Wall beds – 3 space-saving variants in comparison

If there is little space in the apartment or house, intelligent solutions must be found in order to make the best possible use of the space. If there is a spontaneous visit and you need another bed, this is difficult to find in a hurry.

The wall bed is a good alternative. This can be stowed folded up during the day and the space used. The simple handling and the quick conversion ensure the consistently high popularity of the wall bed. Because even with the older generations, the fold-away bed was often part of the children’s room.

The following comparison will show that the fold-away bed still offers a good place to sleep today .

Basically, the wall bed is simply explained. Unlike normal beds, this one does not stand permanently on the floor. If it is not needed during the day, it is possible to fold it up against the wall. When folded up, it looks like an ordinary closet from the outside and takes up less space.

It is practical that there are actually storage areas inside the cabinet . Flat objects, such as pictures or other decorative objects, can be stowed there.

The bed can be folded up or down in a few simple steps and it is a quick way to prepare a place to sleep. In the guest or children’s room, the limited space can be better used and the bed can be set up quickly. So you don’t have to get nervous if you have visitors.


The wall bed has been popular for generations for a reason It combines a number of advantages over a normal bed, which is why it is also justified in modern facilities.


The biggest argument in favor of the Murphy bed will be the intelligent use of space . Rents are becoming more and more expensive, especially in large cities, so every m² should be used as effectively as possible. A normal bed can quickly occupy several m² and is hardly used during the day anyway.

If you live in a 1-room apartment and there is no separate bedroom available, you do not want to permanently occupy the precious room with a bed. This is where the Murphy bed can help.

You fold it out before going to bed and put it back together again in the morning. This leaves more play area for your child or you have more space available in the living room . With the help of the wall bed, you can furnish even the smallest apartment functionally and you don’t have to do without the comfort of a bed.


Do you still have memories of how your old fold-away bed was connected to some work during assembly?

Then you don’t have to worry nowadays. Modern designs are equipped in such a way that they can be opened and closed at the push of a button . A gas spring supports the movement and you don’t have to be particularly strong to handle the bed.

This makes it easy to use for older people or people with physical limitations. The feet fold out automatically and after unfolding a fully functional bed is in front of you.


fold -away bed will seldom come close to the comfort of high-quality box spring beds, such as the Helena or Cannes models . No false hopes should be aroused here.

In comparison to ordinary beds with a bed base , the wall beds but beat quite substantial and are equivalent . It is more up to your preferences whether the respective fold-away bed corresponds to your desired feelings. But you don’t have to compromise on sleeping comfort from the outset.

When looking for other alternatives, you may have come across self-inflating air mattresses . Although these can also serve as temporary beds and can thus be quickly assembled and dismantled, they are rather unsuitable as permanent sleeping places. Therefore, the Murphy bed is the best solution if you want to sleep well in a tight space.


If you are interested in the Murphy bed and would like to upgrade your apartment with this piece of furniture, you will receive three models below , which convince with their quality.


The first choice in this comparison is the smart bed . This convinces with a high variety, so that you are sure to find the right model for your needs.

It is available in sizes from 90x200cm to 160x200cm . It is therefore designed both for the children’s room as a single bed and as a double bed for adults. This proves the high stability that is achieved with this bed. It is able to take a load of approx. 250kg . This should be enough for two adults.

It is also nice that you have the choice whether the unfolding should be done vertically or horizontally . This gives you the option of purchasing a flatter cabinet with a horizontal dimension. There is more space on the wall to attach shelves or pictures, for example.

The great variety is also evident in the patterns and colors. The basic selection is mainly white and anthracite . This makes the Smartbett Murphy bed look classy and can be easily integrated into most rooms. There is also the option of using the natural oak design . If you already have some wooden furniture in the room, the oak will fit well into the overall concept.

Handling is very easy thanks to the integrated gas spring . This supports you in folding and unfolding, so that little force is required. With one movement you can fold out the stainless steel feet and get a full-fledged bed.

Sit on the smart bed to enjoy a high level of comfort and to use the space in the room intelligently.


You get a rather simpler variant with the Concept Pro foldaway bed. In terms of price, it is significantly cheaper than the smart bed, but requires a little more effort to set up. It is only delivered to the curb and must be installed by you. The shipping company is not a great support in this case.

In order for the fold-away bed to be stable, it must be firmly mounted on the wall . So you should think carefully in advance where it is, because you probably want to save yourself having to move furniture frequently.

During handling you will find that there is no supporting gas pressure spring. So you have to fold the bed with a little more strength yourself every evening and morning. Keep in mind that the mattress will add a lot to the weight. The maximum height of the mattress is 18cm and a slatted frame is already integrated. Opt for a lighter mattress if you want your child to handle the fold-away bed on their own.

The selection shows that the bed is more suitable for children’s rooms and singles . It comes in the sizes 90x200cm / 120x200cm / 140x200cm and is probably unsuitable for couples. When it comes to colors, the variety is also limited. You can choose between a smooth / high-gloss white or the oak look.

If you are looking for a simple foldaway bed for the children’s room , this model is well suited. It is a bit more complex to set up, but cheaper and still offers a high level of sleeping comfort.


You get a high-quality and comfortable variant with the Bed Concept foldaway bed. This is offered by Furniture24, which also provides the previous rather simpler version for the children’s room.

With the “Concept” model, however, much more emphasis is placed on ease of use and a wide range of variations. When you close it, the useful soft-close function prevents the bed from rushing against the wall with too much swing. This reduces the load on the piece of furniture. However, wall mounting is still necessary to ensure stability.

It is advantageous that this model is available in different versions. In sizes from 90x200cm to 180x200cm , it is well suited for both children’s rooms and adults. The size of 180x200cm is one of the largest foldaway beds and offers a level of comfort that is reminiscent of an ordinary bed. You and your partner will certainly not have to complain about a lack of space there.

There is also a choice of vertical or horizontal versions. In the case of the horizontal fold-away beds, the lying surface is built up to the side of the wall. This may take some getting used to at first, but it could fit exactly into the concept of the room.

There are thin bars on the back wall that can be used as storage space . There you can, for example, attach fairy lights to create a nice lighting atmosphere in the evening, set up pictures or put your books down.

You get a high quality wall bed with this model, which is a useful piece of furniture with numerous variations and a high level of comfort.


The functionality of a Murphy bed is relatively simple . In order for it to be stable, it usually has to be firmly anchored to the wall . This is especially the case with vertical designs, which can be a good 2 meters high.

The bigger the bed, the heavier it is. Small single beds measuring 90x200cm can be easily folded up on their own, even if no gas spring is integrated. However, if you use a double bed that is at least 160x200cm, you should have the appropriate physical skills to fold the bed. It is helpful if a gas spring supports you when folding. This is the case with the smart bed, for example.

The mattress is not integrated into the wall beds and must be purchased separately. This should not be higher than 17cm. If the mattress is too high, the closet can no longer be closed properly. The mattress is secured with straps and does not slip when you fold up the bed.

The bedding you can also left on the bed. This means that you don’t have to move into it every evening, but can use it straight away after you fold it out.


The Murphy bed offers several advantages . Who will benefit most from these?


If you want to live in the city center and have a limited budget, the living space will be significantly limited. Finding cheap living space in popular areas is hardly possible. Therefore, you will have to use a 1-room apartment.

In order to make better use of the small living space , the purchase of a fold-away bed is a good idea. In the morning you fold it up and you have more space available.

If you are expecting visitors, it also makes a better impression when your sleeping place is folded up. This seems more welcome and the guests can move around more freely.


If the guests not only announce themselves for one evening, but stay a little longer, hospitality dictates that you offer a comfortable place to sleep. If you only have a small guest room and would like to use it for other purposes, the Murphy bed could be the ideal solution.

When the visit is announced, you fold out the bed, prepare it and rearrange the room accordingly. After the guests have slept comfortably, you can restore the original state. The guest room can also be used as a study without the bed taking up all of the space.

The fold-away bed is also a good solution for creating additional sleeping space in holiday apartments . This is particularly interesting for families with several children.


Children would like to play all day . In order for this to work without any problems, however, a lot of space is required . If the children’s room is on the small side, the wall bed is a practical way of creating a larger play area during the day.

When buying, you should only make sure that the handling is not always easily accessible for children. The beds are either too heavy or too high and therefore difficult to use for children.


When buying a Murphy bed, you basically have to choose whether it should be vertical or horizontal . Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages, which are briefly explained.


With the vertical foldaway bed , the lying surface is brought up to the wall. Since the beds are usually two meters long, the wardrobe is more than two meters high in any case. This makes these foldaway beds particularly suitable for rooms with a ceiling of at least 2.5 meters . If the ceiling is relatively low, the cabinet might not make a good visual impression.

In order for the fold-away bed to be stable, it must be firmly attached to the wall. The wall should have the right texture to withstand this load when unfolding.

If these requirements are met, the vertical foldaway bed is the space-saving option.


The alternative would be to build a horizontal fold-away bed. Here, the bed is folded out and set up parallel to the wall .

These foldaway beds are much flatter. The effort to move the bed is much less and more suitable for seniors or children.

This shape is also suitable for rooms with a rather low ceiling height . Nevertheless, there is also a greater load here and the horizontal fold-away beds have to be screwed to the wall .

If the ceiling is low or if the wall bed is to be used for children or senior citizens , the horizontal design is advantageous.


If you live in a confined space, sleep shouldn’t suffer. The wall bed has been a practical solution for many generations to use the smaller space intelligently. The bed is set up in a few simple steps and the sleeping comfort is absolutely on a par with ordinary beds.

Just make sure that the wall is made for the wall bed and that you have to unfold the bed before going to bed. If this is not an obstacle for you, wall beds offer a very useful place to sleep.

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