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As an allergy sufferer, you will be plagued by the symptoms, especially during the night. The nose is runny, the eyes water, and the skin may be itchy. This disrupts sleep and affects the overall quality of life.

Therefore it is particularly important for you to find a suitable pillow. Not only does it have to be comfortable, it also has to keep the mites at a distance.

This is the goal of the Schlafmond Medicus Clean pillow. It has been specially developed for allergy sufferers to reduce the exposure to allergens and enable you to sleep better.

In this detailed check you can find out whether this pillow actually helps your symptoms subside and you can spend the night without symptoms .

First you should learn how the pillow is designed and constructed. From the outside it is reminiscent of an ordinary pillow, but the real strength is hidden inside.


In terms of sizes, the two usual variants of 40x80cm & 80x80cm are available. This enables a good and comfortable sleep . It is based on ordinary pillows and you don’t have to get used to it.

In addition to the pillow, you will also have the choice of larger blankets. These are also offered by the manufacturer Schlafmond . Either for the single bed or even in oversizes up to 220x240cm, you can also positively influence your sleep with these blankets specially designed for allergy sufferers.

The shape of the Schlafmond Medicus Clean pillow is nothing special either. It has a flat structure and thus ensures a good night’s sleep. You can put your neck down comfortably and snuggle up close to the pillow.

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It is crucial for allergy sufferers that mites cannot accumulate in the filling . These should be held whenever possible.

This is not the case with ordinary pillows that are filled with down . Mites feel good in this filling and the symptoms will increase significantly for allergy sufferers.

The Schlafmond Medicus Clean pillow uses an alternative material. Inside it consists of silicone-reinforced hollow fiber balls . These have antibacterial properties and thus not only keep mites out of the cover, but also other pathogens. This is beneficial for your immune system, which can already be weakened by the allergy.

The cover is made of 100% cotton. This is easy to care for and durable. It feels good and will make you sleep comfortably.


Keeping mites completely off the pillow will be difficult. In order to reduce the exposure to allergens, the pillow should be washed at high temperatures .

The Schlafmond Medicus Clean proves to be particularly easy to care for. Both the cover and the pillow are machine washable at 95 ° C. With this, mites are reliably washed out of the material and kept away.

Even if you wash the pillow more often, the original comfort is retained. It goes back to its original shape and in this way always offers the same support for your head and neck.


The basic properties are positive for allergy sufferers. But how does one sleep on such hollow fiber balls and do they feel significantly different compared to the usual fillings?


The comfort is described as extremely pleasant. The hollow fiber balls adapt to your sleeping behavior and provide good support for the neck.

The balls also have the property that they return to their original shape after the load Similar to a memory foam pillow , the material will not flatten itself, but will have the same basic requirements.

If you sleep on your back or on your side, you have to take this into account when buying the right pillow. Depending on the requirements, you may need a pillow with a different height.


So how high the pillow is is important for comfort and your health. Schlafmond has come up with a unique option here and you can adjust the height of the Medicus Clean.

This is made possible by the easy handling of the hollow fiber balls. These can be easily removed and do not lose their properties in the process. You open the filling using the zipper and you can change the height of the hollow fiber balls according to your taste.

Regardless of whether you sleep on your side, stomach or back, the adaptability means that you always get the right height. It is important that the spine is optimally supported and does not take an unnatural course. This prevents the head from bending forward or to the side.

If the hollow fiber balls are lost, you can reorder them from the manufacturer . He offers extra sets for this, so that you can readjust the height even after a long time.


Not only house dust allergies, but also tension and pain in the neck have become a real pain for many people. If you sit in the office most of the time and stare at the monitor there, your head will be in an unnatural position. The muscles are loaded unevenly and tension occurs. To avoid this, the pillow should help to relieve pressure.

The Schlafmond Medicus Clean is a good solution for this. The hollow fiber balls adapt flexibly to your head and provide good support. The fibers have been specially reinforced so that they return to their original shape after use.

However , this version does not come close to the support of a specially shaped pillow, such as the MaxxGoods neck pillow or the Uttu sandwich pillow . For this , the arch that reliably supports the neck is missing .

However, the Schlafmond Medicus Clean offers a good combination of comfort and relief for the neck muscles. If you don’t suffer from tension and just want to prevent the problems, this pillow is a good choice. In the case of acute complaints, however, it can make sense to switch to the alternatives mentioned, as these are much more suitable for the neck.


If you suffer from a house dust allergy , the three following points are of particular importance for you when buying a pillow. Find out how the Schlafmond Medicus Clean creates the best quality sleep for allergy sufferers .


Mites are most at home in damp places. Be it with a higher humidity or when the moisture collects in upholstered furniture.

There is a risk of sweat collecting on the pillow It is perfectly natural for everyone to sweat, regardless of how warm the bedroom actually is. It is only important that the pillow does not absorb the moisture , but gives it back directly to the environment.

This is the case with the Schlafmond Medicus Clean. The hollow fiber spheres absorb the moisture, but release it directly back into the surrounding air. This keeps the pillow dry and does not provide the desired moisture for the mites.

The high breathability is also an advantage. This ensures that you won’t sweat so much in the first place. In combination, these two properties ensure that mites hardly feel comfortable in this pillow.


It’s not just house dust allergies that can affect your sleep. Even A Allergies to certain substances or sheep substances can disturb your sleep.

In the case of Schlafmond Medicus Clean, it is therefore important to mention that production is carried out under the Öko Tex Standard 100 seal . No harmful substances are introduced, making the pillow suitable for allergy sufferers as well as babies and toddlers.

Schlafmond is produced in Germany and the materials are subject to strict controls . This ensures that these are not a nuisance for allergy sufferers.


Even with the highest protective measures, you will not be able to keep mites 100% out of the pillow. It is therefore helpful if the cover and the pillow can be washed at high temperatures .

Mites are very resistant and can even survive washes at 40 ° C. It is therefore positive that this allergy pillow from Schlafmond can be completely washed at 95 ° C. At these high temperatures, it is guaranteed that the mites will not survive and that the allergens will be removed from the pillow.


The number of allergy sufferers in Germany is steadily increasing and this group of people suffers from symptoms that resemble a cold during the night. This disrupts sleep considerably and reduces the quality of life.

The Schlafmond Medicus Clean provides relief in these cases. Mites don’t stand a chance there and it can be machine washed at 95 ° C.

The comfort is very pleasant thanks to the special filling and you can easily determine how high the pillow should be. The hollow fiber balls constantly return to their original shape and ensure a good night’s sleep for a long time.

Use this pillow not only because you suffer from an allergy, but also because you want to enjoy a high level of comfort. With the Schlafmond Medicus Clean this combination works perfectly and it will significantly improve your sleep as an allergy sufferer.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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