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If you want to improve your sleep, a good mattress is necessary. Only this gives sufficient support and will give you a pleasant night. But when it comes to buying a “premium” mattress , you will quickly find yourself in price segments of over 500 euros. These include, for example, the Casper mattress or the Emma One .

You can also get a high-quality mattress cheaper . The Sleepling 400 is a version that costs a little more than 200 euros. It promises a very good price-performance ratio and aims to match the quality of the top models.

But is such a high quality mattress really useful at a low price and will the price difference have a negative impact? Find out how well the Sleepling 400 actually performs and how it influences your sleep behavior. In this detailed check you will receive all the information that is important for a possible purchase.

The mattresses from the manufacturer Sleepling are among the most popular in large online shops, such as on Amazon. He offers a wide range , which is aimed at different buyers and enables you to always find the right mattress. Particular attention is paid to a very good price-performance ratio . The Sleepling Innovation mattresses are among the cheaper options, but still receive top ratings .

This is because the Sleepling Innovation models do not save on material. A high-quality foam is used here, which adapts perfectly to your body.

The designs are given the designation XXL because they are particularly high. The Sleepling 400 has a total height of 25cm. This means that it can still be used well even on the floor in order to offer a high level of comfort.

On the slatted frame, the higher version is particularly advantageous for people who complain of joint pain. Due to the increased entry position, the joints are exposed to less stress and it is much easier to get up. This creates a sleeping comfort that is reminiscent of a high-quality hotel bed.

It is also advantageous that the mattresses are suitable for people with a higher weight . The harder XXL versions are ideal for people who weigh more than 100 kilograms. A high level of support is also offered for this weight and the spine is spared.

If you would like to find out how the high level of comfort is achieved with the relatively inexpensive Sleepling 400 , you will now find out the properties in detail.


With such a cheap model, the suspicion could quickly arise that material is being saved. A look inside reveals that this is not the case and that the mattress is of high quality .


Specifically, Sleepling relies on a combination of a comfort foam and a visco gel foam pad. This is already a big advantage over other models that only consist of one layer of foam. Although the structure is not as complex as the aforementioned premium mattresses, the two-layer structure ensures a good mix of stability and flexibility.


The comfort foam forms the basis for this. It is around 19cm high and is used to take up the body weight. With the high design, it is able to take the strain off the spine and protect the back. The high stability is achieved by the volume weight of RG 50 . This makes the foam one of the more solid variants.

In order to provide a little more comfort and to make the mattress comfortable for as many types of sleep as possible, the upper layer consists of a visco gel foam. This is much softer and adapts better to the body contour. If you lie down on the mattress, the visco gel foam hugs your body perfectly. It is about 4cm high and forms a good finish.

The combination of these two layers ensures an optimal mix of stability and flexibility. This ensures that the back is relieved and you only sink in as deeply as is necessary for your body.


The mattress is mainly loaded by your body weight. The foam is tough enough to return to its original position so that no dents or hollows appear.

The surface, on the other hand, is more susceptible. During the night you sweat and the movements attack the surface. To protect the mattress and provide a more comfortable sleep feeling, the Sleepling 400 is covered with a cover.

The cover consists of 52% polyester and 48% cotton. This creates a good mix of resilience and comfort. The cotton is quilted with a high-quality climate fiber. This improves breathability and you will sweat less.

Another advantage is that the cover can be machine washed at 60 ° C. This is helpful for allergy sufferers, as these temperatures are necessary to reliably remove allergens from the cover. A zipper makes handling easier and the mattress is reliably protected from soiling.


You have now learned what the inner workings of the mattress looks like and how it takes the weight of your body. Now you will find out what sleep actually feels like on the Sleepling 400 and whether this corresponds to your expectations.


So that your body is optimally supported, you have to select the right degree of hardness. With the Sleepling 400 there is a choice of H2.5 & H3.5. Depending on your body weight, you should choose the degree of hardness so that your body only sinks in as deeply as necessary. If the mattress is too soft, you will literally sink in and your spine will be attacked.

The hardness grade 2.5 is universal and appeals to the broadest possible target group. It is described as “medium / firm” and is suitable for people who weigh less than 90 kilograms. If you are significantly lighter, you will find the mattress relatively hard. You can find softer versions, for example, with the Ravensberger soft wave , which is also suitable for children and lighter people.

The alternative hardness grade 3.5 is more stable . This is suitable for people weighing 90-100 kilograms. This means that the higher body weight is better absorbed and supported by the mattress. The spine will remain in its natural shape and will not sink in too deep.

The mattress is only partially suitable for children. Teenagers could feel comfortable on the hardness level 2.5, but this is very much dependent on their own feelings.


For sleep, it is important that you feel comfortable on the mattress. The comfort foam absorbs your weight point-elastic. This means that the foam adapts exactly to your body and the mattress does not sink over the entire surface. This is advantageous if you share the mattress with your partner.


The users perceive the sleeping comfort as good. The back is effectively relieved and the night is pleasantly overcome.


A high impact on the quality of sleep has the sleeping environment . If this is unfavorable and the mattress is not breathable, you will start to sweat more.

The Sleepling 400 is a mattress with cold foam. The foam is designed with open pores , but the breathability will not be as good as with other variants. The necessary ventilation holes, which would be appropriate with such a total height of 25cm, are missing.

So it could happen that you will feel warmer on this execution . If you tend to sweat quickly in general, this mattress will probably not be for you.


Since you spend a lot of time on the mattress and are in close contact with it, it should be free of any harmful substances . Otherwise, sleep could pose a health risk.

The Sleepling 400 has been awarded the Oeko-Tex Standard . This means that there are no pollutants present and that this has been checked by a neutral body.

The cover can be machine washed at 60 ° C, which is good news for allergy sufferers. At these temperatures, mites and their allergens are effectively washed out , making the Sleepling 400 ideal for allergy sufferers.


The mattress is delivered rolled up. It takes a moment for the foam to unfold and reach its final height.

At the beginning, a chemical odor may also be detectable. This is common with foam. It is therefore advisable to air out the mattress thoroughly for a day or two . Then it is ready for use and you can use it for the night.


Mattresses aren’t exactly known for being cheap. If you go to a specialist retailer , you will mainly be offered products that cost more than 1,000 euros. This could be significantly over budget.

The Sleepling 400 is one of the cheaper variants. It is available in a range of around 200 euros and provides a level of comfort that is appropriate for most people. For the price you get a good mattress that will serve you well for a few years.

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