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With the Vava night light you are able to improve the sleep of your child and to provide security. It’s one of the most popular products on Amazon. But is this fact justified and the Vava night light should not be missing in your household?

In this check you will find out what this night light for children is all about and whether it is worth buying.

The night is a threat to most babies and children. They are afraid of the dark and would like to flee to their parents’ bedroom. The use of a night light is advisable so that your child can get used to their first cot and spend the night quietly .

The Vava night light differs from most designs at first glance. It looks like an egg and makes a particularly cute impression. In addition to the function, care was definitely taken to ensure that this light also looks good.

Unlike many other models, it is not a night light for the socket . Now of course the fear could arise that you would have to constantly change the batteries or have to recharge the light every day. But this fear is unjustified.

The charging process is practically done via a USB connection. This allows the night light to be charged on most electronic devices or supplied from a socket using an adapter. The charging process takes around 3 hours. Once supplied with enough energy, the efficient LED lights up for approx. 100 hours. This means that this light lasts for around 1 1/2 weeks every night. Constant charging is no longer necessary and it makes handling easier for you.

The underside , which is made of non-slip rubber , ensures a secure stand . This means that your child will not knock the light off the bedside table so quickly.

Overall, the case is robustly made. With its compact dimensions and long burn time, it is also ideal for traveling. If your child is in a new environment, such a travel companion is important to feel comfortable during the night.


Are you wondering whether a night light is even necessary ?

Then you should realize that using a night light has many advantages , but a blue night light is less suitable.


The Vava night light is primarily used because the darkness is threatening for many children . You do not see your surroundings and even the smallest shadows can grow into evil spirits in the vivid imagination.

In order to provide clarification and to show that there is no real danger, the night light is a sensible purchase. It shines weakly and just so strongly that the room no longer disappears completely into the darkness.

The light color and the low intensity do not prevent deep sleep. Your child will not be disturbed by the little light , but will receive it benevolently.


The Vava night light is not only a useful purchase when children are afraid. If your child needs to go to the toilet or wants to drink some water, getting out of bed can be a hazard.

Finding your way in complete darkness is still very complicated for children and they are a little more clumsy at work. Now you can either use a night light with a motion detector , which registers the child’s standing up, or let the Vava night light shine. The light provides helpful orientation and the large lamps in the children’s room do not have to be switched on.


Even babies benefit from this light. If you are still breastfeeding your baby and asks for the breast during the night, the ordinary light could be perceived as disturbing. It’s way too bright and prevents you from falling asleep again after breastfeeding.

The Vava night light, on the other hand, only shines with 2 watts and has a pleasant light color. This means that you can go back to bed after breastfeeding and your body will not wake up. It is easier for you to fall asleep and this night light is very pleasant for breastfeeding.


A night light is not a particularly complicated product. But what does the Vava night light have that could be useful for the night?


The most important element of the night light is its lamp. The Vava night light uses an LED that can shine in 8 different colors. From a soft white to a striking red to a warm orange, you can create your own lighting mood.

Every child has different preferences when it comes to the choice of color and with the multitude of colors nothing is left to be desired. If your child cannot decide which color to choose, there is also the option of using the continuous color change . In this, every light color switches through and provides variety.


With a running time of 100 hours, the night light shines for a long time even without a power connection. In order to save some electricity and only to make it easier to fall asleep, a timer is integrated.

The timer can be switched on on the underside of the night light. After a period of 1 hour, the light switches off automatically. This gives your child enough time to fall asleep and saves energy at the same time.


The efficient LED enables a lighting time of around 100 hours when the battery is fully charged . Thanks to the integrated hour timer, this could theoretically mean that the Vava night light can be used for 100 nights at a time.

If the charge status is nearing the end, an LED display indicates this. This flashes red and is a clear signal that it is time to recharge the battery.

The night light is fully charged via USB connection within 3 hours and can be used again. This ensures comfortable use and you don’t have to be busy charging every night.


The design of the Vava night light is kept relatively simple. There is only a button on the underside with which the timer or the color change mode is switched on.

Further operation takes place via touch control . To turn on the night light, press the tip for about 1 1/2 seconds. If this light is still too bright, it can be dimmed with a longer press when switched on. The lamp switches off with a double press.

The control is therefore very intuitive and is regulated by pressing on the top. The favorite color can be selected by using the memory function on the underside. Should there still be any unanswered questions, they will certainly be answered in the German-language operating instructions .


With this model “Vava” you get a visually beautiful and practical to use night light . It is no coincidence that this variant is one of the most popular versions on Amazon.

It is available at a reasonable price , suitable for travel and impresses with its long burn time. There is no annoying cable and it does not have to be connected to the socket. This means that you are completely free to decide where to set up the Vava night light and give your child a relaxed sleep.

If you want to take away your child’s fear of the night, this night light is a good choice and will ensure a relaxed sleeping atmosphere.

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