Travel blanket – the best models in comparison

The long-awaited vacation is coming up and you are looking forward to soon lying in the sun and enjoying your free time. But depending on the holiday destination, this means spending a few hours in the plane, car or train.

Traveling can lead to some strain and be associated with stress right from the start of the holiday. Especially if you spend the night in the means of transport, you should at least have a high level of sleeping comfort .

The travel blanket is an ideal companion to make the nights more bearable and to arrive relaxed at the holiday destination. In combination with a neck pillow for travel, you will still get a relatively restful sleep even in an uncomfortable chair.

Find out which travel rugs do well and what benefits they offer.

You have been looking forward to your vacation for a long time and finally the time has come to switch off from your hard work and get other thoughts.

But before the holiday enjoyment starts, the usual travel stresses are on the plan. Delays and little legroom can spoil the joy a little. In addition, sleep deprivation can mean that you arrive at the holiday destination completely overtired and cannot make full use of the first day.

To avoid this, a travel blanket should always be part of your luggage.

The travel blanket is made of lightweight materials. This allows you to stow the blanket in hand luggage and not exceed the weight limit. If it gets too cold on the plane, the blanket can simply be taken out of the hand luggage.

In addition, it can be stowed away to save space. The space in hand luggage is tight and you will have packed other things in it. It is therefore important that the travel blanket has a small pack size. On the trip you will hardly notice them and enjoy the benefits.

Are you traveling alone or with a partner? If you share the stress of travel with a friend or your significant other, there are blankets that are big enough for two people. So you can benefit from the warmth of the blanket together.

Due to its light weight and small pack size, the travel blanket can be taken practically anywhere. Accordingly, the areas of application are also very diverse. Whether on the plane or the camping van, on the beach or in the holiday apartment, the travel blanket gives you a feeling of security wherever you go.

So you are also armed against uncertainties. Because if there are delays and you are stranded somewhere during the trip, it can be difficult to get support. If you have to spend the night at the airport, for example, no blankets are provided in most cases.

In order to always have a high level of comfort , the travel blanket is a suitable means to at least warmly spend the night in any location. It is light and hardly noticeable in hand luggage.

You can see in the following comparison which three models do particularly well and are recommended for you.


The following 3 blankets are perfectly adapted to the requirements of a trip. This means that they are light and compact , but at the same time donate a cozy warmth. You then have to decide for yourself which of the three models seems optimal for you. A high quality but all the models presented here and only some differences in details are noticeable feature.


Have you ended up in a warmer vacation spot and the journey there is imminent? Then the blanket doesn’t necessarily have to keep you warm, but rather provide a cozy feeling and an ideal sleeping climate. The Coolmax travel blanket from Bahidora is perfectly matched to these requirements.

With a weight of 390g it is light and will not exceed the weight limit in hand luggage. Even in the travel backpack, the ceiling will hardly be noticed. It is practical that the blanket is delivered in a travel bag . During the trip you can fold the blanket to a small pack size of 20x10cm. With a size of 200x150cm , the blanket can also be used by two and offers a comfortable night.

Although the blanket is a little thinner , you don’t have to do without a high level of comfort. The material is felt to be very soft and cozy. With it you can fly away from the uncomfortable seats of the airplane and drift into the land of dreams.

The blanket owes its special suitability for warmer regions to the Coolmax material. This is breathable and ensures that your body does not sweat more. The sweat that occurs is also well absorbed and released back into the air. As a result, you won’t wake up bathed in sweat in the morning, but sleep comfortably. The material also proves to be quick-drying , so you can quickly stow the blanket in your luggage and don’t have to wait too long.

If you are soon going to a warmer region where a light travel blanket is needed that keeps you cool and offers a high level of comfort, this model is ideal for you. The packing bag is practical and allows you to take the blanket with you wherever you go. The size is well suited for two people , so you and your partner will enjoy a comfortable trip.


Do you have to choose between a pillow and a blanket, but you don’t know what could be more comfortable for the trip? Then the decision will be made for you with this 2in1 travel blanket. The blanket can also be used as a pillow.

The blanket is a little smaller and only suitable for one person with a size of 170x120cm . First and foremost, it serves as a blanket for the aircraft and when you want to relax while sitting. When lying down, the blanket may not offer the highest level of comfort for taller people and the feet could stick out.

The real benefit is that the blanket can be converted into a pillow . To do this, the blanket is folded up and securely closed with the zipper. You can lay your head on the pillow and decide in a very variable way whether you need the blanket or just a pillow.

Due to the smaller size, the weight of 200g is even lighter than the previous travel blanket . On the other hand, a pillow can be saved due to the higher range of functions, so that the weight hardly plays a role.

No harmful substances are used during processing. This is confirmed by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 . Thus, the blanket is also suitable for allergy sufferers and children.

In order to use the blanket for a long time, it can be machine washed at 30 ° C. You should avoid using fabric softener.

If you are looking for a variable solution and want to use your luggage as efficiently as possible , such a multiple solution is interesting. You not only receive a blanket, but also a pillow and can convert it as required. So you are well prepared for the various rigors of the journey.


Travelrest’s travel blanket is developing in the same direction. This indicates that it can be combined and transformed into four different functions . In addition to the blanket , it can also be used as a pillow, support pillow for the lower back or as a small carrier bag .

The travel blanket is available in colors. The size of 102x152cm is comfortable and also suitable for sleeping. At the same time, it is not too big to be a nuisance on the plane. Depending on your own taste, you can choose from a gray, light gray or blue variant.

It makes perfect sense for children to choose the smaller size. Strictly speaking, the blanket is a small poncho. On the side there are openings for the arms , so that they are reminiscent of a cozy blanket with sleeves . While traveling, this design also allows you to read a book or work with the laptop. The hands can be used without restriction.

In the larger version, the blanket weighs around 425g. This can be explained by the high quality workmanship and the integrated carrying bag. In addition, a bag is included in which the blanket is stowed and is safe from soiling.

The conversion of the blanket into the pillow is easy and quick. This is made possible by the innovative design and the integrated pocket. You just fold the blanket and close the zipper. The blanket can already be used as a pillow.

The top of the blanket is also made of a soft plush. Even when traveling, you will create a cozy atmosphere and minimize stress.

If you are looking for a particularly high-quality and flexible travel blanket , you will find this version to be particularly practical. The blanket has sleeves so that you can read a book or work in peace. The size is also suitable for children and you will feel at home on the plane, in the car or on the train.


Which travel blanket is best suited for your needs? You should consider these factors before buying.


Should the travel blanket serve as a replacement for a normal duvet or is it only intended for the flight temporarily ?

If you freeze quickly on the bus or plane, you should use the 4in1 variant of Travelrest. This is particularly practical and you can use your arms without restriction. However, this property can become a bit uncomfortable for several nights. In this case, the variant of Bahidora is more suitable. This travel blanket can replace an ordinary duvet and provide great comfort for sleeping in bed.

When choosing, you should also pay attention to how robust the blanket should be. Do you spend the night in hotels or are you also mobile and need a blanket that is dirt-repellent and dries quickly?

You should consider this when buying and use these criteria to find the best blanket.


Do you use the blanket alone or together with your partner ?

If you are traveling with your significant other, you should either plan two blankets or take a larger blanket with you on the trip. Otherwise, disputes can quickly arise. The ceiling must be large enough to be shared. At least a size of 150x200cm should be given so that two people can use it without any problems.

Children can choose a larger version that is actually intended for adults. But you have to keep in mind that some space and weight have been given away. In some cases there are therefore special children’s sizes. If you are traveling very efficiently and want to use the space as intelligently as possible, the children’s sizes are ideal.


How comfortable the blanket feels on the trip largely depends on the material. A polyester fiber is used for the Coolmax blanket. This is thin and enables the cooling effect.

If, on the other hand, it is particularly cozy , the workmanship of the Travelstar blanket is particularly suitable. On the other hand, however, it does not dry as quickly and may not be as dirt-resistant either.


If you spend a lot of time on the plane or bus, the trip should be as stress-free as possible. Delays are unfortunately not uncommon and it is also possible that you spend a night at the airport or on the plane .

To be well prepared for these situations , a travel blanket is an ideal companion. This is light, can be folded up compactly and possibly also used as a pillow.

If you freeze easily and want to upgrade the uncomfortable airplane seats, the travel blanket is a sensible investment . You will enjoy the same comfort on the go as in your own bed and arrive at your holiday destination less stressed.

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