Sleep on the plane – With these 7 tips, time flies by

The best time of the year begins and the vacation wants to be enjoyed from afar. Lying on the beach and sipping cocktails in a relaxed way is the well-deserved reward after a long time full of work and stress in Germany.

But the arrival often begins with a disillusionment. The first days are full of fatigue and jet lag. Instead of exploring your new surroundings with full energy, you “waste” a lot of time in bed. Find out in this guide how you can enjoy every day of your vacation to the full and sleep better on the plane.

Before it even starts and you get on the plane with full anticipation, there is still some work on the program. You should think carefully in advance how you want to spend your vacation and organize it as early as possible. This saves you a lot of stress and lets you sit back and relax on the plane.

It is also advantageous if you adjust the travel times so that they correspond to your sleep rhythm. The shorter the trip, the easier it will be for you to start your vacation well rested. In this way, you indirectly improve your sleep on the plane by minimizing the strain with skillful planning.

It could also be worthwhile for you to spend a little more money and use higher services on the plane . With faster boarding and a stay in the hotel lounge, you will also reduce the travel effort.


If possible, you should follow the same sleep hygiene on the plane as you would during the day. This means that you are cutting out caffeine and alcohol. Even if the small glass of wine on the plane is free, you shouldn’t let it mislead you. There are plenty of other ways to calm the nerves that are more effective and don’t interfere with sleep.

Healthy sleep hygiene

Also on the plane, make sure that you follow the rules of healthy sleep as much as possible in order to get enough rest.

Eat a healthy diet and drink enough water before departure. On the plane, you will not always be able to eat when you want to. It is therefore advisable to eat a full meal before flying. Make sure you have enough vitamins and choose something light. Then you will digest the food better on the plane.


In order to be able to sleep better on the plane, it is also important where you are. Because the quality of the seats can change slightly depending on the position.

The window seats are described as the best for a good night’s sleep . There you can lean against the wall a little, have a nice view and a little more opportunities to enjoy your sleep [1].

On the other hand, you should avoid sitting near the toilet. These are frequented more frequently, so that your sleep could be disturbed. You also have to pay attention to the odor nuisance.

Depending on the design of the inside cabin, it could also happen that the last rows of seats do not have adjustable backrests. You would have to sleep in an upright position, which is perceived as less comfortable.

However , the rows at the emergency exit are recommended These are a bit wider and a real relief, especially for tall people.


One of the basic requirements for sleeping on an airplane is the right clothing . Nobody finds it comfortable to sleep in jeans and a business shirt. If the flight is relatively long, you could pack more comfortable clothes in your hand luggage. But make sure that it keeps you warm. It can get a little colder on the plane, so warm and comfortable clothing is advisable.

Sleeping clothes

On longer flights, it is advisable to put on comfortable sleeping clothes either on the plane or before departure.

Furthermore, it might be worthwhile for you to pack a small travel blanket. This can be stowed away very easily and to save space. Not every airline offers comfortable blankets for their travelers, so it is advisable to take care of yourself. The travel blankets can be attached to hand luggage and simply unpacked if necessary.


You have folded the backrest, put on your comfortable clothes and created a certain cosiness with the blanket. But sleeping doesn’t really work out yet. This is no wonder, as the surroundings could still be perceived as disturbing.

To hide noise and to ensure a more peaceful way are sleeping headphone ideal. Modern variants are structured like a headband. These can even contain a sleep mask at the same time, so that both noise and light are minimized.

A neck pillow protects your cervical spine and keeps you from tension

Your neck should be protected while you sleep. Otherwise there is a risk that you will wake up with tension and that the first few days will be a bit uncomfortable. Use a neck pillow for travel that protects the cervical spine. Your head will stay upright and tension will no longer be a problem.


A trip is expected with full anticipation and on the plane the excitement could mean that you can barely fall asleep. In order to bridge the time better , it is a good idea to provide a distraction.

Entertainment systems are now available in most planes . The offer can be called up with headphones and time goes by faster. However, watching a film is not necessarily conducive to sleep. Therefore, you should provide entertainment yourself.

Listening to music or audio books is more suitable for sleeping on the plane You can close your eyes and find your way to sleep more easily. Also reading a book is more conducive to sleep.


You should adjust your sleep rhythm somewhat to the time of the destination. This could also mean that you set an alarm clock so that you don’t sleep until late in the evening and not be able to fall asleep the first night.

vibration bracelet is helpful for this . This does not wake you up with a loud ringtone, but with vibrations on your wrist. This is not only much more pleasant for you, but also for the person sitting next to you and the fellow travelers are not disturbed.

After getting up, you should get your circulation going. The space on the plane is very limited, but with light stretching exercises [2] activate the muscles and start the day more actively.


Sleep shouldn’t be neglected on long journeys. Make sure that you are in a comfortable lying position and that you are comfortable on the plane . Neck pillows and special sleeping headphones should not be missing as essential items on the plane. Then you will spend the night relaxed on the plane and arrive relaxed at your holiday destination.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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