Spring cradle – the best models in comparison

Does your baby always fall asleep particularly well when it is in the car or when you are holding it in your arms? Then a cradle allows your baby to feel the same way. They move gently and provide security .

Sleep is extremely important for your baby. Babies sleep up to 14 hours a day . This time is important to control the development processes and to process the experiences of the day. Newborns are overwhelmed every day with impressions that can only be processed in the brain while they sleep. In addition, important regeneration processes take place during these rest phases.

If your baby suffers from poor sleep , this will not only manifest itself in a bad mood and loud screaming, but the development can be delayed for a long time . To reduce this risk, the spring cradle is a calming alternative to a cot.

In this detailed guide you will find out what you have to consider when buying, which safety aspects are important and which models work best in your case.

Is it still difficult for you to have a precise idea of ​​what a spring cradle actually looks like and what its special features are?

The function of the spring cradle is reminiscent of conventional cradles that stand on the floor. These are designed in such a way that the cot rocks back and forth with gentle movements of the frame, so that the baby can sleep peacefully. Because for many newborns these slight rocking movements are helpful and convey a feeling like in the womb.

The spring cradle follows on from this basic idea . This is a cradle that does not stand on the floor, but hangs from the ceiling . The name-giving spring is located between the ceiling suspension and the cradle. This allows you that slight movements can be transferred to the cradle.

The newborn lies in a small mat that is closed and prevents it from falling out. The cradle is specially designed so that it can be rocked . In this way, the movements are imitated, for example when walking in a stroller. The mat or basket also offers additional security.

In this combination, some babies who cannot sleep under other conditions and who cry frequently can be calmed down and finally sleep through the night .


The benefits of the spring cradle have already been mentioned. Certainly in the foreground is that the baby sleeps and the screaming comes to an end. But this sleep construction offers other advantages , which is why it is worth buying for the newborn.


The main benefit is that your newborn can relax and sleep better . The times when there was a lot of screaming and you felt like you had to look after the baby every 5 minutes because it does not calm down are over.

The sleep is much deeper in this construction and longer . The movements provide security , even if you are not standing next to the cradle. This is also a great advantage for you. After all, you can spend time with your partner and get some relaxation from the hard everyday life as new parents .

It is particularly good that the baby can move the cradle on its own. You do not have to give a new “push” in a certain time interval. If your newborn does wake up or is a little restless, the body movements already ensure that the cradle is sufficiently vibrated .

The vibrations roughly correspond to the baby’s heart rate. This increases the feeling of security and even if it should wake up, it will be able to fall asleep again on its own.

In addition to improved sleep, the time savings for you as parents are also positive.


Since babies overslept most of the day, they spend this portion either in a stroller or in a cot. Sleeping on a crib mattress may be comfortable and can promote sleep. However, this is not suitable as a permanent solution.

The body is designed to be varied . Keeping the same posture can lead to bad posture . Since babies are particularly sensitive, deformation is even more likely.

The head is particularly affected. It is recommended that babies sleep on their backs to minimize the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. But this also ensures that the back of the head is exposed to a high level of stress. Babies sleep in the same posture and deformations can occur on the skull because these structures are still very soft and have yet to develop.

The spring cradle offers a suitable change . Instead of the back and head in particular having to withstand the weight, it is distributed over the entire surface of the bed. In addition, babies’ backs are a little more crooked. Only gradually does the spine stretch. In a normal bed, however, the straight back is literally forced. The hips and pelvis are put under too much strain, which could lead to poor posture. In the spring cradle, however, the baby can indulge in the natural sleeping position much better , so that no damage occurs.


Apart from the positive effects on sleep and the health of your baby , the cradle is a practical and very simple piece of furniture. It can be hung from the ceiling to save space and thus takes up less space. No frame is necessary on the floor, so that there is greater freedom of movement in the children’s room.

Thanks to the compact design, this sleeping option can be hung very variably in the apartment. This variant hardly takes up any space in the living room or bedroom and can also be installed there. If the room is still needed, you can unhook the spring and put your baby in the cot.

Even when traveling, the spring cradle proves that it can be used very variably. With a suitable attachment, it can also be hung in the door frame . If you don’t want to do without traveling but at the same time create a safe and familiar place to sleep, this can be done very easily with the small, hanging cradle.


The popularity of this sleeping furniture has increased steadily in recent years. This has also made the selection of products more complex and it can be difficult to decide which model is best for your baby and the application.

Do you need a particularly flexible product or should it offer maximum convenience? Your purchase decision can change depending on the application and circumstances.

You can find out which spring cradles perform best and what they make up in the following detailed report.


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If you are looking for a cradle that gently moves your baby to sleep, you have probably already come across the Nonomo spring cradle. It is one of the most popular cradles.

It consists of a natural cotton and the manageability benefits from the removable mattress . This is filled with a plastic fiber and both the hammock and the mattress can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

This variant has high side walls so that your baby lies safely in this cradle . You can close the mat with the press studs so that it is no longer possible to slip out.


How you want to fix this hammock is up to you. There are different types that you can use, which makes this model very flexible at the same time .

You can attach it to the ceiling in the conventional way . This allows you to attach them permanently in the living room or bedroom.

With a frame or a door clip , the Nonomo spring cradle can be used even more variably. If you travel frequently or want to change the location of the cradle, you can do this without any problems with these two types of attachment.

For what age

The Nonomo model can be used from birth . This promotes the baby’s natural posture and the gentle up and down movements help to find a deep sleep.

Babies can use this model up to a weight of 15 kilograms . But if you still want to ensure that your child sleeps in a comfortable hammock, there is a special set for toddlers . This is designed for a weight of 15-30 kilograms and a minimum size of 80cm. In this way, both babies and toddlers can take advantage of this relaxed way of sleeping.


If you value high flexibility and quality , this model is not one of the most popular on the market for nothing. It enables a safe sleep, can be used flexibly and even small children up to a weight of 30 kilograms can enjoy flexible sleep with the newer model.


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The name already suggests that it is a comfortable sleeping option for your baby. The design is very natural and the hammock is held on a bamboo spreader bar . The mat can be adjusted to two different positions on this. The outer walls can either be made closer to offer the baby more security and security or moved outwards to offer a little more space. So your baby can see more of the room.

Organic cotton is used as the material . This can be machine washed up to a temperature of 30 degrees . To do this, however, make sure that the gentle cycle is used. The baby mat is skin-friendly and the bamboo stick is only obtained from FSC-certified sources .

The lying surface proves to be very flexible due to the attachment to the rod and adapts perfectly to the shape of the baby. The seat belt ensures that the newborn lies securely in the mat and cannot fall out.


When buying, you can choose between different variants. You can easily hang the rod on a frame that is on the floor and use this sleeping option. However, this does not allow a springy sleep setting.

The hanging from the ceiling is also feasible. To do this, the hammock must be expanded to include the spring. This is offered by the manufacturer.

For what age

This model is specifically aimed at newborns who are in their first year of life. So it can be used from 0 to 12 months of age. In addition, it is not recommended to use it on the part of the manufacturer.


The flexible adjustment options are particularly advantageous on this hammock . This model accompanies your baby during the first year of life and adapts to the respective needs. At the beginning it is certainly necessary to put the hammock a little closer. If your newborn gets used to the environment, you can adjust the mat a little further. Great importance is also attached to the fact that only natural resources are used. This ensures sustainable production and a high level of environmental friendliness.


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In addition to the spring cradle from Nonomo, you will probably have come across the variant of BabyBubu during your research . This is a 3in1 set . Thanks to this versatility, this variant is also ideally suited for holidays .

The basic structure is a cradle , a hammock and a hanging chair . Hence the name of the 3in1 set. It weighs just 1.9 kilograms and can be used on the move.

Natural cotton is used as the material . This has been tested and free of harmful substances. The manufacturer has committed to sheep wool for the mattress. This is breathable and ensures that your baby neither becomes hypothermic nor overheated. Because the sheep’s wool stands for the fact that the temperature is balanced.


There are three different types of attachment to choose from. The ceiling mount , the frame or the door clip . Thus, the hammock can also be used in the garden and a beautiful summer day can be enjoyed.

For what age

The spring cradle can be used from birth . The load capacity is a maximum of 16 kilograms . If your toddler becomes too heavy, but would like to continue to enjoy this comfort, you can purchase an extension with which a load of a maximum of 31 kilograms is guaranteed . Thus, the cradle is strong enough even for small children.

The resilience also depends on whether the spring is used. The hammock itself can be loaded up to a weight of 20 kilograms without a spring. The hanging chair is suitable for children aged 3 to 10 years and is approved up to a maximum weight of 31 kilograms.


If you would like to get a long-term solution and use the spring cradle flexibly, this can be implemented very well with the version of BabyBubu. In addition to three different attachment options, you can choose from the cradle, hammock and hanging chair which variant should be used.

This model can be used up to an age of 10 years and therefore offers long-term comfort. The natural materials ensure a good temperature balance for your baby and it will feel absolutely comfortable in this cradle.



The kangaroo is known for its safe pouch in which the young are raised. A similar feeling is conveyed with this hammock. This can be used from birth and the construction ensures that your baby adopts a natural posture. The weight is evenly distributed so that the spine is not unduly stressed.

The manufacturer decided on cotton for the material . This is hygienic and offers a high level of stability.

To ensure safety while lying down, seat belts are sewn in. There is a slot for a simple attachment of the mattress. As a result, the mattress does not slip and even strong movements caused by the spring can be easily coped with.

At the end of the “bag” there are snap fasteners . You can close this to offer your child maximum security. Depending on your own preferences, you can decide how many snaps should be closed.


When you buy this hammock, there is no spring included as standard. Rather, it is assumed that the hammock will be attached to a stand .

With a suitable spring you can expand the hammock so that it also allows gentle up and down movements.

For what age

From birth, the manufacturer recommends that the hammock can be used up to an age of 9 months . The maximum load capacity is higher than 15 kilograms , but you should refrain from using it after 9 months.


Would you like to get a springy hammock at a particularly affordable price and only use it now and then to calm your newborn baby? Then you can go easy on your wallet with this model and still get high quality.

The compartment for the mattress ensures a high level of comfort and with the push buttons you can easily determine how closed the bag should be. So you get a cheap version that can be used for babies up to 9 months of age .



You can get another very high quality hammock from the manufacturer Lola. This is known for its soft and comfortable hammocks, which are specially designed for babies and toddlers .

The Bella Chica model is made from natural cotton . The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 confirms the naturalness from a neutral side and proves that there are no harmful substances.

Sheep wool is used for the upholstery. This regulates the temperature and is equally suitable for cold winter days or in summer. It is breathable and wicks away moisture well so that your baby always maintains the ideal body temperature.

If your baby is very restless and has trouble sleeping in the cradle, this hammock is a good alternative. The back is spared and your baby will experience the same security as it was in the womb.

seat belt ensures that your baby lies securely in the hammock without the risk of falling out.


This hammock doesn’t come with a spring either. Only with a suitable spring can you convert the model in such a way that the rocking movements arise.

The hammock is primarily intended to be attached to a frame . However, the manufacturer does not yet have their own frames, so third-party providers have to be used.

The instructions of the manufacturer of the spring or the frame must therefore always be followed when determining the load capacity.

For what age

The hammock can be used by babies from birth . A limit of 30 kilograms is specified as the load capacity and the model can be used comfortably up to an age of 3 years .

But you have to make sure that the spring can withstand these loads. If you want to use the hammock for a long time, you need a strong spring that can withstand this weight.


The hammock can even be used by toddlers up to 3 years of age and is a top performance in terms of comfort. However, there is no spring when it is set up. You have to procure these yourself and make sure that the load limits are adhered to.

On the other hand, the hammock can be used very flexibly . You can use a frame of your choice or insert the appropriate spring.

This gives you more freedom when designing and even small children can spend relaxing time in the hammock.


So that the spring cradle can perform its characteristic movements, it must be attached free-standing . This usually means that it will be attached to the ceiling . The structure is easy to explain and much simpler than you can imagine at the moment.

A higher force is exerted during the spring movements. Therefore, you should use closed eyebolts as a base . With a diameter of at least 8 millimeters, these are strong enough to withstand the rocking movements.

Avoid simple rocking screws. Although these are sufficient for normal applications, they cannot be used for the spring cradle. There is a risk here that the rocking screw will not be able to withstand the loads.

The eyebolts must also be tested by the TÜV. An attachment is only intended in concrete ceilings and wooden beams . For other variants, such as a plaster ceiling, the cradle should only be used with the approval of an expert.

As a rule, the appropriate dowels and screws are supplied by the manufacturer. These are placed in the ceiling and the spring cradle is attached to it.


Your baby’s safety comes first. Of course, you don’t want the newborn to break free from the cradle and suddenly fall to the floor.

At a height of about one meter above the ground, the height of fall is very limited anyway. Nevertheless, there are some safety precautions that ensure that your baby cannot fall out of the bag.

Most models have seat belts for this purpose . The baby is held firmly in the construction with the belt. At the same time, there is enough space to move the cradle into rocking movements.

In addition, the sides are so high that it is hardly possible to fall out without them. To be on the safe side, you should stay by your baby’s side before going to sleep to see how it behaves in the cradle and whether a seat belt is necessary. Then you have to decide for yourself whether the additional attachment should be used for your baby.

If you follow the safety instructions and attach it correctly, the spring cradle proves to be a very safe place to sleep for your baby.


Gentle rocking movements have always ensured a better sleep. Stressed and excited babies calm down under the influence of the movements and can finally sleep through the night.

The spring cradle is an ideal sleeping option to ensure a healthy and deep sleep . In contrast to the simple hanging cradle, the spring movements ensure better security.

Flexibly fixed in the door frame or on the ceiling, this cradle takes up little space and can even be used when traveling.

Allow your baby to sleep as it is used to from the womb. So not only does the offspring sleep better, but also your own nerves are spared and family life is much more harmonious.

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