be set at 5 different angles of inclination in order to supply the desired area of ​​the body with light. With these settings you can optimally reach the upper back or the shoulders.

Overall, this red light lamp is very suitable for treating sore muscles or relieving tension. A minimum distance of 80cm must be maintained during use.

The Beurer IL-35 is ideally suited for accelerating regeneration processes and stimulating the metabolism with the red light . The 150 watts are sufficient to promote blood circulation and improve general wellbeing . The other safety functions enable easy handling and you can also use the red light on your face. The numerous positive reviews prove that quality comes first with this model too and that you will benefit from red light therapy.


The cheapest model in this comparison is offered by Sanitas. This red light lamp is available for less than 20 euros . So if you are unsure whether the red light therapy will work for you or if you only need the device very irregularly, the investment here is very manageable.

Nevertheless, there is a lot on offer and you can get exactly the right model for your needs. The 100 watts are sufficient to generate heat on the surface. This can improve the blood circulation in the skin and treat a cold.

There are 5 different angles available for the tilt angle . This allows you to irradiate the appropriate region in a targeted manner. After 15 minutes, however, the same applies to this lamp that you should switch it off. Unfortunately, the model does not have an automatic timer, so you have to keep an eye on the time yourself.

Users report that they successfully use the lamp to treat ear infections, for example, and that they appreciate the rapid warmth. The good workmanship and the compact design are also rated as advantages. As a result, it hardly takes up any space when you want to stow it.

If you don’t need a particularly complex product, but just want to use the red light for superficial application, this model offers good performance at an affordable price . Due to the good workmanship, you can stow the model for a longer period of time and rely on it to do its job reliably when it is needed.

PHILIPS PR3140 / 00

Do you suffer from deep tension or pain that affects larger muscle areas? Does the back, legs or stomach hurt and you want to irradiate the area sufficiently?

Then you have to use a professional red light lamp like the Philips PR3140 / 00. This lamp consists of such a large shade that you can irradiate your entire back at the same time and do not have to move the lamp.

With a power of 650 watts, you will generate heat that penetrates deep into the muscle and relieves the discomfort there. It has been proven that treatment with this lamp provides pain relief. Over 70% of users said that rheumatoid arthritis or back pain could be treated effectively. In addition, the ability to move and the quality of life are improved.

You can use the large umbrella either horizontally or vertically . If you are sitting on a chair and want to irradiate your back, the vertical orientation is suitable. If you lie down and you want the back to be supplied with warmth, the horizontal position is better. The height can be freely adjusted in a range from 65cm to 130cm. You can also adjust the angle of inclination so that you always hit the target area perfectly.

Thanks to the integrated timer, you can set exactly the right duration of the treatment. The timer allows a treatment duration of 30 minutes. Once this is reached, the light switches itself off. This ensures a high level of security.

If a simple red light lamp is not enough for your needs and you want to improve your health with a professional device , the Philips PR3140 / 00 will meet your needs exactly. The results are medically confirmed and the application is tailored to your problems. You will not find a higher quality in this segment.

PHILIPS PR3120 / 00

The PR3120 / 00 from Philips is also of high quality and provides profound pain relief. This model is a slightly weaker modification of the previously presented lamp, but its effect has also been clinically confirmed.

The performance is a bit weaker at 300 watts . However, this does not represent a disadvantage, because tension or pain will continue to be treated reliably. The red light stimulates the blood circulation and improves the oxygen supply.

One difference is the height of the lamp. Because this model is not adjustable in height and you will have to put it on a table to carry out the irradiation. You can supply an area of ​​40x30cm of your body with light . It is still possible to irradiate large parts of the back or legs at the same time.

The angle of inclination can be changed from 0 to 40 degrees . The automatic timer lasts for 30 minutes and corresponds to the same setting as the top model.

With this model you can do something good for your body and alleviate a number of ailments. No matter whether it is pain in the shoulder, legs or back. The light provides a pleasant warmth and will effectively fight these complaints. Even a cold can be treated and this lamp is a real support especially for the winter.


You have now been presented with 5 products that offer good performance and are suitable for your application. But which red light is the best for your needs?

To answer this question, you should consider the following purchase criteria.


The wattage indicates how strongly the lamp shines. With increasing strength, greater warmth is also achieved. This is an advantage if the symptoms are deep in the muscles . If you have been suffering from tension for a long time, you should use a device that is a little stronger. It can then be 300 watts.

If it is only about external use, for example to improve the complexion or to treat a cold , 150 watts are completely sufficient.

For common applications, models in the 150 to 300 watt range are sufficient. A higher wattage is only recommended if you want to achieve large areas of the body, such as the back, or deep relaxation.


If used incorrectly, the red light can damage the eyes or skin. It is therefore important that the devices have been tested and are suitable for home use.

The automatic switch-off should be a safety feature . Because if you lie down and let yourself be pampered by the warmth, it can quickly happen that you fall asleep during the treatment. The automatic switch-off prevents burns or other damage.


Where exactly is the pain and which part of the body do you want to treat?

In order to avoid complex constructions, the lamps should be as mobile as possible . A high angle of inclination allows the lamp to stand next to you on the table and still reach the upper back. This is much more comfortable during treatment.


Can red light lamps be used during pregnancy?

You will likely experience more back pain during pregnancy. Therefore the application of the red light lamp can be interesting.

The red light can also be used during pregnancy. But you have to make sure that the necessary minimum distance is maintained and that it does not get too hot. If in doubt, you should clarify with your doctor whether the treatment is an option for you.

Is the treatment also possible for children and babies?

The red light could also provide pain relief for children and babies. It should be noted, however, that it can only be used with eye protection. Children are not yet aware of the risk of red light and could therefore look into the lamp for a long time.

The treatment should also always take place under supervision. Otherwise, the children could violate the minimum distance and the excessively high heat could cause damage. It can therefore be used for children and babies, but you should be extra careful.

How often should treatment be given?

Doctors recommend that treatment should not exceed 15 minutes. Most devices have an automatic shutdown after this period of time anyway and prevent this permissible time from being exceeded.

This 15-minute irradiation can be carried out once a day. Normal lamps have a lifespan of more than 2000 sessions and are therefore designed for a few years.

Can the treatment lead to sunburn?

The red light is also present in sunlight, but it is not the spectrum that could be responsible for sunburn. A typical sunburn cannot occur during treatment.

However, ordinary combustion is possible due to the heat. If, for example, the minimum distance is not observed or the duration is significantly exceeded, burns can occur. This particularly affects children who cannot properly assess the dangers.

Can the lamp be replaced?

If you have used the red light lamp for a few years, the light bulb could suffer from the use and no longer function properly. Whether the lamp can be changed without any problems depends on the manufacturer.

The instruction manual states whether the bulb can be changed. If the exchange is possible, you can use new bulbs in the price range from 5 to 20 euros. But always pay attention to the manufacturer’s information.


Tension and joint pain are a real common ailment. Both young people who are just starting their professional life and senior citizens who want to stay active will benefit from the use of the red light.

The blood circulation is stimulated, more oxygen is delivered to the affected regions and the symptoms are eliminated. A good red light lamp can replace the trips to the masseur and is therefore the much cheaper alternative.

You can carry out the treatment in your comfortable surroundings and feel a significant improvement after a few sessions. So don’t just sit out your ailments and accept them, but work actively with a red light lamp to improve your health.

You will improve your quality of life and experience again what it means to go through life pain-free.

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