TaoTronics air purifier TT-AP001 in the test

Do you live in a smoking apartment , is often cooked thoroughly or suffering you under an allergy ? Then it might make sense to buy an air purifier to ensure clean air.

The air purifier from TaoTronics promises a more pleasant room climate . A special filter is used for this, which absorbs even the smallest particles and no longer releases them into the ambient air. Trapped inside, this effectively cleanses the air.

But how well does the TaoTronics air purifier work and is it also recommended for you? In this test you will find out whether this device delivers what it promises.

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The room air provides the basis for you to feel good and your energy to be at its peak. If the air is polluted, it could affect your everyday life in various ways Therefore, the air purifier is a sensible purchase for a wide variety of target groups.


If you or another resident of the household smoke, this can quickly pollute the air in the room . People don’t always smoke on the balcony and even a single cigarette is clearly noticeable. Although the pollutants are dispersed in the air and can no longer be seen, they are still present and are harmful to health.

An air purifier is a sensible purchase in a smoker’s household to reduce the effects of passive smoke. The pollutants are gradually filtered, so that the health burden is less. In addition, walls and furniture are protected from the additional signs of wear and tear. They yellow less and can be used for a longer period of time.


Do you like to cook and use ingredients that can be heard in the entire apartment? If garlic belongs in every dish for you or if you live above a restaurant, it can lead to a higher odor pollution . Even in the vicinity of an industrial area, the exhaust gases are clearly noticeable, depending on the wind direction. In this case, even ventilation does not help, as the smell from outside pulls into the apartment.

Then the air purifier is the only solution. You set it up and you will pull the smells out of the air. So you can cook without feeling guilty. If you live in a shared apartment and your roommates have their own cooking habits, then use such a device so that you no longer feel bothered by the smell.


However, allergy sufferers probably benefit most from an air purifier. While odor exposure may be unpleasant, there is a significant reduction in the quality of life for allergy sufferers . Under the influence of allergens, they show strong symptoms such as coughing, sneezing or watering of the eyes.

In Germany there are now more than 10 million people who suffer from house dust allergies . I am one of them and sometimes the allergy makes it difficult to sleep. Since the mites are mainly in bed, the complaints are particularly high there. When trying to fall asleep, the nose is already running and in the morning the symptoms are particularly pronounced.

The use of an air purifier is also recommended if you are allergic to pollen . Then you will at least ensure clean air in this room and keep the allergens away.


After the general description of why an air purifier is useful, you will now learn more about the TaoTronics device. This is one of the most popular products in its field and buyers have given it top ratings . So I was also interested in whether these opinions are justified and how my allergy symptoms would improve.

The model is shown with a 3-stage filtration system. This is able to filter around 99.97% of the fine particles. This includes the pollen already described as well as fine dust, which is mixed with the pollution of the mites. A HEPA filter is used to keep these particles inside the device . You can also find this in special mite teats, for example . You should be aware that this is not just a simple ventilation of the room, but actually a filter performance takes place.

With the air purifier, the air can be filtered in a room of approx. 20m². The cubic number is actually important here. In an old building with high ceilings, the model will therefore be more suitable for rooms below an area of ​​20m² . This performance is sufficient in the private sector to purify the air in a room in a targeted manner. However, you shouldn’t expect your entire home to be free of pollen. If you suffer from a very intense allergy, it is advisable to purchase two devices and set them up in the living room and bedroom.

It will hardly be possible to use it in a professional environment , for example in the catering industry, for example to reduce odor pollution . For this, more powerful systems have to be found, which, however, also cost a multiple of this small device.


When you unpack, you will likely be pleasantly surprised by the device. Most of it is made of plastic , but it doesn’t look inferior.

The surface is smooth and free of scratches or other marks. The processing of the slots and especially the fan side looks flawless. There are no burrs or other defects on the surface.

This means that the fan can also be used in the children’s room without any problems and you don’t have to worry that there is a danger if your child touches the air purifier. The actual fan is located in the middle part. This can not be reached with the bare hand. The filter sits at the bottom, although the slots are too small even for children’s hands to be able to reach through. You can leave the device unattended and there is no risk to your child.

The construction also proves to be very stable. The two parts fit together exactly. You can take it in your hand, shake it vigorously and nothing wobbles. This is also ensured thanks to the locking on the underside.


The TaoTronics air purifier is delivered in a handy box. It consists of only two parts and no complex installation is necessary.

To be on the safe side, the lower part is covered with a film. This protects the filter and must be removed before commissioning. Then you put the two parts on top of each other. Tools are not necessary and putting them on turns out to be problem-free. If the two parts sit on top of each other, close the screw cap on the underside. Now both parts are securely connected and appear to be made of one piece.

Then you connect the device to the mains . Battery operation is not possible. So you have to have an electrical outlet nearby to purify the air.

If there is a power connection, you can start. On the top there are 4 buttons with which the functions are controlled. With the left button you operate the night light and adjust its intensity. This can be switched off completely or switched on in three brightness levels.

The fan levels are divided into 4 strengths . These can be switched through at the push of a button. However, the fan cannot be switched off completely during operation, so you cannot use the night light separately. If the air purifier is switched on, the fan will always work at least on the lowest level.

In the middle is the sleep mode . This actually only has the effect that the night light is switched off and the ventilation is set to the lowest intensity. Thus, the sleep mode makes operation easier, but does not offer any special functions that are not already represented by the night light or the fan.

The air purifier can be switched on and off at the bottom button. The controls to give an overall high-quality impression. In addition, they are not haptic buttons, but sensor surfaces . You just have to run your finger over the area to switch the functions. This proves to be very reliable in practice and the design results in a very uniform picture.


The air purifier basically has two functional parts – the night light and fan .

The night light shines in a pleasant blue . It can be switched off or switched on in three intensities. The blue turns out to be gentle on the eyes, so that sleep is not disturbed. Since the air purifier is preferably used in the bedroom, you can save yourself the purchase of a separate night light.

The fan has a total of 4 levels. In the lowest level it is hardly noticeable. You have to listen carefully to notice that it is running. The manufacturer specifies a volume of 25dB in this operation . This makes it very quiet even in a quiet environment.

In contrast, the fan can be heard more clearly in the strongest mode This is roughly comparable to a computer fan that runs under full load. This results in a higher volume, but it doesn’t have to be really uncomfortable.

Because the practical thing is that the fan runs absolutely evenly. This also makes it possible to use the air purifier as a kind of white noise . If you like to fall asleep with a fan to hide background noises, you will be able to use this air purifier. At the highest level, you generate a uniform noise and will block out the surroundings. This can be quite beneficial for your sleep.

Thus, the model basically combines three devices in one.

Night light
Air filter
White noise device


What is important now, however, is what changes I can notice when the air purifier is in operation. I am mainly referring to my allergy , as this is the reason why I use the device.

My house dust allergy is very pronounced. Even in my familiar surroundings, I have to sneeze and cough all the time Since the mites are very stubborn, I can not completely fight them even with the regular use of a mite spray and vacuum cleaner.

After putting the air purifier into operation, I could definitely feel an improvement in my symptoms after a few days . Before that, the symptoms were more apparent when I entered the bedroom when I wanted to ventilate it again before going to bed. The airways felt slightly blocked and the nasal mucous membranes were irritated. Since the air purifier has been running at low level for practically the entire day, these symptoms have decreased significantly. So I wake up in the morning almost symptom-free and have to sneeze less often.

But it is also clear that you should n’t expect miracles . Symptoms will not go back 100% and you will need to continue to maintain a clean environment. If you have a pollen allergy, you will need to take your usual precautions during the pollen season. In this case, the air purifier will be a great support and if you have to use your nasal spray less, this is already a gain for your health.

This has a very positive effect for me My symptoms can be improved with little effort, without using any medicine or the environment having to be clinically clean. The air is cleaned completely automatically, which increases my quality of life.

Since the allergen filtering works, I suspect a similar effect for smokers. The pollution in smoker households will decrease with the use of the filter, with unchanged habits. Nevertheless, the smoke will of course initially be harmful to health and it will take a while for the air purifier to completely filter the air in the room. To protect your health , it would of course be more advisable to smoke outside or to leave it entirely. The air filter will not magically neutralize the smoke, it will only reduce the pollution over a period of time.

If you are neither allergic nor a smoker and if there is no other exposure, the effect of the air purifier will only be minimal. In the big city, the application could be useful, for example to filter the exhaust gases from traffic . But you will hardly feel the effects immediately. It will not be the case that using the device will make you feel much fitter or more concentrated. The effect is more based on a long-term improvement in your health and the alleviation of acute symptoms in the case of an allergy.

If you live a little outside the big city , are not allergic and there is no smoker in the household, you will probably not notice any difference. In this case, you should not use an air purifier and it will not be necessary for you.

Therefore, people who are currently exposed to greater stress are most likely to experience an improvement in quality of life. So allergy sufferers, smokers or if the apartment is in an unfavorable location – for example next to a main road , near an industrial area or an intensively cultivated agricultural area. Then cleaning the air in the room will make sense for you.


Clean air is important for our body. The oxygen must be available in sufficient quantities so that the brain is optimally supplied and can call up its performance.

But the indoor air is often polluted with pollutants that affect the body in different ways. People who are allergic to certain particles are particularly affected. Be it the excretions of the mites or pollen , which lead to strong reactions of the immune system.

The air in the room is reliably filtered with the air purifier from TaoTronics It makes sense to use it in the bedroom in particular and will result in a reduction in symptoms.

Still, you shouldn’t expect miracles. You still need to take care of your health and take reasonable steps to keep the air as clean as possible. Then the air purifier is a useful support to free the room air from the pollutants that you normally cannot get rid of.

Allergy sufferers and smokers in particular will notice an improvement in the quality of life and sleep better. The investment in this practical device will definitely pay off.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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