Vesgantti mattress in check

Does a mattress have to be expensive to offer a high level of comfort or are there inexpensive models that offer your back real relief?

The largest version of the Vesgantti mattress is available for just over 200 euros. This makes it significantly cheaper than comparable premium models such as the Casper or Emma One mattress.

But does it offer the same comfort and will it improve your sleep? In this check you will find out how good the quality of the Vesgantti mattress is and whether it is worth buying.

Above all, a mattress should offer good support for your back. It is important that the spine is supported in its natural course and that your body does not sink too deep into the mattress. Each manufacturer has its own idea of ​​how the back is relieved.

While some providers rely on several layers of foam to ensure sufficient stability and flexibility, others integrate springs in the mattress. You may already know the construction with springs from box spring beds. There the body weight is absorbed by the springs in the lower box and the upper mattress. This enables precise sinking in and the mattress optimally adapts to your body contour.

The manufacturer Vesgantti is trying something similar with this mattress. At its core, it consists of a large number of springs that absorb the load. The springs absorb the force and support your body in this way.

Because of this characteristic, the Vesgantti mattress is not intended for a specific type of sleep. The high degree of adaptability ensures that back, stomach and side sleepers get their money’s worth. Regardless of the position in which you spend the night, the mattress will provide an ideal support for your spine.

The mattress is available in sizes from 80x200cm to 160x200cm . This makes it well suited for children and can be used for the first youth bed.

There is also a choice of different degrees of hardness. These range from H3 to H4 , with different surfaces and heights being offered. A total of 4 of these variants are available and so you can choose a model that is tailored to your needs.


The properties for the quality of lying depend essentially on the material and the design of the mattress. Therefore, you will now find out which structure Vesgantti has chosen for this model.


The mattress consists of several layers , which should offer an optimal adaptation to your body. The high-quality spring core provides the basis. This is a pocket spring system that is also used in premium box spring beds.

The springs are not connected, but take the weight with pinpoint accuracy. They are wrapped in fabric bags that offer a certain amount of protection. If you lie down on the mattress, the individual springs give in under your weight and the mattress adapts to your body.

The advantages of this system are that it is highly breathable and the load is not distributed over the entire mattress. The movement of the springs stimulates the air circulation. The mattress has a cooling effect and you will work less sweat. This is a big plus especially for allergy sufferers; mites feel less at home in this variant. Couples benefit from the fact that the load is absorbed precisely. If your partner sleeps restlessly, the movements will only be limited to his half and not extend over the entire surface.

The overlying layer depends on the selected degree of hardness. In any case, a foam is used, which gives a soft feeling and also adapts to your body. With a total height between 24cm & 26cm, the Vesgantti mattress is one of the higher versions. This makes it easier to get up and this entry height is comfortable, especially in the case of joint pain.


You will be spending a lot of time on the mattress and if possible it should last as long as possible. A cover is therefore important to protect the surface of the mattress.

However, the Vesgantti mattress does not come with a separate cover. The surface consists of a soft cotton fabric. Although this is soft and feels good to protect the mattress, you should use your own cover or mattress protector.


How does it feel to sleep on this mattress and what can you expect?


The hardness variants are available in H3 to H4. These are more likely to be called hard , making the mattress suitable for people with a higher body weight.

Due to the different surfaces, lighter people can also benefit from this mattress. The softer versions are also suitable for children. It is important that the springs offer a high level of support and protect the spine.

If you prefer a soft mattress, the Vesgantti mattress will probably not make you happy. However , this version is ideally suited for better support and a stable feeling of lying down .


If you suffer from back pain and you find it difficult to get up, you need a high-quality mattress that supports your back and relieves the spine. This is optimally achieved with the Vesgantti mattress.

The springs absorb the weight wonderfully and the mattress is also divided into 7 zones . This means that your head is supported differently than your pelvis, for example. This guarantees an individual hardness for each part of the body.

The pleasant thing about the Vesgantti mattress is that it is particularly quiet . The springs do not make any perceptible noises and therefore do not disturb the night’s sleep. This is achieved by the integrated rebound foam , which absorbs any noise within the mattress.


For the general quality of the mattress, it is also important how breathable it is and whether you will sweat more on it. Nobody likes the feeling of waking up on a damp mattress after a warmer summer night.

This is where the construction of the Vesgantti mattress proves to be advantageous. The core is open and the springs allow good air circulation. This is promoted by the movements of the springs.

Therefore, you will sweat less on this mattress than would be the case with a variant made of foam. This is a useful property for allergy sufferers, as mites are less likely to nestle in the mattress. Your symptoms will decrease and you will be able to sleep more relaxed.


If you are sensitive to certain materials, you will pay particular attention to the fact that the mattress is made compatible and natural . Unfortunately, there is no information about whether the Vesgantti mattress has the Oeko-Tex seal.

If you want to be absolutely sure that no harmful substances have been introduced into the mattress, you should opt for a well-known manufacturer from Germany. There the production is subject to stricter controls and it is ensured that no pollutants are present.

Otherwise, you can also use the 100 test days to find out for yourself whether you cannot tolerate certain materials in the mattress. If you don’t like the Vesgantti mattress, you can return it free of charge.


If you got a taste for it and would like to test this inexpensive mattress yourself, delivery is completely unproblematic. The mattress is rolled up in a compact box .

Then you unpack it and give the mattress time to unfold enough. It takes on its final dimensions after a good 2 days. It is therefore advisable not to throw away the old mattress as the Vesgantti still needs some time to take on its final shape.

After unpacking, the mattress can no longer be rolled up. So you can’t just use it as a roll mattress to use it on the move.

To avoid odors, the mattress is vacuum packed . After unpacking it has to rest a bit and then you can use it without any problems.


Mattresses are often considered overpriced. Simple models in specialist shops can cost over 500 euros. This represents a large investment and it is not always certain that the advertised versions are of high quality.

The Vesgantti mattress is significantly cheaper. For around 200 euros you get a version that is equipped with a spring core , as is otherwise only the case with expensive box spring beds. The springs ensure a high level of comfort and ideally absorb your body weight.

The mattress is ideal for allergy sufferers and if you suffer from back pain, the suspension will provide relief. So you get a high quality mattress with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Make use of the 100 rehearsal nights and see how this mattress improves your sleep.

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