Vein pillows – guide & comparison

Do you suffer from  pain in your legs , do they feel heavy and you can only live your everyday life to a limited extent?

Then you should do everything possible to promote your health. Sport and exercise are certainly the best measures to get the veins going again and to promote blood circulation in the legs. But there are also other measures that have a similar effect that can promote your  health and thus sleep.

The  vein pillow  is a special pillow that you can use while sleeping. It will help you put your  feet up and prevent blood congestion.

In this comparison guide you can find out which vein pillows do these tasks best and whether they actually help.

The entire body must be constantly supplied with blood so that the oxygen can be absorbed. One of the main actors is the veins. These  carry the deoxygenated blood from the limbs to the heart . The heart occupies a prominent position and transports approx.  7000 liters of blood every day . This may feel like a big show of strength, because just imagine you had to transport 7000 liters.

The veins, on the other hand, are even more impressive. Because they transport the blood to the heart. This means that the blood has to be transported  from the legs to the  heart against the force of gravity . It does this by the  venous valves  preventing the blood from flowing back. The blood flow is a complete cycle and the “old” oxygen-poor blood is pushed to the heart via the veins as the new blood moves in.

However, the work of the venous valves is associated with some challenges. Their  performance depends heavily on the muscles . When I had a cast on my right leg for 6 weeks and the muscles receded, I had to inject an agent to thin the blood. This minimized the risk of thrombosis and improved blood flow somewhat. Because during this time the performance of the veins was severely restricted.

The calf muscles are particularly   important in order to literally press the blood upwards. If the veins are not working optimally, it is advisable to put  your legs up during the night  or use a  calf massager  . As a result, the  veins work with gravity  and the blood is transported better.

You can tell that your veins are no longer working optimally by the fact that fluid is building up in your  legs . They become noticeably thicker and at the end of the day you will notice how swollen your legs and feet are. The swelling will go down the next morning, but will reappear when you put pressure on it again throughout the day. Leg swelling can be caused by excessive stress. For example, if you work as a salesperson or in the restaurant business and spend the entire day standing up. But warm weather can also reduce performance.

You should check with your  doctor to determine whether there are any serious health causes for the swelling. Perhaps you have heart failure and your heart is no longer able to pump blood. In any case, swelling of the legs should be clarified with a doctor over a longer period of time.

In the short term, a vein pillow helps to relieve symptoms. Because due to the swelling, you will usually also feel pain during the load. In order to still be  fit for the job, a vein pillow is inevitable.

A decrease in the performance of the venous valves can be observed, particularly in advanced age. This is natural and difficult to undo. If the veins are not supported,  the risk of thrombosis increases  and, in the worst case, the blood clot can migrate to the lungs and trigger an embolism. Therefore, older people in particular should treat this weakness with a vein pillow at an early stage  and not remain inactive.


So you realize that vein pillow is able  to improve health  and avert serious consequences. Because the embolism is life-threatening and represents a real risk if a venous disease is not treated.

As great as the use of the vein pillow is, it is designed to be comparatively simple. It is primarily a  cushion that affects the position of the legs. Similar to the case with a  relaxation  pillow, this type of pillow  improves the position of the body during the night.

The vein pillow has a similar structure to a wedge pillow. It is designed so that it becomes higher at a slight angle, allowing the  legs to be higher than the heart . At the same time, the pillow should be  breathable and offer a high level of comfort.

A visco-elastic foam is usually  used as the material  . This offers good support for the legs, but at the same time is so soft that the legs can be optimally positioned. But there are also other variants made of gel or plastic. In any case, it is important that the pressure is taken off the legs. The high adaptability of the pillow is based on body heat. As a result, the material can deform more easily and adapts better to the legs.

This ensures that the blood can flow better back to the heart via the veins and that no blood congestion occurs. Pain is averted  and the next morning a significant decrease in swelling can be seen.


There are different methods of treating venous disorders. These can either be drug-based or based on lifestyle changes. For example, by taking  more exercise in everyday life  or   improving your diet .

While medication has a number of side effects and puts the body under a new form of stress, the  vein pillow is completely natural . There are no risks involved and there are no side effects. The suffering can be alleviated simply by positioning the legs.

Doctors also recommend using a venous pillow. It should be noted, however, that the pillow is not a definitive solution. In the case of venous disorders, the causes should always be found out and appropriate measures taken.


The following 3 vein pillows ensure a  high level of comfort  and will certainly support the work of your veins. You will find out which model is perfectly tailored to you from the detailed descriptions.


The first model from Sleepling has the shape of a classic venous pillow. It is  slightly curved  and almost 17 centimeters high at the top. With this support, the height difference to the heart is achieved and the veins are relieved.

The shape allows you to put your  legs up loosely . However, there are slight spaces that allow a little air to the legs, as they are not completely on the pillow. As a result, you will sweat less and you will  be able to use the vein pillow excellently even  at higher temperatures in summer.

The choice of the material used consists of a  polyester or a cotton blend.  In practice, the cotton blend proves to be of higher quality. This consists mostly of cotton and is mixed with polyamide and polyester. This makes it  suitable for allergy sufferers  and very hygienic to use in bed.

The high quality of the materials is reflected in the  Oeko-Tex 100 standard , which was awarded for the pillow. This ensures that  no harmful substances were introduced  during production. The   cover is machine washable at 60 ° C and can be removed very quickly using the zipper.

There is quilting so that the cotton always stays in the right place in the  cover  . The cotton is in the small sewn-in boxes and prevents the material from slipping. In addition, a high pressure relief is guaranteed and overall the surface is reminiscent of a conventional  quilt  with all its advantages.

With this vein pillow from Sleepling you get a high-quality medical product that offers real relief from your vein problems  . The legs are raised and the blood is reliably transported back to the heart. If the pillow is in use for a long time, you can simply buy a replacement cover to use it.


The vein cushion from Badenia has a similar structure to the previous variant. It has the same dimensions and is almost 17 centimeters high. This allows you to relax  and put your legs up while you sleep  and the swelling will decrease during the night.

The shape is also very similar to the previous variant. Several swings are used in the pillow. This offers enough space so that you can put your feet down at the end and your  knees also find a comfortable position.

In the case of the material, a comfort foam is also  used in the filling  . This consists of  100% polyurethane  and adapts very well to the shape of the legs. The cover, on the other hand, is made of a cotton blend. It is a double cloth made of cotton, polyamide and polyester. This mixture is  suitable for allergy sufferers  and the high quality has been awarded the  Oeko-Tex Standard 100  .

The cover can be washed  at 60 ° C in the machine  and at low temperatures it can also be put in the dryer. The  sewn-in zipper  makes it easier to use, but cannot be felt while sleeping.

With this vein pillow from Badenia you get a  solid product with a soft double cotton cloth . The comfort foam adapts to your legs and you will be able to clearly see the effect the next morning.


The approach with the Mediprof vein pillow is slightly different. This is designed a little more  generously  and has a  total height of 20 centimeters  . It is also wider and longer in shape. This makes the pillow a little more suitable for people who  suffer from lipedema  and their legs are very swollen as a result.

In terms of its basic shape, the pillow has a similar design. It is  slightly curved so that both knees and ankles can be conveniently placed. In addition, the feet are stored at the end of the pillow. In the case of permanent use, this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Because some people find the load on the heel uncomfortable and therefore have to vary the position of the foot. On the other hand, the support can also be perceived as pleasant.

The cover of the pillow consists of a  mixture of cotton and polyester . It is of high quality and  machine washable at up to 60 ° C.

The use of this pillow is  conceivable for  various venous diseases . Regardless of whether it is a  weak vein  ,  inflammation  or  varicose veins . By elevating the leg and with the help of this vein pillow, significant relief can be obtained. The legs lie comfortably on the pillow and thanks to the more generous dimensions, this pillow can also be used  comfortably for tall people.


The vein pillows are primarily aimed at people who suffer from weak veins  . However, this also includes groups of people who might not have expected that they would benefit from the vein pillow.


Pregnancy is a  great challenge and burden for women . Ultimately, a new life is drawn in and not only the own blood circulation but also that of the child has to be supplied. This causes the amount of blood to increase and the heart to do a much more strenuous job. In addition, anatomical features ensure that the veins are stressed. The growing  uterus presses on the inferior vena cava . It is therefore advisable for pregnant women to use a vein pillow to reduce the burden. Especially in the case of abdominal pain, the pillow can offer a solution.


With age  , the  performance of the heart and muscles decrease . In order to ensure that the blood can circulate sufficiently, older people can use a vein pillow as a precaution. This can be helpful even if there are no specific complaints. This relieves the heart and prevents possible pathological changes. Nevertheless, the physical strain should of course not be neglected.


Every kilogram too much on your hips can have a negative impact on your health. The  heart no longer works at full power , but at the same time the additional weight increases the load. As a result,  obese people are more likely to have fluid retention in their legs . Even during the night, these are no longer adequately reduced. The vein pillow can help here and support the body in removing the fluid. In the first place, however, should be that the ideal weight is achieved.


Using the vein pillow while sleeping is relatively easy. It is just a pillow that is  placed under the legs  and the blood flow is already favored by the elevated position. You don’t have to pay attention to other special features.

Where you want to use the vein pillow is up to you. In bed while sleeping is the obvious answer. You can also   use the vein pillow on the couch while watching TV to lie comfortably and to put your legs up.

You should only pay attention to the sleeping position. Because the vein pillow only works optimally if you sleep on your back  and your  legs are parallel to each other. Sleeping on your side may mean your legs are higher, but your legs are not getting perfect blood flow.

You can use the pillow during the night or only during a short break. Even a short-term elevation has a positive effect.


The vein pillow is  simple, cheap and effective . In the following, some of the advantages are once again bundled and show you why the pillow is so helpful for you.

Supports the blood circulation
Relieves the pressure on your legs
Prevents thrombosis
Suitable for pregnant women and allergy sufferers
The cover is washable and the pillow is hygienic


There is hardly anything to consider when buying a vein pillow. Since these are very simple pillows and they are not too expensive , you can buy them online with a clear  conscience. In general , the cover and the filling material are particularly  important in order to ensure comfortable elevated positioning.

This is the case with the products presented here. These consist of a foam that adapts to the shape of the body, but at the same time has a high level of stability. This means that the pillow can be used for a longer period of time without it feeling “saggy”.

It is easily possible  to buy the vein pillow online . The  price-performance ratio can’t be beat  and if you don’t like it, you can send the pillow back within the first 2 weeks. This allows you to quickly decide for yourself whether the shape of the pillow is okay for you or whether an alternative model feels more helpful for your legs.


Vein problems are one of the most common leg complaints in Germany  . However, many sufferers do not take a swollen leg seriously. This can be a serious illness that needs to be discussed with your doctor. In the worst case, even thrombosis and embolism can occur, which are life-threatening.

By  elevating the leg, these risks are reduced  and the symptoms are reduced. The veins can  do their job better and the stress on the heart is reduced . This also minimizes the risk of illness and relief can be felt.

The  vein pillow appears completely natural and free of side effects.  Both  for pregnant women, as well as allergic or elderly people, the cushion is suitable  and there are no restrictions.

Health and quality of life can be increased at a very low cost. Therefore, the vein pillow is an indispensable aid for use in venous disorders.



Vein pillows allow you to put your legs up if they feel heavy. If you suffer from weak veins, elevation favors the blood flow and supports the cardiovascular system. The swelling will go down and you will feel relief in the morning.


The vein pillow is not recognized as a medical aid. Therefore, the costs are not covered by the health insurance. In the case of a weak vein, however, you can achieve just as good results with thrombosis stockings or a massage, which are paid for by the health insurance company.


During pregnancy, the cardiovascular system is particularly exposed to stress. Blood circulation often suffers, especially in the last trimester. The vein pillow is a sensible purchase to improve the sleeping position and relieve the legs.


The vein pillow is useful as a support to alleviate the symptoms of lipedema. The accumulation of fluid goes down and the legs no longer feel so heavy.


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Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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