Senior beds – guide & comparison

As you get older, you may experience some limitations in your ability to move . It is harder to get into bed and getting up in the morning can be a real challenge.

To make everyday life easier, there are some products that are specifically aimed at seniors. There are also models for beds that appeal to this target group and offer some advantages.

But how is the senior bed made up and for which people does it offer better sleeping comfort?

Find out everything about the senior bed and choose your favorites from the 5 models presented. In this way, the evening of old age is made comfortable and getting up is a lot easier.

In old age it happens more often that the joints hurt and therefore high stress is no longer possible. It can be difficult to get out of your ordinary bed if it’s too flat. Because if the height is too low, the knees are put under great strain and this can become a real problem for the elderly. Who wants to start the day with aching joints in the morning?

The main feature of senior beds is that they are built higher. The frame height of ordinary beds is around 40cm in most cases. At least this is the case with conventional beds with a slatted frame. Futon beds are even below that with a height of approx. 30 cm. The low height makes it difficult for seniors to get up and they have to literally struggle out of bed in the morning.

Therefore, senior beds are designed higher. They have a higher frame. This can be more than 50cm and thus offers a better basis than is the case with lower beds. In addition to the frame height, it is also crucial that higher mattresses can be used.

For example, mattresses can be used in the senior citizen’s bed that are themselves 20cm high. In addition, this results in an entry height that makes it much easier for seniors to use the bed. How high the bed should be, of course, depends on the requirements of the user. But there is at least the possibility to adjust the height according to your own ideas.

In addition, senior beds have other helpful features that provide more security . A higher head or foot section prevents the bed linen from falling out of bed easily. Seniors cannot easily pick up the blanket or pillow lying on the floor. It is therefore advantageous if the bed is a little more closed.

The unity also conveys a feeling of security. There is no risk of the elderly falling out of bed and seriously injuring themselves.


The advantages can essentially be derived from the properties of the senior citizen’s bed. These are now listed again and show you the benefits such a bed offers in advanced age.


Due to the higher position of the mattress , getting in and out of the senior bed is easier. The knees are less stressed and pain is avoided. This characteristic gives older people an important part of their quality of life.

Because imagine if you felt pain every time you got out of bed. Going to the toilet at night would be torture and instead of getting up in the morning with joy, it takes a lot of effort to get out of bed at all.

It is therefore not an understatement to say that the senior bed brings back a bit of joie de vivre. The users sleep more relaxed and look forward to the next morning. You can finally recharge your batteries and start the day full of energy.


The joy of life should not be spoiled by the fact that an accident has occurred. Falling out of bed poses a high risk in old age. Motor skills can be restricted and while sleeping or getting up it can happen that the person falls out of bed.

At an advanced age, this is a life-threatening event. The person may not be able to stand up on their own and even if the accident is noticed, serious injuries can result.

Not all those affected recover from a fracture of the hip or leg. The injury could lead to immobility and is closely related to a deterioration in general health.

To prevent this, some senior beds are equipped with a head and foot section . These offer more security and prevent older people from falling out of bed. But the most important safety measure is the greater height. Because if it is easier to get up, fewer accidents occur. Using the right bed height is therefore an important safety factor.


Senior beds are available in a wide variety of designs. In the following I present 5 models that have their own advantages and are suitable for you.


The first model presented here is a solid bed that is sufficient for one person . The frame is available in the sizes 90x200cm and 120x200cm . The frame is too small for two people as a double bed, but one person will find enough space to sleep comfortably in this bed.

The frame is simple and fulfills its functions. Made of solid wood, it is able to withstand high loads. At the same time it is stable and once set up you can use it for a long time.

The beech gives a classic impression. Noble, but at the same time of high quality, this bed can be easily integrated into many bedrooms. This framework fits in very well, especially in rooms that have a lot of wooden furniture.

The headboard offers additional stability and offers enough space for a pillow. There is less of a risk of the pillow falling out of bed and having to be picked up.

With a height of 53cm , getting in and out is easier. No additional tools are required for assembly.

With this senior citizen’s bed, Krok Wood offers a very solid model that perfectly fulfills the most important properties. The bed height is comfortable, the frame is very stable and the assembly is easy. So choose this model if you don’t have any fancy wishes and high quality is important.


Based on the previous model, the solid wood bed from Woodlive is also kept rather simple and functional . The bed is also made of beech heartwood. This looks a little brighter and friendlier. So it is particularly suitable for modern facilities that rely on lighter wood. Older wooden furniture, on the other hand, often looks very dark, where this bed would provide a contrast.

It is available in the sizes 90x200cm & 100x200cm. There is no difference in price between these variants. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a model and use the right mattress. In general, the price of the bed is a bit higher than the offer from Krok Wood. The price difference is justified by the fact that the design looks higher quality.

Instead of just using flat ends and leaving the wood relatively natural, this bed clearly shows the work that is invested in its manufacture. The corners are finely rounded and the details look nicer.

With a load capacity of 250kg , two people could sleep there without any problems. But the size will hardly allow this. Nevertheless, the high load-bearing capacity is an indication of how stable the bed is made.

If the senior citizen’s bed is to be integrated into a modern bedroom, the lighter design is an advantage. From the overall impression, the bed looks a bit higher quality and exudes more elegance. At 48cm, the frame height is lower than that of the Krok Wood bed. If there are severe restrictions on movement, this bed is probably too low. In order to make it easier to get in and out, this height is already a clear aid.


You can get a particularly simple version from the manufacturer Liegewerk. This frame works without any “frills” and enables the construction of a senior bed at an affordable price.

Compared to the other providers, the senior bed from Liegewerk costs just under half. Nevertheless, you don’t have to accept any compromises in terms of quality . The buyers rate this frame as extremely positive.

The bed is made from solid wood. No lacquer or other chemicals are used. The bed is natural and there is no risk of skin irritation or impairment of sleep.

The frame is available in 7 sizes. These range from a simple single bed with a size of 90x200cm to 200x200cm. Thus, the bed is suitable for both singles and partners.

With a bed edge height of 55cm , getting in and out is much easier. It can be set up without any additional tools and is quick and easy thanks to the simple design. The total load capacity is 200kg and therefore more than sufficient, even if it is used as a double bed.

Above all , if you want to get a frame that is functional and easy to assemble, Liegewerk is the right place for you. An elaborate design is dispensed with, which means that this model can be offered at a very affordable price. The bed height and stability make it easier for seniors to use. In terms of price-performance ratio , this senior citizen’s bed is unbeatable.


If the previous model from Liegewerk was very minimalist, this variant from Erst-Holz is the exact opposite. In the design you will already see that significantly more wood is used. Much more material is used on both the sides and the head ends, which means that the entire frame appears self-contained.

The version is offered in the size 90x200cm and the entry height is 50cm. Made from pine wood , the “wood character” is clearly evident. While the beech variants appear a bit “cleaner”, the grain of this pine is clearly visible. This makes it particularly suitable for rustic furnishings.

The big advantage of this model, however, is the variable insertion depth of the slatted frame and mattress. The slatted frame can be placed inside the frame at different heights. This can be used to influence whether the side walls should provide protection on the sides or not.

If there is a risk that the person will fall out of bed during the night, it is recommended to lay the mattress a little lower. As a result, the side walls offer protection and the sleeper cannot roll out of bed at night.

To make it easier to get up when the mattress is a little lower, an electric slatted frame is helpful. This frame is compatible with an electric slatted frame, so that this combination can be used sensibly.

If the senior citizen’s bed is primarily intended to offer security and to be used together with an electric slatted frame , this senior citizen’s bed from Erst-Holz is an ideal choice. If it is already very difficult to get up, emphasis should be placed on greater security. This design is very effective in preventing the sleeper from rolling out of bed.


This variant is a slight modification of the previous model . The main differences here are the size and the presence of a bed box.

With a size of 140x200cm, the bed can be used as a double bed. Two people can comfortably spend the night and find enough space. The height of the frame is a little more than 45cm , so that the bed can also be used as a bed for senior citizens.

There are three storage boxes underneath the bed . There are two smaller drawers on one side and a larger bed box on the opposite. These move on rollers and are pushed out of bed with little effort. In this way, bed linen or other things can be conveniently stowed under the bed.

In terms of design, this bed is particularly suitable for bedrooms that already have wooden furniture. The pine has a striking grain and is therefore best used in conjunction with a rustic interior. The head and foot ends are designed higher so that the bed looks closed.

If the bed is to be practical and offer some storage space, this senior bed is a good solution. It is stable and of high quality. The bed boxes are easy to use thanks to the castors and the entry height is suitable for seniors. The wood also comes only from carefully managed forests. This ensures sustainability in the manufacture of this frame.


You have now received a small selection of suitable beds. But what do you have to pay attention to in detail when buying a senior citizen’s bed?

The right bed should meet the following characteristics.


How much space is required in the bed? Is the bed designed for one or two people?

First of all, the question should be answered very clearly whether the bed should be used as a single or double bed. In order to offer enough space to sleep as a double bed , the frame must be at least 140cm wide. Then there is enough space for both people to spend the night relaxed.

Of course, the size can also vary when used as a single bed. Relatively narrow frames start at around 90cm. This is enough for some people and the advantage is that the frame is hardly noticeable in the bedroom. The bed is therefore well suited for smaller rooms.

However, most people will prefer a larger version even in a single bed. It should be at least 100 or 110cm . So there is no risk of rolling out of bed during a restless night.

If in doubt, you should therefore choose a bed that is a little larger. If the bedroom offers enough space, the larger bed is perceived as more comfortable.


The decisive factor in a senior citizen’s bed is its bed height. But how high should the bed be now?

In comparison, you were shown different variants that range from approx. 45 to 55cm. This means that they are already higher than normal bed frames, which are a maximum of 40cm.

Wie hoch das Bett sein soll, hängt vor allem von der Körpergröße und der Bewegungsfähigkeit ab. Fällt das Aufstehen noch relativ leicht und der Schlafende ist nicht besonders groß, ist eine Höhe von 45cm ausreichend.

Für große Personen oder wenn bereits starke Schmerzen in den Kniegelenken bestehen, kann diese Höhe aber zu niedrig sein. Hier ist es vorteilhaft, wenn der Bettrahmen mindestens 55cm hoch ist.


Der Lattenrost ist eine wichtige Komponente, wenn es um den Schlafkomfort geht. Er beeinflusst wesentlich, wie die Kraft bei der Matratze verteilt wird und ob zusätzliche Funktionen genutzt werden können.

If the bed is not only used for sleeping, but also for reading or watching TV, an adjustable slatted frame is practical. This can be adjusted to the upright lying position in just a few simple steps. This makes reading more comfortable and you don’t have to change position with pillows.

An electric slatted frame is even more convenient This is equipped with a motor and changes the lying position at the push of a button. So the head or foot section can be raised to increase comfort.

When buying a senior citizen’s bed, you should always think of the slatted frame. This must be compatible with the frame and, above all, be the right size.


Not only the slatted frame, but also the mattress is of course important when it comes to the highest possible sleeping comfort. The size of the mattress must match the slatted frame and the bed.

However, there is greater freedom of choice when it comes to the height of the mattress. The total height of the bed can also be varied with the height. So if you have chosen a slightly lower frame, you can influence the overall height with a high mattress.

high mattress is therefore recommended for a senior citizen’s bed. They are found to be more comfortable and the extra height is also an advantage.


The bed is more than just a place to sleep. At least you can decide to do so and use the bed multifunctionally.

Bed boxes offer additional storage space in which bed linen or other things can be stored. Equipped with rollers, the boxes can be opened easily and this is also possible for older people without any problems.

It is practical if the bed has a flexibly adjustable inlet depth for the slatted frame. This allows you to try out for yourself which bed height offers the greatest comfort and adapt it to your actual needs.

Some beds are also available in combination with other pieces of furniture. So you can quickly set up a complete bedroom, which consists of the matching bedside tables and chests of drawers. Here it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the manufacturers and to check whether they offer other pieces of furniture.


The senior beds presented here are all relatively similar. They offer a greater entry height, are sturdy and are made of natural wood. So far, all beds are similar.

The only differences are essentially whether there are side parts that prevent falling out or whether bed boxes are integrated.

The real differences only become noticeable with the slatted frame and the mattress. An electronic slatted frame enables the lying position to be changed automatically and there is a greater choice of mattresses anyway.

It is therefore particularly important for the senior citizen’s bed that the frame is the right size and suitable for the desired slatted frame and mattress.


Aging is not a pleasant affair for anyone, and most people would probably wish they were young and agile again. But at some point you can no longer stop the signs of the times and they will be clearly perceived.

When a senior citizen’s bed should be used can hardly be answered in general terms One indicator is, above all, pain when standing up. The knee joints are a weakness in old age and an unfavorable strain can quickly lead to impaired mobility.

If getting up is difficult and poses a challenge every morning, it is high time to use a different bed. Because nobody should start the day in pain.

The senior bed is also useful for people who suffer from very restless sleep and who are at risk of falling out during the night.

In this sense, everyone has to make the decision for themselves as to when their own bed is more of a limitation and no longer offers the highest level of comfort.


Have you decided on a senior citizen’s bed, but you don’t yet know how to proceed from now on? Are you not very skilled in your craft and are concerned that you will not be able to assemble the framework?

The delivery depends on the respective provider. Usually a delivery date is agreed upon and at that time the frame will be delivered. To confirm the delivery, a phone call could be made to explain the exact process.

Depending on the agreement, the supplier transports the package either to the apartment or to the front door. This should be discussed in advance because the packages are not exactly light. It is helpful to have a helping hand and to carry the packages with two people. The frames are delivered in just a few individual pieces that have to be connected. So you don’t have to worry about the setup getting complicated.

The models presented here are designed to be relatively simple. This is a significant advantage in the construction, because now the few parts only have to be put together. You don’t usually need your own tools. In any case, only an Allen key is often required to firmly connect the parts together.

The assembly can be done either alone or in pairs . With the help of the enclosed assembly instructions, no great specialist knowledge is required. Even if you have hardly any manual experience, you will be able to assemble the senior bed without any problems.


If you, your parents or grandparents find it difficult to get in and out of bed, this does not have to become normal. Certainly there are some limitations in old age and certain things are no longer so easy. But this does not mean that you have to open every morning with a face contorted with pain.

The senior bed has a higher frame. This makes getting up much easier and protects the knee joints. Side walls provide additional security if falling out is a serious risk.

If there is a recognized degree of care, the costs for the new bed can be partially covered by the health insurance. However, this must be clarified in advance.

Avoid pain and ensure optimal sleep comfort even in old age. The senior bed is an ideal solution to enjoy life again at an advanced age.

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