Relax pillows – 3 models for relaxing in comparison

The home should be a place of relaxation. Just lie down on the couch in front of the TV and forget the stress of everyday life or read a book in bed. How you spend your evening after work is of course up to you. But everyone would like to enjoy a high level of comfort in their free time.

cozy atmosphere can be created with the relaxation pillow . It is a pillow that is particularly soft and adapts to the shape of the body. This gives you a very special seating experience that cannot be achieved with other cushions.

In this guide I explain which relaxation pillows perform best and what makes them so special.

If it is simply a matter of sitting or lying down, there are many different ways to ensure a high level of comfort. A neck pillow for children ensures that they can sleep while traveling and that their necks are protected. A car seat cushion, on the other hand, helps you not to notice any tension in your back during the long journey and to reduce the strain.

With these variants, the degrees of hardness can be very different. They can be made a little more stable to support the head and provide more security. In this case, the harder pillows offer a high level of comfort. The spine largely maintains its shape and this support is healthy for the back.

But it can also be that you just want to relax. Stretching out nicely on the couch and not paying attention to whether your spine is now in an ergonomically perfect posture. This is even recommended by experts and it is important that the posture varies and therefore a comfortable posture in front of the television in the evening is not unhealthy.

A relaxation pillow is used to ensure maximum comfort. This is particularly soft and helps to relax . Often these are elongated and placed under the feet or the neck to provide support.

Small balls that are inside are usually used as filling . These are very flexible and adapt perfectly to the load. Other variants, however, are more like a wedge . If you like to lie on the floor or any other hard surface, you can put this wedge under your neck or in the hollows of your knees. This means that you can lie or sit comfortably anywhere in the house or in the garden. This way you can enjoy a good book or just lie in the sun.

So there are some good reasons that speak for the relaxation pillow and why it is so popular. You can find out which pillows are best for you in the following section.


The relaxation cushions come in very different shapes and versions. So that you get a better overview and find out which are best suited for your needs, you will receive three suggestions. These convince due to their high quality and can be used in a variety of ways.


The first variant of Daydream is a classic neck roll . This is elongated and can be placed under the neck while lying down. This gives the neck better support and prevents tension.

This is made possible by a filling, which consists of small styrofoam balls . The manufacturer states that there are hundreds of thousands of such beads. This makes the shape very flexible and the pillow adapts perfectly to the load.

The main area of ​​application will be reading or watching TV . There you can put the roll under your neck and ensure a slightly higher position without putting too much strain on the muscles. You can also place the roll under your feet or the lumbar spine area. Many people suffer from tension, especially in the lower back. These can be alleviated with such a pillow.

In addition, the neck roll can also be attached in the car . For this purpose, there is a strap with which the cushion is attached to the car seat. This prevents slipping and the pillow serves as a headrest and is particularly advantageous for your children on longer car journeys.

If you want a particularly versatile pillow that adapts to your body and the load , the Daydream neck roll is a simple but effective pillow. Tensions can be released and the spine will thank you for it. As an alternative, you can also use the lighter neck pillow from Daydream .


The wedge cushion from Salosan , on the other hand, has a completely different structure . As the name suggests, this is a pillow that takes the shape of a wedge . So it’s built like a triangle.

Do you often lie on the couch and want to read a book but you cannot find a comfortable position? The couch ends with a backrest, but you would like to lie a little more upright and not hold the book above you?

Then the wedge pillow is perfect for it. It is placed at the head of the sofa and serves as a practical elevation at a comfortable angle. This gives you a more comfortable backrest and supports your spine.

The wedge pillow from Purovi is soft at the same time , but dimensionally stable . This means that the body does not sink in, but the sitting feeling is still very comfortable. This is made possible by the dimensionally stable foam . After use, the foam returns to its original position so that the material does not appear “remote”. This allows you and your partner to use the cushion and still perceive a high level of seating quality.

The versatile application is particularly impressive . The triangle consists of different angles. This allows you to use the pillow a little “steeper” as a backrest or use the flatter surface as a shelf for your legs . In this way, it increases your well-being, but can also serve as medical support. For example to promote blood circulation in the legs . This pillow is also useful for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A hygienic application is ensured by the good care properties. You can take off the cover using the zipper and machine wash it at 60 ° C.

Are you looking for an uncomplicated way to increase your comfort while reading or do you want to put your feet up? This wedge pillow will increase your well-being and promote health . The high-quality foam is a first-class material that protects your back and stabilizes the spine.


If you are primarily concerned with the medical use of a relaxation pillow , the Sanolind model is recommended. This is a wedge pillow , which is much flatter. As a result, it does not serve as a backrest, but as a minimal support when lying down. You can rest your upper body on it or raise your legs a little. The application enables healthier lying down and reduces muscular tension.

Comfort foam is used as the material . This adapts well to the load, but provides sufficient stability and returns to its original shape after use. This results in some therapy options.

If you suffer from headaches or migraines , for example, these can be triggered by tension in the neck area. The muscular problems radiate into the head and can express themselves painfully there. The relaxation pillow takes the pressure off your upper body when you lie on it and thereby loosens the muscles. Over time, the tension will decrease.

The second important therapy option consists in elevating the legs . Do you suffer from a weak veins , your legs are cold and cramp frequently? Then you will benefit from being able to put your feet up a bit. With this wedge pillow this is very easy and you can determine very precisely whether only the feet should be raised a little or whether the entire leg should be higher.

Even after an operation , the pillow can provide help to relieve the pressure on the affected part of the body. This makes it easier for you to find a lying position and finally sleep through the night again.

The cover is at washable 30 ° C in the machine . The high quality has been tested and in addition to the orthopedic relief for the body, this pillow also prevents reflux during sleep.

If you are primarily concerned with your health, this relaxation pillow is very suitable for you. It takes the pressure off the parts of the body and thereby reduces the stress. You can lie comfortably and tension is released. Try with circulatory problems in the legs or headaches this pillow and will benefit from the higher lying comfort.


The relaxation pillow is particularly impressive because of its versatility . First of all, you can take a look at the shapes offered to see which one is best for your application. After that, you can still use the pillow very flexibly. Whether on the sofa, in the garden or in the car, the relaxation pillow is easy to transport and very versatile.

Another advantage is that sleeping comfort can be increased at a relatively lower price . Usually, the first thought might be to buy a quality bed. While this may also help with sleep, it is a much bigger investment. The relaxation pillow, on the other hand, is much cheaper. You can try this out first and decide for yourself whether a new bed is even necessary.

The main advantages of the pillow are that it improves well-being and health . Much of the day is spent either lying down or sitting. In the office, working hours are concentrated in front of the computer and in the evening the bed is more tempting than a long walk. It is therefore important to protect the body. The relaxation pillow is a very simple method of releasing tension and doing something good for the body . This avoids going to the physiotherapist and possibly averting an operation in later years.


The relaxation pillow is basically suitable for a very broad target group . There are no age restrictions and, depending on the version, they are suitable for both children and seniors.

There are special models for children that are a little more colorful and are more reminiscent of a cuddly toy. There is something for everyone and there are no restrictions.

Older people will particularly appreciate the effect that it has on blood circulation . As a result, the legs are no longer so cold while sleeping and tense body parts are relieved.

relaxation pillow is also well suited for people who have just had an operation . After my knee operation, I myself had an elongated pillow that I placed under my heel. As a result, the leg was a little higher and I was able to sleep without looking at the cast on the leg as a nuisance.


For what purposes can the relaxation pillow be used?


Most pillows are, of course, designed to increase comfort. You will be able to lie comfortably on the couch and take the most comfortable lying position that you can only imagine. You can maintain this for a longer period of time and don’t have to worry about the spine being put under unfavorable stress.

Due to the high degree of adaptability of the material used, the cushion literally hugs your body and thus provides a unique seating experience.


Sitting in a car or plane for long periods of time can not only be unfamiliar, it can also put a lot of strain on the body. Children in particular cannot handle it that well and the body is not yet quite as resilient. A compact relaxation pillow can therefore also be used in the car or plane to support the neck or back.

The pillow can also be used during breaks so that you can lie down comfortably even at rest areas. This reduces the stress of travel and reduces stress, especially for children.


The relaxation pillow is also suitable for medical use . Due to the position under the neck or the legs, muscular tension is released or the blood circulation is promoted.

First and foremost, of course, the doctor should prescribe what treatment options are available and whether the pillow is suitable for them. In contrast to medication, the pillow is a very gentle therapy option and can be used for a long time.


If the pillow is used frequently, it is completely normal that it is somewhat affected by sweat. Even when used outdoors, the cover may get stained and no longer appear so beautiful.

It is therefore important that the cover can be machine washed . This should be possible at 30 ° C or even better 60 ° C. Smaller pillows can usually be placed in the machine. If the filling consists of small balls, these dry relatively quickly.

zipper is helpful for better manageability . However, bleach should not be used.


Do you often find yourself on the couch and find that it is not comfortable enough and that you can hardly find a comfortable lying position?

Then the seat does not have to be replaced. With a relaxation pillow you can already have a positive effect on the comfort of lying down and lie as well as it would not be possible on any couch anyway.

wedge pillow is also helpful in bed to read in an elevated position or to put your legs a little higher. Both for your own well-being and for health reasons, the pillow is a real purchase recommendation.

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Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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