Sleep in spite of noise – How can you sleep in spite of the background noise?

If your neighbor has the idea that the furniture has to be moved late in the evening or the drill has to be tested, this can be quite annoying for you. You actually want to recover from the stressful day and just sleep in peace.

But the noise means that you do not fall asleep and stay awake for a long time. If it’s just the neighbor, hopefully the noise will end soon. However, if you live next to a busy street, the noise will hardly decrease.

In this guide you will find out how you can sleep better despite noise .

If you are already sleeping , the body tries to ignore any external stimuli. Therefore, you will not sneeze or hardly react to other influences while sleeping . After all, sleep fulfills the important function that body and mind can recover from the stresses of the day. Therefore, the noise is largely ignored and masked out.

During the day, noise is perceived as a warning signal . It is unclear why the noise is generated, but just the perception of a certain volume puts the body on alert . Do you have to flee quickly or why is it suddenly so loud?

As a precautionary measure, stress hormones are released . The heart rate increases and the increased vigilance means that you can react quickly if the noise indicates a danger.

Noise is perceived as a warning and puts the body and mind in alarm mode. If noises were to induce this waking state during the night, sleep would be disturbed.

But not every source causes you to wake up immediately. If you live next to a noisy street, you will quickly get used to these noises. Your mind realizes that the vehicles pose no danger and should be ignored.

The situation is different with noises made by one’s own child . Even talking quietly in your sleep could wake you up to see if your child is okay. So not every noise is immediately perceived as annoying. It depends on which source is available.


Humans are creatures of habit and not every person is disturbed by noise to the same extent. Some people get used to the noises and can no longer fall asleep without a certain background noise. Therefore fans or white noise devices are often used to generate some noise themselves.

If you have just moved into an apartment that is relatively noisy and characterized by street noise , you will need a certain period of getting used to it. Then you will block out the noises and fall asleep better.

People who have grown up in noisy surroundings , on the other hand , are not disturbed even by a certain background noise. You sleep through the night in spite of the working neighbors and remain totally unimpressed.

The reason lies in the way the brain processes the noise. Even while sleeping, the brain works tirelessly and decides how threatening certain noises are. If you regularly hear a certain amount of noise, your brain will notice that this is safe and will not wake you up. However, unknown noises can be heard very intensely. Therefore, the constant street noise is not as annoying as drilling the neighbor.


If the noise disturbs your sleep, the typical symptoms of a sleep disorder can occur. Your quality of life is reduced and your everyday life can only be mastered with reduced performance.

The disturbances to sleep through the night express themselves directly in an increased tiredness. You will be disturbed while you sleep and you will not be able to sleep as long as you actually need it. With it you wake up sleepless in the morning and somehow try to wake up faster with coffee.

But tiredness is not so easy to hide. It also means that your ability to concentrate is restricted . It is difficult for you to focus on certain tasks and your performance in your job or studies suffers as a result.

The sleep disorders also lead to higher stress. You will be more irritable and more aggressive. The risk of developing cardiovascular diseases increases and burnout could ensue.

Don’t underestimate the noise; try everything you can to get a good night’s sleep.


Below you will find some tips on how to reduce the background noise during the night.


Do you sleep really happy with the windows open , to let fresh air during the night in the bedroom, then you should reconsider. If the noises come from outside, it helps to close the window. This not only blocks out street noise , but also loud passers-by.

It is better to ventilate just before you go to sleep and keep the windows closed during the night. If your residential area is very noisy, you could also consider installing soundproof windows .


Curtains are not only useful for darkening the bedroom. They also serve as insulation against loud noises and can dampen them. Use thick curtains to keep the noise out of the bedroom while keeping out the light. Then you will create an environment that is better for your sleep.


Is your apartment very noisy and you can hear the smallest movements or noises of the neighbor or roommate?

Then you could design the apartment in such a way that the sound is absorbed . Lay out carpets so that the noises don’t reach you at this volume. There is even special soundproofed wallpaper that you can use. This absorbs the sound waves and does not reflect them back to you.

Also, the laying of another soil can help to reduce the noise. However, this would be a very costly measure to reduce noise while sleeping.


If the source of noise is temporary , such as a construction site in front of the apartment, earplugs can help. Above all, these filter the high-pitched noises and make the environment appear a bit duller. However, you should keep in mind that you should not overhear the alarm clock in the morning. A vibrating alarm clock could be the right solution to reliably wake you up despite the earplugs.

Convenient and useful at the same are sleeping headphones . You can use this to listen to your favorite music when you fall asleep and at the same time you no longer notice the noise. This is also a good way to get a deep sleep despite the noise.


If it is a permanent noise nuisance , you will get used to it in most cases . This is especially possible with constant road or aircraft noise.

In all other cases, you should urgently ensure that the source of the noise is perceived as less disturbing . Install soundproof windows or use sleep headphones so that you don’t even notice the noise. Otherwise it represents a high level of impairment and your quality of life suffers as a result.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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