Unicorn night light – a comparison of magical models

The unicorn night light helps your child when they are afraid of the dark at night. It is perfectly normal for children to feel a little uncomfortable at first and sometimes also to go to their parents’ vicinity in order to sleep better at night.

However, this cannot be a permanent condition. A night light offers the possibility to provide some light in the room. The light is designed in such a way that it is not perceived as annoying, but rather improves sleep behavior.

If your daughter is a big fan of unicorns , these magical figures are also available in the form of night lights. You can find out which models are available in this guide.

Unfortunately, it has become a sad part of everyday life that children suffer from insomnia. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Even children are exposed to some stress in everyday life. This already begins in kindergarten, where pressure to perform is sometimes built up. Extensive homework is already given in elementary school and the high demands can sometimes lead to excessive demands. The stress does not let up in the evening and ensures that the children cannot fall asleep properly. The worries of the day still circle around in the evening and no rest is found to find sleep.

In addition to everyday stress, children are also exposed to ever greater technical stress This starts with a television and continues through to the smartphone. Smartphones are being used more and more by children, for example to distract them while eating and to provide entertainment. Frequent use leads to a habit and children also use this medium in the evening.

However, this has some negative effects. First and foremost, the blue light that is emitted from the screen should be mentioned. The light prevents the production of melatonin and sleep is greatly delayed.

Instead of the smartphone, it is better to use special night lights. There are night lights with a starry sky that illuminate the ceiling and also provide some entertainment and light up the room. In contrast to the smartphone, however, the light is kept in a color that has no negative influence on sleep behavior.

Night lights are more convincing because of their warm colors , which are pleasant and not too bright. In addition, they can also be perceived as toys in the shape of the unicorn.

If your child loves unicorns, their presence calms them down and helps them fall asleep. Instead of a boring night light, this display provides some entertainment and is just as effective.


Unicorns are an integral part of youth culture and can be found in many ways in everyday life. But what is the unicorn actually?

Finding a uniform definition is difficult. It’s just a mythical creature that doesn’t even appear in reality. Therefore it is interpreted and presented differently depending on the medium.

The common basis of the unicorn is that it is a horse-like creature . They are differentiated from the horse by the horn on the forehead. Unicorns are often white and have a colorful mane.

In addition, these creatures are considered more intelligent and they are said to have healing powers. With the horn, for example, they can heal the sick and conquer evil.

Often unicorns are associated with wizards. Together they set out to defeat bad guys and restore goodness.

So it turns out that there are many positive qualities associated with the unicorn . Therefore, it is only understandable that your child would want a night light with a unicorn in the nursery. The positive forces are supposed to support sleep and ensure pleasant dreams.


If you want to buy a unicorn night light, you will receive two recommendations below. These are characterized by a very good price-performance ratio and are rated extremely positively by buyers.


The night light in the form of a unicorn from Navaris not only leaves a beautiful visual impression, but also convinces with its functions. The design is very childlike and the characteristic colorful mane is clearly visible. On the forehead, the horn stands out in a gold tone and rounds off the overall picture.

The way it works is very simple. The button batteries are inserted and the power switch is located on the underside. After 15 minutes, the light will turn off automatically , giving your child enough time to fall asleep gently.

There are two different basic designs to choose from. Here you can choose between a pink or white unicorn. What they have in common is that they constantly change color. Above all, the spectrum of mood lights is covered here , i.e. the colors change from purple to yellow to green and blue. This coloring has a particularly calming effect on your child and sleep is promoted.

The night light is made of a resistant PVC and thanks to the LED technology, the figure does not heat up. Therefore it is quite possible to use the unicorn as a cuddly figure in bed.

With this model you can give your child great pleasure and use the magic of the unicorn for a good night’s sleep.


Traditionally, unicorns are more likely to be associated with girls. But boys are also fascinated by the magic of the unicorns. So it is only logical that there are night lights that are less colorful and that appeal to both girls and boys.

This is the case with this model, which is rather simple in its basic function, but nonetheless detailed and cute . The unicorn sits very relaxed and his mane hangs in front of his face.

The nice thing about this model is that the entire body is illuminated. What can be an eye-catcher during the day turns into a pleasant experience at night. The light emits a calm lighting mood and alternates at a slow speed.

The unicorn is powered by AA batteries. Since the LED lamp is very energy efficient, the batteries rarely need to be changed.

This model delights both girls and boys and can be used as a night light to take away the fear of the dark.


The magic of the unicorn has repeatedly been the subject of films and music. If your child suffers from sleep problems, the healing power of the unicorn can improve sleep behavior.

As a night light , the unicorn provides enough light to illuminate the room and take away the fear of the dark. The models presented here are inexpensive and ideal for the children’s room.

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Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
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