Unicorn pillows – the most beautiful models presented

Would you like to give your daughter a great Christmas or birthday present? The unicorn pillow is able to transport your child into another world. If your own bedroom still looks a bit threatening and eerie during the night, the unicorn pillow is an ideal companion.

The pillow conveys joy and can be cuddled with it all night. In this comparison you can find out which unicorn pillows do best for your child.

There are certainly some pillows that you could use for the nursery. A relaxation pillow gives a nice feeling and above all fulfills the desire for a little security.

If your child is a fan of unicorns, you can take advantage of this preference. Because there are some pillows that are equipped with this motif. This will enable you to improve your sleep.


One of the greatest advantages of the unicorn pillow is that it gives you a feeling of security. The night can still be a heavy burden for some children. You may have recently moved into your own room and are not yet comfortable in the new environment.

As a magical animal, the unicorn is known for instilling confidence and strength. It can overcome any hurdle and therefore encourages the children to get through the night relaxed.

Most children will feel safer with the unicorn pillow by their side. Even if you are still a little afraid to sleep in your own bed, it will be easier with this magical companion by your side.


For children, the unicorn doesn’t just mean safety. The colorful animal conveys joy even during the day. The colorful world of the unicorn is always positive.

This pillow therefore leaves a lasting impression during the day. Lying on the bed , it beautifies the atmosphere of the children’s room and enhances it.

Even if kindergarten or everyday school life should be stressful. Even in these situations, the unicorn gives comfort and brings a positive message.


There are already some pillows and motifs in stores that you can buy. In addition, there is also the option of customizing the unicorn pillow.

For example, you can have a pillow made with your child’s name. In this way, the children’s room gets a personal touch.

If you are a little more skilled, you can also sew the unicorn pillow yourself. So it is possible for you to make a pillow according to your child’s ideas.


So there are some good reasons for choosing this pillow. If your child is a fan of unicorns, you will now receive three suggestions that will do particularly well in the children’s room.


You might already be familiar with the world of the chubby unicorn . Because this unicorn is a very special specimen. He could eat biscuits all day long and that shows in his figure. But the unicorn does not let the excess pounds get down. It enjoys life and conveys pure joy.

The chubby unicorn is aimed primarily at children who do not always have it easy in kindergarten or school. Perhaps you are slightly overweight yourself or you hardly find any friends.

In this situation , the chubby unicorn gives consolation , because it knows this feeling only too well. Therefore, this unicorn pillow is a special companion figure in bed. The motif is playful and looks absolutely cute. If you have become curious, there are of course numerous other motifs to choose from. The chubby unicorn bed linen is also recommended.

The pillow is particularly fluffy and your child will really sink into it. It is therefore well suited for cuddling. This feeling is reinforced with a soft velvet surface .

Washable at 30 ° C in the machine, hygiene is guaranteed in the long term. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 also shows that no harmful substances were used.

Dive into the world of the chubby unicorn with this beautiful round pillow. Children will be delighted by this design and will disappear into the land of dreams with the “cookie” in bed.


The unicorn doesn’t have to be in the form of a pillow to be a helpful companion for the night. You can also decide on a cuddly toy that you put aside for your child.

This unicorn by Nici combines the advantages of a cuddly toy with a classic pillow. It is designed in such a way that it offers a larger contact surface and can therefore also be used as a pillow. At the same time, the cute face with a unicorn is clearly visible and the tail rounds off the look.

It is practical that the unicorn is held together with a Velcro fastener. If you open the lock, the flat pillow comes out. Thus, this unicorn can be used very variably.

soft polyester is used as the material . The surface is not as cozy as it is with the chubby unicorn. The tail is an additional detail that enhances the look.

If you want to combine a cuddly toy and pillow , this model offers you exactly this possibility. With the attached Velcro you can use it either as a cuddly toy or as a pillow. The design is suitable for children and in this way will fill most children with joy.


At first glance, this unicorn pillow may look very ordinary. The happy unicorn looks at you and puts you in a good mood. In detail, however, you can find your own name on this pillow.

The special thing about this pillow is that you can personalize it. Not only the name, but the entire last line can be provided with your own text. You have 60 characters available for this. You make the changes directly in the Amazon Designer. This works very easily and in no time you have created a personal pillow.

Although the pillow is specially made for your wishes, it is still ready for dispatch within 2 to 3 days. This is made possible by the production in Germany, which can flexibly manufacture the cushions.

Overall, a high quality is guaranteed. You can machine wash the cover at 40 ° C and the filling can be easily removed using the zipper.

As a gift, there is hardly a better way to say thank you and make your child happy. The unicorn cuddly toy conveys a personal bond and you can express how much you care about the recipient.


The unicorn pillow should of course beautify the children’s room for a long time. In order for this to be achieved and the cuddly moments to be enjoyed in the long term, the pillow must be properly cared for.

First and foremost, you should follow the care instructions . You can use this to see whether the entire pillow or just the cover can be washed in the washing machine.

Most of the time, washing them in the washing machine is not a problem. At 40 ° C, the pillows can be freed from everyday contamination.

If the pillow is exposed to greater loads, it is an advantage if the pillow is made of cotton. Cotton is more resistant than the plastic that is mainly used now. With the cotton, temperatures of 60 ° C are also possible when washing.

It is also advisable to use a cotton pillow for allergy sufferers. Because mites and other allergens are only reliably removed from the pillow at higher temperatures.

As there are elaborate motifs on most pillows, it is important to wash the cover on the “left” side. So with the motif on the inside so that it is a bit protected in the machine.

With these simple care instructions you will be able to use the unicorn pillow for a few years.


Do you find it difficult to find a suitable present?

Then choose the personalized unicorn pillow. The model presented here is only a suggestion from this area. There have been some advances in personalized products in recent years.

On Amazon you will find different pillows that allow personalization . The most reliable provider here is clearly the “Personello” provider presented here. He already has several years of experience in this area. This guarantees a quick delivery time. A few days after you have designed your pillow, it will already be with you. So you can find a suitable gift even at short notice.

If you are looking for a nice present for your daughter, such a pillow will likely trigger a big grin.


Use the power of the unicorn to make the night more comfortable and fear-free. Unicorns are brave and know no danger. Your child will benefit from this strength and will want to spend the night in their own bed.

During the day, a colorful unicorn design is also exhilarating and lifts the mood. Therefore, a unicorn pillow belongs in every child’s room and makes a nice gift.

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