Belly sleeper pillows in comparison – they really do

How do you like to spend your night? Do you prefer to sleep on your back, side or stomach?

Most people feel most comfortable on the site. Around two thirds of the population is considered to be side sleepers. In this position, a high level of security is conveyed and it just feels comfortable.

In contrast, only around 15 percent sleep on their stomach. Most people would find this sleeping position too uncomfortable. It is often accompanied by tension in the back and it is difficult to breathe.

If you like to sleep on your stomach, you should use a special pillow. The most pillows are too high and the head is bent upward. Pain along the cervical spine is the result.

Promote your health with the following belly sleeper pillows . Then you will not only sleep more deeply, but also wake up in the morning without any discomfort.

If you sleep on your stomach, your entire body weight rests on your lungs. The lungs no longer have room to expand and breathing becomes shallower. As a result, this sleep is less restful. Belly sleepers often complain of tiredness in the morning and the body cannot regenerate sufficiently during the night.

In order to be able to breathe a little better, the body is partially rotated to the side. This creates more space for the lungs, but this posture is more damaging to the spine. It is literally twisted and no longer follows a straight line. Tension and pain are the result of this unfavorable posture. In extreme cases, the risk of a herniated disc is also increased. This can affect both the lower back and the neck. Headaches and migraine attacks are more likely to occur.

It is therefore healthier to sleep on your back. This may be a bit strange at first, but after a few nights you will get used to this sleeping position. If you use a neck support pillow and an orthopedic mattress , the symptoms will go away again. If you already suffer from tension, the prone position is not recommended.


If you still want to sleep in the prone position, it is advantageous to use a separate stomach sleeper pillow. This is well suited for this sleeping position and will relieve the spine. Thus it is still possible for you to spend the night relaxing and to reduce the load on your spine.

The stomach sleeper pillow is a particularly flat variant . When sleeping, it is important that the head is on the same level as the body. Seen from the side, the cervical spine should run as straight as possible and not protrude up or down.

The problem with regular pillows is that they are too high . This puts the head on top and the cervical spine is bent unnaturally. This results in tension and headaches that affect the quality of life.

stomach sleeper pillow is therefore only a few centimeters high. As a result, the head is not lifted, but has a flat surface that enables comfortable sleeping.

The shape of the pillow for those who sleep on the stomach is also decisive. Regular rectangular pillows have the disadvantage that you don’t really know where to put your arms. Under the pillow, they cause the head to be raised. Therefore, pillows for stomach sleepers have an ergonomic shape in which the arms have enough space along the side. The pillow is a little more compact so that it is less disturbing, but your head is still safe.

In the stomach position, you breathe very close to the pillow. Regular materials could suffer from the moisture in the air they breathe. Pillows for sleeping on your stomach have breathable covers. These deal better with moisture and release it directly into the surrounding air. This keeps the pillow dry and does not surprise you in the morning with a soaked surface.


To enable stomach sleepers to have a restful night, various designs have been established. These relieve the spine and are characterized by a shape that is gentle on the head.


Memory foam pillows have become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only stomach sleepers complain of tension in the neck, back and side sleepers are also affected. Through the work in the office and a lack of exercise , the muscles are loaded on one side, which occur tension.

The special foam deforms under the strain of the body weight. At the same time, it is stable enough to take the weight and provide relief.

Flat orthopedic pillows are also well suited for those who sleep on their stomach. They take up the head optimally and adapt to the body contour. The height should be between 4 and 6 centimeters for these designs.


The star-shaped cushions place more emphasis on ergonomic design . These are provided with cutouts at the edges. In this way, they are well suited for both side sleepers and those who sleep on their stomach.

You can better put your arm on the side and place it under the pillow, for example. The pillow is kept more compact and is perceived as less annoying.

When choosing, you should make sure that it is the right height . Pillows for side sleepers are approx. 12 cm high. These are not suitable as stomach sleepers and would lead to an overly high position of the head. Therefore, choose star-shaped pillows that are flat and can therefore also be used for stomach sleepers.


Similar to the memory foam, the water is also able to adapt flexibly to your head. The filling quantity also has the advantage that you can set the height variably . As a stomach sleeper, it is better if you use less water. This will keep the height low and make it more suitable for your neck.

To ensure greater breathability, the cover should be of high quality. Since there is a risk that you tend to sweat with water pillows, the cover should be made of thin polyester . This variant is also well suited for allergy sufferers, as mites have no room to spread.


Below you will find a selection of three high-quality pillows that are suitable for stomach sleepers . They are characterized by a low height and will provide a high level of comfort in the prone position, so that you can spend the night wonderfully.


The first model from the provider “Third of Life” follows the variant of the flat neck support pillow. A memory foam is used, which adapts precisely to your head.

In the initial state, the material is relatively stable. It can hardly be deformed and offers a high level of support . If you lie down on the pillow, the heat causes the foam to become more flexible. As a result, it adapts wonderfully to the cervical spine to provide optimal relief .

With a height of 6cm , this variant is well suited for stomach sleepers . The pillow itself is kept more compact at 71x33cm . There is enough space for your head and your arms can just as easily be placed next to your head.

The design of the foam is helpful with this model. This has ventilation channels , so that a higher breathability is offered. Even if you sleep with your mouth directly on the pillow, the heat and moisture won’t build up. The thermo-regulating material ensures a comfortable sleeping environment at any temperature.

Also for the trip, this version is well suited. Since it is very flat, it can be rolled up and easily stowed in luggage. This way you can also use it in the hotel.

The pillow is also suitable for allergy sufferers. The high breathability ensures that mites will hardly feel comfortable inside. The cover can only be washed at 40 ° C , but the properties of the material make it a good choice for allergy sufferers too.

Use this orthopedic pillow to relieve your spine. It represents an ideal balance of support and high comfort , so that you can find a restful sleep. The good breathability and easy deformability contribute to these advantageous sleeping properties.


The butterfly shape already presented is used in the Ombracio belly sleeper pillow from Tempur. Tempur is considered a leader in the field of high-quality pillows and uses all of its experience to ensure a good night’s sleep even for those who sleep on their stomach.

The Ombracio model has recesses on the edges so that you can place your arms there. If you like to keep your arms under your head, this is easier to reconcile with this shape and there will be no space problems.

The pillow has a size of 60x50cm . At 10cm , it is higher than many comparable stomach sleeper pillows . This height is only reached in the middle at the highest point. If you prefer it a little flatter, you can put your head closer to the edge.

The core consists of microfiber flakes. This gives you a solid feeling of sleep. Compared to soft down pillows, this version is much harder. The advantage, however, is that your head is better supported , which is beneficial for your neck. The muscles no longer have to work during the night and can relax completely.

The inner material made of microfiber is breathable and well suited for allergy sufferers. The reference from polyester can be washed at 60 ° C in the machine , and therefore the load is minimized by allergens.

Use this pillow if you like to put your arms under your head. Tempur offers a 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee , which is proof of the trust in quality. The price is not to be neglected, but in the long term this investment in your health will certainly pay off.


Mediflow is one of the first manufacturers to offer a water pillow with the Mediflow 5001 , for example . They have been making water pillows for over 30 years and can fall back on a wealth of experience that goes into this water pillow.

From the outside it is hardly noticeable that this pillow is filled with water. You have the choice of a model in the size 40x80cm or 50x70cm. You have to find out for yourself which variant is more suitable for you, although the 50x70cm variant will be more comfortable for most stomach sleepers.

combination of a water and polyester core is used inside the pillow . The microfiber ensures a high level of stability directly under the lying surface of the head. The water in the core, on the other hand, adapts well to the shape of the head and ensures that it is well supported in every position. If you move a lot, the water reacts quickly and provides precise support.

Normal tap water is sufficient for filling The more water you use, the higher the pillow is. This allows you to easily create a pillow that exactly matches your ideas. The pillow is filled and securely closed in just a few simple steps You don’t have to worry about water leaking or making noises.

The cover is soaked in Japanese aloe vera. It proves to be breathable and is antibacterial. This provides a hygienic sleeping environment that promotes your sleep.

Try out such a water pillow to tailor the pillow exactly to your needs. As a stomach sleeper , it is a good idea to fill up a little less water. Then the pillow is flatter and will react ideally to your sleeping behavior.


The most important properties of the belly sleeper pillows have already been listed. Before buying, you should consider these factors in order to get exactly the model that is tailored to your needs.


In terms of shape, you can choose between a flat pillow and a star-shaped pillow. If you like to put your arms under your head, a star-shaped variant is recommended. The special recesses offer enough space so that your shoulder is not on the pillow, but next to it.

On the other hand, you should avoid sleeping on pillows that are curved . This is the case with neck pillows designed for back sleepers. These are completely unsuitable as stomach sleepers and will lead to a poor posture of the head .


Belly sleepers should use the flattest pillows . While pillows with a height of more than 12cm are recommended for side sleepers, the maximum height for those who sleep on their stomach is about 6cm.

If the pillow is too high, the cervical spine is unnecessarily stressed and tension occurs. It is important that the spine retains its natural course. This can best be checked from the side in front of a mirror or by a third person.


A stomach sleeper pillow must have a suitable filling . Common down pillows are less comfortable. They do not provide enough support and the cervical spine is not adequately relieved.

Memory foam or polyester beads are ideal for pillows for those who sleep on the stomach. These materials give in to the load and at the same time provide good support. They also prove to be breathable and are a good choice for allergy sufferers.


If you like to sleep on your stomach, you have to be aware of the health risks . The breathing is heavy and the body weight is on the organs. The blood circulation is also disturbed in some areas.

So that at least the cervical spine is not exposed to too high a load, you should use a stomach sleeper pillow . These are flatter and tailored to this sleeping position.

Use the options presented here to start the day in the morning without any discomfort. From a young age you should be considerate of your spine and avoid bad posture. Therefore, the use of a special pillow is always recommended for those who sleep on their stomach.

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