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The sleep has an immense impact on quality of life . If you suffer from a lack of sleep, not only will your mood go down in the morning, but your health will also be exposed to an additional risk. Cardiovascular diseases are more likely and overall life expectancy is reduced. These should already be good arguments for buying a high-quality mattress .

Thomas the mattress stands out from ordinary models in that it has a complex structure . It consists not only of a simple material, but also 4 layers that are supposed to increase sleeping comfort.

This makes the mattress suitable for every type of sleep and ergonomically adapts to your body. In this detailed check you can find out how well Thomas does the mattress and whether the expectations are met.

Thomas the mattress is made by the manufacturer Badenia . In addition to this mattress, this also has a pillow and a duvet on offer. These too go a special way in that they use a special material and thus increase sleeping comfort. Have you already had the opportunity to test the pillow or duvet and found it comfortable? Then you can also pursue this unusual philosophy with Thomas the mattress .

The key data are initially quite ordinary. In terms of sizes, there are all common variants from 80x200cm to 200x200cm . This means that you can use the mattress both as a single and as a double bed. Two cores are supplied for sizes from 160cm. Here it is a good idea to purchase an additional topper to better connect the cores together.

The mattress is made in Germany. In addition to the high quality, it is also ensured that no harmful substances are introduced during production. This is what the Oeko-Tex seal stands for.

Buying a mattress on the internet can rightly be viewed with some skepticism. There is no way to test the model yourself before buying it. With Thomas the mattress, you don’t take any risks. You can try sleep for 100 days and if you don’t like it, you can send it back.

If you are interested in a high-quality and complex mattress , you will now find out in detail how it is constructed.


This version stands out mainly because of the design. The core combines different materials to increase ergonomics. This should better support the back and spine. You can find out how this is achieved in the following section.


Most of the mattress is made up of comfort foam . This forms the lowest layer and represents the basis. It has a volume weight of 30 kg / m³ and is qualitatively roughly in the middle. It is already positive that the cold foam is divided into 7 zones . These have different degrees of hardness, which are tailored to the respective body region. The cold foam is open-pored and confidently conducts moisture to the outside. In addition to good stability, this also guarantees an optimal sleeping climate.

If the base absorbs most of the load, the layers above are more responsible for fine-tuning . These ensure greater flexibility and adapt to your body. This is especially true for the cold foam pad and the visco gel foam pad . They reliably absorb the pressure and ensure a high level of comfort. The gel foam in particular is known as a high-quality material and rounds off the feeling of lying down wonderfully.

A similar structure is also the case with the Casper mattress , for example . This is also aimed at all types of sleep and promises a high level of comfort.

The top of the Thomas mattress is the quilted hypersoft pad. This rounds off the feeling of sleep and hugs the spine wonderfully to offer good support.

Overall, the mattress comes to a height of 26cm . This makes it one of the higher variants and is ideal for people who suffer from joint pain and who find it difficult to get up in the morning.

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As part of the bed, there is a separately removable double sheet cover. The cover is made of 100% polyester. To increase comfort, it is quilted with 2cm hypersoft foam. This makes the cover look pleasant and soft.

climate punching is available to optimize the temperature compensation . This increases breathability and improves temperature regulation.

The resilience of the cover is also evident when it is washed. This is because it is machine washable at 60 ° C. This creates a basic requirement for allergy sufferers to reduce the exposure to allergens. As an allergy sufferer, the Thomas mattress is an easy-care solution to be less troubled by symptoms at night.


Thomas the mattress is much cheaper in comparison to similar variants. Price differences of several 100 euros to the competition are realized here. Therefore, the question is justified whether the quality of sleep suffers and what you can expect here.


The complex structure ensures that there are no individual degrees of hardness . So you can only buy the standard version and have to trust that it is ideal for your body weight.

Buyers describe the Thomas mattress as firmer and more stable . Thomas is significantly harder, especially when compared to the similar version of the ” Emma One mattress ” .

This means that the mattress is also suitable for people who have a higher body weight on the scales. If you need a higher stability, you will find a fixed variant with Thomas, which nevertheless adapts flexibly to your body.


The height of the mattress turns out to be very comfortable at 26cm. If your knees are painful when you are currently getting out of bed, a low step height could exacerbate these symptoms. The higher version is an advantage so that you can get up in the morning painlessly and start the day carefree.

When actually sleeping, it is clearly described that Thomas’s mattress is much firmer. It offers a high level of support and is therefore suitable for people who suffer from back pain. The spine benefits when the mattress is more stable and absorbs the pressure better.

At the same time, it is recognized that the mattress feels soft and flexible. This makes it suitable for all sleeping positions and will ensure a high level of comfort.


Waking up completely sweaty in the morning is not a good start to the day. Everyone loses about 0.5 to 1 liter of sweat every night. This puts a lot of strain on the material and is not exactly pleasant when you wake up on a damp mattress.

To prevent this, Thomas uses extensive temperature regulation for the mattress The foam is open-pored and allows high breathability. Any moisture that hits the mattress is released back into the environment at the same time.

This makes the mattress well suited for allergy sufferers and a good choice in summer. You will sweat less while sleeping and the moisture will be better released.


If you react sensitively to certain substances or if you would like to use Thomas’ mattress for your child, it is particularly important that it is free of harmful substances . The manufacturer guarantees this with the Oeko Tex seal.

The production in Germany enables a tight control of the production conditions and you can be sure that no harmful substances are present. Badenia also has many years of experience and an excellent reputation as a brand manufacturer.


The mattress is delivered rolled up. Similar to a roll mattress, it therefore takes some time to reach its final shape.

At the beginning it can still have its own chemical odor . This can occur with mattresses of this type and is not a sign of poor quality. However, it is advisable to let the mattress air out. The mattress is ready for use after around a day.


Mattresses are often associated with a high price. In particular, models that you buy in a specialist shop are often overpriced and do not offer a good price-performance ratio.

Thomas the mattress is considered a “no-name” product from the brand manufacturer Badenia. He focused entirely on the inner values ​​of this mattress and waived other costs, such as a high advertising budget. Therefore, with this version you get a complex mattress that ideally adapts to your back at a low price.

In the form of the two cores, there is the advantage that the partner’s movements are not transferred to the entire mattress. Thanks to the generous cover, a high level of comfort is guaranteed, reminiscent of a single mattress.

You get high quality at a low price with the Thomas mattress. Take advantage of the 100 days of trial sleep and experience first-hand how your sleep quality is improving.

Jamie Clark

Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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