Velvet pillows – 3 soft models presented

Attributes such as luxurious and classy are associated with velvet . The shiny and soft fabric is a sign of high-quality furnishings and can even enhance simple furniture.

So it is only obvious that this material is also used in the form of a velvet pillow. Find out what distinguishes the velvet pillow and which wonderful pillows let your surroundings appear in a new shine.

As one of the oldest and at the same time finest fabrics , its unique properties have been admired for centuries. Velvet is the first fabric to have a third dimension. This can be seen in the special processing in which a thread pile is incorporated. Only fabrics with a maximum pile height of three millimeters can be called velvet.

The history of velvet is not only far-reaching, but also exotic. It is believed that it is closely related to the development of silk yarn . Italy is considered to be the country of origin from which the velvet fabric conquered Europe. In the 13th century the velvet reached Europe and from there spread over the entire continent.

Over time, a variety of different types of velvet developed. These differ in detail in terms of the weave and have slightly different properties.

Nowadays, due to its very fine surface, velvet is considered the basis for soft velvet pillows. These can be used as seat cushions or just for decoration. Due to the different shapes and designs, velvet cushions add value to practically every room.

They are suitable for cozy evenings when reading on the couch or watching the television program. They are also suitable for sleeping and can be used in the bedroom.

Thanks to this versatility , this relatively old fabric is still used today and it has lost none of its appeal. Whether classic monochrome or playful and modern. The velvet pillow is an eye-catcher in any case.


If you want to enjoy the velvet, very simple pillowcases are suitable . With these you can upgrade your existing pillows and benefit from the soft surface.

Take a look at these 3 beautiful variants to create a velvet pillow yourself according to your ideas.


The basis of this velvet pillowcase is a 100% polyester fiber . This offers a particularly soft and smooth surface. This makes it both comfortable and a visual highlight.

There are three sizes to choose from :


The colors are both subtle shades , such as several gray variants as well as light and friendly tones to choose from. These convince with a noble design and are monochrome.

The cover is very easy thanks to the zipper . The zipper is incorporated in such a way that it is neither visible nor perceptible from the outside. This makes it possible to cuddle without the zipper being in the way.

Maintenance is just as easy. The cover can be removed and machine washed . But washing should be done cold.

You get particularly high-quality and versatile velvet pillowcases with this offer from Lewondr. The set of 2 convinces with its invisible zipper and the numerous colors that are offered.


The most popular are the velvet pillowcases from Mulee. These are characterized by a high quality and a very soft surface . Not only do they look beautiful, they also prove to be comfortable and are therefore suitable for relaxed cozy evenings.

When it comes to the variety of variants, Mulee is right at the forefront. There are all sizes of 30x30cm to 65x65cm offered. A total of 32 tones are available for the colors . This makes it easy for you to match the color of the pillow with the interior.

As with the cushions from Lewondr, the velvet pillowcases from Mulee also have a hidden zipper. This has the same color as the cover and fits seamlessly into the beautiful design.

Customer satisfaction is very important to Mulee. If you have any questions, 24-hour support is available to clear up any ambiguities.

You can get a particularly skin-friendly variant from Mulee. This velvet pillowcase has a delicate texture and is both elegant and comfortable. This cover is also very suitable for children and pets.


At first glance, the velvet pillowcases from Topfinel appear a little more playful . These are also monochrome, but impress with their pom-poms that move the pillow. This makes them look a little more interesting without having to lose anything of the high-quality impression.

There are no limits to the size selection. All common dimensions are available from 30x30cm to 80x80cm . With the size of 80x80cm there is also a variant for larger pillows in bed. A total of 21 colors leave little to be desired and meet every colorful requirement as well as rather elegant impressions.

The pillowcases are made from a high quality velvet fabric. This is breathable and makes for a shiny impression. This makes it suitable for sleeping. The skin can still breathe and you will not start sweating excessively.

This pillowcase is well tolerated by pets and children. There are only eco-friendly and high-quality velvets used.

If you want to set a pompous highlight in your apartment, these velvet pillows are an excellent choice. They feel good, are suitable for sleeping and with the side pom poms they stand out from the crowd and look more exciting.


When you stroke it, velvet feels very soft and pleasant on the skin. The pile is only a maximum of three millimeters high and therefore offers very little resistance and looks particularly smooth.

However, the direction of the stroke must be taken into account. Moving against the grain makes the velvet appear a little harder and change its appearance. Therefore, the line direction must be taken into account when processing.


Velvet and velor are often used synonymously. They both stand for a soft tissue. The term velor originally comes from French and is actually the literal translation for velvet.

In the meantime, however, a slightly different use has established itself, so that in Germany, velor and velvet have to be differentiated from one another . The difference lies in the way it is processed. This ensures that the pile of the velor is even shorter. This results in a softer impression than with velvet.


The velvet pillow convinces thanks to its diverse application possibilities. It is soft, visually appealing and therefore integrates seamlessly into many facilities. With the right color, the velvet pillow is a real highlight that enhances the room.

One application is of course in the bedroom . There it can be used as a particularly high-quality pillow. Compared to other pillows, however, it is less comfortable and therefore not well suited for all requirements. But if you like the feeling and want it to be more cozy at night, a velvet pillow could be a good decision. Otherwise it is often used as a decoration in the bedroom and placed on the bed during the day.

The velvet pillow will probably be found more often in the living room . There it shows its strengths of a beautiful look and soft surface particularly well. During a cozy evening in front of the TV, you can snuggle up in the pillow and the appearance contributes to the noble impression of the living room.

This cushion is also a good choice in the dining room . It can add to the comfort of the chairs or add color accents. This makes the dining area appear less sterile and more varied.


The velvet pillow has a soft surface, which is pleasant on the skin and leaves a noble impression. With its high-quality appearance, it is able to enhance any room and spread a certain elegance. So use these pillowcases to easily enjoy these benefits.

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