Seniors alarm clock – the great guide

During professional life, the question does not arise of whether you should get up early in the morning or rather stay in bed. The work calls and the daily rhythm is significantly influenced by it. A reliable alarm clock is important to get to work on time and start the day.

Even at an advanced age, it is advantageous to get up at regular times. The day is started with a suitable alarm clock and not just lived into the day. By waking up regularly , the body stays in its rhythm and can get used to this process better. This means that more energy is available and seniors will be more active in their everyday lives.

But in old age the alarm clock should meet special requirements. The eyesight deteriorates and hearing becomes more difficult. Senior alarm clocks are precisely tailored to this target group and meet these needs. Find out which models perform best and what features they have.

Sleep disorders are common at a young age. The working hours do not always coincide with the internal clock, so that it is difficult to get up. If the stress from work or studies is added to this factor, sleep is disturbed in many cases. In the evening, the thoughts revolve around the problems of the day and even after lying awake for hours it is not possible to fall asleep. The morning is characterized by a high level of tiredness and the alarm clock is viewed as an enemy.

Although professional stress no longer exists in old age , a large number of seniors still suffer from insomnia. Around half of all people over the age of 65 are affected by these problems. It is difficult for you to fall asleep or you wake up at the slightest noise.

Still other people complain that they need too much sleep. You have to take an afternoon nap and the alarm clock will not be heard in the morning.

Sleep problems can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Existing tiredness during the day is a clear indication that sleep is associated with problems. But this disturbance cannot be ignored. Serious illnesses can result in impaired sleep. For example, high blood pressure occurs and the risk of a heart attack increases.

With a senior citizen alarm clock you will be able to get a better grip on sleep problems. This is associated with a higher quality of life in old age.


Compared to an ordinary alarm clock, the senior citizen alarm clock has special properties. These make it easier to use and cater to the needs of old age . An alarm clock for seniors should have the following characteristics.


Eyesight usually decreases with age. A presbyopia may occur and the eye is no longer to provide full power in the situation. If ametropia already exists , it will usually worsen further up to old age.

Reading the clock face is becoming more and more difficult and the alarm clock does not serve its purpose. In order to still be usable, the senior citizen alarm clock should have a large display. Digital displays, which have large numbers, are practical here These can be read better even without glasses.


Getting up during the night is not a particular sign of age. But it can occur more often and getting out of bed is no longer so easy. It is difficult to keep your bearings in the dark and every fall can be life-threatening.

It is therefore advantageous if the alarm clock has an integrated night light. The light is so intense that it not only illuminates the display, but also the surroundings. It is also possible to use a sensory night light . These are integrated in the senior citizen alarm clock and switch on if movement is registered.

As an alternative, a night light with a motion detector can be used. These can be placed in the bedroom and point the way to the bathroom. They turn on automatically when movement is detected nearby.


Sleep can usually be influenced by minor disturbances in old age. With an analog alarm clock , the ticking of the clockwork can be clearly heard. If this is perceived as annoying, an alarm clock without ticking should be purchased. This can be an analog alarm clock with a special quartz clockwork or a digital alarm clock. These run completely noiseless.

Anyone who suffers from background noise will not only find the ticking uncomfortable. The neighbors can also impair sleep. white noise device is well suited to influencing the background noise . This constantly sends out a noise or other noise in order to superimpose the sources of interference.


Anyone who suffers from a hearing loss in old age will often fail to hear the alarm tone. This means that the actual daily rhythm is not adhered to and appointments could be missed.

To prevent this from happening, the alarm tone should be particularly loud. There are extra loud alarm clocks for this purpose , which are sufficient even for people who are hard of hearing and have a deep sleep. However, it should be noted that these models are so loud that they can also be heard by the immediate neighbors. The use in an apartment is therefore only conditionally recommended.


In the following, three models are presented that are ideally suited for seniors. Depending on your own taste and preferences, these will make the night more pleasant and lead to better sleep behavior.


The first senior citizen alarm clock in this comparison impresses with a wide range of functions and a particularly large display. This model is one of the best-selling alarm clocks in the USA and is very popular. This alarm clock has received more than 9,000 top ratings from buyers and the price-performance ratio is just as convincing.

The clear display with the large red numbers on the front is easy to read. There are no other elements that are displayed, so that the focus is only on the time. The red digits do not disturb the night’s sleep. It is also possible to control the display via the dimmer on the back and set a lower brightness.

large night light is built into the top . This is not only sufficient to brighten the bedroom during the night, but also enables reading in bed. This light is activated by simply pressing a button on the housing.

The alarm works reliably and has a greater volume. The volume can be set individually. The alarm tone sounds for 5 minutes and this can be interrupted with the snooze function.

The alarm clock is powered by the power cord . If the power supply fails, operation via the back-up batteries is possible. So there is no longer any excuse to oversleep in the morning.

Use this practical and reliable seniors alarm clock to get up on time in the morning. It is kept clear, the digits are large and the red is not perceived as annoying. You get high quality at a low price with this model from Travelwey.


Are you looking for a smaller version that could also be used as a travel alarm clock ? Then the digital radio alarm clock from TFA Dostmann is certainly a good choice for you.

This alarm clock has a more classic structure like an alarm clock for travel. The display offers more information than just the current time. The temperature and the alarm time are also displayed. In addition to the hours and minutes, the seconds are also displayed.

The radio function is practical for travel . It is no longer necessary to set the time manually. The time is set automatically via the radio link so that even crossing time zones does not involve any additional effort. This ensures that the precise local time always appears on the display.

The display is illuminated using the sensor button on the top . You only have to hold your finger over the sensor for the light to appear.

If a compact version is sufficient for you and you want the alarm clock to be used flexibly, this version from TFA Dostmann is well suited for you. The time is displayed relatively large and the operation proves to be uncomplicated. Thanks to the radio connection, you will always get the correct time and be woken up on time.


In addition to physical abilities, mental impairments can also occur in old age. In the initial phase, dementia is not just a bad memory. Other everyday things also become a problem. This often starts with the date and the current day of the week. This alarm clock is ideally suited to provide better orientation.

This alarm clock impresses with an extremely large display . In addition to the time, the day of the week and the date are displayed on this. This makes it immediately clear which day is today. Thus, those affected feel safer in the morning and do not have to start the day with the first doubts.

It is also practical that there is a reminder function . This can be used to remind people to take medication. The message then appears in large letters on the display that the time has come for the morning medication. Thus, these are not forgotten and health is promoted.

In addition to the medication, other reminders can also be integrated. A total of 8 appointments can be stored , which is pointed out.

The other functions are also convincing. The brightness of the display can be adjusted to your own needs and it is operated via the mains plug.

If the first signs of dementia appear , this alarm clock is particularly practical and offers useful assistance for everyday life. As a gift , this model is wonderfully suitable to support your own parents or grandparents.


The models presented here are based heavily on the usual alarm clocks. But there are definitely more unusual designs that can also be used.

These differ, for example, with regard to the type of alarm . If the sound is barely heard and no reaction is taken, the alarm should be used to wake you up. For this purpose there are, for example, vibrating alarm clocks , which not only make sounds, but vibrate noticeably . These can be placed next to or even in bed. The vibration is usually a very clear signal to get up.

If the eyesight is severely restricted, alarm clocks with a voice function can also be used. At the push of a button, they announce the time so that the display does not have to be read. This is also an advantage during the night so that you don’t have to look at the display.

If the time is to be displayed large and above the bed , there are alarm clocks with a projection . With these, the information can not only be seen on the display, but is projected onto the wall or ceiling via the mini projector . This is particularly useful when both partners know the time but only want to use one alarm clock.


The alarm clocks presented here will ensure a comfortable sleep and a safe wake-up. The following sleep aids are also useful to help you get a deep and restful sleep in old age.


Is there a hearing loss or does the alarm sound always at the most inopportune time? Then vibration bracelets are a practical aid. They are placed around the wrist and record data on sleep behavior. In this way, the devices recognize which sleep phase the sleeper is currently in.

This makes it possible to initiate the waking phase at a time when you are lightly asleep. Then the bracelet vibrates and instead of suddenly sitting upright in bed due to the loud alarm tone, the vibration is felt to be much gentler.


The daylight alarm clocks go in a similar direction to the vibration bracelets. You don’t primarily rely on a loud alarm tone, but on the power of sunlight. Because the body is primarily oriented towards sunlight and with the first rays in the morning the sleep hormone melatonin is no longer released. Body and mind wake up slowly and relaxed.

Nowadays, however, it is hardly possible to follow this natural behavior. The sunlight does not shine in every bedroom and the wake-up time is also not based on the sun, but on other factors, such as work or other appointments.

The alarm clock with daylight helps you to get up naturally. Instead of the alarm tone, this alarm clock emits a light that comes close to sunlight. It simulates a sunrise over a period of approx. 30 minutes As a result, a very gentle wake-up takes place. The morning starts off without a stressful tone and can be started much more relaxed.


Is sleep disturbed but it is difficult to find out the causes? The doctor could conduct a detailed analysis of sleep behavior by going to the sleep laboratory. However, the places in sleep laboratories are very limited and associated with a long waiting time.

In order to examine sleep behavior itself can sleep sensors are used. These are flat pads that are placed under the mattress. They record the movements and sounds. Breath pauses and sleep phases can be analyzed the next morning. The data can be used to optimize sleep independently and without a sleep laboratory.


There are special demands on sleep in old age. In order for a restful night to come, the alarm clock must be a support. This includes ensuring that the display is not too bright and the alarm clock is completely silent.

The models presented here prove to be practical and can be used wonderfully at an advanced age. The displays are easier to read and the alarm is reliable. This enables greater independence and guarantees the desired daily routine.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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