Shiatsu massagers – 5 models in comparison

One of the basic requirements for a healthy sleep and a high level of well-being is to get rid of the stress of everyday life . There are very different strategies and approaches for this. With the massage, the muscles and the mind can get a whole new feeling of relaxation . This will relieve stress and possibly prevent headaches.

Massage by a specialist can be associated with high costs and effort. With a Shiatsu massage device, you can easily achieve deep relaxation at home.

You can find out how this works and whether the Shiatsu massage devices actually keep what they promise in this guide.

Very different directions have developed in the type of massage. You are probably only familiar with massage in the form that the force of the hands exerts pressure on the muscles. This may be the simplest, but there are many different techniques that can be used to achieve a different effect.

The Shiatsu massage has evolved from the traditional Chinese medicine developed and is practiced mainly in Japan. With this form, the pressure is applied via the fingers.

holistic focus is placed on the body . The pressure on the fingers loosens the muscles and relieves tension. To achieve this, the movements are performed gently and rhythmically. The effect is increased by slightly stretching the corresponding joints.

The masseur does not work with his own physical strength. He just shifts his own weight so that it works the muscles. Not only the fingers are used to increase the pressure. Also, knee or elbow can help at certain points to give the necessary strength to the muscles.

This makes the Shiatsu massage one of the most original techniques . Many of the massage methods commonly used today have developed from this. From this it is deduced that the Shiatsu massage enjoys a high level of recognition and the effect is confirmed by the users.

You can bring this high art of massage home with a Shiatsu massage device. The balls that are built into the device exert the pressure. They rotate and with these movements they are very reminiscent of the masseur. Using your body position, you can determine for yourself where the massager should work the most and how this pressure is created. In interaction with the device you get an effective combination of the rotations of the device and the pressure you exert on the balls.

There are now some interesting additional functions . With an infrared light, heat can be generated in the muscles and deep relaxation can be achieved.


Recreating a real masseur is of course difficult with a Shiatsu massager. But at least a similar feeling should be achieved. There are rotating balls in the devices for this purpose . These provide the necessary pressure to achieve the effect of the massage.

The prerequisite for this is that a suitable body position is assumed. There are some devices that are only designed for specific areas of the body. These can be used to massage the neck or back, for example. You should consider this when buying the Shiatsu massage device and consider in advance which areas are to be massaged . Shiatsu massage cushions, with which you can influence pretty much all areas of the body, are particularly flexible.

However, most people will use the Shiatsu massager to massage the neck . After all, office work and constant sitting mean that the neck muscles suffer from enormous tension. There are devices for this that are specially tailored to the neck. They are placed in the neck and the lateral muscles of the neck are worked on using the balls. Even the back and shoulders can be reached this way.

power connection is usually required to operate the massage device . The balls are set in motion by small motors, so a power connection is essential. So you should have a socket nearby or at least plan an extension. Thus, the Shiatsu massage devices are less mobile and you can hardly use them in the garden. On the sofa at home, however, they are ideal for relaxing your muscles while watching your favorite film.

Similar to a massage ball, the balls exert pressure on the corresponding muscles. They literally dig deeper into the body and you can determine how high the pressure should be. Depending on whether you want to lie on the balls with your entire body weight or prefer to proceed a little more gently, you can vary the degree of hardness.

In the basic function, however, the rotation of the balls is kept rather gentle. You move very carefully and the longer duration of use creates the relaxing effect. Compared to the masseur, there are also the clear disadvantages of the massage device here. Because the masseur can adapt the application according to your preferences. You can adjust the speed of the devices , but you have to be content with the fact that the massage does not correspond 100% to your wishes and you have to work with your body weight yourself.

Still, the prospect shouldn’t be overly pessimistic. After all, with a one-time investment in a Shiatsu massage device, you get the opportunity to massage yourself in your own home and you don’t always have to use a masseur. This saves you time and money. In addition, your muscles will still find it positive that they are treated with a massage.


The following Shiatsu massage devices can be used comfortably at home. Depending on your requirements and which muscle parts you want to relax, there are different models that may be more suitable for you. So you will definitely be happy with your choice and find some relaxation.


The first Shiatsu massager in this comparison is aimed primarily at the neck, back and shoulders . It is designed extensively and is placed around the neck . With over 1,000 positive reviews , it is one of the most popular massage devices on Amazon and will do a good job for you too.

It is very easy to use. You put the device around your neck and your hands are in the loops provided for this purpose. You can use your hands to determine how high the pressure should be that the rollers exert on the neck. If you press your hands down, the pressure on the muscles increases. You can imagine it as if you put a towel behind your neck and pull it forward with your hands.

The built-in 8 rollers take care of the actual massage . These can rotate in both directions and the speed can also be adjusted. For this purpose, there is a small panel on the side with various buttons, with which the direction, the warmth and the speed can be determined. In addition to the massage, this device also offers a warming function , which provides additional relaxation.

When using it, you can also be a little more creative and not just massage the neck with the balls. With the hand strap it is also possible to place the balls around the feet and exert the pressure there. The hands or other parts of the body can also be treated with this model.

If you are looking for a high-quality solution for the office, car or at home , this Shiatsu massager is ideally suited for it. The 8 rollers ensure good relaxation and you can use the hand strap to determine how high the pressure on the muscles should be . This gives you a high-quality massage that is sure to provide relaxation.


The comparison table could not be output.At the same time, there is another massage cushion from Naipo , which is a little more compact and can therefore be used more flexibly. The main area of ​​application is the neck , but you can use it practically anywhere on the body.

The more compact design results from the fact that 4 rollers are used to achieve a massage effect. The massage cushion is also shaped so that it adapts well to the shape of the body. Due to the small U-shape, the pillow can be used in the lower back or placed under the arms.

It works without a wrist strap. The pressure is built up purely by your body weight. If you want to massage the neck, you can place the massager on the back of your chair or you can use it lying down. This may be a bit more uncomfortable and it can happen that the device slips, but it is more flexible to use.

You can use it in the office or car, for example, and thus achieve relaxation even during work . If your arm feels heavy and is exposed to high stress, you can counteract this with this massager.

Despite the smaller design, it has a wide range of functions . It has an integrated heating function and the rollers can automatically change direction. However, a power connection is still required for operation. This can also be ensured in the car using an adapter.

If you are looking for a flexible and compact solution that can also make your everyday work easier in the office, this massage device is perfect for it. The four rollers not only provide relaxation with the movement, but also give off a pleasant warmth. Thus, even a strenuous day in the office can still be coped with.


In a completely different direction, however, goes cushion of Medisana . A large part of the body is already covered with this and the massage should be as comfortable as possible . Because this massage seat cover guarantees that there is no slipping and that the body areas are massaged.

There are 3 massage zones available for this. Depending on your preference, you can set that the upper back should be massaged more strongly than the lower back. In addition to the back, the neck is also massaged and the seat cover can loosen the entire spine with gentle vibrations. 6 rollers are used in the back area and 2 in the neck area.

In addition to the massage effect thanks to the rotation, this seat cover also has a heat and red light function . This is intended to increase well-being and achieve significant relaxation.

Although this Shiatsu massager is equipped with some functions, it is very easy to use. For this purpose, the remote control is used to determine which areas should be massaged and whether warmth is desired.

The massage seat cover is certainly not something that can be used on the move. It has to be matched to the respective seat so that you can sit comfortably on it. However, the flexible connecting element ensures that this seat cover can be used on pretty much all seats .

If you prefer a thorough massage and should it reach the entire upper body , this seat cover is an ideal way to relax your back. You can attach the pad to your office chair and use it for relaxation. You will not be able to get a higher quality massage from any device at home.


The basic design of the wireless Shiatsu massager is reminiscent of the Naipo model. The biggest difference, however, is that this variant does not require a power connection . The energy is provided by a battery and this can work for up to 2 hours . This saves you a mess of cables and you can use this massage device very mobile.

The other functions are still very convincing. There are a total of 8 rollers in this massager , which differ slightly in size. This offers a varied massage experience. The speed of rotation can be adjusted in three stages . For more realism, you can choose the automatic mode. With this, the speed changes automatically and the massage is reminiscent of a real hand massage. For deep relaxation, there is also a built-in heat function with which you can warm up the muscles.

It can be used very comfortably. You put this massager in the neck and you use the hand straps to determine the pressure that is applied to the neck. The area of ​​application can still be expanded. So you can also perform the massage on your thighs or calves.

If you need a mobile, but high-quality solution, this Shiatsu massage device is the perfect answer. The battery lasts about 2 hours and this is more than enough time to relax your neck or back with a massage.


Another very handy device is available with the MaxKare massage cushion for neck and shoulder. It is a very compact device that massages the back with 4 rollers . The roles are flexible and can be adapted to the various circumstances. So you can massage the neck as well as other parts of the body and the rollers will always perform the appropriate movements. The rollers change the direction of rotation every minute to match the feeling of a real massage.

In addition to the rotation, heat is used to promote blood circulation and relieve possible tension. This relaxes the muscles in depth and achieves the greatest possible effect.

Since this Shiatsu massager is very compact, it is ideal for use in the car . For this purpose, an elastic band is attached to the back , with which it can be attached to the car seat. The power connection is realized either via a regular socket or via an adapter in the car.

The high quality of the device has been confirmed by independent bodies. The high quality standards are confirmed with the UL & FDA certification . The device can be returned and the purchase price refunded up to 30 days after purchase.

If the massage is to take place primarily in the car, this Shiatsu massager is the first choice. It is small and can be attached directly to the car seat with the practical strap to ensure a high level of comfort. So even the exhausting commute to work is still manageable.


The aim of the massage is always that the muscles are relaxed and at the same time the soul can also dangle a little . In this interplay, well-being is increased and stress is relieved. Therefore, when using the Shiatsu massage device, it is important that you always make sure that it corresponds to your personal feelings. The pressure should be palpable, but not painfulbe. The application should be pleasant at all times and not degenerate into an ordeal. Depending on your body position, you can regulate the pressure and put a little more or less weight on the device. Nevertheless, the pressure should of course not be too low. In this case, there would be no effect whatsoever. So make sure that the roles on the muscles can be clearly felt, but do not exceed your personal pain threshold.

The massage should also have a relaxed atmosphere . Find a sitting position that does not cause you any problems and that you can adopt for a longer period of time. Try to avoid any disturbing elements during the massage. Turn off the smartphone and try to find time for yourself, in which there are no disturbances or distractions. Depending on the clothing, the pressure on the rollers is reduced if it is too high. But you can also use thin towels to adjust the pressure according to your wishes.

If you decide that the rollers sit directly on the skin, massage oil is usually recommended. This facilitates the movements of the rollers. These can run more smoothly and evenly over the skin and overall the massage experience is more pleasant in most cases. However, place a thin cloth between the massager and your skin to prevent the device from getting dirty.

When using towels, it should always be noted that the Shiatsu massager must not be completely covered. Failure to do so could result in overheating and damage to the device.


The Shiatsu massage is generally aimed at the entire body . The masseur can work on the back, shoulders and legs. This is a great challenge for a massage device. Therefore, there are models that specialize in certain areas.

A back massager is designed to be a little larger. It consists of a large support surface that is attached to a seat back or that you can use while lying down. These models are much larger and less flexible to use.

On the other hand, devices that specialize only on the neck or shoulders are smaller . These consist of a few rollers and mostly a hand strap, over which the pressure is regulated. They can also be attached to the back of the chair and use the rollers to massage the neck muscles.

There are also smaller devices that are tailored to the feet or hands . These massage devices are relatively compact and can therefore also be used while working. Sometimes these are also suitable for massaging the neck, although the effect is slightly less.

Do you need a full body massage or is it enough if you use a foot reflexology massage? You should be aware of this in advance when buying the Shiatsu massage device.


What should you pay attention to when buying a Shiatsu massage device and which criteria can be decisive when buying it?


As already explained in the previous paragraph, there are several different versions of the massage device. These can be larger in order to massage the entire back at the same time or a little smaller in order to only relieve the neck of the tension. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages.

Large devices are suitable for massaging the larger muscle areas, but less flexible and therefore suitable either only for the office or at home. They take up significantly more space and proper handling must be observed before use.

Small devices, on the other hand, are very flexible and suitable for most muscle groups. However, you have to massage them one by one and you cannot work on them at the same time. On the other hand, the application is less cumbersome and they take up significantly less space. So you can also use them in the car or while traveling by train.


In which position would you like to be massaged? Do you prefer to sit on a chair or is the massage possible while lying down?

Depending on the preferred position, different models can be advantageous. When lying down, a larger mat is better, which covers about the entire back and can also massage the neck. When sitting there are more compact devices that can be attached to the backrest, for example.


The devices are primarily used for massage. But what other functions should be available?

Usually a heating function is already integrated. This can be switched on separately and in addition to the physical strain, the heat now ensures that the muscles can relax.

The rotation and design of the roles is also important. Should these adapt flexibly to your body or is it more important that they are rather rigid and thus greater pressure is exerted?

There are also additional properties for rotation. The rollers should move in both directions for a more realistic massage.

In addition to heat, there are also devices with an infrared light . This light is supposed to stimulate the blood circulation. This is particularly beneficial for athletes to stimulate regeneration. But the red light can also help to accelerate the healing process in the event of injuries or after an illness..

Which functions are more important to you and how detailed should they be controlled? The higher the range of functions, the more you have to invest in the device. If you are purely about the massage, you do not have to resort to a complex model and you can invest the money saved in a different way.


The Shiatsu massager is a hygiene product . It lies close to the skin and from the massage and the heat it is completely natural that you will start to sweat. In order to guarantee high quality and to be able to use the device for a long time, it is important to carry out extensive cleaning.

Before cleaning , make sure that the device is not connected to a power source . For models that are operated with a battery, you can remove it to be on the safe side.

In general, the massage device should not be cleaned with a damp cloth. Only the cover should be washed. This can usually be removed from the device and machine washed at approx. 30 ° C. However, tumble drying or ironing are not recommended.

The device itself is best cleaned with a dry cloth . However, strong cleaning agents must not be used. Brushes or other hard materials are also not recommended for cleaning, as they could damage the rollers.

If you are not using the device, stow it in a bag or the packaging. This will prevent dust from getting in and clogging the rollers. A protective bag is usually already included in the scope of delivery.


Would you like to use the healing power of massage at home or in the office?

Going to a professional masseur can easily cost over 50 euros an hour. In addition, the journey must be included, which can also be associated with stress.

It is better if you can perform the massage in a familiar environment . The Shiatsu massage devices are available for less than an hour at the masseur’s. You can use the devices for a long time and let your muscles knead while watching TV.

The flexible rollers exert a pressure that comes close to the feeling of a real massage. Warmth or infrared light provide other beneficial effects that increase your well-being or physical performance.

If you suffer from sleep problems, this leads to physical tension. With the Shiatsu massager you can release these tensions and put both the body and mind into a relaxed state.

Take advantage of the beneficial effects of these devices to improve the quality of life and promote sleep.

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