Self-inflating air mattresses – guide & comparison

If you need a usable mattress quickly , this is not an easy task. Nobody has an ordinary mattress in the car by chance, and you can hardly find one in the area.

The self-inflating air mattress, on the other hand, is relatively compact and quickly offers a comfortable place to sleep. If you often go camping, traveling or waiting in the apartment for a new bed, this air mattress offers a high level of sleeping comfort.

So you don’t have to forego a good night’s sleep even on vacation, but will wake up the next morning full of energy.

Which self-inflating air mattresses are best for you and how do they actually work?

Find out more about these sleeping places in this comparison and how they support your sleep.

You will probably know simple air mattresses from your trip to the lake in summer. They are ideal as swimming aids and you can spend the day on the water and let the sun shine on your stomach.

The self-inflating air mattress is based on the same principle. The flexible material is filled with air and this mattress offers you good comfort when you lie down on it.

With the simple air mattress, you will either use a pump or your breathing air to fill it. You can inflate and use smaller versions in this way in a short time.

On the other hand, it becomes problematic if the mattress takes up a larger area. Then it would take far too long to inflate it yourself. The self-inflating air mattress offers a simple solution for this. You don’t have to push your lungs to the limit of their capacity yourself, but the mattress inflates itself.

Therefore, these forms of the air mattress are usually designed a little larger. They are only suitable for swimming to a limited extent and are designed to replace the bed in the bedroom or to provide a useful place to sleep during a camping trip.

To ensure greater comfort, they are not made of the simple plastic that you know from the small air mattress. Rather, they consist of a soft surface and are more stable overall. The material is noticeably thicker and you don’t have to worry that a hole will spoil the fun on this air mattress.

They are therefore better suited as a temporary place to sleep and ensure a high level of comfort.


You have just arrived at the campsite and would like to sleep, but you have to use your last bit of strength to inflate the air mattress first?

Then you can avoid this work by purchasing a practical model that is capable of self-inflating. You no longer need your own strength to get the air into the mattress.

To bring the air into the mattress, these models have a built-in air pump . Instead of attaching an external air pump to the valve, it is already integrated into the mattress. This makes your work easier and ensures that individual chambers are filled with air.

In order for the pump to work, the air mattress must be connected to a socket. The appropriate cables are available for this and a power source must be available. You should therefore also make sure that there is a power socket when camping.

Smaller models manage without a power connection. To do this, however, you have to lend a hand yourself and operate the integrated pump. A self-inflating variant can then only be mentioned to a limited extent. But if you only need an air mattress for yourself, this could also be an alternative.

Larger self-inflating mattresses just work. The valve is turned to one side and the pump is started. As long as the power connection is available, the pump starts working. After the mattress has reached the desired degree of firmness, turn off the pump. It doesn’t have to be running all the time. Once filled, the mattress will last for a while.

If you want to pack up the mattress again, turn the valve in the other direction. This allows the air to escape and you can stow the air mattress compactly again.

All the work runs by itself and you can save yourself the work. The inflation is done within a few minutes and the sleeping area is set up quickly.


Building a comfortable place to sleep quickly can be beneficial in some situations. Do the following situations sound familiar to you?


If, surprisingly, the mother-in-law and family are at the door and want to spend the night with you, you may not be prepared for this situation. The guest room is not furnished and you have to prepare a bed quickly.

The inflatable air mattress is the solution at this point. The mattress inflates within a few minutes and your mother-in-law does not have to spend the night on the floor.

If you only have little space available and usually use the guest room for other purposes, it can be impractical to set up an ordinary bed there. With a self-inflating air mattress, you can react flexibly to a spontaneous visit and quickly set up a usable bed.


Are you just moving and it will take a while until your dream bed arrives and invites you to sleep?

Then you should use the time wisely to bridge the gap. Instead of sleeping on the floor with a simple sleeping mat, a larger air mattress is a much better choice. Because every night that you hardly sleep, your quality of life will decrease significantly.

You will be less rested and significantly more stressed. The move is already a burden and you need all your strength to set up the new home.

So invest around 50 euros in a self-inflating air mattress and you will spend the nights much more comfortably. Nobody needs a bad sleep and even if it’s only a few days the investment will be well worth it.


Do you like to travel and spend time in nature, but you don’t want your sleeping comfort to suffer?

Then a self-inflating air mattress is also suitable for camping. The models are available in different versions and when camping it is certainly an advantage if you use slightly smaller variants.

These can be easily stowed away, but offer significantly better sleeping comfort than a simple sleeping mat.

If you are traveling with the motorhome, you can inflate the air mattress practically anywhere and thus spend the night comfortably outdoors. And what could be nicer than waking up to the sunrise in the morning and having a relaxed sleep?


If you have decided to buy such an air mattress, I would now like to introduce you to three different variants. These differ somewhat in the area of ​​application and, depending on the version, are more useful for home use or for travel.

You will get a good overview of the available models and will achieve a high quality of sleep. In comparison, two products are presented that manage completely without a power connection and are therefore particularly suitable for camping. A larger air bed is also featured, which is useful for the home.


The first model presented here is especially suitable for mobile use when camping. It is a very compact and light air mattress that inflates by itself.

The air mattress is 190x68cm and is therefore suitable for only one person. However, several mattresses can be placed next to each other and connected with the push buttons to create a larger area. When inflated, the height is a little less than 4 cm. This is completely sufficient for short-term outdoor use. However, if you plan to use the mattress in the apartment for several weeks, this could be a bit uncomfortable.

With a weight of 1.25kg , the mattress is easy to transport. A special carrying bag is also included in the scope of delivery for this purpose. The mattress can be easily stowed away in this.

The material is resistant because a high-quality plastic is used. This is waterproof, long-lasting and well tolerated by the skin. So you don’t have to worry if the air mattress is set up on a meadow. The mattress should be able to withstand these loads without any problems.

The existing head end also ensures a high level of comfort Because the mattress is not completely flat, but a pillow is inflated at the top. Your head rests on this the whole night and you don’t need a separate pillow.

To inflate, the mat just needs to be spread out and the valve opened. Then the mattress inflates automatically. This process takes about three minutes and then you can sit down and sleep there. If you prefer a harder bed, you can add some air yourself. To let the air out, the valve is opened and the mat is squeezed together to force the air out. This is also very easy to do. In just a few steps, all of the air has escaped and the mattress can be rolled up.

If you are looking for a particularly mobile self-inflating air mattress, this model offers a high level of comfort. All you have to do is open the valve and within a few minutes the mattress will inflate. The PU foam ensures a comfortable sleep and several mats can be connected to each other with push buttons.


If the air mattress is to be a bit larger , this version from LCP Sports is better for you. With a length of 200cm, it is also well suited for taller people and offers a high level of sleeping comfort . It is also available in four colors and also makes a good visual impression.

nylon & polyester mix is used as the outer material . This is water-repellent and extremely durable . Due to the robust construction, the mattress is also suitable for outdoor use. A PU foam is incorporated into the interior. This ensures a high level of sleeping comfort.

Depending on which areas you want to use the mattress for, you can use a different thickness . It is available in heights of 3, 6 & 10 cm. If you want a particularly compact air mattress that you only use for one night, the 3cm high version is well suited. In the longer term, however, the 10cm high version can be used. This offers such a high level of comfort that it can be used as a guest bed in the home.

To inflate only the valve needs to be opened. It should be noted, however, that the air mattress has to be worked in a little when it is used for the first time. It is therefore recommended to leave the mat for around 24 hours. You can also blow manually to get a little more air into the mattress.

Thanks to the different heights , this self-inflating air mattress can be used for a wide variety of applications. Whether for camping or as a guest bed, the model allows you an ideal sleep in different environments. The carrying bag and the Velcro fasteners make transport easier. So you can sleep well anywhere.


This air bed differs significantly from the two previous models . It is not intended for a spontaneous camping trip, but rather to provide a place to sleep for a longer period of time. So if you don’t have your own bed at home and need an alternative for a few weeks.

From the look you will already see that this version is significantly larger. The air bed is available either as a single or double version. The dimensions of the double bed are 152x203x42cm . With a height of 42cm, it is easy to get in and out of bed. It is therefore also suitable for people who suffer from back problems and are somewhat restricted in their mobility.

The surface of the bed is a little rougher. This allows you to use a normal bed sheet that does not slip. In terms of structure, you get a full bed with all amenities.

Inflating it turns out to be very easy. The mains plug is connected to the socket and the pump is switched on. After a few minutes, the entire bed is completely inflated. Spontaneous use is also possible if there is an unannounced visitor at the door.

Users report that the bed has been in use for several months and that there has been no loss of air over the entire period . The pump only had to be switched on for about a minute a few times to refill the air. But you don’t have to worry that the pump will have to work all the time to keep the air bed comfortable.

To let out the air, you switch on the pump and the air escapes by itself. With is included with a carrier bag , which enables a high mobility.

If you are looking for a longer-term variant of a mobile bed and do not want to forego a high level of sleeping comfort at home, this self-inflating air bed offers everything you are used to from a conventional bed. So you don’t have to put up with a small sleeping mat or couch when you wait for your bed or guests spend the night with you. This air bed is set up in a few minutes and offers a level of comfort that comes close to a normal bed.


So you will notice that there are a few different variants of the self-inflating air mattress. From the very compact models that are intended for a camping trip to the larger models that serve as a bed replacement .

But what do you have to pay attention to when you have to decide on a product? Here you will find some criteria that will make your decision easier.


Before buying, you should think carefully about what the air mattress is actually used for. For example, the place of use, the number of people and the duration of use are decisive for this .

For a night outside, a smaller mattress is more suitable. This can be used flexibly and hardly takes up any space in your luggage. However, if the air mattress is to be used for a longer period of time, you should use a higher-quality model.

Greater lying heights and a resistant material are advantageous here This should also be water-repellent when used for camping holidays.


How many people should sleep on the air mattress and are you a little taller yourself?

With a size of over 185cm, it is more comfortable for you if you choose a model that is around 200cm long. This ensures that your entire body length rests on the mattress and that your feet do not hang out. Especially when used outdoors, the feeling could be uncomfortable when your feet are hanging in the grass and not on the mattress.

You should also assess in advance whether the mattress should be designed for one or two people. The first two models presented here are very flexible for mobile use outdoors. You can connect several air mattresses together to create a kind of double bed.

With the stable air beds, you have to decide in advance whether one or two people will sleep in the bed.

The height is also important for usability. Models with a height of 3cm are only partially suitable for a comfortable sleep. This may still be sufficient for one night, but for a longer period of time the back could suffer. However, products with a height of 10 cm offer an acceptable level of comfort.


Depending on the area of ​​application and the number of people, you should rate the quality.

If the self-inflating air mattress is used outdoors, it should be water-repellent and durable . Otherwise you may quickly have to deal with holes in the material.

If you use the air mattress in the apartment, the material should be of high quality. Otherwise you might notice the typical “plastic smell”. This is not exactly comfortable for sleeping.

Especially if you use the mattress for a long time, you should invest a little more money. But it doesn’t have to be more than 100 euros. Simple mattresses that are only used for a short time are of sufficient quality at a price of around 30 euros.

If you decide on even cheaper models, they will probably lose air after a few uses and become unusable.


The self-inflating air mattress offers you a good opportunity to sleep well in different situations. You don’t have to inflate it yourself, the mattresses fill themselves with air.

With smaller models, all you have to do is open the valve. The material then fills itself with air and provides a comfortable surface for your sleep.

Larger air beds, on the other hand, work with an integrated pump. These require a power connection. Within a few minutes, however, the large versions are also filled with air and are ready for the night.

Whether when camping, as a quick guest bed or when moving, the self-inflating air mattress offers a first-class opportunity to sleep comfortably even in these situations. You wake up full of energy in the morning and your back will also thank you if you choose such a bed and don’t sleep on the hard floor.

Since the models can be stowed away compactly, it is always useful to own such a bed.


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