Vein massagers – the best models in comparison

Do you suffer from heavy legs, are they swollen and is your blood circulation impaired?

Then you will likely suffer from weak veins that are no longer able to adequately support the cardiovascular system. The blood flow is disturbed and fluid collects in the lower half of the body. There is no longer enough strength there to remove the lymph and the legs swell during the day.

Only in the evening, when you can put your feet up, will you feel an improvement. But if you neglect these symptoms, real health risks can arise.

The vein massager gets your legs going again and strengthens the veins. As a result, they are able to do their work 100% again.

But which devices are the best for promoting blood circulation?

Here you can find out how to get back to life without getting tired and having heavy legs in the middle of the day.

In order to illustrate why the vein massager is suitable for you, you should first learn how the veins work and what their tasks are. Because the veins are often underestimated and hardly taken into account – but without them the entire circulation would come to a standstill.

The human bloodstream relies on the veins that carry the blood. A distinction is made between arteries and veins. Arteries carry oxygen-rich blood away from the heart, while veins carry oxygen- depleted blood to the heart.

To get the blood to the heart, most of the veins have to overcome gravity. You will be standing or sitting for most of the day and your lower body will be lower than your heart. Therefore, the veins or the surrounding tissue must be powerful in order to be able to cope with this task.

Inside the veins there are venous valves that prevent the blood from flowing back to the heart. Otherwise there is a risk that the blood will first be pumped up and then sag a little again. This would mean additional work, which is prevented by the venous valves. The venous valves only allow blood to flow in one direction. If the blood threatens to flow back, the valves fold open and prevent the blood from sagging.

The muscle pump is actually responsible for transporting the blood This describes the surrounding muscle tissue , which by tensing and relaxing ensures that the blood is moved. The veins are compressed and the blood literally pushed further.

If the muscles are hardly used, for example when standing or sitting for a long time , the muscle pump no longer works optimally. This disrupts the function of the veins. The legs swell and feel heavy.


If the veins are restricted in their function, this can manifest itself in serious illnesses. Initially, the symptoms are rather weak, such as heavy legs. These may be uncomfortable, but do not represent a limitation in everyday life.

On the other hand, it becomes problematic if this condition lasts longer and the veins lose more and more of their performance. This can first be recognized by spider veins and varicose veins . These stick out clearly bluish under the surface of the skin.

On the other hand, phlebitis, thrombosis or an open leg are even more serious. In thrombosis , a clot of blood forms that can migrate to the lungs. A pulmonary embolism can occur there, which is often fatal.

Weak veins are initially only perceived as uncomfortable. Irrespective of this, however, life-threatening diseases can develop . It is particularly important for people who sit for long periods of time to pay attention to the health of their veins. Even frequent flyers should train their veins and ensure healthy legs.


The performance of the veins can be increased again through various measures. Through the health of the veins is promoted contrast baths, exercise and a healthier diet. Raising the legs, for example with a vein pillow , is a helpful immediate measure to relieve the legs. By raising it, the veins no longer have to work against gravity, but are supported in a very practical way.

In some cases, however, it is hardly possible to integrate more exercise into one’s everyday life. Are health restrictions before or is little time available to operate detailed sport, that’s veins massager a useful tool to improve the home leg health.

These are devices that act on the veins in different ways. This includes, above all, the massage, which is triggered by applying pressure to the veins. But heat can also promote the performance of the veins.

You can do this in the comfort of your own home on the sofa. If there are mobility restrictions, such a device is recommended so that the veins are at least supported in this way.


If you would like to support your veins, you will find a selection of three different devices below. These are individual in terms of functionality and range from gentle massage to medical application.


If it is a medical application and the veins are to be massaged as effectively as possible, the Venen Engel 4 offers a comprehensive treatment. The lower body is completely enclosed by the air chambers and the massage can begin.

The Venen Engel deserves its name and high performance because it consists of 4 individually controllable air chambers . These are arranged in such a way that no gaps are left free. This is made possible by the overlapping technology. Despite the individually controllable areas, the entire lower body is processed.

You take control of the unit provided. The computer gives you the opportunity to access each of the 4 chambers individually. This allows the pressure to be set precisely. If you suffer from pain in certain areas, the chambers can also be completely deactivated.

The control unit is barely noticeable during work. The noise level is specified at approx. 60dB. It is therefore possible to talk to one another during the application and operation is not perceived as disruptive. There are also various programs to choose from, which you can modify or set up completely independently.

The application of the cuffs is described as easy and quick. This can be done independently and no help is required.

Venen Engel 4 Premium

If the vein massage should be based on a medical recommendation and meet the highest standards, the Venen Engel 4 is one of the most powerful models. The entire lower body is enclosed by the air chambers and the massage can be set individually for each of the 4 chambers . In this way, you can respond specifically to your needs and improve venous function.

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The vein massager from Beurer is a little more compact and less expensive. The FM 150 vein trainer is aimed primarily at users who irregularly complain of heavy legs and want to improve their health. The massage strengthens the muscles and makes the venous pump more effective.

The cuffs include the lower legs and feet. It is easy to put on by hand and can also be done by one person. In order to adapt to the legs, the cuffs are equipped with Velcro fasteners. The size can be easily influenced via the closures, so that they always fit tightly and can be used.

After you put it on, you can practically start. Use the hand switch to set the intensity and the air pressure massage can begin. The chambers are alternately filled with air and the pressure is built up and released.

This leads to a strengthening of the veins and legs. The air compression itself promotes blood circulation. This has some positive effects. For example, your legs will no longer feel heavy and the lymph will be transported away. In addition, tension can be released.

Operation is via the hand switch. During operation, you use this switch to set the intensity. If there are problems, you press the stop button and the massage is ended immediately.

The practical thing about this device is that it works either from the mains or from a battery. If there is no socket near the couch, you can also perform the massage using the battery. The practical transport bag allows you to take this vein massager with you when you travel.

Beurer – FM 150 Venen Trainer

Do you often suffer from swollen and heavy legs and want to use a compact device to improve leg health? Then the Beurer FM 150 vein trainer is an easy-to-use device with which the massage can be carried out. You set the pressure precisely and the air chambers perform a gentle massage.

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The Fit King massager is also suitable for home use to improve vein health. In terms of design, this is a little more generous than the Beurer model. The leg cuffs also enclose the knees so that they massage the area completely, similar to a calf massager . The knees can also benefit from this massager.

3 air chambers in each leg provide a relaxing massage . These fill with air and in this way exert a fine pressure on the legs. The knees are also covered.

In addition to the massage, the heat function can be used. This is mainly used on the knees and the warmth there provides special protection.

A variety of massage effects are available depending on your own desire. You can choose from 3 massage modes and 3 intensities , with 10 more massage techniques being used. With the controller, you always keep control in your own hand and can determine very precisely how your veins should be massaged.

So that the cuffs fit snugly on the legs, they have a Velcro fastener. The material can be cut open at the toes if it is not big enough.

It is also practical that Fit King offers several variants that differ in size. So you can choose whether a very compact massage of the calves is sufficient or whether it should be a vein massager that also encloses the knees. A total of 5 versions are available.

Fit King – Leg massager

So with this model you get a pleasant massage for your legs in the middle price segment. The chambers exert a good pressure and thanks to the heat function, the muscles are relaxed twice. In this way you will surely be able to improve the vein function and alleviate the symptoms.

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Which people benefit from the vein massagers and are at a higher risk that the veins are no longer fully functional?

Here you get a small overview of who benefits from such a massage.


Work is a common source when it comes to health ailments. Do you sit a lot in the office or do you stand all day?

Then both extremes are bad for the legs and venous function. If you stand the whole day, you will feel the heavy legs in the evening anyway. The tissue fluid can no longer counteract the force of gravity and collects in the legs.

With the massage, the liquid can be transported more easily and the vein health benefits from it. However, it requires long-term use in order for the positive effect to last.


Also the frequent travel ensures that you under a lack of physical suffering. It hardly matters whether you travel by train, car or plane . Legroom will always be limited and you will hardly move.

In the long term, this lack of exercise can lead to muscle function being reduced. During a long flight there is also the risk that a thrombosis will develop.

To counteract these risks, the vein massager is a good choice to promote health. Use this outside of traveling and try to do a little gymnastics while sitting. Then the symptoms will be noticeably less.


Shoes with high heels are part of the valid ideal of beauty in many areas. Whether you want to look more beautiful in your professional life or whether you want to organize an elegant evening. The high heels ensure a straight posture and are often perceived as more attractive.

However , these shoes put a lot of strain on the calves. Because the freedom of movement is clearly restricted and the calves are forced into an unnatural position.

This means that the muscles are not stressed enough and the venous pump no longer works optimally. With the massager you can counteract this effect and also enjoy the evenings in high heels better in the future.


In addition to the reasons of everyday life, age must also be taken into account. Even if there is enough movement and this is varied, it can happen that the blood circulation suffers.

The heart and muscles are no longer as efficient as they were at a young age and this is particularly noticeable in the circulatory disorders. In old age, joint problems make it more and more difficult to exercise and to strengthen the muscles independently.

For this reason, the vein massager is very suitable for the elderly. It doesn’t put any strain on the joints and it also helps this group of people to strengthen the veins.


Regardless of age, varicose veins and swellings can be clear indications that the veins are no longer working hard enough. If you discover varicose veins yourself, you should first see a doctor who will find out the exact cause.

In most cases, however, he will advise that the legs should be strengthened. Then the massage is also ideally suited for this.


For athletes, massages are a good way to reduce the exertion and the effects of physical activity. One-sided stress can also occur during sport and injuries are also a common risk.

To release tension and improve the regeneration of the venous massager is an effective means. This should be used during the regeneration phase in order to achieve maximum effect. This will enable you to train more often and improve your performance.


Do you suffer from heavy legs, do you have a job that promotes one-sided stress or are you at an age where the veins can no longer develop their full potential?

Then you should urgently work on promoting your veins. These are an important linchpin when it comes to blood flow. They transport the deoxygenated blood to the heart and often work against gravity.

If the veins are no longer fully efficient, you will clearly feel this due to various negative effects . The blood circulation is disturbed, the legs feel heavy and thrombosis can even occur.

With the vein massager you strengthen the veins again and you can improve your health significantly from the couch. Benefit from this effect as early as possible so as not to feel the negative consequences in the first place.

Such a massage device represents an improvement in the quality of life for a large group of people

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