Silverfish in the bedroom – causes and effective methods of control

You spend the night in your bedroom and switch off from all the stress that you have experienced during the day. It is your personal oasis of well-being and represents a balance to your job and the usual efforts.

Do you come into your bedroom one evening and notice that you are not alone ? If you recognize small insects crawling across the ground , it could be silverfish . How do you get these into your bedroom and how do you fight them effectively?

The correct name for silver fish is silver fish. Because of the food they prefer, they are also known as sugar guests . This is due to the fact that the silverfish prefer to seek out starchy and sugary food sources . These don’t always have to be obvious foods. The little insects are also satisfied with a book spine or your skin flakes.

Silverfish are among the older inhabitants of the earth. It is believed that they have been populating the planet for 300 million years. They belong to the order of the soil-living insects and the biological name is Lepisma Saccharina.

The robust and resilient animals can be found all over the world. They adapt their way of life to the respective climate of the region and are mainly at home in Central Europe.


Silverfish are considered nocturnal insects . During the day they hide in grout and other dark places. If you go looking for silverfish in the bedroom during the day, you will hardly ever see the insects. In biology, this behavior is called negative phototactic . They move away from the light and try to stay in the dark.


The silverfish feel comfortable in a temperature range of 20 to 30 ° C. A minimum temperature of 10 ° C is necessary and if the heat exceeds 35 ° C they will die. This means that silver fish are relatively sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Since they tend to need high temperatures, they are rarely outdoors in Germany, but mostly in buildings . There they escape the freezing temperatures in winter and find a pleasant environment.


In addition to the temperature, the humidity in the bedroom is also an important factor. Silverfish like a particularly humid environment. If the humidity is between 80 and 90% , this is ideal for the silver fish. If you have a high level of humidity in your bedroom, the insects could like to live there too. However, they are often found in the bathroom or kitchen, as the humidity is higher there. If you are struggling with mold in the bedroom , the silverfish could be another sign that the humidity is too high.


If the silverfish are in the bedroom and they feel good, the small insects will multiply at breakneck speed. A single female can lay up to 70 eggs, although significantly higher numbers are assumed in individual cases.

In a temperature range between 25 and 30 ° C, the larvae can hatch after about 30 days. The colder it is, the longer this stage of development lasts. No increase takes place at temperatures below 10 ° C.


You think there shouldn’t be any food sources for the silverfish in the bedroom. You keep the room clean and food is only in the kitchen. Why do the silverfish like it so much in the bedroom and how can they survive there?

Silverfish are considered to be undemanding contemporaries. In terms of food sources, they are satisfied with a broad range.

The focus is on starchy products. This does not have to be exclusively food, textiles can also serve as a source. In the past, treating textiles with a laundry starch was much more common and is rarely found today. However, it could be that your clothes provide enough food for the silverfish.

In addition, the silver fish feed on scales of skin , which you lose abundantly during sleep. Dust mites are also on the menu.

Silverfish are very frugal animals. It is believed that they can survive without food for up to 10 months . They are also considered cannibalistic and eat dead conspecifics.


To spot silverfish is not that difficult. They are around 7 to 12 millimeters long and have a striking shape. They are equipped with several long and fine antennas. These in turn have several links.


The front body is relatively wide and oval. Towards the abdomen, the body becomes thinner and tapered to a point. This clearly distinguishes them from cockroaches, which have a rather uniform build. Put simply, the body of the silverfish is shaped like a triangle .


In the light, the silver fish shimmer slightly silvery to white. The insects owe this striking color to the scales that reflect the light.


The silverfish are extremely shy and nocturnal. Therefore, you will hardly get to see them. The crawling animals can only actually be seen with a little luck.

If you have to go to the toilet at night and turn on the light, you could see an insect in the corner of your eye that is moving quickly. Since silver fish can be very fast, this moment is hardly enough to make a clear identification.

Further notes for the silverfish are:

Traces of droppings in the form of peppercorns
Skinning cases
Feeding marks
Yellow discoloration on books and textiles

To confirm a silverfish infestation in the bedroom , you should build a small trap . To do this, you take a simple strip of cardboard and coat it with honey . If there are silver fish in the bedroom, the animals will be attracted by the honey during the night and can no longer escape due to the adhesive effect.

If the silverfish in the bedroom can be confirmed in this way, it is time to fight the insects. Otherwise, they will multiply unhindered and infest your entire home.


Silverfish are mostly found in the kitchen or bathroom . The temperature there is pleasant and the humidity is also higher. The bedroom also has some amenities that are attractive to the silverfish.

If you do not ventilate sufficiently and the temperature is higher, the humidity will also increase. Without adequate ventilation, silverfish will find comfortable living conditions.

The insects also like to stay in furniture in the bedroom . Silverfish in bed find enough small cracks and other places of retreat where they are safe and where they can spend the days.

In addition, the bed with the house dust mites and their excrement provides a first-class nutritional basis. Together with the skin scales, silverfish find wonderful conditions in the bedroom to reproduce.


Has the bedroom been infested with silverfish in the past and you want to prevent them from returning? Then you can use simple methods to design your bedroom in such a way that silverfish do not feel comfortable in it.

The causes of the infestation can usually be traced back to warm indoor air and high humidity. Measures are therefore on the plan that are very similar to mold infestation in the bedroom. Ventilate the room several times a day for a few minutes to reduce the humidity. Do not overheat the bedroom, but rather use a thicker blanket in winter.

As a further measure, it is advisable to minimize cracks and opportunities for retreat. Furniture should be moved a little away from the wall so that light can penetrate and a better exchange of air takes place. Tight joints in window or door frames so that there is no more space for the silverfish.

The most effective way to prevent silverfish is to control the humidity in the bedroom and keep the temperature below 20 ° C.


Infestation of the silverfish cannot always be prevented. Once you have discovered the small insects, you have various methods of dealing with the situation. If your bedroom is haunted by a large number of animals, you should seek professional help. The exterminator will respond exactly to your needs and fight the infestation sustainably. In return, the cost factor should not be underestimated. Therefore, it is advisable to first fight the silverfish in the bedroom with your own means.


The silverfish move mainly during the night. Since you hardly ever catch them in the act, you can put glue traps in which the animals run into. There are ready-made solutions for this in drugstores or online. You can also make simple glue traps yourself that will effectively hold back the animals.

Take paper or a cotton cloth and sprinkle it with flour or sugar. Place this trap where you suspect the silverfish. The next morning you will see if the trap was successful and reduced the infestation.


Another trap can be made with the help of a halved potato and a freezer bag. The silverfish are attracted to the starchy potato and crawl into the freezer bag. There you can comfortably move the animals out of the apartment in the morning.


As a further home remedy, lavender oil is said to drive the silver fish away in the bedroom. Place a bowl of lavender oil in the room or use a scented sachet. The silverfish do not seem to like the smell and are effectively driven away.

The same should also apply to the smell of lemons . The next time you clean the water, add a little lemon juice. Then your bedroom smells pleasantly fresh and the silver fish stay away from your bed. In this way you keep the uninvited guests at a distance and can sleep in peace again.


The idea of sharing the bedroom with insects is certainly not pleasant. Regardless of whether it is bed bugs, mites in bed or silver fish, you would love to do without them.

The good news is that silverfish are not known to be a vector of disease. In contrast to house dust mites, silverfish do not cause any allergies.

Physical consequences are therefore not to be expected. Nevertheless, a large infestation ensures that you no longer feel comfortable in the bedroom. Sleep is disturbed and you could suffer from additional stress. The silver fish are therefore a great burden for your well-being and you should get rid of the nocturnal insects as soon as possible.

The situation is different for damage to objects. Silverfish may be small, but in large numbers they leave pitting and damage wallpaper and books . They also contaminate food and are perceived as a nuisance.


Your bedroom should actually be a place to feel good . If you share the room with silver fish, this will disturb your sleep and you will hardly be able to close an eye at night.

The silver fish infest your bedroom when it is particularly warm and there is high humidity . Ventilate more often, buy a breathable mattress and make sure that there are hardly any places to retreat for the nocturnal insects. Then the silverfish can be effectively driven away and you will spend the night in peace again.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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