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The mattress should allow the best sleep at night For this it is necessary that it has the right degree of hardness and feels comfortable. But which hardness is suitable for you?

Which degree of hardness you should choose largely depends on your body weight and sleeping habits . If you lie on your side, you need a little more support than if you read flat on your back. On the side there is a risk that you will sink in too deep and the spine will experience an unnatural load as a result.

If you often change your sleeping position or if the mattress is used by different people, you should address these needs. The reversible mattress is a flexible option to always ensure optimal stability.

Mattresses come in a wide variety of designs. You can consist of a foam core or be equipped with springs . While the spring core is less flexible, it is also possible to equip the foam with several layers. In this way, different foams can be combined with one another to offer greater comfort. A stable position in the bottom layer and a slightly softer material on the top make it easy to adapt to the back. This protects the spine and ensures a good night’s sleep.

As pleasant as this combination may be, it has the disadvantage that only one degree of hardness is available. You can only lie on top and have to make do with the mattress in this state. If the hardness does not suit your taste, you can only try to create a softer surface with a topper. Ultimately, buying a new mattress could be the last resort to get a comfortable bed.

The reversible mattress, on the other hand, has a different structure. With it, the foam layers are combined in such a way that it is possible to use them from both sides. One side is a little harder, while the other is softer. This gives you two degrees of hardness with one model , which could be better suited for your sleep.


Which mattresses can be turned and what should you pay attention to? When buying, pay attention to how the mattresses are constructed so that you know what to expect.


In theory, it should be possible to turn all mattresses. After all, these have a rectangular structure and both tops fit into the slatted frame.

Although the mattresses look the same on the outside, the structure on the inside must be considered. If it is a foam mattress, it could be arranged asymmetrically . Then the layer structure is coordinated so that only one side can be used as a lying surface. If you turn this over, the soft top would lie on the floor and be damaged as a result. Therefore, caution is advised with asymmetrical foam mattresses.

Spring mattresses are also not allowed to be turned . Above the spring core there is a layer of foam that prevents the springs from being noticeable on your back. If you turn the mattress over, the springs could be damaged and your sleeping comfort could suffer. Therefore, when handling the spring mattress, always pay attention to the right side.


Foam mattresses offer the advantage that different materials can be used. The foam could be a bit softer or harder, depending on the amount of raw material.

This now opens up the possibility of combining two degrees of firmness on a single mattress . For this purpose, a somewhat harder and a somewhat softer foam layer is combined. These are arranged so that this “2 in 1” mattress can be used from both sides.

Such a variant is wonderfully suitable as a guest mattress. The two degrees of firmness ensure that both heavier and lighter guests receive the right mattress. However, in continuous use it could prove to be less comfortable and subject to greater wear and tear. Nevertheless, this is a real price tip for getting a cheap guest mattress or cot mattress .


In addition to mattresses with different degrees of hardness, there are also models that are completely symmetrical. These allow turning without changing the sleeping characteristics. They offer the same comfort from both sides and are of the same length.

The advantage of these mattresses is that, when used properly, they last longer and wear out more evenly. Regular turning offers some advantages, which will be explained in detail later.


reversible mattress with two different degrees of hardness can be used in many ways. One area of ​​application is in the nursery , where the child’s growth poses a major challenge to sleep.

While a softer mattress is more suitable at a younger age , it may look different in a few years. The reversible mattress is an inexpensive and practical way to use the best possible mattress at all times as you grow. No compromises have to be made so that the spine is optimally supported. Posture damage or other impairments are avoided at this early age and health is promoted.

Like to stay guests with you, you want to also give you a pleasant place to sleep offer. The reversible mattress enables you to cater to the different statures of the guests. If they stay longer than one night, they will be happy about the comfortable mattress and not lose any of their comfort.

reversible mattress is therefore a cost-effective way of responding to the different sleep needs.


Which reversible mattresses offer the greatest comfort and how are they constructed? Below you will find three qualitative models that have a positive effect on your sleep.


The first reversible mattress presented in comparison consists of a single layer of cold foam, which offers two degrees of hardness. While one side corresponds to the degree of hardness H5 , the other side is somewhat softer and has a hardness of H4 . This makes it suitable for people weighing more than 80kg. Depending on your own requirements, the mattress can be turned over and you can sleep well in any position.

Cold foam is used in the core . This proves to be stable and at the same time offers good deformability. If you lie down on the mattress, the cold foam will feel good on your spine and provide relief .

In order to offer greater comfort, the mattress is divided into 7 zones. The 7 zones in turn differ slightly in hardness. In this way, the needs of the individual parts of the body are addressed. The head receives different support than the lower back, for example. Also for each sleeping position , this design proves to be positive, so that you, the night comfortably on the side and safely spend.

The cover is made of an easy-care polyester. This is surrounded by a 4-sided zipper and machine washable at 60 ° C. The diamond quilting enables quick drying and the material proves to be robust. This makes the cover suitable for both allergy sufferers and people who sweat more.

Available in sizes from 80x200cm to 140x200cm and equipped with the Oeko-Tex standard, this reversible mattress is a practical investment. The two degrees of firmness are extremely practical for the guest mattress and the comfort is already at a high level.


Delivered as a practical roll mattress , the AquaFlex appears in your bedroom. After unpacking the mattress unfolds and reaches its final height. This means that you can also transport them wonderfully through narrow doors or corridors.

Cold foam is also used in this model. Only one layer is used which has a hardness level of H4 . This makes it possible to turn the mattress at regular intervals. This is advisable so that the surface wears evenly and the life of the mattress increases.

The cold foam has a 7-zone cut on both sides . This division offers a high level of comfort and proves to be an orthopedic support. If you suffer from back pain or if your neck often feels tense, such a design is advantageous. The mattress caters to your needs better and offers both stable and soft sleeping comfort.

The offered model is available in the size 140x200cm . In addition, Träumegut24 also offers larger versions that are wonderfully suitable for the double bed. In smaller dimensions, on the other hand, softer reversible mattresses that are provided with different degrees of hardness are used. These are more practical for cots and will be usable for longer.

The Träumegut24 mattress has been awarded the Oeko-Tex standard . It is completely free of harmful substances and is also recommended for allergy sufferers. By turning the mite load is significantly reduced. You should still use a mite spray and the mite vacuum , but the symptoms will decrease significantly during the night.

Rely on this high-quality design to sleep comfortably for a few years. If you prefer a harder version that is safe from loungers , this variant is a good recommendation for you.


The Dream Night Basic 2 in 1 Duo cold foam mattress is characterized by its high quality. It is one of the most popular models and has more than 800 top ratings. The buyers are very satisfied with the purchase and confirm the unique price-performance ratio.

This reversible mattress contains a foam core. This has a hardness level of H2 on one side and H3 on the opposite side . This makes the mattress more suitable for lighter people. Your child could benefit from this, for example, as they can better use the H2 hardness level when they are younger.

This mattress also integrates 7 individual zones. This provides better support for the shoulder and lower back. The spine is relieved and there are fewer symptoms.

In sizes from 80 × 200 to 140x200cm , the reversible mattress is well suited for both single beds and smaller double beds. When it comes to heights, there is a choice of 13/16 / 27cm versions. The particularly high version is advantageous if you suffer from joint pain. Due to the height, the knees are bent less and the load is reduced.

The cover is made of 100% polyester and is quilted with a climate fiber . This ensures a high level of breathability, which also offers a good sleeping climate in summer. You will neither find the bed too warm nor freeze in winter. In every season you will find the optimal temperature and you will feel good.

Use this practical reversible mattress to benefit from the different degrees of hardness. The simple care and the high-quality workmanship make it ideal as the first mattress for your child. As a teenager, switching to the harder side could be a good decision so that you don’t need a new mattress.


The advantages of reversible mattresses with different degrees of hardness are obvious. They offer a good night’s sleep for different body types and appear neither too soft nor too hard. But even foam mattresses with only one degree of firmness should be turned regularly. There are the following reasons for this:

Avoid loungers

Modern foam proves to be robust and resilient. After lying down, it goes back to its original shape in order to give you a feeling again in the evening as if you were sleeping in a new bed.

Over time, however, even the best foam gives in, so that pits form. This should only happen after a few years , but the loungers reduce sleeping comfort. They can even prove harmful if your back is no longer adequately stabilized.

By turning the mattress , each side wears out at the same time. One side can recover from the strain and is better ventilated. In this way, the formation of pits can be delayed and the mattress can be used for longer.

Better sleeping environment for allergy sufferers

Not only loungers occur faster if you only sleep on one side. Even mites will feel comfortable on such a mattress. If you don’t turn the mattress, the moisture will concentrate in a single area. The high humidity is an ideal basis for mites to multiply.

By turning the mattress, you air it out a little at the same time. As a result, the mites there will no longer multiply so rapidly and the burden for you as an allergy sufferer will be less.

Airing the mattress

You spend around 8 hours on your mattress every night. During the night you exude sweat and your weight is on the material. In order to ensure high hygienic conditions, you should ventilate the mattress.

The cover can be machine washed, but the mattress should not come into contact with water. To drive out possible odors and moisture , you only have to ventilate .

If you decide to turn the mattress, it should first stand upright for the day so that both sides are ventilated. Then you can turn it over and place it on your slatted frame. The next day, it is beneficial to remove the bed linen from the mattress so that it can ventilate better. Turning it over will reduce the odor and moisture.


Use a reversible mattress with two different degrees of firmness if you often receive guests or if you want to better cater to your child’s needs . The two degrees of firmness represent an investment in the future, so that you do not need a new mattress. A model can be used for up to 10 years and thus offer optimal comfort for both children and adolescents.

symmetrical reversible mattress is characterized by its durability and greater hygiene. Turn the mattress every two to three weeks to give the sleeping side some relief. Then you will enjoy these models for a long time and there will be no loungers .

Thus, the reversible mattress proves to be an inexpensive model, which still offers a high level of comfort and is future-proof.

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