Ultrasonic massager – the best models in comparison

Massage is beneficial in many ways. The blood circulation is promoted and the muscles relax. This can not only relieve painful tension.

Even cosmetic applications should massager be possible with the help of an ultrasound. If you regularly enter a cosmetic studio and visit it for a facial or want to improve the complexion, you will already be familiar with this type of massage device.

You can also save yourself the trip to the comedian and have the treatment at home. There are small, handy ultrasonic massage devices that you can use yourself.

But how good are they and is there a visible effect? You can find out which models perform best in this comparison.

When you think about an ultrasound, the first thing you will probably think of are the images that come with a pregnancy exam. With the help of the ultrasound image, the doctor can see whether the baby is healthy in the stomach and what gender it is.

The areas of application of ultrasound are diverse. The massage device is based on the same principle, but the ultrasound is used completely differently.

Ultrasound is sound waves. These are in an area that can no longer be heard by humans . The frequencies above 16 kHz are referred to as ultrasound.

Strictly speaking, imaging of the unborn child is a sonography. This runs at a frequency of 1 to 40 MHz. The sound waves are therefore significantly higher than the 16 kHz described and cannot be perceived by humans. The abbreviation M stands for mega = million and k for kilo = thousand. The higher the Hertz number, the faster the vibrations.

This was just a small technical introduction to the field of ultrasound. These vibrations are to be used with a special massage device, for example to stop skin aging or to treat wrinkles.

The idea behind the treatment with an ultrasound massager is that it stimulates the blood circulation and tightens the blood. Since the formation of wrinkles is due to the decreasing elasticity of the skin with increasing age, this effect should be reversed.


The effect of the ultrasound is based on the fact that the sound waves penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. With the help of sonography, you can already imagine that the sound waves penetrate into the inside of the abdomen and that the outlines of the baby are shown.

You can also use the depth effect on the skin. Because the vibrations generate heat in the deeper layers of the skin. The heat, in turn, causes the blood vessels to widen. After all, the body wants to remove the excess heat.

As the blood vessels expand, blood circulation generally improves. The metabolism is accelerated and nutrients can be better introduced into the skin. The collagen, which is important for the formation of wrinkles, can be formed and the skin’s appearance is improved as a result.

The improved blood circulation promotes all processes that take place in the skin. The tissue is cleaned, the skin is plumped up and looks firmer again.

You can easily achieve this effect at home with an ultrasonic massager. You keep the contacts on your face and the sound waves will penetrate into the deep tissue. With ordinary anti-aging creams you will never be able to produce such a deep effect.

After the application, the skin needs to regenerate. Ultimately, the ultrasound initially represents a burden, which is compensated for by the increased blood flow. So you should be careful with the treatment.


You should already have a rough idea of ​​how the ultrasonic massager works and what it is used for. What specific problems can you treat with this device and expect an improvement?


In the first place, the purchase of the ultrasonic massager is likely to be associated with the desire that the skin appears firmer and wrinkles recede. Due to the increased collagen formation and the firming effect, the skin appears a few years younger again.

Anti-aging creams cannot match the effectiveness of the massage device. In addition, the creams are also much more cost-intensive in the long run, as they have to be re-purchased all the time.


Due to the improved blood circulation, far-reaching treatment successes can be achieved. If you suffer from acne or acne scars, the stimulation of the metabolism can lead to the skin regenerating better and the acne receding.

However, the effect of the ultrasonic massager depends heavily on the shape and severity of the acne. Severe acne will continue to require other treatments. However, the ultrasound can be another tool to achieve a more beautiful complexion.


The unsightly dents, which are mostly visible on the underside of the thigh, are favored by weak connective tissue . With a massage device, the connective tissue should be strengthened again and thus the cellulite should also be reduced.

However, since cellulite is largely dependent on other factors and is primarily based on the structure of the adipose tissue, it is unclear to what extent a positive effect will be shown. Improvements will be seen in most cases, but cellulite will hardly be combated completely.


So there are several reasons that speak in favor of using the ultrasonic massager. The main effect is to reduce wrinkles. If you would like to improve the complexion of your skin, I will now introduce you to three devices with which you can effectively use the healing powers of ultrasound.


The first device presented here is in the middle price range. You have to pay a little more than 100 euros to use the depth effect of this ultrasound device.

With a frequency of 1 MHz , the device is suitable for both the body and the face. The strength can also be adjusted variably. In most cases the face will be a little more sensitive and it is recommended to reduce the thickness a little. Here are between 0.4 to 1.2 watts areas suitable. The body, on the other hand, benefits from the increased use of ultrasound. Here you can call up the full power of 1.8 watts .

For the treatment, you can either use the gel provided and perform the massage on it, or you can use your own skin oil. However, the gel is advantageous because the sound waves penetrate deeper into the tissue and the effect is thereby intensified.

The massager automatically recognizes which skin type it is and how high the moisture content is. Accordingly , it independently regulates the intensity of the sound waves and prevents damage to the skin.

This makes it particularly easy to use and you basically only have to decide whether the face or the body is being massaged. This device not only combats wrinkles, but also bags under the eyes, stretch marks and age spots.

The combination of vibration and ultrasound ensures a greater depth effect and the complexion is improved. The safety has been tested by the TÜV, so that there is no uncertainty in use. Treat your skin to deep relaxation and benefit from this profound massage.


The Ultramed ultrasound device is known for a particularly high-quality application . In terms of price, it is significantly higher than the previous product, but the reviews speak for themselves. Over 500 top ratings certify the high quality and buyers agree that the money is well invested.

The massage is performed using two transducers . These are designed slightly differently, so that the individual needs of the skin are catered for.

A very fine 3 MHz ultrasound is used as the frequency for the face . This allows the skin to be treated cleanly on the surface. If, on the other hand, the ultrasound is to penetrate deeper into the tissue, operation at 1 MHz is available . These sound waves are somewhat “coarser” and not quite as fine, which is why they have a greater effect, especially in the depths. For the face, however, the higher frequencies are advantageous , since the skin tissue has to be treated on the surface.

Not only the frequency, but also the intensity can be set individually. There are 8 levels available for this , which are based on the skin type, for example.

The power supply is implemented by means of a power plug. This has the advantage that sufficient performance is always offered. With the timer function , the duration of the treatment is adhered to very precisely.

The red light can be switched on for an additional warming effect. Similar to a red light lamp , this provides a further warming effect on the skin and promotes blood circulation. The spectrum of action is diverse and the device causes a general improvement in the complexion of the skin.

If you are so far convinced of going to the cosmetic studio and using the professional equipment, you can now carry out this application at home. The ultrasonic massager from Ultramed plays in the same league as the professional devices in the studio. The frequency helps to improve the complexion and the effect is confirmed by the numerous buyers. For reliable rejuvenation, there is no better method than using this ultrasonic massager.


This model is ideal for reducing wrinkles and creating a smoother skin. It is significantly cheaper than the previous ultrasound devices, but still able to achieve a high level of effectiveness .

The effect is primarily aimed at the 8 available modes . For example, it can warm up or cool down and do a sonic massage. A microcurrent is also available to stimulate the facial muscles in the low-frequency range. As a result, the skin regains its tension and the skin structure is strengthened.

It is also possible to carry out light therapy . The red light is at a wavelength of 620nm, which improves skin damage. Your skin gains elasticity, which creates an overall younger appearance .

With the help of the different temperatures you get a blood circulation-promoting effect. The device can either be heated to 42 ° C or cool down to 6 ° C. This change literally wakes up the skin and opens the pores.

If you like to use creams and other care products, this application is helpful so that the ingredients supply the skin more effectively . The changing temperature allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeply, so that the skin benefits better.

The model is fully charged within 3 hours via the USB charger . Then you can use it perfectly for daily care and see a significant improvement in the complexion of the skin.


The application is a breeze with the presented equipment. But of course you want the successes to be visible as quickly as possible. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following tips.

It is advisable to apply a care product while using the ultrasound. A gel is already included in the delivery of some products and this is necessary so that the ultrasound is transmitted into the deep structures of the tissue.
The skin of the face is relatively thin and sensitive. Therefore you should only work in the frequency range of 3 MHz. This is finer and does not penetrate as deeply as the coarser 1 MHz.
You should use different settings depending on your skin type. The device describes how to adapt it to your skin type. This is how you get the best results.
The treatment initially counts on treating the deeper structures of the skin. It takes some time for success to “work its way up” from the depths to the surface. Therefore, you should still use the application regularly and the improvement will soon be visible.
Nevertheless, you should always have realistic ideas. Even with the best ultrasonic massager you will not be completely free of wrinkles. However, the goal should be a visible improvement. You will be perceived as younger and “fresher”.


In the field of cosmetics there are some treatments whose mode of action has not been confirmed. The suspicion is that they are mainly operated for commercial interests.

However, ultrasound is a medical application. The sound waves are used, for example, against a tennis elbow or in the follow-up treatment of operations.

The deep penetration of ultrasound stimulates processes in the deep tissue and promotes blood circulation. This can reduce wrinkles and, in some cases, improve the appearance of acne or cellulite.

Use this effect in a relaxed manner at home and save yourself the trip to the cosmetic studio. By doing the treatment regularly, you will soon feel an improvement.

Look younger, more alert and discover a whole new way of life with the ultrasonic massager.



The action of the ultrasound dilates the blood vessels and stimulates the blood circulation. This accelerates the cell metabolism and ensures a better supply of nutrients. The self-healing powers are strengthened, so that discomfort or impurities in the skin are reduced. You look healthier and support the regeneration process.


Gentle ultrasonic massage devices are used for private use. The costs vary, depending on the design, from a little more than 40 euros to over 200 euros. The price difference is mainly due to the intensity and the areas of application. Expensive devices have multiple frequencies that are good for both the face and the rest of the body.


To achieve an effect, the massage should last about 10 to 15 minutes. After that, there is sufficient stimulation. How often you use the ultrasound massager depends on your symptoms. You can use it every other day if there is no pain.


Ultrasound therapy stimulates regeneration and the cells. This can definitely help you lose weight. With the help of the ultrasound, however, no fat cells can be “destroyed” or fat burning can be started. Sport and a healthier diet are still the basis for long-term weight loss success.


The muscles can be stimulated with the help of ultrasound. In areas of rehabilitation, ultrasound is used to stimulate muscle building. For healthy people with enough exercise, however, the effect will be negligible. Therefore, the ultrasonic massager is hardly suitable for building muscle.


If the ultrasonic massager is used properly, no side effects are to be expected. This includes that no therapy is carried out in the event of pain and that caution is exercised, especially in the facial area. Otherwise, tissue damage can occur, but this is very rare.

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