Wake Up Lights – The best models in comparison

Waking up is a real challenge for many people. It would be much more tempting to stay in bed in the morning and start the day later. Most people are probably familiar with this feeling of tiredness . This doesn’t make things any better, however, because the day should start with full energy and not just after the first cups of coffee have been drunk.

The Wake Up Light helps you bring the natural light of the sun into the bedroom . The reason why it is so difficult to get up is often because it is still dark outside or because there is not enough light in the bedroom. As a result, the body does not even recognize that it is early in the morning and is still in the deep sleep phase.

If the loud alarm clock rings , you will be torn from the deep sleep phase and your body first has to adjust to the morning. This can take a while, and you will sometimes feel tired throughout the day.

How helpful the Wake Up Light is and which daylight alarm clocks are best for you can be found in this guide.

When we think of the morning and the alarm clock, a loud noise automatically sounds. Because we associate alarm clocks with the fact that they have to be loud to get us out of the land of dreams.

But the body also reacts to various signals . Loud sounds are just one group of sensory perceptions that wake our minds. The problem here is that the loud wake-up noise is perceived as a threat .

When it comes to sleep behavior, it must always be kept in mind that the body is still as it was many thousands of years ago. At that time the way of life was completely different and loud noises could mean dangerous animals or a hostile tribe are nearby. Then it is said that the struggle for survival begins and the body must suddenly be put into the waking state.

Nowadays, sleep behavior is completely different. We are in safe bedrooms and getting up in the morning is associated with either work or school. There is no threat and we would like to start the day relaxed . The loud alarm clock does exactly the opposite. The body is on the alert as soon as you get up and is exposed to stress.

The Wake Up Light works very differently . Instead of suddenly ringing in the day with a shrill sound, it relies on natural sunlight . Because nature dictates our sleep rhythm. If the warm light is perceived, the body releases the appropriate hormones to end sleep.

The sunrise is not all of a sudden, but extends over a longer period of time. This effect is modeled on the Wake Up Light. At first the light is still very dark, then it gets brighter and brighter over a specified period of time until it reaches the maximum light intensity. Then the bedroom is as bright as daytime and you will definitely get up.

The light is a light color that is modeled as closely as possible on the sun . The light therefore changes in the course of the simulated sunrise. At first it is still reddish and then turns white.

Modern wake up lights have numerous additional functions . If the light is not sufficient, there are also classic wake-up tones, nature noises or music . Thus, several senses are addressed and getting up is modeled on the natural process .


The Wake Up Light offers a completely new wake-up behavior. But what exactly are the advantages and what are the benefits of the modern alarm clock ?


The main goal should be to avoid stress in the morning . The day will be exhausting enough and there are some challenges waiting for you that have to be overcome. You don’t want to start the day tense and under stress.

The Wake Up Light gently moves the body from its deep sleep phase to wake mode . Various hormones are responsible for this. These do not work immediately; the process takes a certain amount of time. Since the Wake Up Light simulates a sunrise, the body has enough time to prepare for the morning.

If you wake up, the sleep hormones will already be reduced to a minimum and the body is prepared for the morning. As a result, you will wake up much more consciously and will start the day with full energy. Gone are the days when you called yourself grumpy about the morning and could only get into full swing with coffee.


The winter days are pretty short in Germany. It can be difficult to spend enough time outdoors to get enough natural light. The phenomenon of winter depression has come more and more to the fore in recent years.

To alleviate this temporary depression , special lamps are offered that simulate sunlight. The same applies to the Wake Up Light . It is less intense and the effect is less, but if you get up with it every morning, you will feel better and also feel the effects of winter depression less.

Therefore, the use of this alarm clock is particularly advantageous in winter in order to maintain a higher level of well-being .


If there are other people in your household and the roommates or children have a different daily rhythm, the alarm clock can be quite a disturbance. If this is particularly loud, it will also be noticed in the adjoining rooms and can impair sleep.

The Wake Up Light, on the other hand, is completely silent . The light is only perceived in one’s own bedroom and not in the adjoining rooms. This will not disturb other people’s sleep . Different daily routines are respected and trouble avoided.


The Wake Up Light is not a simple alarm clock. It can be used very versatile . Of course, this depends on the model, but in most cases the functionality is relatively similar.

The time is shown on the display and the lamp can also be used as a reading lamp in the evening. This means that you do not have to own a large number of different devices in the bedroom, but can rely on one that combines all the necessary functions.


The selection of different lights can be very confusing in places. Due to the increasing popularity, there is a large number of different models.

In the following, 5 wake-up lights are presented which, due to their high quality, are among the best and make the morning easier .



Philips is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to lights and lamps. The HF3531 is described as one of the highest quality models. In terms of design, it is kept simple and above all gives the large light space to unfold.

It has a modern design and does not have any visible buttons on the front. These are only on the top and are easy to use. On the back there is a USB port with which the smartphone can be charged.


The focus is clearly on the light. The Wake Up Light runs in 5 stages from dark light to full sunrise. The lamp reaches its maximum light intensity of 300 lux within 30 minutes .

In addition to the light, sounds or music can also be used. For this purpose, 2 natural sounds or 7 natural alarm tones are available, which can be activated while you wake up. Alternatively, you can also use your favorite radio station to wake up.

If you have to get up briefly at night, you can also use the lamp as a night light . To do this, the device is briefly touched on the top twice and it switches to night mode. There it is particularly pleasant for the eyes and does not delay falling asleep.


If you are ready to invest a little more in your sleep and quality of life , the Philips Wake Up Light HF3531 offers a wide range of functions and a light that will gently wake you up . The light color is perceived as the natural sunrise and you can use the natural sounds at the same time. The design is very modern and can be easily integrated into most bedrooms.



Nature should not only find its way into the bedroom with light. Even plants in the bedroom and Natural Resources should recover. The Coulax light alarm clock corresponds to this idea. It has a wood grain , which exudes this naturalness and thus ensures a nice sleeping atmosphere.

From the front, it looks relatively similar to the Philips model. Above all, it is important that the light can shine unhindered. In the lower half is the display, which shows the time, among other things.

The sunrise is simulated over a period of 10 to 60 minutes . For this purpose, seven different lighting moods created. Sleep mode can be used to fall asleep. With this, the light is gradually dimmed for a maximum of 120 minutes and simulates the sunset.


In addition to the wake up light, there are several sounds available. This can 7 natural sounds such as the sound of the ocean or a bird chirping be used. So you can bring nature into an urban environment. You can also listen to the FM radio to wake you up.

The Wake Up Light is not only beneficial for waking up behavior. It can also be used as a reading lamp . For this purpose, 20 different brightness levels are offered. You can also choose one of the 7 light colors .


The Coulax light alarm clock is not only convincing due to its extraordinary design , but also thanks to its wide range of functions . This lamp is ideal for both waking up and falling asleep. The 7 levels show the sunrise in great detail and the reading lamp provides good support in the evening.



The light from Smithroad is also kept relatively minimalist in terms of design. The front is generously designed and offers enough space for the light to unfold. The device is operated via buttons on the top.

The sunrise runs over a period of 10 to 60 minutes . The light intensity is increased step by step until the maximum light intensity is reached. Users write that the use of light improves waking behavior and increases mood.

The lamp can also be used for a sunset simulation. This takes place over a period of a maximum of 120 minutes.


Neben der Lichtfunktionen können auch Geräusche zum Aufstehen verwendet werden. Zur Auswahl stehen 7 natürliche Geräusche. Ob ein sanftes Pianospiel oder ein Wellenrauschen, es bleibt Dir überlassen, welche Geräuschkulisse Du zum Aufstehen haben möchtest. Du kannst aber auch den Lieblingsradiosender abspielen und zum Aufstehen verwenden.

Fällt das Aufstehen doch etwas schwer, kannst Du die Snooze-Funktion anwenden, die Dir weitere 9 Minuten Zeit gibt. Zudem kannst Du individuelle Zeiten Weckzeiten für die Wochentage und das Wochenende festlegen.


In essence, this lamp corresponds to the Coulax light alarm clock. Only the case is a bit simpler and kept white. Therefore, it is a bit simpler and could be a better match for your bedroom. The quality shows, however, that this model is also convincing and the users are highly satisfied . You can get up better and even winter depression is reduced through the use of the light.



If you want to optimize your sleep , you can either go to a sleep laboratory or have various values ​​checked with a sleep sensor . Or you bring a complex device , like the Philips Connected Sleep, into your bedroom to have certain values ​​checked. Because this product is not just a wake up light, but a comprehensive analysis tool for your sleep , which is connected to the smartphone.

The basic function of light, however, remains the same. A sunrise is simulated, which extends over 10 to 50 minutes . Here 4 different colors are displayed and the maximum light intensity is 325 lux.

In the evening you can use the sunset simulation. The light gradually gets darker and ends with the typical red of the sun.


The SleepMapper app makes the difference to other models . This is available for Android and the Iphone and shows important data while sleeping. For this purpose, values ​​such as the brightness of the room , the humidity , the temperature and the noise level are recorded via the AmbiTrack sensors . You can call it up the next morning and see whether it was too light, for example, or whether the temperature has dropped too much. The app analyzes the values ​​independently and derives recommendations on how you can create a better sleeping atmosphere.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, a special function is available to shake off the stress of the day. Meditating is a great way to improve sleep patterns. With the RelaxBreathe program, a light-guided relaxation function is available so that you can relax and fall asleep better.

The other way around, you can use the PowerWake function in the morning to be sure to wake up. The light flashes and in combination with the shrill alarm tones you will certainly wake up.

The lamp can also be used as a night light or reading lamp.


If you want to optimize your sleep and control the light with the help of your smartphone and call up additional data, the Philips Connected Sleep offers exactly these properties. You can conveniently set the alarm function using your smartphone and find out how your sleep can be improved. In the case of serious sleep problems, you will be able to find out whether these are related to the environmental conditions and whether they improve the quality of life.



Das simpelste Wake Up Light wird von Solawill angeboten. Es ist bereits für einen Preis von unter 30€ erhältlich und überzeugt dennoch dank seiner hohen Qualität. Das Design unterscheidet sich nicht im Wesentlichen von den anderen Modellen. Nur die Anordnung des Displays entfällt diesmal auf die Mitte und es wird von dem Aufwachlicht umgeben.

It is controlled using the buttons on the back of the device. There is also a USB connection for power supply . However, it can also be operated using batteries.

The sunrise and sunset are simulated over a period of 30 minutes . The brightness levels differ gradually, so that a natural sequence is represented. 4 levels of brightness are played back step by step .


In addition to the light, you can also choose from 6 sounds that should accompany you when you wake up. A radio function is also integrated.

The Wake Up Light is also suitable as a normal lamp or as a night light. You can choose from 6 different light colors and create a very individual mood. The colors range from green to blue to a soft orange.


This device is kept rather simple, but fulfills its purpose as a wake up light very well . If the additional functions are not so important to you and you want to enjoy a simulated sunrise in the morning at low cost, this light is perfect for this. The light is also suitable for the children’s room and the different colors are particularly interesting for children.


So that you can find the right wake up light, the following purchase criteria will help you choose. So you can be sure to find the right device to improve your sleep.


The centerpiece is of course the lamp. There are differences here in terms of light intensity, color gradations and lighting mood. If you are particularly sensitive to the light, the lamp should have the finest possible gradations and the sunrise should last for a longer period.

Furthermore, it could be important for you whether the light source has different colors that you can use for the bedroom. If the room is to be illuminated in blue or green, for example, the lamp must have this function.


Is only the light important for your sleep or do you want to have as many different sounds as possible ? Should the light still be able to connect to the smartphone or is it sufficient if the same alarm function is used every day?

Depending on how high your demands are, another device is suitable. The models from Philips are aimed primarily at people who place a high value on their sleep and who want to control waking up in great detail.


The Wake Up Light should serve as an alternative to the conventional alarm clock . Only when you are woken up by the light can you actually start the day relaxed.

However, if you sleep very deeply and hardly react to the light, you should pay attention to the light intensity . With over 300 lux, the models from Philips are among the top models. If this is not enough, the PowerWake function of the Philips Connected Sleep is the last consequence when waking up.

If you sink very deeply into sleep, the light alone will not be enough. Therefore, make sure that other alarm functions are also available.


For many people, the morning is one of the most hated times of the day. It is difficult for you to get out of bed and you would like to curse everything and everyone. Do you yourself belong to the morning grouch and is your alarm clock really getting on your nerves?

Then it’s time for a wake up light . This gently wakes you up with the natural power of sunlight. The lamp simulates the characteristics of a normal sunrise and your body can slowly approach it to get up .

You will much less stressful start the day , be attentive and higher performance can be consulted. That is why the Wake Up Light is a sensible investment in your health and quality of life.

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Hello, I’m Jamie Clark, 32 years old, and I have been living in the USA for a few years.
Since I was a child, I have suffered from a house dust allergy, severely affecting me. I felt the effects both while exercising and while sleeping. Constant sneezing after getting up and difficult breathing were the consequences. The allergy has also developed into asthma, which is still a sporting restriction today.

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