Spring mattress – which models are convincing?

The right mattress is important for a good night’s sleep . A high-quality spring mattress can be used for a whole decade and is an important companion . After all, you spend around a third of your life on the spring mattress and in order to start the day relaxed, you should find the optimal version for you.

Cold foam mattresses have gained in popularity in recent years . These consist of a soft foam that adapts ideally to the shape of the body. But the less good temperature properties could tempt you to flirt with an alternative.

The spring mattress is often used as a comparison. It has a completely different structure , has a high point elasticity and therefore convinces with other properties. Find out what distinguishes the spring core mattress and which models are suitable for you.

Sleep on these innerspring mattresses like on clouds


Cold foam mattresses consist of one or more layers of foam inside This fills the entire volume and ensures a high quality of sleep.

Even before these modern foams were developed, the spring mattress was considered the standard.It was used in practically every bed in Europe and is still used today in high-quality box spring beds.

The structure of the spring mattress differs significantly from the cold foam mattress. The inside is not made of foam, but of a multitude of springs. The entire surface is covered by the feathers. This creates completely different sleep properties.

The spring core mattress allows a high point-elastic absorption of the body weight, which makes it a good choice for stomach and back sleepers . If you lie down on the mattress, only the springs under your body give way. The load is not distributed over the entire surface, but diverted precisely. This has the advantage that your body is supported very precisely and sinks into the mattress. Another advantage is that your partner is not disturbed by your sleep behavior. You can move on your side and the forces are not transferred to the other half of the innerspring mattress.

There are now different types of springs. These do not always consist of the typical spring steel, but can also be made entirely of plastic. Thanks to the modern processing, it is possible to create completely different properties that exactly match your sleep type. The shape of the feathers can also differ depending on the desired sleeping behavior.


Depending on the design, further subdivisions of the spring core mattresses are made. What is important here is the structure and arrangement of the springs.


With pocket spring mattresses, the individual springs are not just loosely built on the inside. The feathers are sewn in small bags or pockets. There is no connection between the springs. This gives a high point elasticity, which ensures a high level of sleeping comfort.

The eponymous pockets in the spring core offer some advantages for sleep. The noise pollution is significantly lower in these models. The springs are a little more protected and the movements are a little better shielded from the outside world. Therefore, you can hardly hear the springs moving. In contrast to Bonell spring mattresses, the entire surface does not react to the load.

This is a great advantage if you sleep restlessly or prefer to sleep on your side . Spring mattresses are particularly suitable for side sleepers. The pelvis and shoulder sink deep into the pocket spring mattress. The spine assumes a natural posture and there are no unfavorable twisting. Use a pocket spring mattress if you prefer a particularly quiet version and sleep on your side.


The barrel pocket spring mattress is a further development of the usual pocket spring mattress. Here, the springs are also surrounded by the pockets and not connected to one another. The difference lies in the special shape of the feathers.

These do not run upwards in a straight cylinder, but are somewhat more “bulbous” in the middle . This is a different processing of the spring core. At first, the springs behave similarly under slight pressure and give way quickly. With a higher wipe, however, these springs are more resistant and provide better support.

Therefore, the pocket spring core mattress is suitable for a higher body weight. These variants can easily take a weight of up to 200 kilograms and provide a comfortable position for heavier sleepers. The innerspring mattress does not sag faster, but withstands the higher loads.


The simplest form of the spring mattress is the Bonell version. In this case, the springs are slightly reinforced at the top and bottom. The biggest difference, however, is that the springs are connected with a wire .

This means that the force is no longer absorbed point-elastic. The wire transfers the load of a spring to the surrounding area. This offers a slightly swaying comfort . It is a matter of taste whether you like this behavior more than the more precise point-elastic recording.

If you spend a lot of nights in hotels, you will come across these statements quite often. The Bonell spring core is also often found in box spring beds. It is used in the lower box to better distribute the force over the surface and to put less strain on the individual springs. This ensures a longer service life .

The spring core is not suitable for adjustable slatted frames. This lying comfort could be interesting for slim people and convey a pleasant sleep feeling. Generally, however, Bonell spring mattresses are perceived as the cheapest option.


Which spring mattress best suits your needs? Below you will find a selection of 5 high-quality designs that are guaranteed to integrate well into your bedroom.


The first model is the “Cologne” version from the manufacturer Matratzen Perfect. It is a pocket spring core mattress , which offers precise stability. If you lie down on the spring mattress, your body weight is ideally absorbed by the springs.

A better support effect is also achieved due to the 7 lying zones . The individual springs differ in strength, so that the body areas are individually supported. The pelvis sinks deeper, while the head receives greater support.

The integrated springs ensure better moisture transport and are beneficial for the sleeping climate. If you suffer from a house dust allergy, this version will be beneficial for your complaints. Mites feel less comfortable in this environment and are unlikely to multiply. The feeling is also better on particularly warm days, because the body is cooled better and sweat does not collect in the spring mattress.

The “Cologne” version is available in sizes 80 × 200 to 180 × 200 cm. So it can be used both as a cot mattress and in a double bed. The selection is also satisfactory for the degrees of hardness. The spring core mattresses are available in hardness from H2 to H4 , so that people of different body weights receive optimal support.

The cover is made of 100% polyester and is quilted on both sides with a 150 g / m² climate fiber. It is easily removable through the 4-sided zipper round and can be washed at 60 ° C in the machine are.

If you want to sleep comfortably and suffer from a house dust allergy, this spring mattress will enable a perfect night. The 7-zone system and the additional padding offer a high level of adaptation to your body and optimal support.


Thanks to its particularly complex structure , the Vesgantti spring core mattress impresses with its exclusive sleeping comfort. It not only consists of a pocket spring core, but is also equipped with several layers , which enable optimal absorption of the body weight.

Essentially, it is a barrel pocket spring core. The individual springs are encased in pockets that act as damping. The movement of the springs is particularly quiet , so you can spend the night undisturbed.

There is a rebound foam on the top of the springs This is not only able to absorb your body weight, it also absorbs the vibrations of the springs. This creates a particularly good sleep feeling if you are a little more active at night and frequently change your sleeping position.

The entire area is also divided into 7 zones. These offer excellent adaptability to your body. The load is absorbed point-elastic and specifically absorbed by the springs.

This spring core also offers high breathability. If you tend to sweat more during the night, this mattress will be a real support. Even on warmer nights, the bed remains pleasantly cool and the moisture is released into the room air.

The Vesgantti spring mattress is available in sizes from 80 × 190 to 160 × 200 cm. The degree of hardness corresponds to an H3 and the height is a whopping 24 cm. Due to the multi-layer structure, the mattress is significantly higher than comparable models. This makes it easier to get started and is beneficial if you suffer from joint problems.

The mattress is delivered rolled up in vacuum-sealed packaging. After opening the packaging, the spring mattress unfolds and is ready for use after a short time. The delivery time is only 7 days , so that this mattress arrives at your place quickly.

Use the high-quality Vesgantti mattress with multiple padding to enjoy this unique sleeping comfort . The springs absorb the load perfectly, but cannot be felt from the outside. The high breathability makes this version ideal for allergy sufferers, so that a safe sleep is guaranteed.


The spring mattress from Dream Night joins the high-quality designs . These are processed in the core as barrel pocket springs and offer first-class air circulation.

In the core, more than 1,000 springs are used, with a size of at least 100 × 200 cm. The large number of springs enables extremely precise absorption of the body weight and ensures precise relief. Furthermore, the spring strengths are divided into 7 zones, which are ideally aligned with the body.

What is particularly pleasant about this spring mattress is not only the high level of comfort. The climate also benefits from the design. A breathable comfort pad is attached to both sides . This supports the air circulation of the feathers and enables optimal removal of moisture.

The spring mattress is available in sizes from 80 × 190 to 200 × 200 cm. This is one of the few versions that are also suitable for a king-size bed . The height is a comfortable 23 cm.

The high level of comfort is rounded off by the removable cover. This consists of 65% polyester and 35% viscose. In addition, it is quilted with a climate fiber. It can be removed using the 4-sided zipper and machine washed at 60 ° C.

The production takes place according to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard . This means that there are no harmful substances in the materials. Due to the high quality, the spring core mattress is also ideal for box spring beds .

Experience pleasant sleeping comfort with the ergonomic design of this innerspring mattress. The numerous springs easily absorb a higher body weight and offer ideal relief. You will probably have a dream night with it.


With the Inofia mattress , several layers are used to relieve the body. At its core, it is a pocket spring mattress , which is ideal for those who sleep on their stomach and back.

The springs are surrounded by pockets that dampen the volume and allow greater air circulation. In addition, the springs are divided into a total of 7 zones . Due to the high breathability, the mattress is well suited for all seasons. In summer you will feel the pleasant coolness and even in winter you will not start to sweat under a thick blanket.

What is special about this innerspring mattress is that it consists of several layers. The basis are the numerous springs that precisely absorb the weight. The comfort foam on top ensures that the spring core mattress can be adjusted even better. This layer is around 6 cm thick and is located on the feathers. The memory foam is relatively firm in its initial state. If you lie down on the innerspring mattress and your body heat acts on the material, it deforms and adapts perfectly to your spine. The combination of spring core and memory foam offers maximum comfort for the night.

The size selection is based on the usual dimensions. Inofia offers smaller versions of 90 × 190 cm to 140 × 200 cm. This means that both single beds and small double beds can be equipped with the spring mattress.

With a core height of 25 cm, this variant is also slightly higher than many other innerspring mattresses and offers comfortable entry into bed. The hardness of this mattress is described as medium firm. It represents exactly a mixture of a soft and firm lying experience .

The practical thing about this innerspring mattress is that the provider allows you to test the model for 100 nights. If you are unsure whether buying a spring mattress on the Internet is the right decision, you do not take any risks with Inofia. The mattress is delivered vacuum-sealed and you can decide not to buy it at any time during the trial period.

If you are looking for a particularly comfortable mattress, the Inofia variant offers a good mix of the capacity of a spring mattress with the adaptability of the memory foam. Use the test period to try out these special lying properties.


So far, the mattresses were all equipped with a pocket spring core. This is well suited to precisely record body weight. On the other hand, the orthopedic Bonell spring core mattress from the manufacturer “Matratzen Perfect” conveys a slightly different feeling of lying .

In this core, the springs are not completely independent, but rather connected to one another by wires. As a result, they vibrate under the load and transfer the movements over a larger area.

This model is just as suitable for stomach sleepers as for people with a higher body weight. Safe sleep is guaranteed up to a weight of 130 kilograms.

The orthopedic effect results in combination with a suitable mattress protector and the incorporated lumbar vertebra zone. This ensures optimal pressure relief for the lower back and has a soothing effect on existing complaints.

The mattress is available in sizes from 80 × 200 to 180 × 200 cm. The manufacturer gives the degree of hardness an H4. It is a firmer version that offers good support. Due to the areal elastic distribution of the body weight , this hardness is not described as uncomfortable even by lighter people.

The Bonell spring core also has good climatic conditions . The cover is a mixture of 80% polyester and 20% viscose. This is quilted on both sides with a climate hollow fiber.

Do you prefer a level of comfort similar to that in a hotel ? Then use this Bonell spring core mattress from the manufacturer Matratzen Perfect. The springs vibrate slightly and offer a very special relief. If you find this swinging behavior pleasant, you will find it much easier to rest and fall asleep in the evening .


After the overview of the designs of the spring core mattresses, the following comparison of the advantages and disadvantages will certainly help you further. Then you will be more likely to recognize whether such a mattress type is suitable for your sleeping behavior.


Moisture regulation

During the night it is completely natural for a person to secrete some amount of sweat. Even when it’s not particularly warm, the body transfers this moisture to the mattress. The spring core mattress has the advantage that the moisture does not accumulate but is released into the room air. This way you will always lie dry.

Suitable for most slatted frames

The spring core already impresses with a high level of basic stability. It is therefore possible to use different slatted frames. The spring cores can be used even with a larger distance between the slats.

Long lifetime

The high stability enables use for several years. The innerspring mattress will withstand heavy weight and the springs will not show any signs of wear. Sunbathing will not occur even after years and the first-class comfort will be retained for a long time.

Suitable for allergy sufferers

Mites are a big problem in beds. They prefer a humid climate and feel really good in mattresses. The innerspring mattress, however, does not offer mites an ideal place to sleep. It is designed more openly and the good air circulation means that mites cannot multiply unhindered. Although you should continue to take measures to contain the burden and use bedding for allergy sufferers or a mite vacuum , the initial problems will be less severe with the spring mattress.


Noise generation

If the springs move, this can be heard with a distinct squeak . This can disturb the night’s sleep, especially with older mattresses. This rarely occurs with high-quality pocket spring mattresses , but you should be careful with inexpensive versions.

Heavier weight

The recommendation also applies to innerspring mattresses that they should be turned over after a certain period of time. This ensures that both sides are deposited equally. However, the springs are relatively massive and the high number increases the total weight of this mattress. This makes handling a bit more difficult and only two people can turn it without any problems.


The mattress should be adapted to your sleeping habits. The spring core proves to be flexible and is suitable for a wide target group.

This type of mattress is well suited for every sleeping position . It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to sleep on your stomach, side or back. The springs always yield precisely and offer a high level of comfort in all positions.

The spring core mattress is also suitable for people who sweat more at night or who prefer a cooler bed due to its unique climate properties . The open design and good air circulation prove to be helpful for the removal of moisture.

The springs also offer good support for people who put a little more weight on the scales. With a high body weight, barrel pocket spring cores prove to be the ideal type of mattress.


If you want to buy a spring mattress, you should know which properties indicate high quality. So find out which factors you should pay attention to when buying.

Three different versions of the innerspring have already been shown. The Bonell spring core is one of the simpler versions and is therefore considered to be the cheapest design. Pocket spring core or barrel pocket spring core mattresses cut better. These types of springs offer the best punctual relief and provide a high level of support.

In addition to the type of feathers, the number of feathers is also decisive for how comfortable sleeping will be. The more springs that are used, the more precise the pressure absorption. The design of the springs is also a quality feature. If there are more coils, the springs prove to be more durable and withstand the loads better.

It is also advantageous if there are several lying areas. The feathers should not have a uniform thickness, but should be tailored to the respective body region. In most cases, 7 zones are divided up for this purpose, which optimally meet the needs of the respective area.


There are several different types of mattresses that allow you to have a good night’s sleep. Cold foam proves to be a favorite among many people, but the spring mattress should not be underestimated.

The special structure with the springs in the core provides precise relief for the body. This will alleviate back problems and other ailments. The feeling of sleep differs significantly from a cold foam mattress and could be more in line with your ideas.

Therefore, use such a spring mattress for the night to gently fall asleep on the springs. Treat your back to the relaxation it needs and wake up again in the morning as light as a feather.

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