Vibrating alarm clock – the best models in comparison

The vibrating alarm clock helps even those who are grumpy in the morning get a good start to the day. Where conventional alarm clocks tend to be annoying with loud tones and you literally go to the “alarm clock”, the vibrating alarm clock is rather gentle.

This alarm clock wakes you up completely silently by emitting  light vibrations . Such models are not only created for people who prefer to sleep longer in the morning, but also for the  hearing impaired who do not even notice a normal alarm clock.

If you want to get up in the morning completely stress-free and start the day on a positive note, the vibrating alarm clock is an excellent aid.

In the following guide I will tell you what to look out for and which models are currently recommended. With this simple purchase you can change your daily routine and start the day more pleasantly.

The name already reveals how this type of alarm clock gently pulls you out of your dreams in the morning and lets you start the day. Vibrations gently remind the body that the work day or school is starting.

How this is done depends on the model. Like other alarm clocks, the vibrating alarm clock is placed next to the bed. In order to perceive the shaking movements, the device is either  connected to a vibration pad or a pillow.

The signal is passed on via a cable and the movement begins at the set alarm time. The vibration pad is placed under the pillow and when the time you want to start the morning has been reached, the vibration pad sends out the movements.

These movements are passed on to the body via the pillow, which  signals that a new day is about to begin. Where the vibration pad is placed is up to you. You can also just place it anywhere on the mattress where it’s most comfortable.

The vibration continues until it is switched off via the vibrating alarm clock. If you have problems getting out of bed in the morning, you can set up the alarm clock a little away. This forces you to get out of bed so that the vibration stops.

Unlike the conventional alarm clock, which emits shrill and loud tones,  this alarm method is particularly gentle and the day starts much more pleasantly.



The idea behind the vibrating alarm clock is actually   to offer the hearing impaired a wake-up method . These cannot perceive alarm clocks that are based solely on acoustic signals. Therefore alternatives had to be found.

A possible solution was found in the perception of sensory signals that is particularly useful for people with hearing impairments. The wake-up signal is sent out via the vibrations.

In addition, vibrating alarm clocks are equipped with other functions to make the morning easier. If vibrations alone are not enough, you can fall back on models that  also emit visual stimuli.

These can, for example, project the time on the wall or emit other stimuli. For deaf people, this type of alarm clock is a good way to start the day independently.


For most couples, children are the ultimate happiness that they can enjoy and turn their entire life upside down. Especially in the first years of life, children need a lot of attention and are the focus of everyday life.

Dazu gehört, dass Kinder noch häufig im Bett der Eltern schlafen. Entweder, weil sie sich noch nicht im eigenen Bett wohlfühlen oder weil sie einfach die elterliche Nähe suchen.

Schlaf ist für Eltern meist Mangelware und daher ist es wichtig, dass trotz dieser Veränderungen ein erholsamer Schlaf ermöglicht wird. Ein gewöhnlicher Wecker reißt Kinder aus dem Schlafzustand und mitunter lassen diese sich gar nicht mehr beruhigen.

Der Vibrationswecker hingegen geht sehr viel behutsamer vor. Zudem kann das Vibrationspad nur unter das Kissen des Elternteils gelegt werden. Wachen die Eltern auf, können diese das Kind langsam wecken und mit der Morgenroutine beginnen.


Studies show that couples do not sleep optimally and are often disturbed by the partner. Still, hardly anyone would want to do without proximity.

If, in addition to the usual nicks under the covers, there are also  different daily routines , this can be a heavy burden for both partners. If the working hours are very different and the sleep rhythm is different, a conventional alarm clock is annoying. This usually wakes up both partners directly.

vibration alarm clock, which sends vibrations to the wrist or forearm, wakes people up in a much more targeted manner.  So there are no problems if only one partner has to get up early.

Those who depend on a little more sleep will not be woken up by the vibrating alarm clock, but can continue to linger in the land of dreams.


Are you perhaps just one of the group of people for whom every morning feels like a Monday? Do you hardly get out of bed and need 3 alarm clocks that ring one after the other?

Not only can this be frustrating and lead to time problems in the morning, it can also have negative long-term health consequences. If the morning begins with a fight against the alarm clock and is associated with high stress, this can have long-term health problems.

So instead of becoming even more extreme and increasing the volume or resorting to other means, a vibrating alarm clock may be the perfect solution for you. The movements are perceived as pleasant and send positive signals.

Every body is different and you may simply be one of those people who react much  better to sensory signals . So try this type of wake-up and find out what a  relaxed morning  can look like.


Would you like to improve your  sleep  and prefer to wake up with a smile in the morning?

Then there are now 5 recommendations for buying a vibrating alarm clock. Depending on your requirements, other models are more likely to come into question. With this selection, however, all wishes should be fulfilled.


The entry into the world of vibrating alarm clocks is particularly successful with the “Sonic Bomb” from Geemarc. This is an alarm clock that is equipped with a  vibration  cushion as well as a  very loud acoustic alarm tone  . With this combination you will surely get out of bed in the morning.

In order not to oversleep  , the sound can be set to a  volume of max. 85dB . This is far louder than comparable alarm clocks, but only recommended if you find it very difficult to get up in the morning.

The vibration pad is connected with a cable. The  range is 2 meters , so the pillow can be placed anywhere in the bed as long as the alarm clock is nearby.

What is striking about this model is the  generous display . The brightness of this can be adjusted so that it is not  perceived as unpleasant even before going to bed  . The “Sonic Bomb” can be operated with a power cable as well as batteries.

The high volume is certainly beneficial if you have a very hard time getting up in the morning. However, the alarm tone is only optional and does not have to be used. For this,  various modes  are available that allow both the combined and individual operating the alarm tone and vibration.

In order to be able to use the vibration, you have to place the vibration pillow under the sheet or in the pillowcase. These gentle movements are felt very benevolently by the users and this is why this model has become a real bestseller among vibration alarm clocks.

If you are looking for a solid model that works both in the “classic” way  with an alarm tone and a vibration cushion,  the “Sonic Bomb” is one of the best alarm clocks with a vibration function on the market.


Do you still use your smartphone in the evening and want it to always be reliably charged in the morning? Then this  vibrating alarm clock from Geemarc offers a USB port for charging the smartphone  or other smaller devices. Outwardly, this model could be described as the little brother of the “Sonic Bomb”, although the vibration cushion also works extremely well with this variant.

Overall, this model is a bit smaller and lighter. The display can still be recognized perfectly, so that you can still see what time it is even when you are half asleep.

The maximum  volume of the alarm tone is 75dB . So the model is about 10dB quieter than the “Sonic Bomb”. However, this volume is more than sufficient for normal sleep.

Of course, the vibration cushion can also be used as a wake-up function. The  vibrating pillow is placed either under the sheet or in the pillowcase . In the morning, the gentle movement can then be used to wake up.

Various brightness levels can be set so that the  display  does not interfere  .  The model also includes a USB port, which you can use to charge your smartphone, among other things.

Some buyers point out that the  vibration is very pronounced  . As a result, the movements are perceived even if the vibration pillow is only in the pillow. So it does not happen that this alarm function can be ignored.

In terms of price, this model is a bit below the “Sonic Bomb”. If you are particularly  price-conscious , this alarm clock offers you  the best price-performance ratio.


The third model that is presented in this overview also comes directly from Geemarc. This is a real top model, which  combines alarm tone, vibration and flashes of light to wake the sleeper. In this combination it will be impossible to ignore the alarm clock and get up late.

Are you often in a bad mood in the morning and the alarm clock also suffers from it? Then this is no problem with Wake ‘n’ Shake. This alarm clock is  very robust  and can withstand it if you deal with it a little rougher.

The display is large and clearly shows the current time. The actual operation takes place via the buttons and knobs located under the display. There you can set how loud the  alarm tone  should be. This can be  regulated up to an  astonishing 95dB .

The well-known vibration cushion from Geemarc is also used here  .  This convinces with a decent movement function, which is still perceived even in deep sleep.

In addition,  flashes of light  can be used to send visual signals. This function is not only  useful for the hearing impaired , but also for people who react particularly well to it.

The various operating modes can be set directly on the alarm clock using the slider. This means that you can see at a glance which alarm functions are set.

A 9 V battery is required for operation. It is best to order these at the same time as you buy them.

Do visual stimuli help you get up? Then this alarm clock with its flashes of light and vibrations offers you  some arguments to avoid oversleeping in the morning.


Are you often out and about and don’t want to go without a vibrating alarm clock? Then Geemarc offers you the Sonic Shaker, a  mobile and small version  that can be stowed  in any  luggage .

This model can be used both as a classic alarm clock with an acoustic signal and as a vibrating alarm clock. The  alarm  can be up to  90dB  achieve what should be sufficient to get up after a hard day’s work at the hotel in the morning at the desired time.

Batteries are required for operation  . These are already included in the scope of delivery and do not have to be purchased separately. With a  weight of 180g  , this alarm clock will certainly not cause any problems in your luggage.

Unlike the other models, this travel alarm clock does not have a vibrating cushion   . The  vibrations are triggered by the alarm clock itself.  So you have to keep the case in bed. The  key lock is  useful for this, as it prevents you from changing the settings during the night.

Thanks to the travel bag, you are well taken care of with this model  on every trip and can also be woken up there with pleasant vibrations.


A particularly  high-quality model  is provided by the manufacturer Clarity with this alarm clock. In terms of price, the investment is a bit higher, but there are some functions that can also be useful for the hearing impaired.

A vibration cushion  is available to wake you up with gentle movements  . This is connected to the alarm clock and ensures that you are sure to be shaken up in the morning.

You can also  use the  flashing light alarm. This emits bright flashes, which are also perceived as a signal to wake up.

In this combination, the device   is ideal for both the deaf and the visually impaired in order to be reliably awakened.


The main function of the vibrating alarm clock is, of course, that everyone is woken up by means of the jarring movements. There are  different versions of how the vibrations are perceived.

The following models are conceivable:

Vibrating alarm clock with external vibrating pad
Vibrating alarm clock with additional flashlight
Vibration in the housing as a travel alarm
Wrist watch with vibrating alarm clock

Most models can be operated in such a way that both  the alarm tone and the vibration can be  used simultaneously or independently of each other .

With the vibrations, there are also vibration settings with which you can adjust the strength exactly to your needs. So you can find out exactly how strong the vibration should be for you.


Do you still find it difficult to make a decision which model might be best for you? Then pay attention to the following characteristics and then make the best choice.


When choosing the right model, it is of course important  how the vibration is  generated. Vibration  pillows are usually  available here, which are placed in the pillow or under the bed sheet.

It is important that the vibration is strong enough and that the pillow is not perceived as annoying in bed. The  vibration pads from Geemarc convince with a high degree of movement that is perceived with certainty.

But there are also alternatives in which the housing is placed directly in the bed or  vibration  bracelets in which the vibration is transmitted to a bracelet on the wrist.

Here you should check exactly which variant seems most practical for you.


The vibration is helpful to calmly awaken from the dream. But sometimes you want to have additional security. This is delivered in the form of the  acoustic alarm  .

There are big  differences in the volume  and the signal tones. If you would like to continue to use an alarm tone, this is possible with all alarm clocks presented here.

If you need particularly loud models, you should pay attention to the decibel range, which can be set.


In addition to vibration and alarm tone, some alarm clocks also come with  flashes of light  . In this way,  several human senses are addressed in order to end the sleep phase.

If acoustic signals and vibrations are not yet sufficient, you should use a model that includes this light function.

This variant is particularly  recommended for the hearing impaired.

However,  emphasis should be placed on  ease of use so that operations run exactly as you want them.


It is considered to be the enemy of punctuality and makes it possible to sleep a little longer in the morning.

The  vibrating alarm clocks also have a snooze function.  Here, however, you should pay attention to which alarm functions are affected. Does the snooze refer purely to the alarm tone or is the vibration also interrupted?

If you use the snooze function frequently, you should make sure that it is easy to use and does not lead to confusion or misunderstandings.


Light sources  are considered to be a cause of sleep problems in the evening  .  They can prevent the sleep hormone melatonin from being released, making it particularly difficult to fall asleep.

To avoid this, you can set exactly how bright they should be for most  displays.  If you are particularly susceptible to these light sources, look carefully to see whether the brightness can be adjusted.

It is also an advantage if the display is large and easy to read. In this way you can see in the morning how much time you have left and you are not surprised that you suddenly have to hurry.


Vibrating alarm clocks are either supplied normally via the socket or with batteries. Some models offer the possibility that both energy sources are available. This is particularly useful in the event of a power failure.

If you travel frequently   and want to use the alarm clock, it is certainly helpful if  battery  operation is possible.

Pay attention to how much energy the alarm clock uses. This will prevent you from having to change the batteries more often than you would like. Travel alarm clocks specially designed for this purpose are best suited for mobile use.


If you find it difficult to get up and you would rather turn on your side to sleep a little longer, you are likely part of the majority of the working population.

If you are particularly annoyed by your alarm clock, you do not have to accept this. Everyone reacts differently to certain stimuli  and you  may find it particularly easy to wake up with the help of vibrations or flashes of light.

In order to increase your  quality of life  and not to torture yourself out of bed, but  to start the day relaxed, you should try the vibrating alarm clock.



The specialty of the vibration alarm clock is the vibration alarm. However, if this is not required, it can also be switched off on all models in order to only use the alarm tone.


At the weekend, it is helpful if the alarm function of the alarm clock does not wake you up. Therefore, with some devices it is possible to set different alarm times. This makes it possible, for example, to completely dispense with the wake-up call during the weekend.

Specifically, however, it should be checked with the model whether it runs with different wake-up times.


It would certainly be practical if the vibration function is used first and the alarm tone sets in later. The acoustic signal would then be a kind of backup if the vibration did not have a sufficient effect.

However, it is not possible for the vibration to start before the alarm tone. The different alarm functions can only be used at the same time.

But the volume can be adjusted so that you can determine for yourself whether a low tone is sufficient. In this way, you wake up reliably in the morning, but you are not directly exposed to the stress of the loud sound

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