Unicorn bedding – the magical way to sleep

The unicorn bed linen gives your child the feeling of falling asleep in the middle of a magical world. Unicorns are particularly popular with girls and it makes sense to express this love with the bed linen.

You can find out which unicorn bed linen is the best and which different designs are available in the following overview.

The unicorn is a mythical creature based on the design of a horse. Girls love horses and the large but gentle animals exude calm and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Children often suffer from the problem that they cannot really fall asleep in their own children’s room. If you are used to sleeping in your parents’ room, your new room can seem a bit threatening .

It can still seem a bit scary , especially during the night . Shadows can create fear and sounds are unfamiliar. A night light for children will help curb this fear.

A similar effect can be achieved with the unicorn bed linen. Unicorns are known in the mythical stories for defeating evil and always fighting for good. During the night, children can therefore feel particularly comfortable in bed linen with this motif and sleep through the night without any problems.

The unicorn bed linen is ideally suited for sleeping problems or if the child needs special pleasure.


But not only bed linen is covered with this popular design. There are also a number of other articles that feature this magical mythical creature.

A cuddly toy in the form of a unicorn also offers the opportunity to approach the fantasy world and fall asleep with it. They convince with a colorful design and are very suitable for cuddling. They can also be used as pillows.

Other pieces of furniture can also be decorated with this design. A pillow case including a unicorn also brings its own flair to either the living room or children’s room.

So there are a few ways in which the unicorn can be integrated into the living experience. However, the bed linen offers a particularly simple shape and is also extremely useful as a sleep aid.


Would you like to introduce your child to the world of the magical unicorns and bring them great joy? Then you will receive three recommendations with the following bed linen with which you can sweeten the night. Problems falling asleep can be improved and the unicorns quickly become friends of sleep.


A unicorn bed linen is certainly a real eye-catcher for the children’s room. But over time the chosen motif could become a bit boring or not suit your own taste. To avoid this risk, this unicorn bed linen offers a reversible design .

A unicorn sitting on a rainbow is presented over a large area on the front . Surrounded by hearts, it exudes a warm friendliness.

The other side is provided with a finer pattern , in which many small unicorns adorn the ceiling. Depending on your taste, the bed linen can be turned over.

The material used is 100% cotton , which is provided with the Oeko-Tex seal . This ensures that no pollutants are present. In addition, the can bedding at 60 ° C hygienically clean, washed and dried are.

The zipper makes it easy to change the bed linen , so that the children can decide for themselves which side of the bed linen they prefer to use.

This variant of the unicorn bed linen is sure to generate a lot of enthusiasm for the next birthday or Christmas when this sweet motif is unwrapped as a gift .


Pummel & Friends represent a little world of their own within the unicorns . This is the unicorn Pummel, which is characterized by its preference for biscuits . This makes it a little different than other unicorns and stands out clearly due to the “cute” design . This is also reflected in this bed linen design.

Every child will probably love biscuits and the unicorn also presents itself with a biscuit tin on the bedding. Together with a cute saying, the unicorn looks particularly loving and funny.

The bed linen can be turned for another design . A fine pattern of biscuits appears there. Maybe your child is more into cookies than unicorns? Then both preferences can be expressed with this bed linen.

The bed linen is made from 100% cotton , which has been awarded the Oeko-Tex seal . The cotton is suitable for sleeping and absolutely harmless.

It can be washed at 60 ° C and the material can be used in the dryer. In this way, the colors remain strong and you can enjoy this bed linen for a long time.

There are also some other nice gift ideas from the chubby unicorn , such as a round pillow or a fleece blanket. In combination, the bed linen and the other elements can come into their own in the children’s room.


Aminata Kids is known for high quality in all areas of children’s bed linen. This can be seen in the extremely good reviews that they regularly achieve with their products. The buyers are satisfied and express this with the high ratings.

The unicorn comes into its own with this bed linen in a beautiful silhouette. Together with the stars and the saying “It’s Magic”, your child will be immersed in a magical world . The design is relatively timeless, so that both small children and teenagers will feel comfortable in it.

Like the other bed linen, this set is made of 100% cotton , which has been certified according to the Oeko-Tex seal . The bed linen can be washed at up to 40 ° C and assume a hygienic condition.

If you are not a big fan of unicorns, you can alternatively benefit from the high quality with other motifs. There is a choice of horses or other childish patterns, for example.

For slightly older children, this realistic design is well suited to give the children’s room a magical atmosphere and to make falling asleep a special experience.


There are several options available for purchasing unicorn bed linen. Among other things, there would be furniture stores such as Ikea or shops specializing in bedding. These offer the advantage that the product can be viewed directly in the store .

However, there are also some negative aspects to be mentioned in shops. This includes that the price is usually higher than when buying online. The exact same bed linen will cost a little more in the store than at Amazon. In addition, the choice is very limited. Only a few motifs can be viewed, while there is a much greater variety when buying online .

It is therefore advisable to buy the unicorn bed linen online and trust the numerous positive reviews. Buyers give their well-founded opinion after a period of use and you can benefit from this experience.


If you want to bring a magical atmosphere into the nursery to promote sleep and bring joy to your child, the unicorn bed linen is a good choice. This can be either cute or more realistic. Thanks to the reversible design, there are also several motifs to choose from.

Alternatively, a nice Zelda bed linen or a bed linen with cats can beautify the bedroom. In any case, the right design calms the child down and enables a pleasant night.

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