Side sleeper pillows – 5 models in comparison

If you prefer to sleep on your side, you feel like a large part of the population. Because compared to back or stomach sleep, side sleep is far ahead. Sleeping on your side makes you feel safe and comfortable for most people.

However, side sleep poses a greater challenge for the back and spine . One half of the body is put under increased strain and there is a risk of the spine being bent. Since the shoulder and pelvis are mainly on the mattress , the load is only distributed over a small area.

In addition to a suitable mattress and a topper , the pillow is also extremely important for your sleep. A side sleeper pillow helps you relieve your back and take a stable sleeping position. You can find out which models perform best and what benefits they bring in this guide.

Ordinary pillows are only placed under the head. They are connected with the aim of relieving the neck and providing a comfortable position for the head . Special designs, such as a memory foam pillow, contribute to the health of the neck and support you if you suffer from tension.

side sleeper pillow has little in common with this ordinary shape. Rather, it is an elongated pillow that not only supports your head, but is placed along your entire body . Therefore, the side sleeper pillow is more than a meter long and designed in the form of a thin roll.

Thanks to this shape , the side sleeper pillow increases your stability while sleeping. You can lay your entire body on the pillow and ideally this also relieves the spine.

Depending on the version, the side sleeper pillow supplements or replaces the usual pillow . However, most of the designs should only be viewed as an additional means of increasing comfort.

The purpose of the side sleeper pillow is to provide a healthier sleeping position . It often happens in the side position that the spine is not straight, but kinks in one direction. This can happen, for example, when the legs are pulled up and the lower back is curved, or when the contact surface on the mattress is not optimally supported.

If the shoulder or hip area sinks too deeply into the mattress, the middle part of the body is too high. This bends the spine slightly to the side. Conversely, it can also happen that the mattress is too hard. Accordingly, the shoulder does not sink in deep enough, which leads to an elevated position of the upper body. The lower body is lower and the spine is slightly curved to the side.

These peculiarities can be seen particularly well if you have a third person check your sleeping position . If the spine is not in its natural position, various complaints arise.


The side sleeping is preferred by most people. Nevertheless, it does not turn out to be healthy without exception , but represents a health risk if your spine takes an unnatural course.

For many people, there is already a lack of exercise in everyday life . Most of the time in the office, people sit at their desks and prefer to use the comfortable vehicle instead of walking longer distances.

It follows from this that the muscles are generally subject to separate stress. If you now take an unhealthy sleeping position, for example because your back is curved and not adequately supported, these typical complaints are exacerbated.

This includes tension in the upper back and neck area. These are based on an unhealthy sitting posture and occur more often when the mattress is too firm. Tension can also be felt on the hips or thighs when you pull your legs closer to your body and do not leave them stretched.

Headaches often arise from neck tension . The tension ensures a reduced blood flow , which causes the tension headache.

In addition to tension, the health of the intervertebral discs must also be kept in mind. If sleep is not very restful and pain occurs when you get up, this indicates poor health of the intervertebral discs. This often manifests itself in the lower back and can lead to a herniated disc .

If your knees lie on top of each other at night and you sleep restlessly, pressure points can appear on the joints in the morning . In addition, the constant strain causes pain that only disappears again during the day.

A healthy sleeping posture is the basis for your body to recover from the stresses of the day. The side sleeper pillow is an important part of this and ensures a quieter night.


On the basis of the properties of the side sleeper pillow already presented , this results in some advantages that promote sleep. This type of pillow is not very common in Germany, but in some Asian cultures, for example, it is part of the standard equipment of a bed. The following advantages clearly speak in favor of using a side sleeper pillow.

It increases stability and protects the spine. The back retains its natural shape better and is not exposed to any additional stress.
Due to the higher stability, the muscles and the entire back can recover better. You no longer have to take on a supporting function during sleep and the muscles relax. Tensions and knots will decrease in the long term.
The decrease in tension has a major impact on the body. Headaches and back pain often occur as a result of tension. The side sleeper pillow offers restful relaxation and the pain is reduced.
If you snore and this is a high burden for your partner, you should try the side position. In this, snoring often goes down and the pillow helps you to remain more stable in this position.
Side sleeper pillows come in a wide variety of shapes. They are versatile and you are sure to find the right version for your needs.

The numerous advantages speak clearly in favor of this pillow variant. You sleep more relaxed and wake up more refreshed in the morning. Your quality of life will benefit significantly and your health will improve.


The side sleeper pillow is just as individual as the sleep. Below you will find an overview of the common models and you can decide which basic shape is best for you.


Simple side sleeper pillows do not have a special shape. With a length of 140cm to 200cm, they are designed so that the entire body can be placed on the pillow. This results in a complete relief . These models are very similar to a pillow roll and do not have any special features.


These specially shaped variants are initially relatively similar to the elongated side sleeper pillow. However, these are not simply placed on the side of the body, but used much more intensively. The C-shaped pillow is particularly intended for pregnant women who can literally lay their stomach down. The U-pillow is a little longer so that it can also be used as a pillow. Both variants are popular as pregnancy pillows and are a considerable relief .


Another variant is the 7-shaped pillow. According to the number, the pillow is slightly round and has a storage area for the head. The pillow is usually pushed between the knees so that the joints are spared. This creates ideal support for the entire body, which is beneficial for sleep.


Which side sleeper pillow is best suited for your purposes? Below you will find a selection of 5 high-quality models that will definitely enhance your sleep.


The manufacturer Siebenschläfer is known for its high-quality pillows at a unique price-performance ratio . In addition to the orthopedic neck support pillow , this side sleeper pillow is also convincing in practice. It is characterized by a low price and still helps you to have a much better sleep.

The basic shape of the pillow is very simple . With a length of 140cm and a diameter of 40cm, it is comfortable and can be easily placed under the body.

The inside of the pillow is filled with a microfiber . The quilted surface ensures that the filling does not slip and that there is sufficient everywhere. If the diameter is too big for you, the filling material can be easily removed. In this way you get exactly the pillow that fits your body shape.

It is also important that all materials have been tested for harmful substances. This is confirmed by the Oeko-Tex seal. In addition, the pillow is made in the EU and is subject to the strict production requirements of Siebenschläfer.

The pillow is also suitable for allergy sufferers. It can be washed at 95 ° C and the materials are even suitable for babies. So there is no health risk even when cuddling closely.

Opt for this inexpensive and high-quality side sleeper pillow from the manufacturer Siebenschläfer to make the night more comfortable. If you do not like the execution, you will be granted a 30-day right of return . So you don’t take any risks and can first test the pillow in detail.


The side sleeper pillow impresses with its high level of comfort. You spend the night wrapped around the pillow and keep it close to your body.

However, during the summer, the warm temperatures can make you sweat faster. For the pillow, this means a higher load and the sweat leads to contamination.

The cooling side sleeper pillow from Procave can help. It consists of a particularly breathable material that effectively dissipates heat from the body. This makes it feel cooler in summer and the moisture is not stored in the material. This is made possible by the special polyester that is used here.

The pillow has a length of either 145cm or 200cm . For tall people or pregnant women, the longer version could be more comfortable and offer better support. The diameter is the usual 40cm.

The robust pillow can be machine washed at up to 60 ° C. It is therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers and mites can be reliably removed from the inside. After washing, drying on a low temperature is also possible.

The flexible application is also advantageous The pillow is suitable for pregnant women and also recommended for use as a neck support pillow . The incorporated polyester balls adapt wonderfully to the shape of the body and offer a high level of relief for the spine.

Opt for this pillow to support both your back and neck. Thanks to the pillow, you can keep a cool head even on warmer summer nights and won’t wake up bathed in sweat on a wet pillow. The light polyester fiber makes it possible and offers you a relaxed night.


Side sleeper pillows can be designed in a wide variety of shapes . In addition to the elongated versions, designs that are reminiscent of a butterfly are advantageous for the head area. The Acamar model is a pillow specially designed for people who sleep on their side.

The specialty is the butterfly shape . The pillow has recesses in the middle on each side. For side sleepers, this means that there is space for the shoulders and arm within the recesses . Unlike a normal pillow, the shoulder does not lie halfway on the pillow, but has enough space to sleep comfortably.

Due to its ergonomic shape , the pillow has been recognized several times as the test winner for side sleepers. As a pillow, there is hardly a better variant that supports the head and promotes a natural posture.

The pillow has a size of 55x47cm and is 12cm high. This means that the head is in an optimal position and the pillow is big enough to give you a cozy feeling.

For a better sleep, the pillow is provided with a thermal cover. This reacts to the external temperature, cools in summer and keeps you warm enough in winter. A hard-wearing cotton cover is used inside to protect the foam. The memory foam adapts perfectly to your position and reacts optimally under the load.

The cover can be cleaned with the delicate wash program and is therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. The Oeko-Tex standard confirms the high quality of the materials used.

Use this ergonomic pillow if you like to spend the night on your side. Finally, your shoulders and arms have enough space not to be annoying under the pillow. You get a stable side position and you will feel a whole new sleep feeling. The extremely positive reviews confirm this impression.


The ACAMAR side sleeper pillow has already had a special shape and offers the best support for the head area. But not only the head, but also the knees have to be protected in the side position. Without an additional pillow, the knees hit each other and are exposed to greater stress. This can result in joint pain in the morning and be uncomfortable.

The Bonmedico knee pillow can help . It is designed in such a way that you clamp it between your thighs, giving them gentle protection. At the same time, your side position is much more stable and relaxed. If a large side sleeper pillow is too impractical for you, then try this more compact version, which takes up much less space.

The pillow deforms under the load and reacts to the pressure. This is ensured by the visco foam . 100% polyester is used as covers . This is robust and at the same time breathable.

The practical thing about this model is that it comes with a carrying case. If you travel a lot and don’t spend the night at home, the bag is easy to transport.

cleaning of the cover is at a temperature of 60 ° C possible. This is beneficial for allergy sufferers and mites are reliably washed out of the inside.

In order to spend the night quietly and restfully as a side sleeper, an extremely large version is not always necessary. This ergonomic knee cushion from Bonmedico ensures a high level of comfort and will bring about a noticeable improvement.


The Theraline side sleeper pillow takes a completely different approach. It is a model that supports the entire body. The shape allows it to be used as a pillow as well as a side sleeper pillow and guarantees a high level of comfort across the board.

In order to meet the different requirements of the head area and the body, the pillow consists of two zones. Thera-Rhomb filling on the head ensures that the material adapts wonderfully to the head. As a result, it is stable and the neck muscles relax .

In the area of ​​the body, the pillow consists of a large number of microbeads. These allow a higher breathability and adapt just as well to your sleeping habits.

The ticking and cover can be cleaned on a gentle cycle at 60 ° C. Afterwards, it can also be used in the dryer, so that the pillow is fully ready for use again at night.

This form is extremely beneficial for pregnant women and provides relief for the back. The pillow is available in numerous colors, so that it adapts wonderfully to the interior.

Use this practical side sleeper pillow to get support for the whole body. The head lies comfortably on the foam while the legs lie around the elongated part. This form is particularly useful during pregnancy and finally allows restful sleep again.


The side sleeper pillow should make your sleep more comfortable. But not every pillow is equally suitable for this. So that you can find the right variant that is tailored to your needs, you should consider the following properties.


Where is your weak point in sleep at the moment and in which area do you need more support? If your knees are painful and if it is difficult to get up, a knee pillow may be sufficient. However, if there is tension and pain in the head and neck area, a larger variant is advantageous. With this you reliably protect your body and you will quickly feel an improvement.


In order to spend the night comfortably, the pillow should adapt to your sleeping position. At the same time, it has to be stable enough so that the muscles are relieved and there is no exertion.

Most variants therefore rely on microbeads or a foam. The pearls have the advantage that they are more flexible and feel lighter. They are a little more breathable and have a lower weight.

However, the foam is advantageous in terms of the support function. It deforms perfectly and lies close to the body.

Decide which filling material better meets your requirements and should be used in the pillow.


The number of allergy sufferers in Germany should not be underestimated. It is estimated that more than 10 million people in Germany under the house dust allergy suffer.

If you wake up in the morning with irritated eyes and a runny nose , the chances are high that you also suffer from a house dust allergy. You should definitely clarify this assumption with your doctor, as this is important information in order to get a more restful sleep.

In order for the side sleeper pillow is suitable for you as allergies, which must reference at least 60 ° C machine washable be. Only at these higher temperatures are the mites effectively removed from the interior. The filling should also be as breathable as possible so that moisture does not collect there.

If you pay attention to these factors, the side sleeper pillow is also wonderfully suitable for you as an allergy sufferer. Your symptoms will decrease and mites will feel less comfortable in your bed. Use encasings or an allergy-free mattress to further protect yourself.


Thorough cleaning is necessary so that you feel comfortable with the pillow over the long term. The pillow lies close to your body during the night and is therefore also exposed to the typical stresses of sweat.

When caring for it, you should urgently pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. The entire pillow can rarely be cleaned in the machine. In particular, if a foam is used inside, the cushion must not be placed in the machine . The water would cause permanent deformation and the material would lose its flexibility.

Normally, therefore, only the cover in the machine needs to be cleaned. This is at temperatures between 40 ° C and 60 ° C possible. For allergy sufferers, higher temperatures are beneficial in order to effectively remove the mites from the cover.

To ensure high hygienic conditions, it is recommended to wash the cover every 4 to 6 weeks. Correspondingly more frequently in summer.

Since not all covers are suitable for the dryer, it is advisable to use a replacement cover . You can use this when the first cover is in the laundry.

If you also use the pillow for breastfeeding, a cover made of durable cotton is an advantage. This can usually be washed at even higher temperatures, so that the baby’s mishaps can be easily cleaned.


Sleeping on the side is preferred by most of the people. It feels comfortable and conveys a certain sense of security.

For the body, this position is sometimes more stressful . In order to lie stable, the muscles have to remain active and do work even while sleeping. Recovery is hardly possible in this way.

With its adapted shape, the side sleeper pillow offers the necessary relief that you need for your sleep. It lies close to the body and provides the support you need.

If you suffer from neck tension and do not feel sufficiently recovered in the morning, then use this pillow to spend the night in peace. The muscles regenerate and you will noticeably start the day with more energy.

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Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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