Travel alarm clock – 3 compact models in comparison

Do you travel a lot, e.g. travel a lot for business or do you like to spend time with your family at a holiday destination?

Then you will want to use the time effectively there too and not oversleep the entire day. But taking a large wake-up light or a children’s alarm clock with you is not always easy. These are too unwieldy and there is a risk of them being damaged in luggage.

travel alarm clock, on the other hand, is a somewhat more robust and compact variant to get you out of bed on time, even on vacation. After all, you mustn’t miss your business appointments or you want to go on an outing with your family early in the morning.

In this guide I present you which travel alarm clocks are best suited for your purposes and what exactly they make up.

If you already have a high-quality daylight alarm clock at home , you might get the idea of ​​simply taking it with you on your trip. After all, you know exactly how it works and you could also use it well on vacation.

But you should refrain from using an ordinary alarm clock . These are not necessarily suitable for travel . They take up too much space and are not robust enough to withstand the stresses of travel unscathed.

Because this is exactly where the advantages of the travel alarm clock lie and why you should use such a model. The travel alarm clock is small and therefore takes up little space in your luggage. It is light and easy to transport. So you won’t have to make the weight limit dependent on your alarm clock at check-in. There are also models that can be folded up . A small alarm clock does not have to mean that the display is barely legible.

The travel alarm clocks are also built a little more robust . The display is more robust and there are no elements on the housing that could be damaged during transport. It is operated using buttons and thus the travel alarm clock has all the necessary things that are important for the trip.

The advantages at a glance

Travel alarm clocks are small and compact
robustly built
simple operation


Travel alarm clocks are available in different designs. Just as there are exotic variants for household use such as an alarm clock made of wood or with natural sounds , there are also other models for travel alarm clocks.

However, these are more limited to the way in which they technically work. So whether they run more digitally or analogue and are equipped with radio. Of course, you have to decide for yourself which model is best for you.

Modern digital travel alarm clocks should satisfy every traveler. They have a wide range of functions . You can use different alarm tones and set whether the alarm clock should also ring on the weekend. In terms of design, these alarm clocks look very modern and therefore fit into the furnishings of your hotel room.

Analog travel alarm clocks have the advantage that they are easier to use. They usually only have one option to set the alarm time and otherwise you don’t have to worry about anything else. You set the alarm time and you can be sure that the alarm clock will ring reliably in the morning. However, the range of functions is somewhat limited and you probably cannot specify which alarm tone is used. Analog travel alarm clocks also prove to be somewhat more robust.

Is it more important to you that the alarm clock has additional functions and therefore makes it easier for you to wake up or should it work simply and reliably?

Depending on your needs, you can choose either a digital or an analog travel alarm clock.


To make your decision easier, you will be presented with different models. These are in a low price segment, but are still very popular with buyers . With these alarm clocks you won’t miss an important appointment while traveling and you can enjoy the day to the fullest.


Above all, a travel alarm clock should be small and compact . Finally, there should be enough space to accommodate your other luggage. Since the alarm clock only fulfills a simple function and is only used in the morning, it is an advantage to keep it minimalist.

This requirement has been perfected by the manufacturer Eachui and the result is an alarm clock that weighs only 40g and is 5.5 × 5.5 × 2.5cm in size . This is so small that it fits the palm of your hand and can therefore be accommodated in any luggage.

It is an analog quartz alarm clock . The alarm clock works completely silently , so that no annoying ticking is heard during the night. In the morning, however, the alarm is all the louder. The volume increases continuously. So you will not be ripped out of bed with a loud alarm tone, but rather wake up a little more gently.

snooze function is also integrated and during the night you can switch on the night light for a short moment to read the time. It is operated using the self-explanatory buttons on the back of the alarm clock. Here you basically only have to set the time and the alarm time.

When the alarm sounds, you press the large surface on the top and switch off the alarm. Depending on your preference, you can choose from the colors pink and white .

If the travel alarm clock is to be as simple as possible , this model is made for you. It is the most popular alarm clock in the standard version, which impresses with its minimal but functional design and can be stowed in any luggage.


The travel alarm clock from Pictek is a little more detailed in terms of functionality. This is a digital alarm clock , which is also suitable for the travel bag. The housing is very robust and the buttons fit seamlessly into the design.

The radio alarm clock ensures that you have set the correct time at every location. If you forget to adjust the clock to the local time, the radio alarm clock does this completely automatically. This is particularly convenient for frequent travelers who frequently stay in different time zones.

It is operated using the few buttons on the back of the housing. For example, you can use the snooze function or precisely specify the alarm time. A small stand is also integrated in the housing . You can fold this out to give the alarm clock more support.

The alarm tone is also described by users as very loud. If you find it difficult to get out of bed and need a higher volume, this alarm clock is the right address for you.

The intelligent background lighting is particularly practical . A sensor-controlled backlight can be switched on so that you can read the display during the night. This recognizes the ambient brightness and controls the display lighting so that it is not perceived as annoying. You can also switch off the lighting completely.

In addition to the time, the display also shows the temperature and the current day of the week . These are other nice features that could be helpful to you at the vacation spot.

If you travel a lot and especially through different time zones, this travel alarm clock is particularly easy to use. Thanks to the radio control, the correct time is always displayed and you no longer have to adjust it manually. The backlight also allows use during the night and the integrated stand offers a practical hold.


You can get another classic travel alarm clock from Casio with the TQ-140. This alarm clock is clearly minimalist and works analog. The dimensions are very compact with 5.7 × 5.7 × 3.3cm and with a weight of 18g the alarm clock in the luggage is really not noticeable.

It is very easy to operate using just a single rotary knob. This can be used to set the time and alarm time. The quartz clockwork works reliably and in the morning you will be woken up with a loud sound.

In contrast to the first presented alarm clock, the Casio’s dial has the advantage that it can also be recognized during the night . It has light neon writing that lights up discreetly at night and allows you to read the time. But you can also use the integrated night light to see the time better.

The retro design brings back memories of your own childhood and the simple design is particularly practical for travel. This model is therefore part of the standard equipment of many travelers.


The most important properties of a travel alarm clock have already been introduced to you. But what functions do most models actually have?

The most important thing, of course, is that the current time is displayed. The wake-up time is also displayed at the same time. Either by an additional pointer symbolizing this on an analog alarm clock or by displaying the time on the digital alarm clock.

The digital alarm clock presented here has a radio-controlled clockwork . This means that the time is synchronized locally and the correct time is always displayed. Analog clocks, on the other hand, always have to be adjusted manually.

The operation is done by battery . Travel alarm clocks are also designed so simply that they use little energy. The analog models last for several months on one battery . So you don’t have to worry that the power connection is not compatible in the country you are traveling to.

Furthermore , further information can also be shown on a display . For example the current day of the week and the room temperature.

In general, the travel alarm clock is kept very simple. It does not have to have many functions, but rather reliably fulfill its main task – waking up.


Meanwhile, the smartphone has also become a constant companion when traveling. It also has an alarm function and could therefore be used as an alarm clock. So what speaks against the smartphone as an alarm clock?

The smartphone can of course be used as an alarm clock. In practice, however, it does not always prove to be reliable . The alarm tone could be too quiet, the wrong time was set or you forgot that the smartphone is set to silent.

If the device is not charged properly, there could also be the risk that the battery does not last until morning and the smartphone is simply switched off. Then of course it can’t work with the wake-up call.

In addition, if the smartphone is next to you, the temptation is to use it briefly in the evening . It may sound practical to you to check your emails quickly, but this is often associated with sleep problems.

Therefore, it is better to completely do without the smartphone in the evening. With a simple travel alarm clock you are much better positioned and you are not even tempted to use the technology.


The travel alarm clock therefore proves to be the cheapest and safest option to be woken up on time when you are out and about. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for an analog or digital version. You can be sure that the alarm clock is compact and robust.

So you will be woken up on time even when traveling and you will have more of the day.

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